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Forever Odd | Dean R. Koontz
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Took me over 1.5 hours of scroll, scroll, scrolllllling on the website but I finally found my first Litsy #BookHaul post from September 2016! Over the past three years, I‘ve read only two of these books: Forever Odd & Exit Strategy 😳 This was a fun trip down memory lane. I found lots of great #LitsyMemories & I‘m thinking of making a collage 😂 Thanks @Lcsmcat for your awesome #BookHaulChallenge!

Lcsmcat Thanks for playing! 8h
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Soul Screamers: Volume 4 | Rachel Vincent
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1. Candy corn, Baby Ruth, or Milk Duds
2. Both!
3. Books and mugs
4. Sanderson Sisters

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Started reading this in a PD session and had to return it after getting 125 pages in. 😢 Now I‘m on my Libby waiting list for it for two weeks.

tjwill Great title! 1d
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Kakuriyo: B&B for Spirits, vol 1

I remember watching the anime a while back and enjoyed the story. So when the manga was released, of course I had to collect it 😉

This series is about a girl was taken away to the spirit realm as a debt-payment owed by her grandfather. To pay it off, she works at a shop preparing food for various spirits who stop by. 😲😆

Simple and relaxing read. Can‘t wait for more!

#kakuriyo #manga

GrilledCheeseSamurai Yes! So much yes. Loved the anime and I have also just started reading the Manga! 👍 2d
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Soul Screamers: Volume 4 | Rachel Vincent
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1: No chocolate I'm allergic
2: Female serial killers, true crime (my favourite)
3: No sorry just books 🤷
4: Frankenstein.... But I have several different versions of the book (no more please) but I do have a sweet spot for the Juganought from 13 ghosts 😍

@4thhouseontheleft 🦇🧛🧛‍♂️🧙☠️⚰️🧟💀
#sceamathonswap #screamathon

jenniferw88 I know you can't have chocolate but do you eat sweets such as haribo or jelly babies? 2d
kaysworld1 @jenniferw88 I like the old fashioned boiled sweets, dry roasted nuts, sweet popcorn, fudge. Their my usual go to I hope it helps and thanks for asking x 2d
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The Rook: A Novel | Daniel O'Malley

I‘ve not read the book yet and I‘m considering watching the show - what‘s the word, Litsy?

DGRachel I thought the book had potential, but had serious pacing issues. I haven't watched the show, but I'm interested, too. 3d
jpmcwisemorgan @DGRachel I have the first one as an ebook. It must have been on sale and I decided it looked good but never read it. 2d
DGRachel It was one of the first books I bought on a bookseller‘s recommendation at Park Road Books. It was good enough that I bought the sequel, but I haven‘t read it, yet. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 2d
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The Gathering | Isobelle Carmody
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That cover tho.


Duma Key: A Novel | Stephen King
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Confusing plot, unrealistic character traits, nearly incomprehensible antagonist - wait, who? What? Should have been 500 pages shorter. It just kept going on and on. Absolutely my least fave SK ever. Probably should have never been published. Skip it.

BookishTrish I remember really liking this one. Must reread... 4d
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Colony | MR F G Cottam, F G Cottam
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So it looks like I put it down last time just as the story was about to pick up the pace, because oh my days has a lot suddenly happened!

Its still easy to keep up with, and the characters are all fascinating in their own ways! My only issue with the #AudioBook is that the narrator doesn't seem to have much range so most of the characters sound the same (men and women alike).

Really looking forward to the rest now 😊

#TBRChallenge #LeastRated

Spike Vs. Dracula | Peter David
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Seriously??? Why am I not surprised ?

Good thing I waited to buy tickets. There are still a few authors and actors that I wouldn't mind seeing but for the cost of travelling for the weekend....I want Spike.

@andrea4 it looks like no signed pictures, hugs or "luv"'s for either of us ?

monalyisha What a bummer! 5d
ShyBookOwl Aww. Which event is this? He cancelled for Mtl comic con 2 years ago too so I ended up not going at all. Seeing him on a panel is a bucket list item for me! 5d
That-Bookish-Hiker Aw man that sucks! I didn‘t like his character Spike for a long time but I just rewatched Buffy and Spike is so awesome! Minus that one incident he had with Buffy in the later seasons. 5d
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FantasyChick @ShyBookOwl HalCon. Funny enough (or not so much) he cancelled here 2 years ago too. I don't have an issue if something comes up and someone has to cancel but it seems like he makes a habit of it. At least I waited on getting the tickets 😂 5d
ShyBookOwl @FantasyChick Haha ugh!! I hope he had a good reason. The time he cancelled in Mtl was supposed to be a schedule conflict with shooting s1 of The Runaways. 5d
Andrea4 @FantasyChick aw noooooooooooooooooo. The luvs all the luvs 😭😭😭😭 4d
FantasyChick @Andrea4 Someday.....someday. @ShyBookOwl Apparently there is a filming conflict 🤷‍♀️ Funny, I don't think I've seen him in much of anything recently. He must only do filming when a convention wants him 😂😂 3d
ShyBookOwl @FantasyChick 🤣 that is funny. I think he's still on The Runaways but I don't follow it so I'm not sure if that would be it. He did a great interview on the podcast Buffering the Slayer recently and I think he talked about being on The Runaways and some other comedy tv show I'm not familiar with. 3d
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