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I‘m still 4 books behind on my Goodreads challenge, and I didn‘t even touch a treadmill in the month of June (& I work at a gym). So, needless to say, I failed miserably at by June #BFC2022 goals.
So for July…I‘m taking a mulligan and keeping the same goals:
☀️ Catch up on my 2022 Goodreads reading challenge (I.e. finish 6 or 7 books)
☀️ Do a 5k on the first and last days of the month (with training in between), and see how my time improves.

Maggie4483 ↪️ I‘m already doing better than last month. Got off work and did my 1st of the month 5k (we don‘t need to talk about my time). (edited) 1h
booksellerofyourdiscontent Good luck with the 5K! You've got this! 48m
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Look at this truly SPECTACULAR #staycationintimeswap package!!! Thank you @mcipher for such a *thoughtful* package — I LOVE that you planned the trip out and wrote those notes 🥰🥰 And you picked amazing, yummy goodies and teas and soap, and every single thing is on theme!! I‘m honestly just blown away and so excited for this package! Thank you *so* much!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

And thank you @Chrissyreadit and @DinoMom for hosting this very cool swap!! 😘😘

mcipher I‘m so glad you liked it! 🤗 2h
Chrissyreadit Wow!!! It all looks Amazing! 2h
mabell 😍😍😍 1h
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Graph Out Loud | Graphjam Com
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According to #StoryGraph, this month @suvata mainly read:
• fiction books that are emotional, reflective, informative and mysterious
• typically chooses medium-paced books that are 300-499 pages long

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Snarky and feminist short stories, often with an influence from Greek mythology or the history of witchcraft.

BethM Fun! 5h
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Healing Through Humor | Charles Hunter, Frances Gardner Hunter
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty ❤️📚 9h
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Happy-Go-Lucky | David Sedaris
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If you see a woman on her hands and knees, shoulders hitching up and down, laughing so hard that she‘s crying while weeding her flower bed, just keep walking. She‘s listening to David Sedaris‘s latest and she‘d be me. Say hello if you‘re a Litten. 😂

JenReadsAlot Omg Stacey hilarious 😂 10h
peaknit @JenReadsAlot I feel like this book is bringing me so much joy is needs a PSA, and David‘s squeaky voice is gold, right?! 10h
JenReadsAlot Can't wait to listen to it!! 10h
jlhammar Ha! Love this. 9h
squirrelbrain 🤣🤣🤣 9h
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Trapped on Treasure Island | Floyd Gottfredson
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The time has come! We didn't that many participants for the challenge, but we'll just keep trying month after month either people will want to try or I'll give up on the challenge.

Remember, you will pick 5 books from your matches shelf. You will then create a new post, tag your match listing your 5 chosen books along with the #trappedonanisland.

After you have received your 5 titles, it's up to you what you read but you must read at least 1.

aperfectmjk Click on the link assigned to you to find out who your match is and be sure provide your matches selections no later than Sunday, 7/3. 11h
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Pigpen_Reads I just read the original post and I'm interested! I can work on my shelf and be ready for August 😊 10h
aperfectmjk @Pigpen_Reads absolutely! 7h
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Fool: A Novel | Christopher Moore
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The first book that came to mind for today‘s #JokeDay prompt was Fool 🎭🤹🏻

#JulyJam 🇺🇸 🪷🌱

#BookNerd 🤓💙📚

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awesome covers!! 📚❤️ 9h
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#JulyJam @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @eggs

I bought this book for my grandkids. They had loads of fun with it.


Eggs It‘s a winner! 14h
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A small lizard perched on a brown stone.