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Thursday's Child
Thursday's Child: Out of Time #5 | Monique Martin
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The Crosses -- renowned Professor of the Occult Simon and irrepressible Elizabeth -- set off on their latest time traveling adventure. Leaving Jack behind to nurse his broken heart, the couple travels to 1852 Natchez, Mississippi to help the next person on grandfather Sebastian's list, Mary Stewart. There's just one problem. Little Mary Stewart, just 8 years old, died two days ago. Mary's spirit cannot rest until Simon and Elizabeth solve the mystery of both her life and death. But Mary cannot speak, and there are those who are willing to kill to keep the past buried. Simon and Elizabeth discover first-hand that dark secrets in the Antebellum South hide pasts murkier than the river bottom and twice as dangerous. Books in the Out of Time Series: Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery (Book #1) When the Walls Fell (Book #2) Fragments (Book #3) The Devil's Due (Book #4) Thursday's Child (Book #5) Sands of Time (Book #6) A Rip in Time (Book #7) A Time of Shadows (Book #8) Voyage in Time: Titanic (Book #9) Revolution in Time (Book #10) Time travel romance, fantasy, mystery, civil war, ghost, historical fantasy, Mississippi river
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⭐️This week, I‘m reading a bunch of textbooks and TRYING to read One of Us is Next.
⭐️My cat, my friends, and my boyfriend 😊
⭐️Ocean City, Maryland


MoonWitch94 I love ocmd!! 3w
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1. I watch more tv (last time, I binged Nailed It!). Gatorade, my cat, my couch
2. I was thinking of Land Between the Lakes in western Ky last April but then remembered I saw Lake Eerie in early September.
3. No major goals except to read my book club book & a couple of books for challenge/buddy reads. I may participate, but I have some commitments.
#thoughtfulthursday @MoonWitch94

MoonWitch94 Thanks for playing ☺️ 1mo
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1. 2
2. #booked2020
3. The new Isabel Allende book
4. To try and eat healthier and cut out the junk
5. Vacations - with family and a girls trip to celebrate our 50th 😮😀
#thursdaysurvey @laurenslibrary

laurenslibrary Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoy your trips! 💜 2mo
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Thanks for the tag @Chrissyreadit ! Sorry it's late.

1. 24th Sept 2016
2. Bookriot article, I believe.
3. More
4. Fantasy, Historical Mysteries, Crime Thrillers
5. You've probably already done this, but tagging @TrishB , @DebinHawaii & @Cinfhen

#WondrousWednesday @Eggs

AvidReader25 How did you figure out your exact join date? 4mo
jenniferw88 @Avidreader25 follow @HappyLitsyversary & they'll tag you on the date you joined. 4mo
Cinfhen Oh really!!! That‘s cool @HappyLitsyversary now I‘m curious of my exact date!!! 4mo
Eggs Thanks for playing 💕📚👏🏻🤗 4mo
AvidReader25 That‘s awesome! 4mo
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1. Bookstagram - tashreads2manybooks

2. I haven‘t had a pen pal since I was 8 🙁. I love letter writing, but hardly do it anymore (except love letters to my husband when it‘s a special occasion 😂)

3. Reading (obviously!), hiking, crafty things

4. First aid / medical - is like to be able to assist I‘d people are hurt

@wanderinglynn #hellothursday

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1) For you alone...
2) They want you to do well.
3) Malarkey!
4) The name is Bond, James Bond.
5) ♥️💙💜💚💛

#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Great answers! Especially to Q3! Thanks for playing! 😀 7mo
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#thursdaysurvey @laurenslibrary

📘 I have read some great books this year. I can't choose just one. A few stand outside are: Recursion, The Wise Man's Fear, Lethal White, Iron Gold h The Stone Sky
📘 The Wolf and the Watchman
📘 Ninth House
📘 Read 75 books in 2019. I am at 40 now.

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Cool idea @laurenslibrary ! #thursdaysurvey

1. My travel plans, being able to walk and spend time outside whenever I want, warm evenings and socialising outdoors, summer fashion... lots of things!

2. Greta Thunberg‘s book and Naomi Klein‘s new release in September!

3. Are Pimms and fruity ciders snacks...?

4. 37 Celsius 😰😰😰 praying it doesn‘t get that hot this year

5. @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @Caterina and anyone interested!

laurenslibrary I had to Google what Pimm's was, but yes it totally counts!! Thanks for playing! 🧡💛 9mo
hilded Pimm‘s absolutely count 🍹🤩 9mo
Caterina Ohhh I'm also looking forward to Naomi Klein's new release! 💕 9mo
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⭐️ Eating whatever I want 🍕🍦
⭐️ Paying bills 💰
⭐️ Summers off from school spending time with my grandparents
⭐️ Certified nursing assistant in a nursing home
⭐️ Everything in moderation. My grandma said this all the time and she‘s 91 years old, so it‘s worked for her

cobwebmoth My mom has always said "everything in moderation."? 9mo
wanderinglynn Excellent advice. My grandmother & mom have always said that too. 👍🏻 Thanks for playing! 💛 9mo
Sharpeipup Great advice! 9mo
ulrichyumiodd Thanks for the tag! 9mo
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1- I can try many things that I couldn't do before.
2- I can't think of one right now😂😂
3- Having so many friends😢
4- I still don't have one 😅😅
5- Love the things you're doing, so you can do the things you love.

@Susanita thanks for the tag ❤❤😂

@Suet624 @SassenachTheBookWizard

DarcysMom Welcome to Litsy! 🤩 9mo
Omaima @DarcysMom thanks ❤❤ 9mo
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#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

🔹️ Cardo
🔹️ Outdoors until it gets too hot and humid.
🔹️ Music or Audiobook
🔹️ Just plain old walking.
🔹️ Any upbeat music to help take my mind of the work.

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 🙌🏻 10mo
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1. Definitely weightlifting
2. Gym = weights lol
3. WITH music
4. Softball
5. Don‘t really have a playlist but I listen to Skrillex (dubstep) on Pandora at the gym quite a bit

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 🙌🏻 10mo
Kaila-ann @wanderinglynn 👍🏻😊 10mo
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#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

📘 Nope
📘 The Wise Man's Fear... will the sequel ever come out?
📘 Just the newspaper
📘 Nope
📘 I actually have one in my yard at my lake house. It keeps my busy keeping it full.

🤗 Tagging some new Littens here. @LittleBeastie @Camelien

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 👋🏻 10mo
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#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

☕ Love my horse mug!
⚁ No
⚂ Socks
4️⃣ Totes and candles
5️⃣ Back to the Future or Witches, Wizards and Warlocks

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 📚 10mo
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1. I don't always remember them but when I do....I remember for years!
2. I want a Niffler! And a million other things but I'll start with that. I would have to meet him before I gave him a name
3. Charley Davidson.
4. Neverland. I would say Westeros but I would die quickly I'm sure.
5. Seems like a plan 👍
#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn I love Charley, especially her smartass comebacks. But I‘d be wary of being her friend given the trouble & danger she gets into! 😂 Great answers! Thanks for playing! 💜 10mo
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#hellothursday #imaginationedition @wanderinglynn

1* yes and I‘d like to have the power to plan my dreams
2* a shed-free cat 🐈 who thinks it‘s a dog 🐶
3* Margaret from How to Walk Away
4* Paris La Belle Epoque
5* the girl above needs no encouragement!!!

wanderinglynn Great answers! 👍🏻 Thanks for playing! 💜 10mo
JoScho This picture is perfection 💜 10mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful ❤️❤️ 10mo
tracey38 Great picture in the flowers! 10mo
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1. This will come as a surprise to no one, but I like to make things. I can do almost any craft, run most power tools (though I have an aversion to chainsaws).

2. Soap carving

3. Pops, dragons, etc

4.grandmother. She could do it all, and what she couldn‘t the other could. 😁

5. For those that paint, how did you get started?


Chrissyreadit Ooh! Soap carving sounds good! 11mo
LibrarianRyan @Chrissyreadit there are some new books on the subject coming out. 11mo
wanderinglynn Soap carving sounds interesting. As for painting, I‘ve taken classes because there‘s different techniques depending on the type of paints you want to use (watercolor, acrylic, oils). Thanks for playing! 💜 11mo
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1. Running and reading
2. Thriller/suspense
3: One cat, Chance and one dog, Jack
4. Yep! But my Goodreads TBR is more accurate
5. I don‘t collect anything - I don‘t like clutter.
6. Happy Thursday!

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Litsy is my social media of choice. I post sporadically on Instagram as sopranolynn. I‘m a recovering Pinterest junkie, but truthfully use it for looking up recipes since I landed here. Goodreads, I think I‘m just under my full name, Lynn Pernezny. With auto sign-on, who remembers 😂
Shoutout to some new followers: @ReadosaurusText @KristenDuck @alisonrose @cokersam @j.e.s.s @cristalito

cristalito Thanks! 13mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! 💜 I followed your accounts! ☺️ 13mo
KristenDuck Thanks for being so welcoming 😊 13mo
HOTPock3tt Followed ☺️ 13mo
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Great idea @wanderinglynn

Goodreads: TheDaysGoBy
Pinterest: circadiansleep

I have twitter and Instagram as well but I almost never use them 😂


wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! 💜 I‘ve added you on those accounts. 13mo
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1. It is currently -7 but it was -47 when I got up this morning
2. 65-70
3. 69
4. Rainy
5. Any book I can get my hands on
#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

Texreader Whoa! -7 must be downright balmy compared to -47! 13mo
Kshakal @Texreader pretty much... this week it will get into the 30s which will feel hot! 13mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 And stay warm! 🥶 13mo
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1. The Hunky Dory Dairy 2. Reading stacks of books while camping with the family. 3. Garbage!!! Ick. 4. Lite brite 5. Harry Potter #HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 13mo
Wife My grandson got a lite bright for Christmas. Have you seen the new ones? They come in a flat box because they are LED ( no need for a 💡 anymore). And I believe the pegs aren‘t as colorful. They seem pastel and washed out. 😐 13mo
LA_Mead @Wife my son got a lite brite this year too! I have to admit that I‘ve been playing with it too! 😁 13mo
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1 🇺🇸
2 🇫🇷
3 🇺🇸
4 ☘️ 🇮🇪

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 🌎 13mo
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Thanks for the tag @CouronneDhiver

1. It‘s 2019! One year closer to retirement and plenty of time to read!!!
2. Vacation!
3. Life is too short for bad books! (Be willing to bail...)
4. If you‘re reading this let us know about you...


wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 13mo
Nute Answers one and two: thumbs up...two thumbs way up!👍🏽👍🏽 13mo
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1. Got to see my grandma @JeanAudrey for the first time in many years. It was a great visit and I can't wait to do it again!
2. Starting my son in school ?‍?
3. "I fear no book!"
4. Lots of love to: @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @whatshesreadingnow @Lauram @Melismatic @MaleficentBookDragon @BookNerd9906 ? and so many more ?

#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for the tag my sweet friend 💗😘💗😘 13mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 13mo
Reviewsbylola Your grandma is so adorable. I‘m thrilled to see I was already following her! 13mo
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SumisBooks @Reviewsbylola thank you sweetheart 🤗 I love her, I guess I'll keep her 😂😂😂 13mo
BookNerd9906 ❤️❤️❤️ 13mo
tammysue Thanks for tagging me! ❤️😘 13mo
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This! Annoys me in every movie where it happens! Having someone grab your hand or arm to pull you along is not conducive to a speedy and well-balanced getaway.

vivastory some three-legged race with arms 😂😄 1y
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