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I haven‘t been able to enjoy anything #maythefourth related. We‘ve finally gotten just about everything packed up and ready for the move on Wednesday and I am exhausted. So tonight I‘m watching Live PD and Re-Reading this lovely series until my mind fully turns to mush and I pass out for the next 12 hours!!

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#MaytheFourthBeWithYou #MaytheFourth #StarTrekSummerMay

This is the geekiest joke I‘ll make here...today! 😂😂

tournevis 🖖👍😁 7mo
Reviewsbylola 😂😂😁 7mo
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Just passed this house on my way to the library. Looks like I‘m not the only on excited about #MayTheFourth ♥️😍👏🏻

@TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader

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Walking out of Comic service I commented on the entire group of guys dressed for the day. As the only stand out Josh took our picture. Guess which one is me?


Nebklvr You all look like a fun crew! 7mo
LibrarianRyan @Nebklvr for the minute and a half we met, yes. 7mo
Nebklvr @LibrarianRyan soulmates (edited) 7mo
Cinfhen Great pic! 7mo
Trashcanman What's your favorite star wars again? 7mo
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Happy Star Wars Day!!! May the fourth be with you!!!

#SassyBookworm😏 #MayTheFourthBeWithYou #MaytheFourth #StarWarsDay

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Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You!

It is ALSO Free Comic Book Day nationwide today. My husband and I are in line at our local shop (who said first 50 people get an extra swag bag). I am also wearing a cat-themed Star Wars shirt in addition to our Leia and Han hats 😁

#freecomicbookday #fcbd #starwarsday #maythefourth #may4th #starwars #comics #marvel

staci.reads Love those hats 😊 7mo
Kayla.Adriena I wanna see you shirt!! 7mo
bookandcat @Kayla.Adriena I don't have a good picture handy but this is the design! I love it! https://shirt.woot.com/offers/star-cats 7mo
TK-421 OMG I love those hats! 😍 My husband & I have Han & Leis coffee mugs 7mo
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The Star Wars | Jw Rinzler
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#MayTheFourthBeWithYou #MayThe4thBeWithYou #MayTheFourth #MayThe4th #FCBD

You all enjoy May The Fourth & FCBD for me. I‘ve now contracted the nasty stomach bug my 18-month old got from his playgroup, so I‘m in no shape to leave the apartment.

📸 :: Death Wish Coffee Co.

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I‘m generally not one to share my #OOTD but it‘s #MayTheFourth so I had to share before I went to the farmers market.

Andrea4 Well daaaaamn girl, you definitely rockin' it!!! Also kind of super jelly of your hair! 7mo
kspenmoll Lovely! Great tee shirt! 7mo
scowler1 May the fourth be with you! and goodbye Peter Mayhew😞 7mo
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Velvetfur Great outfit and you're so beautiful, I'm so jealous haha! 😊 7mo
Clwojick @Andrea4 Thanks! Would you believe this is after getting 12 inches cut off last month. My hair was about an inch or so above my knees. It grows super fast. 😅 7mo
Clwojick @kspenmoll Good ol thrift store finds. ♥️ @scowler1 Thank you (edited) 7mo
Clwojick @Velvetfur Girl, you make me blush! Thank you darling! ☺️ 7mo
Velvetfur @Clwojick Hehehe 😘 7mo
Andrea4 @Clwojick omg! Honestly I would get it caught in so many places. My hair doesn't even skim my shoulders and I still manage to get it caught in doors sometimes!🤣🤣🤣 7mo
Clwojick @Andrea4 THATS WHY I CUT IT! 🤣 It got it cut back to my belt line because I was sick of sitting on it. I‘m used to the rest, as I‘ve had long hair for the past 13 years. 7mo
Clwojick @Andrea4 I actually cut it for the first time 2 summers ago. Before then, I hadn‘t cut it for over 12 years. 🤣 it was actually one of the first things I posted on Litsy. 😂😂😂 7mo
Andrea4 @Clwojick I think I remember other posts about your long hair now lol! I can never keep my hair in one style for very long...nevermind 13 years! 7mo
Velvetfur I love all this talk of your hair! I keep trying to get mine longer and longer, and it does grow fast, but the condition.... 😲 It's currently mid-bum-length but so dry and split on the ends, and when it gets like that I have a few inches cut off the ends then I'm traumatised until it gets long again! 😂 7mo
Velvetfur (confined from above) what do you do to keep the ends in shape? Regular mini trims? 7mo
Clwojick @Velvetfur hah! Not at all. I‘m not joking when I say I‘ve only cut my hair twice in the past 13-14 years. I never do mini-trims. I actually used to tear up just talking about getting my hair cut 🤣But I did just buy a pair of hair scissors though, so if I do get a couple split ends I can trim them as need be. But who knows if I‘ll actually follow through on that. 🙈I‘m very particular about my hair maintenance ⬇️⬇️ 7mo
Clwojick @Velvetfur My hair maintenance is probably more slack than most people, but it keeps my hair strong. I was my hair no more than every 2nd day. Just whatever Pantene ProV. Condition from shoulders down. Dry shampoo on the days between if absolutely necessary. I do not use any heat products. I might curl my hair twice a year for weddings and what not, but that‘s it. And my biggest one is that I don‘t over brush. ⬇️⬇️ 7mo
Clwojick @Velvetfur A lot of people think brushed is good for hair growth, but for mine I tend to brush it as little as possible. I generally just use my fingers to “rake” thru and detangle my knots. That way the brush isnt breaking the strands. Brush once a day when I first wake up (If needed), but ALWAYS just before I shower or wet my hair. NEVER after the shower. I simply air dry, and go about my day. I am able to detangle it with my fingers after. (edited) 7mo
Velvetfur Oh wow that's pretty similar to my maintenence routine! I've only got my hair cut twice in the past two years, but a few inches needed to come off hence the trauma! I only wash mine once a week though as its very thick too, and I never style it, only blow dry it sometimes, usually air dry. I know what you mean about going through with fingers though, that's how I do conditioner! And only brush once, in the morning 😊 Thanks for your insight! 7mo
Velvetfur Oh and despite all that it's still really dry and split on the ends, so I am inspired by you with the proper hair scissors and having a go at removing the splits myself 👍 (since the hair oils I use don't seem to do anything for the dryness on the ends!) 7mo
Clwojick @Velvetfur do you take biotin or anything? I try to remember to take biotin, apple cider vinegar pills and cranberry pills every day, but I forget more often than not. The biotin does really help with strength and health of your hair though. 7mo
Velvetfur @Clwojick Sorry, I've only just seen this comment while going through all my notifs! No I don't take any supplements, so that's really good advice, thank you 👍I've bought some special multi vitamin tablets though that I'm going to start taking soon (I bought almost a year's supply as they were on offer!), I'll check them for biotin content 😊 7mo
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LibrarianRyan I love that. 7mo
Smarkies @LibrarianRyan thanks! I thought it was something a little unique. 😁 7mo
Clwojick 😱😱😱😱 7mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa 💙that‘s awesome! 7mo
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Happy Star Wars Day everybody! ♥️ Even though technically this is #MovieToBook, not #BookToMovie we still wanted to include it in #MayMadness, because really.... how could we not! 😄

So, post a picture of all your Star Wars paraphernalia, and tag is in it! Happy #MaytheFourth you guys! 👏🏻

#ShowMeYouStarWars #PhotoChallenge

@Clwojick @TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader

Riveted_Reader_Melissa You might be sorry you asked for that.... I have a lot. 7mo
Clwojick @Riveted_Reader_Melissa 😱😱😱♥️♥️♥️♥️ 7mo
Velvetfur I have literally nothing Star Wars™️, sorry! 😂 7mo
marleed May the Fourth be with you! 7mo
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