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The Shining | Stephen King
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Because every time I turned on the television this weekend, “The Shining” was on 😂

My mood this week is Jack heckling Wendy as she swings a bat at him and it‘s only Monday.

#Scarathlon #TeamSlaughter #TheShining #HeyDoc #WhyIDontHaveKids #ImnotgoingtohurtyouWendy #Imjustgoingtobashyoureffingbrainsin #Sweettalk #HeresJohnny #TheOverlookHotel

sharread 🤣❤👻😳 14mo
NikkiM5 😂 14mo
suvata Now, that‘s funny 😆 14mo
Clwojick I STILL haven‘t seen this! I need to make up for that soon! 14mo
Sleepswithbooks @Clwojick WHAT????? Pause October until you see classic 🔪 14mo
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The Shining | Stephen King
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Finally getting around to reading this one! #redrum #heresjohnny 🪓

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I needed some online retail therapy today and since I'm already waiting for way too many books to come in, I decided that I was going to redo my upstairs bathroom. Sneak peek on the theme! 🥶

Future me may end up having regrets but present is freaking excited for everything to come in 🤗🤗

#NotReallyBookishButKinda #BFIsGoingToKillMe #TooLateToChangeItNow #HeresJohnny

ShyBookOwl 100 pages in to my first reading of The Shining. King's writing style is hit or miss for me but this one is hitting so far! 3y
CindyMyLifeIsLit Hmmm . . . I would probably flee the house without hesitation at the slightest sound coming from behind that!! Might also choose another bathroom for middle-of-the-night visit. 😂😂😂 (edited) 3y
mollyrotondo Hahahaha I love this! 3y
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ShelleyBooksie Love the curtain! 3y
TheLudicReader Sending you some extra love 😘 3y
JoScho Can‘t wait for more pics! 3y
FantasyChick @ShyBookOwl I feel the same. A lot of SK's works are hit or miss. The Shining is one I really loved. Still have to get to Dr. Sleep though! @CindyMyLifeIsLit You're going to hate the rest of the stuff I bought 😂😂 Honestly, though, I have a feeling I'm going to set it up and then start avoiding it because it's too creepy 😂 3y
FantasyChick @mollyrotondo @ShelleyBooksie @JoScho Call me crazy but I've always loved this pattern. It's just so tacky and retro 😂 It'll be a few weeks before everything comes in but I can't wait to set it up. And there will be pictures!! 3y
FantasyChick @TheLudicReader Thank you! 🥰🥰 It has been a tough couple days over here but we'll get through it. Stay safe over there!! 3y
CindyMyLifeIsLit @FantasyChick Don‘t get me wrong! I am one of SK‘s most devoted Constant Readers! I ❤️ ALL things King! That doesn‘t mean I wouldn‘t be a tad reluctant to go sit next it in the middle of the night, while everyone else is sleeping 😁. I‘d actually love to see the rest of the ensemble, so be sure to post! 3y
BookishTrish Oh I love this #myhero 3y
My.heart.is.lit This right here is amazing 3y
FantasyChick @BookishTrish @My.heart.is.lit I'm kind of in love with it! Now if it ever gets here.... 3y
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The Screaming | Jack Kilborn
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Arrived home after visiting my family for a long weekend to find this adorable #screamathon box waiting patiently for me from the creative @mreads 😃 October 1st can‘t come soon enough!!

#shineon #redrum #heresjohnny!

Cortg Love The Shining stickers! 3y
mreads Yay! 😁 3y
mreads Oh and I thought I ordered Mike Myers stickers but I messed up 🤪 3y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Omg those stickers! 😆🖤 3y
Sleepswithbooks @mreads - I love The Shining 🧡 #redrum 3y
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