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Sourpuss: A Dark Comedy | Merricat Mulwray
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#ARC #NetGalley I was hooked when I saw the title. And then the blurb sounded too perfect to pass up.
“Sourpuss is a blistering satire of the depraved and entitled culture that pervades college campuses.”
#EnoughSaid available January 20, 2019
I‘m thinking you might like this @britt_brooke

britt_brooke Thank you! 🤗 It definitely sounds like my kind of read. I just requested it from NetGalley. 🤞🏻 6mo
TrishB About staff or students? 6mo
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SaturnDoo 💩🍋🍋 you just put me on blast 😂 my secret personality 😐 Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for sharing. 6mo
Cinfhen It seems to be about students @TrishB So far they are all VERY UNLIKEABLE @SaturnDoo 🙄😬 6mo
TrishB Sounds a bit close!! Although most students I meet our actually lovely!! 6mo
Cinfhen OMG!! This book is TERRIBLE @britt_brooke @TrishB @SaturnDoo Pray you DON‘T get that galley 6mo
TrishB Hahaha!!! Thanks for the walk away warning 😘 6mo
emilyhaldi Lolol I was just going to say this sounded right up my alley!! But then saw your latest comment 😆 6mo
Cinfhen It‘s REALLY BAD @emilyhaldi it‘s YA with horrible writing, gratuitous cursing and the most juvenile plot 🙄🙄🙄 6mo
Reviewsbylola Oh shit this sounds like an irritating but insightful read! 6mo
Reviewsbylola Aaaaaaaand glad I read your comments. PASS. 🤣🤣🤣 6mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen Uh oh, haha!! Thanks for the heads up! 6mo
Kalalalatja I love how this post went from super positive to massive warnings in no time 😂😂 6mo
Cinfhen It‘s a disaster @Reviewsbylola @Kalalalatja 😖😖😖so many one star reviews on GoodReads! At least I know I‘m in good company and it‘s not just me 6mo
KarenUK @emilyhaldi @cinfhen me too! Glad I read the rest of the comments! 6mo
SaturnDoo @Cinfhen 😂😂😞ummmn thanks for the warning...I will take a free PASS. 6mo
batsy Your comments 😂😂 6mo
Cinfhen It‘s really an offensive story @batsy I‘m pretty neutral when it comes to bad behavior in fiction but the crap in here was appalling!! ☹️😖😡🥵 6mo
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Reviewsbylola Excellent pick! 1y
Lizpixie Well played partner!👏👏👏 #daygloisacolour #permtastic (edited) 1y
Cinfhen Fabulous hashtags @Lizpixie 🙌🏻❤️😘 1y
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Cinfhen Thanks, Steph 💕 @Reviewsbylola 1y
Lizpixie 😘😘😘 1y
KarenUK 🙌🙌👍💕 1y
Wilkie That‘s 5⭐️ cover art! 1y
Cinfhen It really is @Wilkie and the hardcover has the BEST endpapers 😜 1y
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Untitled | Unknown
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This little dude is sleeping.
In his room.
Where all my books are.
And our doors are super creaky.
So I‘ll be catching up on my photo challenge prompts tomorrow 🤦🏻‍♀️

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#Rocktober #FoxyLady #EnoughSaid #YeahBaby #QueenBey Happy Friday Ya‘ll 🕺To all the Dewey Readathoners ~Good Luck 💚#HappyReading

BarbaraBB That picture! Perfect 💃💃! 2y
TrishB Very cool 👍 2y
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Centique There she is, the queen of foxy ladies. 🙌👑 2y
Cathythoughts This really makes me smile 👍👍nice one 2y
Cinfhen Me too @Cathythoughts she‘s awesome @Centique 🙌🏻👑 2y
KarenUK 🙌🙌💕 2y
Reviewsbylola Bow down to the queen. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 2y
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Big Little Lies | Liane Moriarty

Things people should know I like: Books, Tea, Journals, Pens #enoughsaid

Love in the Time of Cholera | Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#SetInMyCity #SetInMyCountry Though I live in #NewYorkCity and there are PLENTY of books set in this city. I wanted to shine a light to books set in the country I was born. Delirium has been on my #TBR list for a long time and is set in my city (bogotá). Love in the time of cholera is set in my country, Colombia. Best love story I ever read in my life #EnoughSaid #SUPERRECOMMENDED #ReadJanuary

Harriet the Invincible | Ursula Vernon
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen

If I could bring any book to life, it would be this one. Jane Austen gets me #mrdarcy #enoughsaid