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@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TieDieDue @Read4Life (thanks for the tag! 😘)

Been on the phone all morning and online dealing with banking issues. Our bank account had fraudulent activity, so we had to close that account and open a new one and change everything. I have a headache the size of Texas. Why is signing in such a pain these days? P/W's are no longer good enough; they have to text for codes, too. #ugh Time for happy hour.

Mimi28 My mom went through something like that in September. I know it‘s a pain 😞it will get better 🤗🫶🏽🩷🫶🏽😊😉 3w
Librarybelle Oh my! You deserve a relaxing evening! 3w
monkeygirlsmama Good luck! That sucks. 3w
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TheBookgeekFrau Oh that really sucks 😖 My happy hour soothe you 🍻🥂 3w
dabbe @Mimi28 💚💙💚 3w
dabbe @Librarybelle 💚💙💚 P.S. Letter on its way! 3w
dabbe @TheBookgeekFrau 💚💙💚 3w
random_michelle I can actually answer that question #ITgeek but I know that you don't want answers, you just want to vent. Which I totally understand. But if it helps, there are good reasons for it. And it IS a giant PITA.

❄ 🐱
dabbe @random_michelle You were right. It was a rhetorical question intended to vent sarcastically. And Litsy shouldn't be the place for negativity. Thanks for helping me to see that and for sympathizing. 💚💙💚 3w
Librarybelle Yay! I‘ll watch for it! 3w
ShelleyBooksie Boo - totally a no fun morning. Glad you got it sorted ♡ 3w
random_michelle @dabbe Nah! It's not negativity! One of the first things I learned in IT support is sometimes they just needed to vent, & once they got that out the problem solving went easier.

It's hard to move past frustration when it's at the front of your mind. You just gotta clear the decks before you can move on.

& I also know that sometimes knowing there is a REASON for why something is a PITA, helps. It feels less like an act of god or punishment! :)
AnnCrystal Scary and tedious 🫂💝. (edited) 3w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so sorry!!! Thieves 🤬😡 3w
dabbe @ShelleyBooksie 💚💙💚 3w
dabbe @random_michelle You made my day much better. 💚💙💚 3w
dabbe @AnnCrystal Two excellent words! 💚💙💚 3w
dabbe @PaperbackPirate 💚💙💚 3w
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Bookwormjillk That was a little too Silence of the Lambs for me. 1mo
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TheBookHippie @Bookwormjillk 🫨 agreed. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Seriously, is there a SINGLE character in this book who is not completely batshit insane?! What was the point of this chapter?!?!??? I'm starting to feel like *I* am the crazy one! 😂 1mo
BarkingMadRead @TheAromaofBooks it‘s all so crazy! My head is spinning 🤣 1mo
TheBookHippie @TheAromaofBooks was it winter in Russia and all they did was drink while writing ???? Or is this a test to see if we will read anything ?! 1mo
Aimeesue Gotta say, the audio version really made her sound delusional 1mo
mcctrish I read this and thought 1. Lise needs friends 2. I can hear True Blood‘s theme song Bad Things 🎶 I'm the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an' eyes filled up with blue.
I don't know what you've done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you. 🎶 3. FD is some serious anti-Semite 4. This book is insane can we be done
BarkingMadRead @mcctrish Omg my husband and I are watching this right now! And so so true 🤣 1mo
mcctrish @BarkingMadRead Lise gives off serious creepy disturbed song vibes 1mo
TheBookHippie @mcctrish oh my word the antisemitism 😞 1mo
mcctrish @TheBookHippie I haven‘t felt so shocked or sickened very often - nonfiction for sure but fiction?! WTF 1mo
TheBookHippie @mcctrish honestly I‘m finishing out of spite. 😵‍💫🫨😝 1mo
dabbe @TheBookHippie Me, too! I feel like we've been wading in the shit like Andy Dufresne in SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, and we're in it until we get out of prison like Dmitri! 😃💩😱 1mo
dabbe Liza's mom was off her rocker, too. And she can't shut up! 🤐😂😃 1mo
Ruthiella @dabbe Exactly! The apple 🍎 did not fall far. 🦇 💩 🤪 (edited) 1mo
Ruthiella I wonder if William P. Blatty was inspired by this chapter? 🤔😈 1mo
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An Impossible Impostor | Deanna Raybourn
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Ugh. 🙄 Once upon a time I was a teenager who had yet to be steeped in the well-worn, time-wasting, conflict-generating tropes of romance novels. In the decades since, I have had my fill. Which is why I was so profoundly annoyed to encounter them in a beloved historical mystery series with a romance subplot between characters I consider too smart to get caught up in this BULLSHIT. 1/3

Robotswithpersonality 2/3 My only consolation is that I don't see Raybourn getting away with pulling this crap in more than one book in her series. I will happily read the next to help wash this triteness out of my brain. 1mo
Robotswithpersonality 3/3 For those wishing to spring to the book's defense regarding the quality of the mystery/caper, know that I skimmed the second half and read the denouement because I could not stand watching these characters make these ridiculous decisions. Please, please let the next one not involve cliches I flee by skipping pages. 1mo
dabbe #fanofthepan! and your simple-yet-oh-so-poetic #ugh. #rollingtheeyesisgoodtoo
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Robotswithpersonality @dabbe Pretty sure they were the first things I said and did after I finished the book! 🤦🏼‍♂️ 1mo
julesG I marked the book a pick, but I had the same issues. Why did Raybourn make their affair into a YA? I hope the next one does better. (out today, btw) 1mo
Robotswithpersonality @julesG I still have to read 8, hopefully by the time I get to it, my library will have 9. 1mo
julesG Also, I let authors get away with a lot of tropes because I mostly listen to audiobooks at 2.0+ speed. And I really only listen to Veronica Speedwell novels. 1mo
julesG Now that you mention it, I can't remember much about book 8. The affair wasn't the strongest part of the story. 🤔 But it had a lot of Tiberius. I'd like to see more of Stoker's brothers. 1mo
Robotswithpersonality @julesG Happy to have a lil more Tiberius. 😉 1mo
rretzler I used to really look forward to this series, but they seem to have fallen off lately. Unfortunately, it appears that I read 8, but didn‘t write down my rating. I remember thinking that I wasn‘t sure if I wanted to preorder 9 though. 1mo
rretzler Apparently, I decided to give Raybourn another chance as I just opened my Kindle to see that A Grave Robbery has magically appeared this AM! 1mo
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Librarybelle I think, in Sherlock‘s strange way, “the woman” is a compliment. She bested him. In the Victorian man‘s way of thinking, women don‘t do that. They‘re not cunning enough. They give away too many details. But, in the end, Irene Adler played Sherlock after she realized he played her. We also know Watson felt a need to protect Mary from the last book and fell for her “Victorian” charms. 2mo
Cuilin I agree it‘s a compliment to Adler, but at the cost of every other woman. Women shouldn‘t be so smart!!! 2mo
Aimeesue I don‘t think it‘s exactly that Sherlock doesn‘t think women are smart. More that Irene Adler has the intelligence PLUS the wealth and freedom of movement (due to her career,) daring and confidence to pull this off. Plus Sherlock doesn‘t think ANYONE, male or female, is as smart as he is. THE woman is almost a nickname for his nemesis. 2mo
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IndoorDame Yes, but a sort of backhanded compliment. I think he‘s saying it like a very polite curse. Most of the things Sherlock says about women during the case itself before he knows he‘s been tricked are blatantly derogatory. 2mo
CogsOfEncouragement @aimeesue I agree Holmes thinks no one is at his level, yet Irene bested him. That makes her The Woman. When he tells the king she is on a different level he definitely means Irene is the elevated one. Holmes makes no comment about being stunned that a woman in particular could outdo him. There also seems no ill judgement on her sex life or her wearing men‘s clothes to get around the city easier. 2mo
Bookwomble @Librarybelle I was going to say something pretty much the same as you 😊 2mo
SpellboundReader I think that was as close to a compliment as one could expect from Holmes, especially when aimed at a woman. Holmes could just as easily fling his sarcasm at any men he did not respect. During the Victorian era, domesticity and pious devotion to church and family were considered to be the feminine ideal, maybe that is part of the reason why Doyle chose to make marriage a central theme in this story. It also helped create a more tidy ending. 2mo
dabbe @IndoorDame I wrote a couple down: 1. When talking about being the witness to Adler and Norton's wedding Holmes states that “Irene Adler, SPINSTER, [was married to] Godfrey Norton, BACHELOR.“ Nice, Doyle, nice.
2. From SH again: “Women are naturally secretive, and they like to do their own secreting.“ That makes ALL of us sound sneaky and sly. #ugh
IndoorDame @dabbe #ugh is right! 2 especially bothered me! That whole section about women not trusting men of business, because apparently we have no powers of judgment. 2mo
Aimeesue @dabbe Given the status of women and their roles in society at the time, probably an accurate description though, right? In order to to anything outside the “norm” women had to keep plans and secrets safe or risk the social consequences, of which there were many. Being secretive is valid straegy for achieving what you want when The Man‘s trying to keep you down. That SH doesn‘t recognize systemic sexism is pretty much of it‘s time though, yeah? (edited) 2mo
Cuilin @Aimeesue @dabbe @IndoorDame let‘s deny them any agency then complain when they‘re secretive. 🙄 and they can‘t see the connection, who‘s looking dumb now Doyle. 😂 2mo
kelli7990 “The woman”? What does that mean? I don‘t think I would want to be called that or talked about that way but men‘s attitudes towards women were different back then. I would want to be called by my name. 2mo
mom2bugnbee I realize that Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock isn't necessarily canon, but when he calls his Irene Adler "THE Woman", it is *definitely* a compliment. He thinks the world of her (in a romantic way? It's never entirely clear) & it's his way of saying that she is the standard to which he holds all women. 2mo
Cuilin @mom2bugnbee Agree, though not canon I still think Sherlock is complimenting Adler. He admires her. 2mo
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mcctrish First, to quote Taylor Swift 🎶 you need to calm down, you‘re being too loud🎶 enough with the hysteria! Also me “ OMG, that‘s why the kid bit him” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 so satisfying, something making sense 3mo
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Ruthiella I thought it was hilarious when Mrs. Coca Cola tells Lise to stop shouting and then realizes SHE‘S the one shouting. 😆 What a madhouse! 3mo
Bookwormjillk @mcctrish was so happy when the finger biting episode was explained and I kind of knew who everyone was when they were explaining it 🤣 3mo
mcctrish @Ruthiella it‘s hard not to get swept away with the yelling 🤣🤣 3mo
mcctrish @Bookwormjillk it‘s so not like FD to introduce someone and then proceed to talk about them in the next chapter 🤯 3mo
Ruthiella @mcctrish @Bookwormjillk Yeah, FD must have had a brief moment of lucidity when writing that chapter! 🤣 3mo
mcctrish @Ruthiella no 🍄🍄 3mo
Deblovestoread All the hysteria 😬 3mo
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Cuilin I love this read along but oh my gosh when does the misery end??? 6mo
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Bookwormjillk I have a feeling that note the girls wrote is going to backfire. 6mo
Librarybelle I have to prevent myself from getting the creepy crawly chills every time Alec pops up! Stalker!!!!! 6mo
Bookwormjillk Also I found this biography of Thomas Hardy included in my audible account. Was wondering how a man from the 1800s could write like a 2020‘s woman 6mo
Ruthiella @Bookwormjillk I think Hardy‘s sympathy just shows that calling out men for exploiting the vulnerable isn‘t a new or “woke” idea at all. It‘s been around for a long, long time. 6mo
Bookwormjillk @Ruthiella imagine that 😁 6mo
Clare-Dragonfly Such a creep! How much do you want to bet that Alec had something to do with the rooms being taken? 🤬 6mo
dabbe It seems as if Tess and her family are literally at their final, last straw. Of course they're going to stay with Alec (he left Tess to go talk to the mom), and now Angel is coming back. #whatcouldgowrong #ugh 6mo
Bklover Of course she is!! 6mo
currentlyreadinginCO I am interested in that as well, will be reading more about him @Bookwormjillk 6mo
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I'll start.....Favorite has to be found family!!!!! My least favorite is love triangles. What about you??

Jjaxn95 My favorite trope is hidden magic. It could be hidden from family/friends or hidden from the human world. My least favorite trope is whirlwind romance. Especially when someone in distress is focused on romantic feelings. 8mo
RaeLovesToRead Least favourite is the Grumpy Pixie Dream Girl in fantasy fiction. Characteristics include being "sassy", good with a sword, hostile for no reason, and not-like-the-other-girls. Conventionally attractive, with hair that is either "flame" or "raven" (never blond). Starts off uninterested in male MC's penis. Has a backstory that "explains" her hostile attitude, usually revealed just before she starts to take an interest in said MC's penis. 8mo
RaeLovesToRead Favourite... hmm ? "You're a wizard, Harry!" ? Love me some magic school. 8mo
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Leftcoastzen I‘m with you on love triangles ,that‘s pretty tired . 8mo
KateReadsYA @Jjaxn95 Gotta say you and I both for these tropes 🤗 love it. 8mo
KateReadsYA @RaeLovesToRead OMG that's too funny 🤣 8mo
dabbe I love the trope where the hero turns out to be a better person having gone through their quest. Least favorite (though back in the day I loved it) nowadays is the hate-to-love relationship. Think Harlequin romances. #ugh 😍 8mo
KateReadsYA @dabbe Agreed! I also love when the villains are just misunderstood and become heros in their own ways. 8mo
dabbe @KateReadsYA Love those ones, too! 🤩 8mo
Cuilin I with @Dabbe on both, love a hero‘s inner journey and hate enemies to lovers. 8mo
dabbe @Cuilin 💚🧡💚 8mo
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I am going to find the start of the end of this and skip most of the middle. Just sayin‘. This book is proving to be not my kind of book. #readingthendfirst #ToB #ToB2021 #flowerypretentiouslanguage #ugh #drivingmetodistractioninfirst10pages #penisdoesyoga #tumescentzucchini #obviatednicety

Megabooks I thought it was mediocre. 3y
BkClubCare @Megabooks - took me a while to find another goodreads review that shared similar concerns but I felt validated. LOL 3y
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