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The Law Is an Ass | Gyles Brandreth

A quick, fun read that records court cases, laws, and other political and judicial events.
Gave me a break from the lengthier titles I've been working through.
Only worth reading through once.
#Nonfiction #GreenvilleSC #history #complete

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Just a note to say I‘m having a little break from Litsy.
I will be back but I can‘t keep up with my feed of all you lovely people right now. The usual problem of life getting in the way and it‘s making me unable to read much and I just need one less thing to think about right now.
See you all again soon. 😊

Birdsong28 Sending you lots of love and hugs and support. Take as long as you need, we will be right here waiting for you. 😘📚📖 3h
IamIamIam Aww, you will be missed! Hope you get back to an even keel very soon! 💜💙💜 3h
SW-T Take all the time you need! Sending hugs, peace, love, and support your way 💕🙂 3h
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BiblioLitten Sending you a lot of peace and love. 💕 2h
Leftcoastzen Take care of yourself,hugs to you! 2h
squirrelbrain Sending love - hopefully see you soon ❤️ 2h
Bookwomble Take care 🤗 1h
Crazeedi We all need breaks , just care for yourself now (edited) 52m
Aimeesue Hope you find your balance again soon. ❤️ 42m
sprainedbrain Take care of you! ❤️ 8m
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Good Omens | Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett
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There was a lot more heart to this book than I thought there would be. I love the tone it set on the balance between Heaven and Hell. Reminded me a lot of my Old Testament class at Jesuit.

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Father's Day gift from my daughter - 1000 pieces of Edward Gorey 😍

Trashcanman Happy Father's day sir. 7h
batsy Fab 😍 6h
Bookwomble @Trashcanman Thanks, George 😊 I'll wish you the same, though I'm not sure if you observe the same date for Father's Day in the US. 5h
Bookwomble @batsy Isn't it! Something to keep me occupied and destressed 🙂 5h
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Extreme Ironing | Phil Shaw
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Just for the cover!

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I have to give this a pick because intellectually I know it‘s a funny book and at the height of its genre but it‘s not for me. The Ascent of Rum Doodle is a parody of the great mountaineering memoirs. Its intellectual and hysterical in places but it also strays, intentionally, into that sort of highly British, slapstick parody humour that I loathe. Climbers of all stripes and lovers of both Blackadder and Mr. Bean, would probably adore this book.

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Sh*t My Dad Says | Justin Halpern
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julesG 😁 10h
Smrloomis 😂 I loved this book. 10h
BookFrog 😂 8h
gradcat Hilarious! 😆🤣😂 7h
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In an effort to be more active, I've tried out my first audiobook. 🍒💥 I tried reading the print version of this book and never ended up finishing it. I love Mindy but it feel flat for me. I thought this book was a much funnier in the audio version, would recommend.

RaimeyGallant Good to know! I was thinking of audiobooking her more recent book. At least I think she has another book... 19h
MicrobeMom Agree! This was a great audio book! It is funny how so books are better in audio and some are worse. I think it is all a matter of who is reading the. 18h
MallenNC Her second book was a lot better, I thought. I bet it would be great on audio. 17h
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Look at what came home with me from the Sketchers Outlet store 🤷🏻‍♀️🥰

AkashaVampie 😞😥 20h
JanuarieTimewalker13 So cute!! 20h
TNbookworm Super cute😻 20h
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annahenke Such a loss to culture when Grumpy Cat died this year. An icon. 😽 20h
LibrarianRyan I‘ve seen that print on shoes but I love it on a bag. 19h
Sungirl79 That is super cute!! 18h
Leftcoastzen That is so cute! RIP Grumpy Cat .😢 (edited) 17h
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This book is filled with so much humor. I'm loving it so far!

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