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Better late than never (missed this during the week!)

1. Gin

2. Any kind of housework!

3. Freedom and lack of responsibility; not having to worry about bills.

4. I worked as a data entry clerk between school and uni.

5. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

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#HelloThursday (late edition)

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#hellothursday @wanderinglynn #belatedpost

1. Watching the kids in my life grow up and become amazing people
2. Any kind of cleaning
3. Carefree days with literally NO responsibilities
4. Office work
5. My dad taught me (repeatedly) about budgeting and living within your means

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1. No bedtime or curfew. Even though I don‘t usually go out or even stay up late 🤣
2. Laundry 😝. Never ending cycle in my house
3. The innocence and no bills
4. Waitress
5. “You only have one life to live so Carpe Diem but always to do it wisely”. Words of my senior English Lit teacher, said daily at end of every class
6. Day late so @emz711 @I_Like_Big_Books (❤️ the name) since you are my newest followers I am tagging you 😘

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Growing Up | Angela Thirkell
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1. Independence
2. Ironing
3. Sometimes it's nice for someone else to make the decisions!
4. Archivist in a very slipshod business archive
5. Value the little things. It's not selfish to sometimes put yourself first. Be strong enough to let the people who hurt you go
#hellothursday #adultingedition

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Here's a Penny | Carolyn Haywood
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Thanks @Q84 💕
1-I can do whatever I want and no one bosses me around.
2- Cleaning the oven.
3-Freedom from worrying about bills, playing outside year round with neighbor kids , and school. ♥️
4-Nurse‘s Aide in the hospital where I took my nursing school.
5- My favorite aunt was always young at heart and never too old to act like a kid. She was funny and ornery and liked spending time with kids. ♥️My parents gave me Orders, not Advice. 😱

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#hellothursday #iamdoneadulting
I‘m a bit late to the game today...a bit of food poisoning I think.
1. Ice cream for dinner/reading whenever/whatever I want.
2. Cleaning the bathroom 🚽
3. No bills to pay 💰
4. Making pizza at Little Cesar‘s
5. Realistically my parents never gave me any advice. I learned a lot through my own stupidity and reading books.

wanderinglynn Oh no! I hope you‘re feeling better! 💚 And thanks for playing! 💛 3d
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Grown Ups: A Play | Jules Feiffer
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1. No homework
2. Cleaning the bathroom
3. Performing in marching band
4. Lab tech
5. You can‘t always control what happens, but you can control how you react to it


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1) I can buy junk food, stay up late, & I don't need to answer to anyone (at least at home).
2) Dishes
3) Not paying bills, family camping trips, & recess.
4) Working at Subway
5) Probably the importance of self-care: you need to take care of yourself to be able to care for others.

#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn #adultingversion

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Untitled | Unknown
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#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

1. I choose who/when I want to connect with others
2. Dishes
3. My mom and all her wisdom, guidance, and love
4. Um 18+? Walmart
5. Remember you always have a choice in everything. Dont blame others for what you choose. Be responsible for your own actions or lack of.
(You have a choice to stay/leave/do nothing/stand up for someone/be kind/unproductive/supportive)

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#hellothursday @wanderinglynn
1. Occasionally eating ice cream as a meal
2. Bills/taxes
3. Saturday morning cartoons w/ my sister
4. Teaching elementary instrumental music and I still am at it 20 years later.
5. Always bring your best to any job you do, never burn bridges.
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