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Started this today on MAY THE FOURTH. Happy Star Wars Day! #starwars #maythefourth

BookwormAHN That's a good one. Happy May The Fourth! 9mo
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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We are not to P&P yet for #PemberLittens, but this is too good for me to pass up. Anyone else joining Drunk Austen for the 1995 miniseries group watch/livetweet this week? 🍷🥴

And happy May the Firth and #MayTheFourth be with Star Wars and Austen fans alike. 🤪


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Chrissyreadit I might. 3y
BethM I don‘t have twitter 3y
cewilf I might! I‘ve actually never seen the whole thing 😅 might pick up a bottle (or two) of wine and join in 3y
Librarybelle I saw this but do not use Twitter. Though, it‘s tempting just to watch it... 3y
ferskner I love that picture of Mr. Collins so much 3y
Karen3 I don‘t have Twitter but would be fun. 3y
sprainedbrain @BethM @Librarybelle @Karen3 Drunk Austen are on instagram, facebook, Twitter and their blog, but not on Litsy. 😕 I don‘t actually tweet much during these, but I like to watch along... and we can always post here if we want to! 3y
Lesanne I‘m on Twitter...it sounds fun! 3y
JaclynW May the Firth be with you! 😂 I love it! 3y
BookishMe Thanks for the heads up... Will check if I follow Drunk Austen on Twitter 😊 😊 3y
DebinHawaii I would totally join in but those are workdays & it would be 2:30 PM here & even though I may be working from home Thursday & Friday, it‘s a bit too early for me to be watching & drinking anything! 🤣 3y
Crinoline_Laphroaig Oooh! I need to figure out what time that is CST. 3y
mklong Love it! Not sure about the other days, but totally here for Friday 😊🍷 3y
mom2bugnbee I'm there. ☺ @Crinoline_Laphroaig 7.30pm CST! 3y
Crinoline_Laphroaig @mom2bugnbee Thank you! Math is hard when you've been drinking. 3y
Amandajoy This could be fun. I may have to think about getting twitter to follow along. Do you have to have an account just to see what‘s being said? 3y
sprainedbrain @Amandajoy I‘m not really sure how that works? Try this and see what you can see! https://twitter.com/drunk_austen/status/1257084750876954624?s=21 3y
sprainedbrain @Crinoline_Laphroaig I‘m 😂😂😂 3y
bio_chem06 Omg! This is amazing. I don't want to ruin P&P though. It's just another one on the list I haven't read! 3y
sprainedbrain @bio_chem06 don‘t worry, there are events like this A LOT, and we should be able to have lots of watch parties after we read P&P! 3y
Books4Ever This sounds like fun 😊 3y
KristiAhlers I‘ll totally be there lol 3y
SamAnne Oh this is hilarious. 3y
Bookwormjillk 😂😂😂 3y
sprainedbrain @ferskner Poor Mr. Collins. 🤣🤣🤣 3y
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Marc Thompson, king of Star Wars audiobook narration, did a Q&A and live reading on Instagram for #maythefourth

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I haven‘t been able to enjoy anything #maythefourth related. We‘ve finally gotten just about everything packed up and ready for the move on Wednesday and I am exhausted. So tonight I‘m watching Live PD and Re-Reading this lovely series until my mind fully turns to mush and I pass out for the next 12 hours!!

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#MaytheFourthBeWithYou #MaytheFourth #StarTrekSummerMay

This is the geekiest joke I‘ll make here...today! 😂😂

tournevis 🖖👍😁 4y
Reviewsbylola 😂😂😁 4y
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Just passed this house on my way to the library. Looks like I‘m not the only on excited about #MayTheFourth ♥️😍👏🏻

@TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader

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Walking out of Comic service I commented on the entire group of guys dressed for the day. As the only stand out Josh took our picture. Guess which one is me?


Nebklvr You all look like a fun crew! 4y
LibrarianRyan @Nebklvr for the minute and a half we met, yes. 4y
Nebklvr @LibrarianRyan soulmates (edited) 4y
Cinfhen Great pic! 4y
Trashcanman What's your favorite star wars again? 4y
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Happy Star Wars Day!!! May the fourth be with you!!!

#SassyBookworm😏 #MayTheFourthBeWithYou #MaytheFourth #StarWarsDay

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Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You!

It is ALSO Free Comic Book Day nationwide today. My husband and I are in line at our local shop (who said first 50 people get an extra swag bag). I am also wearing a cat-themed Star Wars shirt in addition to our Leia and Han hats 😁

#freecomicbookday #fcbd #starwarsday #maythefourth #may4th #starwars #comics #marvel

staci.reads Love those hats 😊 4y
Kayla.Adriena I wanna see you shirt!! 4y
bookandcat @Kayla.Adriena I don't have a good picture handy but this is the design! I love it! https://shirt.woot.com/offers/star-cats 4y
TK-421 OMG I love those hats! 😍 My husband & I have Han & Leis coffee mugs 4y
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