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The Shining | Stephen King
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Because every time I turned on the television this weekend, “The Shining” was on 😂

My mood this week is Jack heckling Wendy as she swings a bat at him and it‘s only Monday.

#Scarathlon #TeamSlaughter #TheShining #HeyDoc #WhyIDontHaveKids #ImnotgoingtohurtyouWendy #Imjustgoingtobashyoureffingbrainsin #Sweettalk #HeresJohnny #TheOverlookHotel

sharread 🤣❤👻😳 14mo
NikkiM5 😂 14mo
suvata Now, that‘s funny 😆 14mo
Clwojick I STILL haven‘t seen this! I need to make up for that soon! 14mo
Sleepswithbooks @Clwojick WHAT????? Pause October until you see classic 🔪 14mo
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Doctor Sleep: A Novel | Stephen King
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Next up Stephen King‘s Doctor Sleep; the sequel to The Shining! Doctor Sleep follows Danny, as an adult, who meets Abra, a powerful 12 year old. Determined to protect Abra, and himself, from the murderous tribe, True Knot, Danny finds himself facing old demons.

#stephenking #thriller #horror #supernatural #paranormal
#sequel #theshining #trueknot

JenlovesJT47 This is my favorite Stephen King book! The movie is good but still doesn‘t really do it justice. ❤️ 2y
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Wonderland | Jennifer Hillier
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"The sky was just beginning to change from night to day as Blake Dozier snuck into Wonderland."

#FirstLineFridays @ShyBookOwl

Harley_Quinn #theshining ''Jack Torrance thought: Officious little prick.''
#salemslot ''Almost everyone thought the man and the boy were father and son.''
#Twilight ''I'd never given much thought to how I would die - though I'd had reason enough in the last few months - but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this.''
#azuredragons ''my life is insane, in a good way.''

It won't allow me to tag more than one book and I am reading 4 of them.
ImperfectCJ @Harley_Quinn Nice first lines! I'm a multiple-book-reader myself (I'm actually not sure how many I have going right now) and usually just pick one of them for a #FirstLineFriday. It would be cool to be able to tag more than one. 2y
Harley_Quinn @ImperfectCJ That would be cool to tag more than one. Most I have had going at once was 8 books 2y
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ImperfectCJ @Harley_Quinn My kids do a book-based curriculum for homeschool and I try to keep up with all of their reading as well as my own. I think I have two books of my own going and then 10 or so between the two kids. I am always behind. 2y
Harley_Quinn Wow that is a lot 2y
ImperfectCJ @Harley_Quinn I'm afraid I don't always absorb as much as I might if I read less. 2y
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Clwojick ♥️ 2y
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The Shining | Stephen King
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#theshining #stephenking #foliosociety It‘ll shine when it shines.
Folk saying

JamieArc How delightfully creepy! 2y
Juzupis I totally agree! It‘s one of my favorite books. 2y
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The Shining | Stephen King
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One of my all time favorite books. 📚🧟‍♀️👻💚 #stephenking #theshining #monsters #ghosts #overlookhotel

KristenDuck Yes! So good. 2y
BooksCoffeeNurse @KristenDuck I agree! ❤️ 2y
bthegood @BooksCoffeeNurse one if the scariest books I've read! 2y
Wordsling I loved the Shining ! Even the movie :) 2y
BooksCoffeeNurse @bthegood Absolutely! 😬 @Wordsling Me too! ☺️ 2y
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The Shining | Stephen King
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I prefer reading books on my Kindle Paperwhite. I feel like I have the world at my fingertips. 🌎📚✨ What is your preferred method of reading? ☺️❤️ #kindle #kindlepaperwhite #amazon #reading #books #theshining #stephenking #noisecancellingheadphones

Annie1215 I prefer the feel of pages in a physical book most of the time. I definitely use audio books during my work day to keep myself focused when I‘m deep in to a project. I also have often used kindle on my phone when reading before bed. 2y
BooksCoffeeNurse I love my Kindle because it‘s easily accessible. I also agree that the feel of the pages in a physical book is wonderful also. ☺️ 2y
TheNeverendingTBR Real books, I prefer to turn a page and the feel of a book and the smell 😂 BUT I used a Kindle for the first time the other week and I think I'm going to use it for books that are hard to come across 💫 2y
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TheNeverendingTBR @BooksCoffeeNurse How you liking The Shining? First time read? 2y
BooksCoffeeNurse @TheNeverendingTBR I‘ve read it before. It‘s one of my favorite books. ☺️ 2y
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#IfYouLikeThisMovie #TheShining

Then you‘ll like this book about men risen from the dead raging battle across the worlds.

Klou Sounds interesting! Great choice!! 2y
CrowCAH @Klou it‘s a really neat story, with lots of myth involved, and a touching love story. Though, I feel like I should have read the original series first, because this is an offshoot. But I still enjoyed it! 2y
Klou @CrowCAH oooh okay, interesting to know. Thanks! Have you read the original series at all? 2y
CrowCAH @Klou no, I haven‘t. I might in the future or continue this series. 2y
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Ghost House | Alexandra Adornetto
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Klou Oh my gosh, I LOVE the sound of this book!!! Adding!!! Great choice, Sherri 👍❤ 2y
Eggs Thanks @Klou !! Doesn‘t it sound creepily good? 2y
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