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Cuban Heels | Emily Barr
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I've just stumbled upon a few books by this #newtome author that sound pretty good. Can they possibly be THIS good though?? 🤔💰

EvieBee Wow! 1y
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I‘m keen to finish this series before totally moving on to my next #NewToMe author (probably won‘t happen tho). I love a good dystopia map. If I were living in the Legend universe, pretty sure I‘d be underwater right now bc NYC is... 😱 🌊

Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I'm a goner here in NJ. It looks like anyone on the east coast is screwed! 2y
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Legend | Marie Lu
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This came off hold first so.... my first #NewToMe author - Marie Lu! She has so many works already published....a little overwhelming but dipping my toe in with this.

Jackpot | Nic Stone
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Post #BookCon, I‘ve made a list of authors I watched panels of but have never read any of their works with the goal to remedy that stat.

I‘ve been able to maintain several monthly challenges that I‘ve found rewarding — #BookSpin #AuthorAMonth #ShakespeareReadalong — so here‘s to a new (personal) one: #NewToMe - a focus on a diverse array of authors I have up till now never read.

Tagged is first up on my list.

Who‘s with me? 💪🏻🤗😍

TheBookHippie All her books I‘ve read are sooo good! I‘m looking forward to reading this one! I‘ll participate when I find a new one ! 3y
Melismatic @TheBookHippie ❤️ it! 🥰 3y
TheAromaofBooks Sounds like a fun challenge!! I love challenges that help knock off books you've been wanting to read anyway! 3y
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Comedy of Errors | William Shakespeare
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Twins have inspired some pretty silly plotlines. Another first for Shakespeare? 😃👯👬
Act V, one long scene where everything is revealed, even Egeon and his wife are reunited. Reactions? Is all well that ends well? (I did think the As seemed pretty underwhelmed.)
Thanks for joining this #Shakespearereadalong! As always, you make reading his plays more enjoyable!
Watch for an announcement from @Graywacke about our next play Julius Caesar.

jewright I don‘t have a great deal to comment about this one. Mistaken identities are fun. The humor is obvious, but I want to see it performed live. My theatre professor in college liked to set Shakespeare in different times. We did Twelfth Night in the 1970‘s. This one seems like it would be fun for that too. I enjoyed it, but it‘s not my favorite. 3y
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Lcsmcat I didn‘t have too much trouble suspending disbelief except over the Aemilia losing track of A of S. Who raised him then? 3y
GingerAntics I was pretty underwhelmed. 3y
Graywacke Well, first, in theme with the title, I left my book at home when I went to a coffee shop to read it (benefit of kids at Hebrew school). So, I just now finally snuck in some time to rush to the end. Entertaining, but lite. (But have to wonder what could have happened and AoS had lunch with Adriana. I think the bard did what he could to suggest the possibility of interesting mistaken coupling, without condemning anyone.) Alas, not much to add. (edited) 3y
Graywacke @merelybookish appreciate your pictures. I think the movie Twins had about the same depth...but without the language. 3y
Graywacke @jewright what time period were you thinking? Contemporary? Could replicate with virtual twins... the epic fb wars or whatnot. 3y
Graywacke @Lcsmcat and Emilia not recognizing them. And then there‘s the 33 years comment. My edition just says “the timeline is confusing” 3y
Graywacke Oh, I had one thought while reading. I think Shakespeare liked the play on honesty and disbelief. He sets up scenes where every character says the truth, a truth that can‘t possibly be truth, and then has to deal with valid disbelief. So many variations and explorations of pleading sincerely for contrasting truths. 3y
Melismatic I thought the ending was a little underwhelming - I agree with the timeline being unclear. 3y
Sunraven I‘m with the general consensus for once. As a whole, not one of my favorite Shakespeares, but I didn‘t dislike it. I think I need more contrast in my Shakespeare, and someone to get really intense about something so that Shakespeare can wax extra-poetic at length. 😆 3y
MrsMalaprop I liked but didn‘t love it, but agree that without seeing it performed, it‘s hard to judge. Luckily I have a local production to attend in August 😊. Thank you @merelybookish for helping me get back on the horse 😆. I look forward to another #newtome Shakespeare this month 👏👏. 3y
Gezemice @jewright @MrsMalaprop I agree that this probably depends on how it is performed. My library has a version by the BBC which is underwhelming. I saw some teasers for the Globe production that looked a lot better but I did not feel like paying for it. This is Shakespeare‘s first and he was probably putting his work where the money was - into a light farce. He needed to get well known first to tackle more weighty material later, I guess. 3y
Gezemice @Graywacke That‘s true! The whole play is built on honest disbelief and feeling like being mocked, which does make one mad. I did find the parts when A of E gets increasingly mad very believable and funny. 3y
batsy @Lcsmcat Yes, I thought the same and was wondering if I missed something 😅 3y
batsy Absolute banana pants, but I was happy to suspend disbelief even as I rolled my eyes and muttered under my breath ? I thought the Abbess/Emilia had some good lines. And the Duke at the end with "which is the natural man, which is the spirit" raised some serious existential questions about selfhood in the time of Shakespeare, I suppose? Twinhood, loss of self, "possession", etc. (Thanks for leading us so ably on this bizarre ride ???) 3y
Lcsmcat @batsy I had to go back and check. And I watched a performance online. I guess he rested himself. 😀 3y
MoonWitch94 I didn‘t comment much, but I did read along. I was reminded why this work isn‘t super memorable for me. It‘s funny, but that‘s it. I found it underwhelming the first time I read it in college and 13 years later I find it the same. Looking forward to Julius Caesar. 3y
MoonWitch94 I didn‘t comment much, but I did read along. I was reminded why this work isn‘t super memorable for me. It‘s funny, but that‘s it. I found it underwhelming the first time I read it in college and 13 years later I find it the same. Looking forward to Julius Caesar. 3y
Alliterati So wish I would've been able to be more active for this one, but now that the new kitty is settled in I think I'll be able to chat with you all for our next one. =D Beware the Ides of March! 3y
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Common Sense | Thomas Paine
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• Today's smarty-pants word: "encomium," meaning "glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise." Not to be confused with the medical term "meconium" Lol •

#themoreyouknow #bigwords #wordnerd #dictionary #MerriamWebster #knowledge #smartypants #learning #newtome #learnsomethingneweveryday

BookishMe I find translated novels and those set in/ before Victorian era interesting source of big words ;p 3y
Ericalambbrown Not to be confused with “meconium” 🤣😂 3y
Geenie Ty for that 🙇‍♀️ 3y
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Wrap-Up List | Steven Arntson
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My #November2019 #wrapup

I read 9 books this month, mainly for book clubs and some review requests. They were also all ones #newtome so that‘s exciting.

How‘d you all do this past month?

Isle of Canes | Elizabeth Shown Mills
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#bookmail #newtome #bookhaul Better World Books haul...Two Scottish mysteries and a reference book for my genealogy class and historical fiction written by a genealogist...

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Aurora Rising | Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
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Happy Friday to you all🙌💖
It's Week 2 of #MayMadness my #TBR this week with books that's #NewToMe
I've always seen books by #KateMorton but this will be my first book by her. I'm still at the beginning but the story is quite interesting despite the constant switch of POV ☺️
I also picked up a new book by my favorite writer #JayKristoff and can't wait to dive into it.
#booknerd #newbook #bibliophile #funko #librarybooks

my.books.in.squares Really looking forward to aurora rising! 4y
BooknerdsLife @my.books.in.squares Me too! Can‘t wait to dive into it 🤗 4y
Clwojick I have t read any Kate Morton books either, despite having three of them on my shelves! 🙃 4y
BooknerdsLife @Clwojick 😂haha Which 3 books do you have? I‘ve never thought of buying any of her books til now for the buddy read. The gorgeous cover is hard to say no to too😆🙈 4y
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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Tell us your #NetGalleyReadathon goal! What will you be reading during this read-a-thon? Anything #NewToYou ?

#MayMadness #MiniChallenge
@Clwojick @TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader
@Jen_Reads @Samplergal

wanderinglynn I don‘t do Net Galley, so none for me. 😉 4y
JazzFeathers I am in fact reading a #NewToMe author, Simon Beaufort. It's the second book in his mystery series set in 1880s London. Sounds nice and easy to read so far. 4y
Insightsintobooks When is the readathon? 4y
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BeansPage @Insightsintobooks hey there sweetie, the read-a-thon is actually is beginning today! You can jump in at any time 😊 4y
SaturnDoo @wanderinglynn I don't either but I just asked @Clwojick on her post about this and she suggested maybe we just set a # of hrs reading this weekend. I'm going to include the scavenger hunt since I haven't started it yet. ☺ 4y
BeansPage @SaturnDoo that's a perfect idea!!! 4y
wanderinglynn @SaturnDoo Thanks! 👍🏻😀 4y
SaturnDoo @TheReadingMermaid thanks. ❤❤❤ I need some sort of motivation/goal. I'm way behind a need to get caught up 🤣😂 on some reading 4y
SaturnDoo @wanderinglynn you're welcome 😊 good luck on the goal you choose/set. 4y
BeansPage @SaturnDoo you are most welcome darlin! We all need a little bit of motivation and support sometimes 😉 4y
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