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Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl | Penelope Douglas
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From New York Times Bestselling author Penelope Douglas comes a new forbidden love story... JORDAN He took me in when I had nowhere else to go. He doesn't use me, hurt me, or forget about me. He doesn't treat me like I'm nothing, take me for granted, or make me feel unsafe. He remembers me, laughs with me, and looks at me. He listens to me, protects me, and sees me. I can feel his eyes on me over the breakfast table, and my heart pumps so hard when I hear him pull in the driveway after work. I have to stop this. It can't happen. My sister once told me there are no good men, and if you find one, he's probably unavailable. Only Pike Lawson isn't the unavailable one. I am. PIKE I took her in, because I thought I was helping. She'd cook a few meals and clean up a little. It was an easy arrangement. As the days go by, though, it's becoming anything but easy. I have to stop my mind from drifting to her and stop holding my breath every time I bump into her in the house. I can't touch her, and I shouldn't want to. The more I find my path crossing hers, though, the more she's becoming a part of me. But we're not free to give into this. She's nineteen, and I'm thirty-eight. And her boyfriend's father. Unfortunately, they both just moved into my house. *BIRTHDAY GIRL is a stand-alone, contemporary romance suitable for ages 18+.
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Birthday Girl | Penelope Douglas
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YOWZA. Super scandalous (verging on taboo) and seriously steamy. Probably not for everyone though - basically this 19yo girl ends up having off-the-charts chemistry with her boyfriend's dad. Say whaaa?? 😳🙈🔥 #romantsy

Now don't mind me while I hunt down more of Penelope Douglas' books bc this was my first but definitely not my last!

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Birthday Girl | Penelope Douglas
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#nonbookishpost BUT I just had to share. Today is my birthday and my hubs surprised me this morning with my favorite snacks and the beautifully wrapped present are books that I have been wanting. He set this up before he left for work in the AM. I‘m feeling so grateful ❤️

Thank you for being so sweet @Tanless_Tanner

Shout out to all the other September babies out there!

corycatelyn Happy birthday! 11mo
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akckitty @laur89 thanks sweet girl. It was a great bday :) :) 11mo
akckitty @TrishB @AmyG @corycatelyn @JoScho @Erofan @DarcysMom thank you for the birthday wishes!! I had a great day so thanks a bunch :) 11mo
DivineDiana So thoughtful! Wishing you a fabulous year! 👏🏻🎉📚 11mo
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Birthday Girl | Penelope Douglas
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Birthday Girl | Penelope Douglas

“Birthday wishes don‘t always come true, so I don‘t waste a chance when I blow out a candle.”

Birthday Girl | Penelope Douglas
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Sending special wishes and loads of #birthdayLove to @EllieDottie Hope your day is filled with lots of fun and goodies 🎉🛍📚🧡🎂 #TheBirthdayCrew

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Birthday Girl | Penelope Douglas
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I enjoyed this book. I liked Jordan and Pike together, even though they have a 19 year age gap, Jordan is ahead of her time. She loves 80s movie, music and paraphernalia, and she's simple. She just wants to not be a burden to anyone and she wants someone who will love her. She wants a home of her own one day, with kids and a husband. Her relationship with Cole (Pike's son) wasn't really a relationship, so I'm happy she ended up with Pike