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@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TieDieDue @Read4Life (thanks for the tag! 😘)

Been on the phone all morning and online dealing with banking issues. Our bank account had fraudulent activity, so we had to close that account and open a new one and change everything. I have a headache the size of Texas. Why is signing in such a pain these days? P/W's are no longer good enough; they have to text for codes, too. #ugh Time for happy hour.

Mimi28 My mom went through something like that in September. I know it‘s a pain 😞it will get better 🤗🫶🏽🩷🫶🏽😊😉 3w
Librarybelle Oh my! You deserve a relaxing evening! 3w
monkeygirlsmama Good luck! That sucks. 3w
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TheBookgeekFrau Oh that really sucks 😖 My happy hour soothe you 🍻🥂 3w
dabbe @Mimi28 💚💙💚 3w
dabbe @Librarybelle 💚💙💚 P.S. Letter on its way! 3w
dabbe @TheBookgeekFrau 💚💙💚 3w
random_michelle I can actually answer that question #ITgeek but I know that you don't want answers, you just want to vent. Which I totally understand. But if it helps, there are good reasons for it. And it IS a giant PITA.

❄ 🐱
dabbe @random_michelle You were right. It was a rhetorical question intended to vent sarcastically. And Litsy shouldn't be the place for negativity. Thanks for helping me to see that and for sympathizing. 💚💙💚 3w
Librarybelle Yay! I‘ll watch for it! 3w
ShelleyBooksie Boo - totally a no fun morning. Glad you got it sorted ♡ 3w
random_michelle @dabbe Nah! It's not negativity! One of the first things I learned in IT support is sometimes they just needed to vent, & once they got that out the problem solving went easier.

It's hard to move past frustration when it's at the front of your mind. You just gotta clear the decks before you can move on.

& I also know that sometimes knowing there is a REASON for why something is a PITA, helps. It feels less like an act of god or punishment! :)
AnnCrystal Scary and tedious 🫂💝. (edited) 3w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so sorry!!! Thieves 🤬😡 3w
dabbe @ShelleyBooksie 💚💙💚 3w
dabbe @random_michelle You made my day much better. 💚💙💚 3w
dabbe @AnnCrystal Two excellent words! 💚💙💚 3w
dabbe @PaperbackPirate 💚💙💚 3w
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