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This book contains a powerful and important message but the execution just didn‘t work for me. The format and writing style was very unemotional and left me feeling completely detached from the main character and had me questioning the believability. I am absolutely not questioning the author‘s experience or pervasive racism but the way the story was presented, without many details of the climactic situation left me unsatisfied. #unpopularopinion

The Remains of the Day | Kazuo Ishiguro

Well. I'm not quite sure I get the point. Nothing ever happens. The narrator is (to me) exceptionally unlikable. If the point of this story is to make the most of what life you have left, not ensnared by the past, it sure took a long time to get there. And to think, someone read this book and thought, "hey, this would make a great film!" I'm not quite sure why. I certainly will not be checking out this book to screen adaptation.

britt_brooke I haven‘t read this, but I appreciate honest reviews - so, thanks! 3d
cherinium @britt_brooke There are certainly a large number of people who disagree with me, so don't let my review keep you from this one if you've been eyeing it. I suppose we can't all agree. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #unpopularopinion 3d
tournevis @cherinium The film is amazeballs, and it is different from the book. I prefer the film myself. 3d
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Aswenson I started this awhile back and COULD NOT get into it. Glad to hear it wasn‘t just me! 3d
britt_brooke @cherinium It would be super boring if we all loved the same books. 😉 3d
cherinium @tournevis Thanks for saying amazeballs! I know the film has a great cast, so I could definitely believe that it is better. I should know better than to write off a movie because I didn't enjoy the book. Forrest Gump is one of my absolute favorite films, yet the book was terrible. 2d
tournevis @cherinium It's Christopher Reeve last movie before his accident, I think, or close to it. I agree about FG. 2d
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#unpopularopinion #reading1001

I love this cover but I didn‘t love the book it just wasn‘t for me. I can see that it is beautiful written but it still left me cold.

Full review here https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2816366204

If any UK Litten would like this book (good condition) let me know in comments first to request gets it.

Cinfhen @TrishB I think u wanted to read this book!!! 7d
TrishB @Cinfhen Thanks! I‘ve already brought it a couple of weeks ago! I‘m keeping my fingers crossed I like it 🤞🏻 (edited) 7d
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Those Who Save Us | Jenna Blum
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#MayMovieMagic This may be an #unpopularopinion but according to my GoodReads I gave this book only 2 stars. I recall it‘s about the lengths a mother is willing to go to in order to save herself and her daughter set during WWII. #SaveMe

Tex2Flo I gave it the same ranking. Just didn't appeal to me.
Cinfhen Thanks for backing me up @Tex2Flo ❤️it was a few years ago when I read this but I remember cringy dialogue and writing 😬 1w
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Winter Garden | Kristin Hannah
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As expected I was the book club curmudgeon on this one. The writing was pedestrian, the characters not engaging, the ending easy and unearned, and more. Even being interested in Russia didn‘t help this book succeed for me. #unpopularopinion Full review at https://booknaround.blogspot.com/2019/03/review-winter-garden-by-kristin-hannah....

Theaelizabet Welcome, fellow book club curmudgeon. 1w
BookNAround @Theaelizabet I‘ve been the curmudgeon for as long as I‘ve been in a book club. 😂 It no longer bothers me. 1w
Theaelizabet @BookNAround Almost three years ago I joined with five other women to form a “reading salon.“ We gather every other month to discuss our reading lives/books read. Much better. 😉 (edited) 1w
SamAnne @BookNAround I read her WWII book The Nightingale for a book club and felt the same way. And I was the only one who did not like it. 1w
Crazeedi I've like a couple of her books and a couple I haven't, she's half n half for me 1w
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The Savior | J.R. Ward
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My #unpopularopinion is - definitely not her best, but still a pick. I felt the brothers were behaving in very foreign ways, especially V. The plot line felt just a little bit contrived & some things were glossed over too conveniently but the good bits were amazing and lots does happen! Alas I couldn‘t get connected to Murdher or Sarah and I tried! Maybe it‘ll be better as an eventual re-read. 🧛‍♂️🖤🗡


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1. Cardio but I need to factor in strength and flexibility more
2. Inside
3. No music #unpopularopinion
4. Swimming laps - very meditative and no sweating
5. Pool doesn‘t equal playlists. I like the sound of the water.

#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 🙌🏻 2w
KathyWheeler I want a waterproof iPod or something that I can listen to audiobooks or music while I swim, but then I‘d be afraid that I‘d lose track of my laps. 2w
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @KathyWheeler I know what you mean. My watch tracks my laps, so that part isn‘t an issue. I see a couple of folks moving coins on the pool deck to count their laps. 2w
KathyWheeler @BarbaraTheBibliophage Do you have to hit a button on your watch when you turn? 2w
BarbaraTheBibliophage @KathyWheeler Nope. Apple Watches just sense when you change direction. Plus I tell it how many yards long the pool is. 2w
saguarosally I‘m with you on 3, I like silence! 2w
KathyWheeler @BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘ve always said I didn‘t want an Apple Watch; I might change my mind. 2w
SaturnDoo @KathyWheeler samsung watches have the same features as the apple watches. 😊 I've been thinking about buying one as I would rather exercise in water. 2w
Sharpeipup I want to swim more. 2w
KathyWheeler @SaturnDoo I‘ll have to compare. 2w
GlassAsDiamonds You can get Bluetooth headphones that are waterproof if you wanted to try that - the husband has some. You preload them with music, audio books/ whatever, they don‘t need a phone nearby. 2w
BarbaraTheBibliophage @KathyWheeler Chexk out ⬆️ from @GlassAsDiamonds. I actually like the pool noises rather than having ear pods. 2w
KathyWheeler @BarbaraTheBibliophage I used to as well but very recently I‘ve found that one of my ears is bothered by the water even though it‘s covered by my cap and I‘ve had to start wearing earplugs. 😞 I figure if I‘m wearing those, I might as well be listening to something. (edited) 2w
BarbaraTheBibliophage @KathyWheeler Yeah, I find the earplugs to be both helpful and necessary. 2w
GlassAsDiamonds Okay @BarbaraTheBibliophage & @KathyWheeler - grilled the husband. They‘re the Sony NWZ-W274S and it‘s actually an MP3 player built into swimming headphones so you could easily use them for audiobooks and around a swimming cap. I‘m impressed at how streamlined they are really - he‘s had them for a few years and they‘re still going strong. 😊 2w
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The Namesake | Jhumpa Lahiri
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I don‘t really get it, I guess. I kept reading because I thought something would happen, either good or bad, and it never really did. The son goes from rejecting his family culture and his own history to sort of coming to terms with it, but I would have liked to see a bit more of a plot. #ReadingWomenChallenge #bookbyjhumpalahiri and also book #100 completed in 2019!

Graywacke Yes! Oye...did not care for this either 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I tired her Interpreter of Maladies and felt the same way. I figured it just must be my #UnpopularOpinion because both this one and the one you read seem to be rated well. 🤷‍♀️ there are many more authors and books in the sea. 2w
BarbaraBB Book 100?! Incredible! Congrats 👍🏼🎈 2w
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