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For me, once I watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas has begun.

#HappyHolidays #DontHateMe #NoBahHumbugingAllowed

Pretty in Punxsutawney | Laurie Boyle Crompton
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It‘s release day for this book, and it‘s available on Hoopla. Pretty in Pink & Groundhog Day happen to be two of my favorite movies, so this was an easy borrow.

Are you Team Duckie or Team Blane?

DarcysMom Duckie forever! 💖💖💖 4y
dariazeoli @DarcysMom I wholeheartedly agree! 🙌🏻 4y
JoScho Always #teamduckie 🖤🖤🖤 4y
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CoffeeK8 #teamduckie all the way 4y
dariazeoli @JoScho @CoffeeK8 👍🏻❤️ 4y
dariazeoli @BookishTrish His name is Blane? Oh! That's a major appliance, that's not a name! 😉😂 4y
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A Christmas Carol | Charles Dickens
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After watching this movie with the kids I have a really strong urge to read A Christmas Carol. #IveNeverRead #AChristmasCarol #Confession #DontHateMe #MyLoveForClassicsIsNew

Melissa_J I‘ve never read it either 🤫 4y
DGRachel I love A Christmas Carol! I reread it in some format, whether print, ebook, or audiobook every December. 😍 Oh, and I watch both A Muppets‘ Christmas Carol and Mickey‘s Christmas Carol, because they are my favorite versions. 4y
Literary_Siren @Melissa_J I‘m glad I‘m not alone! I‘ve actually never read any of his books. 🤭 4y
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Literary_Siren @DGRachel I definitely plan on reading it at some point before Christmas. Maybe after I put the tree up. 😂 I‘m very Scrooge-like around this time of year. 4y
JamieLou The first time I read A Christmas Carol was last year! 4y
GingerAntics I haven‘t read it before, either. I‘ve only seen several productions of it. 4y
JacqMac I‘m watching that now. It‘s very good. I just might have to read it now, too. 4y
CoffeeNBooks I'd never read A Christmas Carol either, so I just started it yesterday. It's short, and a quick read. I'm enjoying it so far. 4y
Jess_Franzino I‘m reading “The Man Who Invented Christmas” right now. I‘m absolutely obsessed with Charles Dickens. Will have to watch the movie after I finish the book. (edited) 4y
Jess_Franzino @Birdsong28 Thanks for the suggestion! I‘ll add it to my TBR ♥️ 4y
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It's good to be home. Even if it means sharing the bed with two cats, who love to snuggle up on either side of me while on the duvet and I feel trapped underneath it.
Since I woke up at around 4 am, I've already had close to an hour of #audiobook and cat petting and Litsy.

#donthateme I don't like the book. Russian fairy tale retellings seem to not be my thing.


MCYmermaid Hope your next selection is more to your tastes. 4y
Crazeedi For kitties do exactly what mine do when I'm in bed! One on either side and I can't move! Btw your kittie is just precious 4y
CouronneDhiver Too cute! 4y
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UwannaPublishme Awwwww! 😻 4y
batsy Aww, "kitty eyes" ? 4y
Mdargusch Glad you‘re back home! 4y
knittedgnome They missed you!! 4y
BookaholicNatty Your home!!!!! Yay!!!! The kitty is sooooo adorable!!!! How are you feeling? 4y
julesG @BookaholicNatty He looks so young and tiny in the picture, but he's nearly a year old now and 7 pounds heavy. - - - I'm happy to be home. That's most important. I don't have the kids around until Friday, by then I'll be well-rested and will have munched my way through all the chocolate and gummi bears. 😁 4y
rabbitprincess AWWWW those eyes 😻😻 4y
Lauram Black cats are the best! I hope he brings you luck. 4y
julesG @Lauram It took us three months to get used to him (plus find out that he needs gluten free food) but ever since he's become a darling. He even asks for cuddles now. 😉 4y
Rissa1 This cat is stunning! 4y
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Harry Potter dedication aside, this book of poetry wasn't for me. I find that poetry nowadays isn't what it used to be. Maybe I'm a poetry snob, but I just felt like this was too juvenile even though it addressed some serious issues. #poetry #donthateme #keatsfanmuch?

tournevis I suggest Greg Pak's The Princess Who Saved Herself. It's better. https://greg-pak.myshopify.com/products/the-princess-who-saved-herself-childrens... 5y
laurenanalepa Rando, but I love your tattoo! 5y
TheShopAroundtheCorner @tournevis I'll check him out thanks 🙏🏼 and @laurennalepa thank you ☺️ 5y
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WAR AND PEACE is my obvious book for #Maybookflowers # Peace and #war
I have nothing good to say about this!!! I have actually read it, I read the whole damn thing! And in all honesty that is the only reason I did finish is - bragging rights! Maybe I would have like it in Russian, maybe something got lost in translation...but I just don't get it! Nothing awesome about this book! Never disliked a book this much!!! #donthateme😉

julesG Never liked Tolstoy much. No, strike that, I don't like Russian authors. I find reading them even worse than (some) Scandinavian authors. 6y
Simona @julesG I love Russian authors and guess what - Scandinavian too 🤷‍♀️😉😘 6y
julesG @Simona There are some good Scandinavian authors that I actually enjoy, maybe even because of their style of writing. 6y
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Simona @julesG None from Russia? 6y
julesG @Simona Well, still haven't read all (ha ha!) of the Russian classics, so they still have a chance to surprise me. Definitely not a fan of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky - but I love Russian/Slavic fairy tales. 6y
Simona @julesG I'm always curious about this, about the reasons, why someone doesn't like, in general, authors from the some geographic area. I have a very 'complicated relationship' with my local Slovenian writers 🤷‍♀️ 6y
julesG @Simona It's the style of writing, not the nationality as such that I'm struggling with. I also struggle with a lot of German writers and translations into German. 6y
Simona I didn't mean that the problem is nationality @julesG but themes/ideas, approach to the problems, characterizations...and I'm always curious, if you can put a common point to the statement-I don't like the Russian authors. Maybe because they are melodramatic, style of writing is plain...My problem with Slo authors is without any serious explanation-in primary school (and partly in secondary school) we were forced to read only Slovenian authors. 6y
mswriterlygirl I enjoyed it but I did have to skim some. 6y
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Once, I painstakingly made my own #bookmarks out of treasured Far Side calendars, laminated lovingly with tape. I even still have a few. But, see, and please #donthateme, my fav books and I tend to be hard on each other... Many surgeries to fix bindings, and many heartbreaks. And as I get older, in my copies of beloved books, I do occasionally underline, doodle, dogear - Just like good friends, books and I sometimes damage each other #booktober

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A lot of people have very mixed feelings about this one, our Intern Dana included, but what did you think of this final Harry Potter story?

swishandflick It actually pains my Harry Potter loving heart to say this, but I didn't like it. The play format lacked depth, felt rushed, and read more like fanfic (and to be completely honest I've read fanfic that I enjoyed more) 🙊 Would that I could have a time-turner of my own so I could get Rowling to rethink it. #donthateme 6y
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Unpopular opinion time: This felt SO unnecessary. And it breaks my heart to say that as a HUGE Harry Potter fan with an "expecto patronum" tattoo and an HP inspired blog name. The play format lacked depth, made things feel super rushed, and had a fanfic quality. Hopefully I'm able to catch it on the stage as it was meant to be experienced, bc it really didn't do it for me in print. #donthateme #harrypotter #stillobsessed

RebeccasReading I felt the same way! I especially thought all our familiar characters were hard to grasp in this script. Never got a sense of the relationship between Harry and Ginny. Ron I thought regressed a lot to be solely comedic relief. Plus I just thought it should have been titled Albus Potter and... Something as Harry really wasn't the protagonist. *sigh* I really wanted to love this! 6y
swishandflick @Writergal: Yes, exactly! It was more "Albus Potter and the Butterfly Effect" than anything else. Where's the time-turner for JK Rowling to rethink this? At least we have Fantastic Beasts to look forward to, that looks like it'll be awesome! 6y
RebeccasReading @swishandflick I hope so! I'm sad though that Rowling has said after this book that Harry's story is finished... I'd rather it ended with Book 7. Harry definitely deserves a better ending to his story than this! 6y
Kluckleesie I felt the same way. definitely not canon. And honestly at times when the characters were speaking my brain went "there's no way so and so would ever say something like that". A bit disappointed but I'm glad I read it. 6y
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Fireman | Joe Hill
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LMAO! Can't help but rank books in my head to be used for this purpose. [Confederacy of Dunces] #DontHateMe #SorryNotSorry

Reviewsbylola 😱😱😱😱 Confederacy of Dunces?!? Omg no!!! 6y
InLibrisVeritas The Great Gatsby, my hate for that book knows no bounds. (Even though everyone else loves it) 6y
LauraBeth I wasted 6 months of my life reading Atlas Shrugged in my early 20s. Every picture taken of me during that time shows me reading that book! 6y
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BarbaraJean I'd probably go (pun intended) with the Twilight series. 6y
BookHermit 😂😂😂 6y
KellyKate 50 Shades for me- I couldn't even get through 1/4 of it! 6y
Well-ReadNeck It does seem prudent to choose a long book, or a series. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 6y
susanw Confederacy of Dunces, yes yes yes! I thought I was the only one who didn't like it! 🙌 6y
Well-ReadNeck @susanw Ahh, a kindred soul!!! 6y
LisaJo I think I would pick Infinite Jest. Not so much because I didn't like the book, I haven't actually finished it yet. I read a little bit put it down, read a little bit put it down, so on and so on. But, because it's a very large book. And you could read some pages while you're doing your thing, tear them out use them and so on. Perhaps I'm overthinking this book as toilet paper thing. 6y
Jennbookz I agree, I would use a Confederacy of Dunces too 6y
ultrabookgeek @InLibrisVeritas I agree! I don't get the book at all!!! I just want to smack everyone lol 6y
KimM I loved this as well when I read it. Touché Mr Hill. ? 6y
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