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Honor Among Thieves | Jeffrey Archer
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I considered a easy shot at Trump, but when I think of honor among thieves I think of Goodfellas, probably the best gangster movie ever made.

I loved this episode, probing the darker side of the Federation that's rarely seen. Colm Meany gives an outstanding performance as O'Brien, conflicted but loyal to both his friend and the Federation.

#StarTrekSummerJune #HonorAmongThieves @Megabooks

Megabooks I‘ve never seen Goodfellas. Maybe I should finally watch it. 5h
RamsFan1963 @Megabooks Its one of those movies I can go back to again and again. 5h
LauraJ @RamsFan1963 It used to be on cable all the time and I‘d get sucked into watching it every time. 5h
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Happy Sunday night! Where did the weekend go? Father‘s Day celebrations over, the dishes are done, the kids are in bed (2 more days of school!), hubby is watching a favorite show, so now there‘s time for me to read. 🙂❤️📚

Happy Father‘s Day to all Litsy dads!

An Anonymous Girl | Sarah Pekkanen, Greer Hendricks
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Not what I had been expecting...

Unfortunately this book was highly predictable and had no major climax or shocking moments.

Jessica signs up for an anonymous survey, hoping to make some extra money, be participating as one of the subjects in Dr. Shields‘ experiments on morality and ethics.

The story did connect the plot lines and had great character development. It just certainly was not a page turner.

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Skin | Mo Hayder
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When did we say we were reading the next book in the #JackCafferySeriesRead
#4 #MoHayderSeriesRead #Skin

EadieB @Andrew65 I don‘t think we picked a date. That‘s your call! I have my book already. @Tove_Reads 9h
Tove_Reads @EadieB @andrew65 I‘m 100 pages in! 4h
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You | Caroline Kepnes
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#30junebooks @howjessreads In You, Joe is definitely #obsessedwith Beck. I haven‘t read the book yet, but the show is great.

Der Jesus-Deal: Thriller | Andreas Eschbach
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When I began this I was uncertain if it would have been better to re-read the last, dunno, 100 pages of „Das Jesus-Video“ to better remember the plot and to remember the characters. Which I only thought of but then didn‘t do. But up to now – around hour 3 – it turns out to not have been necessary. 😅

I like it so far. It keeps me intrigued with all the information about time travelling and about the lifestyle back when Jesus lived.

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At six thirteen a.m. on a Friday morning Lucy Angkatell‘s big blue eyes opened upon another day and, as always, she was at once wide awake and began immediately to deal with the problems conjured up by her incredibly active mind.
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gradcat Can‘t go wrong with Christie... ♥️ 20h
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Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn
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Cathythoughts 👍🏻♥️💔 20h
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The Target | David Baldacci
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Very happy I finished this book, didn't think I would because I feel so rough (I'm too old for Matthew's Street 😂🥂🎉)

I thought this was another fantastic book in the Will Robie series, it's fast becoming a fav👍🏻
The relationship between Robie and Reel is great and I love them both. A very good plot aswell like the previous two books.

#seriesread @TheSpineView

TheSpineView 🤩🤩🤩 22h
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Into the Blue | Robert Goddard
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Day 16 - #TrueBlue #intoTheBlue #RobertGoddard #JazzyJune

A favorite author:

“Robert Goodard‘s manipulation of suspense and surprise rarely fails to dazzle.”—The New York Times Book Review

Harry Barnett lives the life of an Englishman on permanent vacation in Greece, house-sitting for a powerful friend and hiding from a past disgrace. That is, until a guest at the villa disappears on a walking tour, and Harry is the number one suspect.

Eggs Sounds thrilling! 21h
EadieB @Eggs He‘s a brilliant writer! 20h
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