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Total Cat Mojo
Total Cat Mojo: Everything You Need to Know to Care for Your Favorite Feline Friend | Jackson Galaxy
This comprehensive cat care guide from the star of the hit Animal Planet show "My Cat from Hell," Jackson Galaxy, shows us how to eliminate feline behavioral problems by understanding cats' instinctive behavior. Cat Mojo is the confidence that cats exhibit when they are at ease in their environment and in touch with their natural instincts--to hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom, and sleep. Problems such as litter box avoidance and aggression arise when cats lack this confidence. Jackson Galaxy's number one piece of advice to his clients is to help their cats harness their mojo. This book is his most comprehensive guide yet to cat behavior and basic cat care, rooted in understanding cats better. From getting kittens off to the right start socially, to taking care of cats in their senior years, and everything in between, this book addresses the head-to-toe physical and emotional needs of cats--whether related to grooming, nutrition, play, or stress-free trips to the vet.
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Smoky gives this book 2 paws up! 😸 This was a really informative book, and Jackson Galaxy presents it in a way that's easy to understand, and doesn't feel like he's talking down to you.

Thanks again, Soubhi, for sending this to me for my birthday! @Soubhiville

Soubhiville Smokey is studying up! 🤣 4w
Soubhiville So glad you enjoyed it. 💕 4w
Leftcoastzen Love kitty😻& Jackson! 4w
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Thank you so much Soubhi!! I can't wait to read this! Thanks for making my birthday even more special!

RamsFan1963 Your cat looks unimpressed lol 🤣 3mo
Soubhiville Happy Birthday! @RamsFan1963 is right, Smokey does not like my choice of gift I think! 😹 I hope you‘ll enjoy it. 3mo
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AmyG Ha! If Smokey has issues he is in for a rude awakening. 3mo
Leftcoastzen 😻 3mo
GondorGirl Smokey is such a pretty boy!😻 3mo
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This is an absolute must for any cat owner. It's filled with great practical advice and trouble shooting. I wouldn't necessarily suggest reading cover to cover, use it more like a reference book

January #doublespin @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 4mo
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#superseptember book 2! Highly recommend if you‘re a cat owner, even if your cat is perfectly behaved and of identifying. Galaxy lays out several tips for better understanding your cats and enhancing their quality of life. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 2y
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This one is coming with me to my doctors appointments today. Hopefully I can get back into #BookSpinJuly. So far I‘ve only crossed three books off the board, and we‘re already half way through the month. 😬


Hestapleton I‘m in the exact same boat!! 2y
TheAromaofBooks haha well you aren't the only one! 😂 2y
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Just starting the tagged book and remembering when we had dogs and cats. 😹😹😹

#dogsoflitsy #catsoflitsy #petlovers #humor #litsyhumor

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Squeeee!! My friend Mikel‘s book, co-written with Jackson Galaxy, is one of the Book Riot deals of the day for ebooks!! You can get it on Kindle or iBooks! She is an amazing person who got her doctorate in animal behavior from UC Berkeley! I‘m so proud of her!

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Watching my cat from hell whilst tired.
“The cat pees everywhere and is always escaping if the problem doesn‘t change the cats gone”
To husband “ is the cat neutered? “ husband “no not his balls I‘m a man and I think he needs them”
Me as Jackson galaxy after sitting the couple down and I turn to the wife “you have a big problem, I think you should get rid of your husband.
Seriously though, what is with men being so obsessed with their cats balls

Tonton So true, also the same with men and their dogs! 3y
julesG No idea why the bollocks are so important. I managed to get the cat's snipped off before any problems started. But heavens, even the vet gave me a hard time about it. 3y
Crazeedi Lol!😂 3y
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Weaponxgirl @Tonton I really don‘t get it at all! Why do u want your animal to be frustrated or risk the run of it fathering loads of babies that can end up in shelters or being abandoned? 3y
Weaponxgirl @julesG that‘s insane to me. A vet should know better it‘s not like there‘s a shortage of animals in shelters 3y
julesG True. I guess he was more concerned about the cat's age. He only said so afterwards, though. I adopted Shadow a year ago, it'll be exactly a year on Thursday. The previous owner thought he was 9 weeks old (at 3 kilograms and a size larger than my 7 months old Siamese), he was a stray and hence nobody knew his age. Since he was teething, as was Ghost (the Siamese) at that time, I guesstimated his age to also be about 7 months and had both cats 👇 3y
julesG Spayed/neutered at the end of January 2018. Since I could not offer a date of birth for Shadow, the doctor wanted to wait until Shadow started marking before the OP. I insisted. Our regular vet said all is well, it was the right time. (I still remember the post-OP drama with Ghost's infected wound) 3y
Weaponxgirl @julesG my parents were always super on it with getting any pets we had neutered as soon as possible. Which in our time has included a fair few strays that just kinda moved in after our other cats accepted them. Just us looking at them like I guess you live here now huh? Off with their balls! 3y
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This book has given me helpful ideas that seem to be working already! First, I started playing with Minerva in the morning before breakfast. This past weekend, we moved all of the plants out of the bay window and removed the barriers that prevented her from getting into the greenery. Now, she can look outside, lie in the sun, and hang out on the bookshelves. After "Cat TV" all day she's snuggling with us again instead of biting & scratching ?

Leftcoastzen Jackson knows his stuff! She‘s getting so big . 4y
TK-421 @Leftcoastzen She's growing up so fast! 😭 4y
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This isn‘t really book related (although technically Jackson Galaxy is an author), but though you can‘t see on the tv screen Flour is watching My Cat From Hell. She loves Jackson just as much as I do. #catsoflitsy

Reviewsbylola 😂😂 so cute! 4y
SandyW I swear my girl-catwatches t.v. too. 😸 4y
JazzFeathers I had a black cat who loved wstching soccer matches on tv. My lityle Petra 😻😻😻 4y
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zzz That is awesome😻🤣🤣🤣 4y
Jen_Reads @Jen_is_always_reading she follows the cats on the tv and sees the toys and hops on her back paws to look at them better. It‘s adorable 4y
zzz @Jen_Reads we need a cat 😣😣😣 @Books_Bikes_12 4y
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My house mates #2

julesG 😻 4y
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My house mates #1

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty 😽 4y
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@MelissaSue81 made me do it 😉 This is my girl Lily, doing something she shouldn't be doing, as usual. #CatsofLitsy #LittensKittens

MelissaSue81 Love her! 4y
Burghbookaddict Do they ever do anything besides things theyre not supposed to? 😸😸 They're lucky theyre cute 4y
CouronneDhiver Aww, what a sweet girl! 4y
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Finished! I won‘t lie, this is heavy with invented jargon & was a bit of a struggle at times but for a very well researched & comprehensive deep dive into the behavior & psyche of cats, it‘s a excellent book I wouldn‘t hesitate to recommend. It‘s unfortunately a tad useless for some of our current challenges but then extreme rescue cats are not the point of this book. Still, much that‘s applicable & valuable. Great resource for the #catsofLitsy 😻

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Weird enough (warning, rant!), this is something so many people don‘t do, especially if a vet has been recommended: they don‘t talk to the vet before they bring their pets to them & often they don‘t change vets. Poor Dash and I have been on a magical mystery tour of the vets of Mumbai & I‘ve been nothing short of appalled by the vast majority. Hopefully you won‘t need blood splattered walls to know to find another vet but these are some good tips!

MayJasper Blood splattered walls!!! Yikes 4y
CarolynM Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to have a choice of good vets (and a great animal hospital) in easy reach 4y
GlassAsDiamonds @MayJasper oh it was *DIRE* (and they were using a cardboard box for medical waste disposal) and heavily recommended. Boggled the mind. @CarolynM - hug a good Aussie vet for me!!!!!!! 4y
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So apparently Mr Poop Up The Nose is destiny.... 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ There‘s a bad gameshow in there somewhere, I‘m sure of it.

AmyG Yep. 3 of our cats found us. 1 was nuts...but I loved him to death. 4y
LeahBergen 😂😂 4y
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I get it, I really do... you‘re trying to convince people that what they have potentially spent a lifetime believing about cats is in many ways stupid and ignorant (vastly paraphrasing but it is still the gist and he‘s correct, I must say) but omg, the “jargon” is killing me. American Littens - is this an “American” style or just “one self help book too far”??

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Oh how I would like to beat sentiment this into so many heads. Expats are appalling at abandoning their pets and Australian expats, who are often willfully ignorant of the process‘ required to get their pets home, are particularly appalling. If you can‘t or won‘t commit to treating your pet as a valued family member *forever*, buy a cactus instead.

wanderinglynn Or better, get a stuffed animal. (People are stealing cacti & 31% of the species is threatened). 4y
GondorGirl @wanderinglynn I didn't know that about cacti! That's fascinating and horrible! 4y
wanderinglynn @GondorGirl Yeah, it‘s a huge problem in the America Southwest. Almost all of the cacti there is indigenous (except like 1). It‘s so bad, one park started microchipping the cacti: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/saguaro-national... 4y
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GlassAsDiamonds @GondorGirl not so much an issue with cactus here in India or at home in Oz (crazy ass quarantine laws are good for something) but always good to learn things!! I have never heard about microchipping cactus (the things I learn from Litsy) !!! 😊😊😊 Thanks @wanderinglynn 😊 4y
CarolynM At least a cactus can only scratch you if you approach it! I take it you are still having trouble integrating your rescue cat. Hang in there. 4y
GlassAsDiamonds @CarolynM yeah.... today, he needed a bath. I‘d rather have hugged the cactus...🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ They‘re getting there but it‘s going to be a long, long process (our cat was a bottle fed baby rescued from a bad (willfully ignorant) “rescuer” so she‘s got some challenges “Talking cat” and new rescue has been dumped twice, has an ear infection and liver issues 🤦🏻‍♀️). Slowly. Very slowly. 4y
CarolynM Bathing cats is always fun. Sounds like you have a long road ahead. 4y
GlassAsDiamonds @CarolynM yeah.... I‘m a tad more ah...aerated than I was yesterday!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Very long but hopefully it will work out in then end (worst case scenario is that at least Dash will be in brilliant health if we need to find him another forever home). 4y
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1. Flour (after the all-purpose kind) 💕
2. Since August of 2014
3. She climbs the wall literally. Her tail used to be so long she‘d poop on it so I‘d have to hold it for her when she went to the bathroom so I wouldn‘t have to chase her down and clean it off. She‘s a parrot and sits on my shoulder a lot.
4. Anyone who wants to do it can!

#petsandpaperbacks @HotMessJess #catsoflitsy

kamoorephoto Yes, yes, yes! I‘m so glad you picked this up!!! 4y
LauraBeth #3 😹😹 4y
HotMessJess Black catsssss!! We have one named Bosworth. He‘s our cat that thinks he‘s a dog (and Jack‘s afraid of him!!) what a precious baby! Thank you for sharing!! ❤️ 4y
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OrangeMooseReads She‘s so pretty 😻 4y
Jen_Reads @LauraBeth when I adopted her she came with the name Blackheart Curltail and the first time she went in the litter box I understood the tail part. It was bad. 4y
Jen_Reads @HotMessJess @OrangeMooseReads thanks!!! She‘s my sweet little 7lb. baby!! 4y
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This really helped me understand more of the cat psyche. I know that sounds nuts, but it gave me insight as to how I can best coexist with my feline friend.

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My cat is totally stressed out by the neighbors cat who roams outside and overgrooms. I want to find out what to do, so.... help me Jackson Galaxy! #24in48

Crowcrumbs I used to watch his show- good stuff! 4y
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Gushing about my two cats again.

Ignore the mess that is my bedroom.

Above, current situation. (Well, while typing Ghost rolled up and fell asleep.)

Below, situation about 20 minutes ago.

We're getting there.

I'm grateful for this book. It has been a great help with one cat and will certainly be a great help with two.


AmyG Slow and steady. 👍🏻 4y
Tamra It will happen! 😽 4y
[DELETED] 3803335244 Jackson is a great cat whisperer! Love 4y
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Good morning from the front lines.

Ghost has decamped to my bedroom and is a real ghost now. Sitting on the top shelf not wanting anything to do with the new cat.

"Shadow" - or however we will name her - is making herself at home. She likes to be petted but don't ever pick her up. She has terribly sharp claws - I look like I wrestled with a panther.

I am, of course, overthinking my decision. Right now, I think I didn't do Ghost a favour.

CouronneDhiver Black kitties are wonderful. The two cats may take awhile to become friendly though. Territories and all that 4y
Cathythoughts It will work out 👍. They just need time. Shadow reminds me of our dog Jack. We got Jack to keep Harry company, but Harry was not impressed. But Jack was so loving & charming , he won everyone ( including Harry, eventually) over. Took time. And I don‘t know a lot about cats , but it‘s nice to have company. I‘d love to know how it progresses 👍 4y
MinDea When I got my Shadow, Chloe was not happy either. They have grown used to eachother but aren't the buddies I had hoped. I initially got him because I thought Chloe was lonely and would like a companion. She would have liked to return him day 1😆😆😆😆 Congrats on the new kitty! 4y
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BookwormAHN Druzy doesn't like to be picked up either. She will happily climb into my lap and cuddle but being held is forbidden. Actually I've had Druzy for about a year and a half and within the last six months she has excepted being carried some, but I still have to careful of her claws 😸 4y
julesG @MinDea that is exactly what seems to be going on here. I thought Ghost was lonely and now I fear she'll hate me for getting another cat. 4y
CoffeeCatsBooks It is so hard with cats. When I got Tigger a companion, Kitcat, he was so much happier. However, when he passed away Kitcat did not care for any of the cats I got. No one could replace her Tigger 😿. Who knows yours might buddy up in a few days. 4y
Captivatedbybooks My cat at first wanted mothing to do with the other cats. They‘ve gotten use to each other. 4y
AmyG I think it takes time. I had a cat, George, and 2 years later got another male. George did not like him at first, but over time they became “friends”. Slept together, sometimes hissed...ha, like family. I think they need more time. 4y
julesG @AmyG good thing is, I'm not expecting them to be best buddies by tonight. They tolerated each other for 15 minutes right now. Sitting about two feet apart. Then the newbee put her paw on my leg and Ghost started growling. Not hissing, but a very deep, doggies growl. We'll get there. 4y
PirateJenny The book you tagged has some really good advice on helping kitties get along 4y
julesG @PirateJenny I have reread the section on cat-cat relationships yesterday evening. We have done the closed door feeding today. Worked well so far. I'm so grateful for @kamoorephoto introducing this book to me. 4y
PirateJenny @julesG oh good! I really hope it works out for all of you! 4y
whatsthEStorey You have the right attitude and perspective about it. It takes patience, but they adapt. My 18 year old cat hates all other four footed creatures, but happily coexists with two dogs and another cranky geriatric cat. She and the other cat, my mom in law's, will sit across the hall and hiss back and forth, but no more. I believe that the occasional rivalry between them keeps their lives exciting and keeps them young! 4y
Tamra It will work out! We‘ve introduced several new furry family members into the household over the years and it was only a matter of time before they tolerated each other and even played together. 😺👍🏾 (edited) 4y
MinDea Nah she won't hate you. Chloe still loves me. She just doesn't like Shadow and has no qualms about telling him so! 😆😆😆 4y
kamoorephoto Did you fill out my survey? I may just go ahead and start sending things out without waiting for all responses...! 4y
kamoorephoto Email me! My email address is katherine.moore.photo@gmail.com 4y
julesG @kamoorephoto Yes, filled out the survey already. 4y
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Not book related.

We took in a second cat. A mummy and her three kittens were found by a woman, she took them in but had to find new homes for them now. No exact age but given the size of the cat and the teeth, my guesstimation is 6 months old.

Spurr of the moment decision and I hope it was the right decision. Ghost moved to the shelves in my bedroom, since there was no time to do this Cat Mojo like.


julesG Black cat. I'm hoping my kids will pick the name "Shadow". 4y
robinb Good for you (and “Shadow”)! Hope all will adjust well and quickly. 🤞🤞 4y
rubyslippersreads Sending kitty vibes! 😸 4y
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GrilledCheeseSamurai I want a kitty soooooooo bad but roomie says no. 😢 Not gonna lie...it may be what makes me finally move. *waves to shadow* 4y
LauraBeth Shadow Ghost! 4y
Tamra Ohhh, new family members! 😍 4y
Clwojick 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 AWE! I love him already! My first ever cat was a black cat that the family called Shadow, but I called him Midnight. ❤️️ I can't wait to see all of his posts with Ghost. #KittiesWhoWantToBeLitsyFamous 😹😹 Maybe he's part Bombay?! 4y
AmyG How wonderful. Congrats on your new addition. May everyone get along famously. 4y
Zelma Congratulations on the new family member and welcome to the Litsy Black Cat Club! 4y
SandyW Congratulations and good luck. @Zelma we're a black/gray cat household too! 4y
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My cats got their Christmas present a few days ago. Here‘s hoping they get to like this and let me train them.

kricheal Is that like a hamster wheel, but for cats? 4y
Puredragonstar Omg, if that is a hamster wheel for a cat,😱😱😱 I want one for mine! What a great idea!!!! (edited) 4y
Jen_Reads @Puredragonstar @kricheal it is! One of my cats is overweight so I‘m hoping to get her trained to use it. 4y
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The third package was a package from @kamoorephoto ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ I am still freaking out about being lucky enough to have won the SIGNED copy of Total Cat Mojo. I love all the goodies you sent with them. Especially the stickers, and all the cat cards. I enjoyed learning a bit about Nimbus, Miles, and Ishtar 😸😸😸

Thank you so so much!

kamoorephoto I‘m so happy you‘re happy!!! 💓💓💓 4y
BookBabe Such awesome catness! 😻 😁❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎄🎁 4y
Asthecroweflies I ❤️ kitties! 4y
Zelma That is one cat-tastic package! 😋 4y
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My physiotherapist has a cold, my friend, who I wanted to have a coffee with, is also ill, so the kitten and I have decided to accept the fate that we have to stay at home and read. 😁
Worse things have happened.

@kamoorephoto - thanks again for introducing this book to me. I have learned quite a lot from it already and think the cat-human-relationship has already benefitted.

Zelma It sounds like you certainly could have had a worse day. 😉 4y
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@kamoorephoto, I just bought the kindle version. Thank you for putting this on my radar.

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We have a winner to the #catmojogiveaway! I know this person is going to need to use the litter box right away...
The winner of the signed copy of #TotalCatMojo is @Clwojick (seriously)!
2nd runner up is @2BR02B and I‘ll be sending you a Cat Pawsitive clicker (I hope you get the book so you can work on some clicker training). I‘m going to get hold of another clicker because I believe #3 needs one and that‘s @rubyslippersreads 💓

Clwojick WHATTTTTTTT?! I am beyond excited! 4y
Clwojick ❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4y
kamoorephoto Everyone who entered I will need to tag as I need your email to get your address; I need to send your goodies and a kitty photo! @Clwojick @2BR02B @rubyslippersreads @Texreader @Mimi28 @erinreads @BookwormAHN @CatLass007 @julesG @GondorGirl @Chasing-Pages @JPeterson 4y
See All 33 Comments
CatLass007 My email address is catlass007@yahoo.com 4y
Clwojick You should have my address from the bookmark swap, yeah? Let me know if I have to resend 4y
JenlovesJT47 Rltranscriptionist@yahoo.com 😻 4y
MinDea You should already have mine!!! 4y
Yellowpigeon Aww thank you. It's lisette.liang@gmail.com 4y
MinDea Congrats @Clwojick !! 4y
Jen_Reads Congrats @Clwojick !!!! 4y
Jen_Reads My email is jennieah5@yahoo.com 4y
Tanzy13 aaawwww thank you, mine is 44tanzy44@gmail.com 🐱❤️ (edited) 4y
BookwormAHN My email is Bookwormahn@yahoo.com 😸 4y
HiddenGemBooks Kornegayjane@Gmail.com thank you so much ❤️ 4y
rubyslippersreads Nicky and Sadie are all ready to train me with that clicker! 😹 Seriously, I'm excited to have won. My email is rubyslippersreads at yahoo.com Thanks! 😸 4y
Mimi28 Mine is michellemiddleton28@outlook.com Thanks!! This is awesome!! 4y
julesG Thank you! My email is julia.guttzeit@gmail.com 4y
TricksyTails Such a wonderful giveaway! Congratulations @Clwojick ! 👏😁♥️ 4y
Chasing_Pages Thank you so much! Mine is kaylib277@gmail.com 4y
JPeterson Thanks! My email is peterson.jessl@gmail.com 😸 4y
AmyG @Clwojick Yay! I am so happy you won! 🎉🎉🎉 4y
AmyG @kamoorephoto Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! My email is gratefulmom58@gmail.com 4y
Clwojick @AmyG @TricksyTails @MinDea @Jen_Reads Thank you! I am so so excited, and will definitely be bragging about it to all my fellow Crazy Cat Ladies at work today. 😻😽 4y
4thhouseontheleft Congrats @Clwojick!! My email is abergsman@gmail.com 4y
GondorGirl Ms.n.stevens@gmail.com ❤ 4y
2BR02B Yasss, thank you! The book definitely sounds like a good investment! 😸 I'm at 2br02book@gmail.com 4y
Reagan Hey I am at r.janke@live.com 4y
Texreader Congrats to @Clwojick ! She‘s amazing and deserves some kitty love! So very nice of you @kamoorephoto !! 4y
Clwojick @Texreader thanks!!!! I've bragged to all my friends at work, and they've already decided who gets to borrow it first. Hahah😍 4y
kamoorephoto @Clwojick Btw, I forgot to say your book package WITH your bookmarks has now been mailed. It‘s on its way to you!! 😻💓 4y
Clwojick Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Did my bookmark package make it to you yet?! 4y
kamoorephoto @Clwojick Not yet! I‘ll cross fingers for it🤞🏼 4y
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Ok, last teaser while I gather names and enter in randomizer and prepare to watch the most intense #Seahawks game yet. I am nervous to pull a name for my #catmojogiveaway because I wish I could give you ALL a signed book; MANY of you would benefit from buying a copy of #TotalCatMojo and I hope you buy/put it on your Xmas wishlist. I‘m going to add one of Jackson‘s clickers as a 2nd prize for the kitty/owner pair that I think will benefit most! 😻

TricksyTails 😻🦄 Love this photo!! 4y
kamoorephoto @TricksyTails Isn‘t it cute? There are 5 illustrators in this book, and I just love all the cute pictures!!! 💓 4y
TricksyTails It's ridiculous how freaking adorable this is! This needs to be an emoji! 4y
kamoorephoto @TricksyTails Unicorn cat emoji!!! 4y
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This is the first photo taken of Morrigan coming to her new home, back in April (and still one of my favorite photos). 😻
I instantly fell in love with her cute face (and gorgeous orange eyes!) when I saw her the day before at the shelter. We went back the next morning to bring her home, and she has been family ever since. She is a lover of nap time with her humans and playing with Q-tips in her spare time. ❤️

Mariposa_Bookworm I love black kitties!!!!!😻🐾💕 4y
Tamra 😻😻 4y
Zelma Congratulations on the new family member! A gorgeous addition. 😻 4y
See All 19 Comments
BookishGirl06 Love the name. Acomaf reference? (edited) 4y
rubyslippersreads Adorable 🐱!She might object, but have you read 4y
kamoorephoto Congrats on the kitty! I love seeing when they arrive 💓💓💓 4y
Crystalblu I have a very similar picture of our tuxedo coming home! 💜 4y
Melwilk She is beautiful 💕 4y
diovival Cute!! 4y
JPeterson @Mariposa_Bookworm Same! Black cats are the best! 4y
JPeterson @BookishGirl06 No, I haven‘t read that yet (though it‘s on my list). She is named from a figure in Irish mythology, queen of war and/or fate. 4y
JPeterson @rubyslippersreads I haven‘t, but I should definitely add it to my list. She is a tricky one, so I should stay on my toes 😉😂 4y
Kaye Pretty. She looks so healthy. Her hair is shiny. ✨✨✨ 4y
TricksyTails Morrigan is gorgeous!! 😻😻😻 4y
Bklover Qtips can be wildly entertaining!! 4y
Bookzombie 💕🐱 4y
TheLibrarian So cute! 😻 4y
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@kamoorephoto #catmojogiveaway

This is one of my favorite photos of my beloved Siamese twins, because it showcases their distinctive personalities. Feli (top) is bossy and possessive, whereas Fran (bottom) is submissive to the point of sometimes being a bit of a doormat. I'd love to win Total Cat Mojo because with four cats in the house (these two, plus a stray I rescued five months ago and my roommate's senior cat) ⬇⬇

2BR02B I need all the help I can get reconciling their divergent personalities and keeping everyone happy. Thanks for the opportunity, @kamoorephoto ! 4y
Yeah_I_Read They‘re beautiful 😻😻😻 4y
2BR02B @Yeah_I_Read thanks! They love mugging for the camera, so they must know how gorgeous they are. 😸 4y
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kamoorephoto This is awesome...you may well have a Napoleon and a Wallflower there...and they‘re beautiful 💓💓💓😻 4y
2BR02B @kamoorephoto now that you mention it, Feli is a total Napoleon: tiny and formidable! 😆😆 4y
Zelma 😂😻 cute and hilarious at the same time. I love the ridiculousness of cats. (edited) 4y
SandyW Furry love! 😻 4y
diovival 😍 4y
Reviewsbylola Omg adorable! 😍 4y
TricksyTails 😻😻 Can't handle the cuteness!! ♥️ 4y
Bookzombie So cute!! 💕🐱🐱 4y
TheLibrarian Cuteness overload. At first glance I didn‘t even realize there were 2 cats in the photo till I read your post. 4y
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“‘Cats don't have names,' it said.
'No?' said Coraline.
'No,' said the cat. 'Now you people have names. That's because you don't know who you are. We know who we are, so we don't need names.” 🐾🖤

Rescued this little guy with @Tanzy13 when he was out in the cold and showed up at our apartment door. Found his owner a few hours later. Clara actually enjoyed his presence! 🐱🐰

kamoorephoto I love this!!! Too adorbs!! 💕😻 4y
Tanzy13 🐰🐱🐾 4y
DrJAdMerricksson Omc, I didn't see the cat at first! Haha. Too cute. I'm glad you found his owner. 4y
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Okay, #catsoflitsy lovers! Another #catmojogiveaway teaser! Have you entered my #giveaway yet, and you have a #cat? I love this cute little page about kitties that get along but #JacksonGalaxy knows how hard it is to get some cats to get along; sooo much of his new book has the goods on that big problem. Anyway, go to my original post and see how to enter to win a signed copy of Jackson‘s new book #TotalCatMojo - I‘m picking a winner this weekend!

GondorGirl This makes me so happy, because both my older boys have been doing these things with Pippin! It's good to know they're on the right track towards friendship. 😻😻😻 4y
jfalkens Two of my cats still don't do this after 7 years together! 4y
TricksyTails @2BR02B @Clwojick If you haven't entered, your kitties would be perfect for this! 4y
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kamoorephoto @jfalkens He has this small part in the book called ‘I hate your face...‘ 😹😹 😹 4y
jfalkens @kamoorephoto 😂 I love Jackson 😊 4y
MiyakoBunny This is too dang cute 😻 4y
Clwojick Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait 😻🙈🙈🙈🙈 4y
kamoorephoto @GondorGirl THAT‘s SUCH a great sign!! Welcoming Pippin into the hierarchy! @Clwojick 😹😹😹😹 4y
2BR02B @TricksyTails thanks for the heads up! 😸 4y
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1. It's so hard to pick just one cat photo because technically I have five beautiful kitties, two that live with my parents (they kept them when I moved away and got married) and three that live with me. They're all rescue cats. But I have a soft spot for this guy 🔼This is Chipper. I found him in the trash can at work when he was a tiny baby. Now he's 10 years old and still my little baby! 💙 I could use this book because Chipper and my TBC 🔽

JenlovesJT47 Baby Maverick are still very persnickety around people they don't know. I'm always looking for good cat advice and have always liked Jackson Galaxy. @kamoorephoto thank you for hosting this #catmojogiveaway ! I followed you on Facebook and will check out your blog. Chipper, Scarlett, Nala, Marnie and Maverick all said to tell you meow! 😻😺😻 4y
Reagan Beautiful!! I have a soft spot for black cats. 4y
JenlovesJT47 @Reagan-reads me too! I think they're so beautiful 😻❤️ 4y
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TricksyTails Chipper's got the purdiest eyes! He doesn't look ten! Still looks like a bebeh. 😻 I love black kitties. 4y
JenlovesJT47 @TricksyTails hehe isn't he beautiful? I love his green eyes, I tell him all the time 😅💚 4y
Zelma He is beautiful! 😻 4y
kamoorephoto Aww sweetness!! So handsome. Do they all get along? Thanks for following!! Hugs to all the kitties 💓💓💓💓😻 4y
JenlovesJT47 @kamoorephoto for the most part, sometimes there's a sibling rivalry going on 😂 4y
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Tiberius and Molly cuddling, something these two rarely do together. #TotalCatMojo #CatsOfLitsy #CatMojoGiveaway

Ms_T 😻😻 4y
Bookzombie 💕🐱🐱 4y
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kamoorephoto Maybe they do it in private, and you just caught them. But it‘s definitely a sign that they love each other, even if you rarely see it. I love the look he‘s giving you!!!! Such a handsome devil 😻 4y
CatLass007 @kamoorephoto Oh, I‘m sure this isn‘t the first time these have cuddled. However, I just don‘t see it as often as I see kitten Tiberius trying to rough house and nine-year-old Molly putting him in his place. 4y
TricksyTails 😻😻 4y
Crystalblu Tiberius, as in Captain James Tiberius Kirk?! 4y
Crystalblu Awesome!!! Cheers to geeky pet names! 4y
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Okay, so #catoflitsy people... Check out this illustration from #TotalCatMojo - I LOVE it! There‘s a lot of talk about ‘The Raw Cat‘ in the book and about how play is a structured activity (see how a toy is an important part of their Hunt/Catch/Kill/Eat ritual) that indoor #cats must engage in to be happy and healthy. Make sure to go to my earlier post and enter my #catmojogiveaway to win a copy of #TotalCatMojo!

AmyG That's so funny. I was just playing with my cat...with her beloved feather. It's the only toy she likes to play with. 4y
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#catmojogiveaway @kamoorephoto this lil stinker makes a Santa suit look good. He doesn‘t even know what a Santa suit is. And I‘m sure Jackson Galaxy has lots to say about the type of people who put their cats in clothes. Let Jackson make me a better cat mom! 😻

SandyW He doesn't look like he's in need of a better mom! 4y
Alicia Omg those pajamas are amazing!! 4y
Clwojick ❤️😂 Clearly I'm no better! Totem was wearing antlers, and Oscar is always wearing a bow tie when I take pics of my babes. 4y
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TricksyTails 😻♥️ Aww both of you are adorable! He's absolutely rocking the Santa suit! 😂 4y
AmyG Adorable! 4y
kamoorephoto I LOVE IT!!!!!! You know I think Jackson might be able to look past this... 😻💕 4y
MrBook Ah! Love it! 😻😻😻 4y
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#catmojogiveaway Sorry to flood you feed guys, but I couldn‘t pass this up!! I love Jackson Galaxy!! Here is #Ozzie with the extra large and heavy water bowl ( which is actually a fountain that I gave up on) that I had to get because he is obsessed with water and with the help of his 6th toe/claw would move the smaller bowls and get water all over the floor. He can still move it, but it can‘t tip over or spill. Thanks!! 👍👍❤️❤️😻😻

Mimi28 That‘s a broken hair tie that Mogwai loves to play with and put in the water in the background, lol 🤷🏽‍♀️ 4y
kamoorephoto Well hello Ozzie with Polydactyl-toesies! I love the 6-toed feet so much... PS. I use my hair ties to distract the cats at the rescue when I take their photos. I just told you a little known photography secret... 😻💕😹 4y
Mimi28 @kamoorephoto Thanks!! Ozzie says hello back!! Polydactyls are awesome. Mogwai loves the hair ties and plays fetch with my mom with them and then takes them to the food or water. It‘s almost like she really did stalk and kill her prey. She‘s goofy but adorable! Thanks!! 4y
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This is not my cat‘s best picture, but it‘s from yesterday and I can‘t stop laughing at his grumpy face. 😹 My husband and I rescued #KingCyress in April 2016 and he was the least personable cat at the shelter, so the staff were surprised I only wanted to see him. He responded immediately to me and my husband knew within a minute that we‘d be leaving with this cat. 💕 He‘s a huge jerk most of the time, but I love him to death. #catmojogiveaway

erinreads Thanks for the fun giveaway, @kamoorephoto! #catsoflitsy 4y
AmyG I love his pouty face. And I love to hear about rescue cats. 4y
TK-421 Oh my god, I love that face! 😻 4y
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rohit-sawant 😻😻 4y
Jabberwocky The faaaaaaacceee!! 4y
CoverToCoverGirl His catitude is what makes him even more loveable!😻 4y
CouronneDhiver Beautiful 4y
valeriegeary Jerk cats are the best. I have one who just spends most of her day silently judging me. 4y
Bookzombie 💕🐱 4y
silentrequiem Aww, cats are such adorable jerkfaces. 4y
kamoorephoto I love this! We have actually have had people come in to the rescue before and do this for us too - ask for the jerkiest, most unadoptable cat (thank god), and people like YOU are angels. King Cyress is handsome, even if he is a jerk, but all cats can be sometimes (so are humans). I love his grumpy face! Man, I so wish I could come and photograph all these cats!!! 🤔💓 4y
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Just for fun, @kamoorephoto here's the entire family. Tommy (gray & white), Pippin (black & white), Fred-Fred (orange), and Lola (black).

#catmojogiveaway #CatsOfLitsy

kamoorephoto Awww I love it!! 💓💓 Are they accepting the little one okay? 4y
GondorGirl @kamoorephoto So far so good. Lola is ignoring him, but she's 14 and does that to everyone. Tommy is more confused then anything. I think they're going to be good friends. Fred-Fred is grumpy, but not doing anything more then growl a bit. 4y
Jabberwocky Fred-Fred is an amazing cat name!! How did you come up with it? 4y
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GondorGirl @Jaberwocky My dad's name is Fred and we were joking that we were going to name the cat after him. Having two Freds would have been confusing so we jokingly started calling him Fred-Fred. And it stuck. 😁 Plus, he's 24 pounds, so he's big enough that he needs two names. 😂 4y
Jabberwocky @GondorGirl that‘s the actual best thing I have ever heard. My father in laws name is Jeff.... I might see a ‘Jeff-Jeff‘ in my future 😅 4y
GondorGirl @Jaberwocky Do it! 😂 4y
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While I'm sure this isn't my BEST cat photo, I can't help but share another picture of Pippin. We just adopted him yesterday. His mom was part of a feral colony and she was brought inside to have her babies. Mom and two of the other three kittens have already found forever homes. I love my rescue babies! ❤😻❤

#catmojogiveaway @kamoorephoto #CatsOfLitsy

starlight97 Love his name! 😊 4y
rachelsbrittain What a little cutie! 4y
Clwojick That bald chin! Totem has that too 😹 4y
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GondorGirl @kamoorephoto We have three other cats in our home as well. Two were rescues and one was... liberated... from an abusive home. I could never live in a home without cats. 4y
Christine11 So cute !! 🐱 4y
tournevis Aaaawwwwwww ❤️💚💛 4y
Jen_Reads What a cutie!!! 4y
kamoorephoto Pippin is just too adorable! If I was there I‘d be over in a jiffy taking photos 😻 I could never live in a home without cats either. They complete me. 4y
Ms_T 😻 4y
AmyG Pippin is just the cutest thing. 4y
CatLass007 Pippin is adorable! 4y
TheLibrarian 😻 4y
sparklemotion He‘s adorable 😍😍 4y
Jess_Read_This He‘s so adorable!! That face!! ❤️❤️❤️ 4y
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What kind of cat do you have? I have two... One is a most definitely a Mojito Cat (Jeffers); he comes out to greet people and say hi to everyone. These archetypes are so important to understand when it comes to understanding cat behavior! The other types are the ‘Napoleon‘ and the ‘Wallflower‘... and then the somewheres in between... I guess there‘s a big problem if you have a Napoleon AND a Wallflower...
#catsoflitsy #catmojogiveaway

CatLass007 I have four cats. And no energy to post anything today. 4y
kamoorephoto @CatLass007 Just do it another day...I understand no energy 👍🏼 (I have MS) 💕 4y
CatLass007 Sorry to hear that. I hope you‘re doing well today. 4y
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julesG I'm not sure whether I am happy to see your comment about having MS or sad. I have MS, too. Got my cat also to have a companion at home when meds and MS related depression hits hard. I wanted to call her Lithium, but the kids vetoed. 4y
Texreader @kamoorephoto @julesG I️ admire you both so much. I‘ve been tested for MS since my back pain seems incurable even after a spinal fusion. Nothing was ever determined. I will always have this back pain and will always be on meds. I️ periodically suffer depression knowing it will never go away. I truly appreciate what you both are going through. This isn‘t how we planned our lives but it is what it is. 4y
julesG @Texreader Exactly. It is what it is and we'll make the best of it. 4y
kamoorephoto @julesG Fellow Spoonie! Actually I‘m glad the kids vetoed Lithium too (although I understand the urge to name her that!). My animals though, make a big difference to me when it comes to my mood, and have always lifted me up. @Texreader I‘m sorry you have so much pain; I know how frustrating it is, and have a lot of nerve pain, and take a lot of meds. My wish is that I were with someone more supportive; my life is harder because of stress at home. 4y
julesG I should say I studied Chemistry. Lithium would also have been an improvement to former cats' names (Sherry and later her litter of Whisky, Rum, Gin and Vodka - yes, it was hilarious as a teenager to shout their names into the night to call them home). 4y
TricksyTails @kamoorephoto @CatLass007 @julesG @Texreader I'm so sorry you all live with daily pain. I also have chronic pain, so I understand how depressing and frustrating it can be especially when you don't have a good support system. Certainly not happy that we're all faced with this, but happy to know we have each other to relate to and support each other. Hugs to all of you. 🤗💜 4y
CatLass007 @TricksyTails Thank you, sweet friend. If you‘re ever low, you have my email. 4y
TricksyTails @CatLass007 Thank you! Ditto for you, too. 😊♥️ 4y
kamoorephoto @CatLass007 @TricksyTails @Texreader @julesG I‘m so thankful I have all of you on here, I really am...I wish I had people physically close but I‘m glad to know there are some people out there who get it 💓💓💓 4y
CatLass007 I think that‘s what makes this group a community, the way people support one another. 4y
kamoorephoto @CatLass007 😻😻😻 4y
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Here's my little Luna, we got her when she was six weeks old and she's nine months now. We got her from a friend who's cat had kittens so luckily she never had to go to a shelter. We planned to rescue from a shelter and just happen to find her at the perfect time. I couldn't decide on just one picture. #catsoflitsy #catmojogiveaway

kamoorephoto Sweet Luna! I‘m glad she got to go home with you and be your reading buddy! I love the name!! I love that coloring of the fur... Maybe you‘ll still have to get another kitty at the rescue (hint, hint) 😹💓 4y
Chasing_Pages @kamoorephoto Ugh, I would take so many kitties if my husband would allow it. I wanted to keep her sister too bc she wasn't claimed yet when we picked Luna but I found her a home with my friend from work so I still get to see pics of her but my husband said only one 😢 4y
Bookzombie 💕🐱 4y
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Thank you for this giveaway, @kamoorephoto.

The little girl in the picture is Ghost. We got her two months ago. She's a Siamese mix kitten and was the last in her litter to find a new home, one can see she's an Abyssinian "mudblood" and she's slightly cross-eyed.

If I won this book, it would be the first cat related book in our home.


DebinHawaii 🐱❤️ 4y
TricksyTails She's beautiful!! 😻 4y
kamoorephoto Oh she‘s so pretty! Congrats on the new addition, your new fur-baby! The ‘vampire‘ kitty I photographed a little while back, was called Ghost. I‘m so happy for you 💓💓 4y
Ms_T What a pretty face! 😻 4y
Cathythoughts Those eyes 💫💫💫 4y
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At the start of the book, #JacksonGalaxy has this awesome history of cats, and I honestly did NOT know (how did I not know this?!) that Queen Victoria may have been the real tipping point when it came to cats being INSIDE the home. She wanted kitties inside the home (she had two Persians), and advanced the cause of animal welfare, adding ‘Royal‘ to SPCA. I love all these illustrations! #catmojogiveaway