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Don Quixote
Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
"Don Quixote is practically unthinkable as a living being," said novelist Milan Kundera. "And yet, in our memory, what character is more alive?" Widely regarded as the world's first modern novel, Don Quixote chronicles the famous picaresque adventures of the noble knight-errant Don Quixote de La Mancha and his faithful squire, Sancho Panza, as they travel through sixteenth-century Spain. This Modern Library edition presents the acclaimed Samuel Putnam translation of the epic tale, complete with notes, variant readings, and an Introduction by the translator. The debt owed to Cervantes by literature is immense. From Milan Kundera: "Cervantes is the founder of the Modern Era. . . . The novelist need answer to no one but Cervantes." Lionel Trilling observed: "It can be said that all prose fiction is a variation on the theme of Don Quixote." Vladmir Nabokov wrote: "Don Quixote is greater today than he was in Cervantes's womb. [He] looms so wonderfully above the skyline of literature, a gaunt giant on a lean nag, that the book lives and will live through [his] sheer vitality. . . . He stands for everything that is gentle, forlorn, pure, unselfish, and gallant. The parody has become a paragon." And V. S. Pritchett observed: "Don Quixote begins as a province, turns into Spain, and ends as a universe. . . . The true spell of Cervantes is that he is a natural magician in pure story-telling."
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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(thru ch14) Hey friends!! Sorry I haven't posted earlier. This turned into a very bizarre week. But don Quixote and his faithful Sancho are back on the road. The beginning of this volume was very dull with lots of conversation, so I was excited to finally get to bit of action today!

Cervantes is really leaning into this whole “I discovered this book that someone else wrote and now I'm just telling you what it said“ thing, which as a narrative ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) device can be a little confusing but entertaining. I'm still overall enjoying this one, but I'm also in a weird headspace this week lol What do you all think? Are you keeping up okay? #RandomClassics

@BarkingMadRead @Librarybelle @Smarkies @wanderinglynn @TheBookHippie @SamAnne @BarbaraJean @BookingitwithSandra @Daisey @janeycanuck @meshell1313 @jenniferw88 @LaraS @Cuilin @eeclayton @readingrainb0w @Bluebird @Larkken
Librarybelle I‘m a day behind, but will hopefully catch up today! 2d
Cuilin I‘m a bit behind. I do wish he had a done just a little self editing. It can get rather tedious. Looking forward to more adventures. 2d
TheBookHippie Catching up today this needed a wee bit of an edit 🙃🤣😅 am still enjoying it though! 2d
Daisey I am working on catching up today as well and agree with the comments so far. 2d
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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“…animals have frequently put humans on notice and taught them a great many important things, as for example: enemas, taught us by storks; vomiting and gratitude, taught us by dogs; watchfulness, taught us by cranes; foresight, taught us by ants; chastity, taught us by elephants; and loyalty, which we learned from horses.”

Um. Enemas? Vomiting & gratitude? Apparently VERY different qualities were attributed to animals in 16th century Spain. 😂

dabbe Yowza! 🤩🤣😃 3d
willaful *boggle* 3d
RaeLovesToRead 🤣🤣🤣 3d
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Megabooks Some dogs will vomit when they get excited. Perhaps that was interpreted as happiness, but I can‘t explain the enemas!! 😳😂😂 3d
rubyslippersreads Cats would like a word—they invented hairballs. 😹 3d
Ruthiella 😂😂😂 3d
TheAromaofBooks Some of these sent me. I was also like, I do NOT want to know how elephants teach us chastity 😂 2d
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Woohoo!! We made it to the end of Volume 1!!! Which actually puts a little over halfway for the entire book!

My goodness, the end of this volume was a whirlwind of romantic entanglements! I was honestly cracking up by the time we got to the inn with this entire parade of people! Did any of these stories strike you particularly (other than all the coincidences? 😂) My understanding is that Cervantes was actually held in Algiers awaiting ransom,⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) so some of those aspects of the story were somewhat based on his experiences, and some of the people he mentions were real-life individuals that he met. It kind of felt like don Quixote himself got a little overshadowed by all these other stories for a while. What do you think about his neighbors‘ plan to basically kidnap him and force him to return home? Do you think DQ is harmless or a danger to himself and others? ⬇ 1w
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) On that note, I have to share the footnote my translation had concerning DQ whacking another character with a loaf of bread – “This is clearly not Wonder bread. I know from experience that Manchegan bread can be heavy, hard crusted, and with jagged points on the top, a weapon to be feared in close combat.” And now I‘m wondering if I should start carrying a loaf of bread for self-defense!! ⬇ 1w
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) Thank you SO much for sticking with me this far, friends!! We‘ll start Volume 2 on Friday. My understanding is that a few years passed between Cervantes‘s publication of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and in the meantime someone else published their own sequel!! So I guess some of Vol. 2 is Cervantes setting the record straight LOL

Side note: Vol. 2 also has an author‘s prologue, and we will be reading that on December 1, along with chapters 1-2.
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BarkingMadRead I‘m still playing catch up! I‘ll check back when I‘m caught up! 1w
Cuilin That was a whirlwind and a whimper. Not sure I‘m enjoying all the extra stories. As for the incel goat herder. 😖 1w
Librarybelle For awhile, I had a hard time keeping track of the various side stories, the love entanglements, and then the solutions to everything. Ready for volume 2! 1w
TheBookHippie I cooked for a literal week! I am almost caught up but am loving it! (edited) 1w
Daisey I‘ve had a hard time staying focused sometimes. A few times I‘ve been listening and suddenly realized I have no clue what is happening, so I have to go back a chapter. So many rather random stories! 1w
janeycanuck I‘m SOOOO behind… here‘s hoping I can catch up!! 1w
jenniferw88 I'm very behind and in Vienna... without the chunkster of the book 😆 Will catch up Monday/Tuesday! 1w
Meshell1313 Just finished part 1! I love how they all meet up and I can‘t wait to see if he returns home. He is absolutely a danger to himself and others and needs to just stay home with his books! 🤣 So interesting about the publication of part 2 years later! Can‘t wait to see how this ends! 1w
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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“I‘ve got just as much soul as the next man, and maybe even more body.”
—Sancho Panza


TheAromaofBooks Just read that line this morning 😂 For some reason, I was expecting Sancho to be the intelligent guide (I think because I've heard people say things like, “You can be my Sancho Panza and show me the way!“ which implies that SP is a purposeful guide??) but instead he's just as or even more ridiculous than don Quixote himself! I'm here for it 😆 2w
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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“the style is fatiguing, the action incredible, the courtesies clumsy, the battles long, the language foolish, the journeys nonsensical”

Well I laughed when I read this!!! This novel can be so tedious at times but I‘m hanging in there. @TheAromaofBooks #randomclassics

ChaoticMissAdventures It was much too long. So many of these older books needed a good editor! But I did enjoy it overall, glad you are finding pieces to like. 2w
Cuilin @ChaoticMissAdventures it definitely needed a good editor. 2w
TheAromaofBooks haha that's a FANTASTIC description! 😂 I feel a little behind the last couple of days but am catching back up. This is quite the crowd we've gathered at the inn! 2w
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Graywacke Glad you‘re hanging in there. Some day I‘ll give this a try. 2w
Cuilin @TheAromaofBooks right? crazy eclectic group. 2w
Cuilin @Graywacke thanks it‘s more entertaining than not. 2w
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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I am posting this a little early so we can chat about whether it works for everyone haha We will be finishing Volume 1 on November 27, with 28-30 as catch-up days. I am thinking we can start Volume 2 on December 1, continuing with our 2 chapter/day method, but taking a little break for Christmas and then having two catch-up days at the beginning of January. I don't know about all of you, but my life does get a little crazy over those two weeks!! ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) This will have us finishing the entire book mid-January. So let me know if you think this is too much time off, not enough off, or if you don't care, you just want to finishing this crazy book someday 😂

Speaking of which (thru ch. 38), any thoughts? We've had a lot of complicated romances going on these last few chapters! 😆 I will admit that I have skimmed over some of the more lengthy speeches. The whole story with the friend having⬇
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) having his friend flirt with his wife definitely had a Shakespearean tragedy flavor to it! I can't say that I'm loving this book, or that I'll read it again, but it's entertaining in spots and overall more readable than I was anticipating from my past attempts. However... sometimes it is still rather boring!

Let me know how you all are doing, and how you feel about this December schedule!!
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Cuilin Same on all points. It gets a giggle out of me every now and then and I definitely speed read through certain parts. Overall I enjoy it. 3w
Meshell1313 I think the schedule for part 2 sounds perfect! I‘m excited that we are almost done with part 1! I‘m laughing out loud at many parts but reading it together with this group has definitely made it more manageable. I would not be able to get through it without you all! 3w
BarkingMadRead Sounds good to me!! 3w
Librarybelle Sounds good to me! 3w
Smarkies Works for me. I will definitely need the catch up days!😅😅 3w
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Casually reading 3 copies of Don Quixote nbd 🤣
I have an audiobook from Hoopla as well but I'm finding it easier to digest in print.

Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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“…for a knight errant to go crazy for good reason, how much is *that* worth? My idea is to become a lunatic for no reason at all, and to ask my lady, seeing what I do without cause, what she imagines I might do if I really had one?”

I… well… okay, Don Quixote. You do you.

TheAromaofBooks I love the way that even Cervantes is like, you know what, let's let don Quixote do his own thing for a while and we'll go check in on some other characters 😂 3w
willaful That makes me think of a line from Vonnegut, Mother Night I think -- “it offered me an opportunity to go crazy in a way I found irresistible.“ 3w
BarbaraJean @TheAromaofBooks Hahaha, yes! Don Quixote starts doing his half-naked somersaults, annnnnd, over to Sancho. 😂 3w
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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(thru ch24) - Is everyone keeping up okay? I am finding 2 chapters a day pretty manageable at this point. Poor DQ can't seem to catch a break, although a lot of his misadventures are because of his own wacky way of viewing the world 😂 I appreciated in this chapter that his love for books is what got him into trouble LOL

A few footnotes about “discrepancies“ in the text. In ch 19, when DQ busts up the funeral procession, the man who broke his ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) leg very clearly rides away, yet on the next page he suddenly tells DQ that he's excommunicated for attacking a holy person. My footnote says that in the original, there is no notation of the fellow returning, he just reappears, says his line, and then is gone again. Do you think this is carelessness on Cervantes's part, or is he just messing with his readers?

Ch23 starts what is apparently one of the big controversies of Cervantes's ⬇
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) book - The Mystery of When the Donkey Got Stolen 😂 According to my footnotes, when DQ and SP camp for the night towards the beginning of the chapter, the SECOND edition states that one of the freed criminals comes back and steals the donkey. Yet in various other places in this chapter, the donkey is mentioned. So my question is - do your editions mention the donkey being stolen in ch 23?

Any other thoughts on this genuinely fun but ⬇
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) ridiculous story? I have found some of it a little repetitive, but the smaller chunks are actually helping me stay with the story. I think I would be more aggravated with DQ if I was trying to read this book all in one go.

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Bookwormjillk I‘m going to bail on this one. Just not my thing. Thank you though! 4w
CatLass007 I had to bail on this one also. I found the first couple of chapters amusing but as chapters progressed I just started feeling sad. DQ is described as a 50 year old man, which makes him 11 years my junior. He is obviously suffering from some mental illness or maybe dementia. We have a history of mental illness in my family and I was caregiver for my mother who had late onset Alzheimer‘s. It‘s just not good for my mental health to continue DQ. 4w
Cuilin I‘m loving it. It‘s definitely a lesson in letting stuff go. I just read the text and let it flow. I think I‘m a day behind but home sick so should catch up. I think it‘s interesting to see the world through DQ‘s mad mind and Sancho trying to reveal reality but his powerlessness means he can‘t affect change. 4w
TheBookHippie I‘m only a day behind catching up today but enjoying it! I‘m doing better this go round I‘m confident I‘ll stick with it. It is ridiculous but I find it easy to manage this way and to take it as it is. I‘ll report back about the donkey. So far nothing. 4w
eeclayton I'm going back and forth between two abridged versions I found, one of them mentions the stolen donkey, the other one doesn't.
I agree that the 2 chapters/day pace is well suited to this book, but I guess you all read much more than I do, because at points, my copies simply summarise a chunk of text in a few sentences, and move on. Even so, this amount of DQ is perfectly enough for me 😁
Larkken I‘m still behind but that‘s ok! Mmmm I want a blizzard now too. 4w
Librarybelle I‘ve not read today‘s section yet. I‘m liking it, not as laugh out loud at the moment as it was earlier in the book. 4w
Meshell1313 Ok just catching up- the 2 chapters a day is great and makes catching up easy if I fall a day or 2 behind! And yes- my version‘s footnote explains how Gines does steal the donkey and says it might not be mentioned in the 1st edition due to the book printer error? So crazy! 4w
Meshell1313 But I‘m still loving it- I mean throwing up in each others mouths?? I‘m dying! I‘m really hoping there are scenes coming up where he meets the lady who he does everything in her honor for. It‘s just a series of unfortunate events! (edited) 4w
Meshell1313 Also, my favorite quote of the whole thing so far that really explains DQ‘s delusions is when Sancho explains what an adventuring knight is: “an adventuring knight is someone who is beaten and then finds himself Emperor.” 🤣🤣🤣 4w
Smarkies Am plodding along though I have a feeling that this may not be one of my favourite classic book. It is a little repetitive in the last few chapters but I am holding on... trying to have faith that cervantes would shake it up soon. 4w
TheAromaofBooks @Bookwormjillk @CatLass007 - No worries, not every book works for every person!! 4w
BarbaraJean So interesting—there‘s no mention of them camping for the night or of a stolen donkey in my chapter 23. And there are plenty of mentions of Sancho riding the donkey! The 2 chapters/day pace is working well for me; the chapters are usually so short. But it is getting repetitive/formulaic and I‘m eager for something new to happen! 3w
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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My husband came in and said he made me a book reading fire 🤣🤣 the dude knows how to get me to come out and hang with him 🤣

DGRachel Love it! That cover is gorgeous, too! 4w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty 😍 4w
5feet.of.fury Awww 🥰 4w
Clare-Dragonfly That is love! 😍 4w
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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My new feminist ICON Marcela ✊🏼

#randomclassics with @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks 🎉 🎉 🎉 1mo
dabbe 🧡🖤💜 1mo
Smarkies Definitely! 4w
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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(thru ch16) - Had a crazy few days at work, so I am just getting caught up on some Litsy stuff!!!

I feel like don Quixote gets beat up a lot 😂 But how about Marcela's speech?? It felt pretty progressive for 1605! Any other highlights? I'm hoping that don Quixote and poor Sancho get a little bit of rest before their next beatdown!! 😆


Larkken I'm not caught up yet, and I'm already impressed by the number of beat-downs! 1mo
Bookwormjillk Jumping on his bruised ribs made me curl up in a ball. Ouch. 1mo
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TheBookHippie I love her. Marcela. Love love love. 1mo
TheBookHippie @Bookwormjillk holds self while reading 😵‍💫🥴 1mo
Cuilin @TheBookHippie that speech could be copied and read out today to men who think they‘re entitled to women‘s bodies. Amazing. 👏 Cervantes! 1mo
TheBookHippie @Cuilin I was thinking the same thing!!!! 1mo
BarbaraJean @TheBookHippie @Cuilin Marcela is my new hero. SUCH a good speech and still so relevant—unfortunately!! 1mo
TheBookHippie @BarbaraJean SO RELEVANT ! 1mo
Cuilin @BarbaraJean Agree. 1mo
Bklover I am so far behind could you just drop me from this one? I am so sorry - if I catch up at some point I will let you know 😕❤️ 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Bklover - No worries!! We'll have some scheduled catch-up days at the end of the month, so if you end up wanting to jump back in for Part 2, just let me know!! 1mo
Bklover I will do that!! 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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(thru ch10) - So just to clarify, we are reading Part 1 this month, but Part 1 is also subdivided into four parts 😂 So we finished Part 1 of Part 1!

I find Cervantes mixture of “I'm the author“ and “I discovered this stuff already written“ to be slightly confusing but still entertaining. I'm also remembering that the reason I've bailed on this book in the past is partially because of all the names he throws at us, of various heroes, authors, ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) poets, etc. - people who don't actually have anything to do with the story directly but are just being used for reference. While I don't read all my footnotes concerning these names, it helps to have them there just because it reminds me that, in a weird way, this name isn't really important, if that makes sense!

We've finally picked up Sancho, too!!

Cuilin I‘m loving it. Sancho saying “this is going to be worse than the windmills” made me lol and also the the footnote that said the the chapter introduction is wrong. This is the lighthearted read that I need right now. 1mo
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Bookwormjillk Yeah I skimmed some of those name dropping parts but glad to see Sancho. 1mo
Librarybelle I‘ve enjoyed it so far! 1mo
BarkingMadRead This is hysterical, I‘m loving it. How did I not know this was funny? I feel like I would have read it sooner 🤣 1mo
TheBookHippie I‘m enjoying this and laughing a ton -also is this the original name dropper???? 1mo
dabbe At least the name-dropping (so far) is pretty much literary. In THE ILIAD, all the name-dropping were either people getting slaughtered or people in their clans lining up for the next battle. I remember students would get frustrated and ask, “Do we need to know all these people?“ And I'd say, “If they're introduced and die within the same stanza, NO.“ 🤩 1mo
Cuilin @dabbe 🤣🤣🤣 1mo
Bklover @dabbe 💛🤣💛 1mo
Bluebird @dabbe 😂🤣😂🤣 1mo
Meshell1313 @BarkingMadRead totally agree! I‘m laughing out loud and had no idea that‘s what we were in for! 1mo
dabbe @Cuilin 🤩🤣🤗 1mo
dabbe @Bklover 🤩🤣🤗 1mo
dabbe @Bluebird 🤩🤣🤗 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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“Don Quijote sought out a farmer, a neighbor of his and a good man (if we can use that term for anyone who‘s poor) but not very well endowed from the neck up.”


I quite like the description “not very well endowed from the neck up.” 😂 #RandomClassic

TheAromaofBooks Oh, that's so much better than my translation, which goes with the very boring “but not very smart“ 😂 My footnote also says that there was an old proverb that went, “poor man and honest, this cannot be“ so that's the kind of attitude Cervantes was accustomed to! 1mo
marleed I kind of love that! 1mo
Smarkies This translation is so cute! Mine says something like "but without much in the way of brains" 1mo
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Meshell1313 Love!! 1mo
BarbaraJean @Smarkies It's so interesting to compare translations! For this passage, I definitely prefer this one (even though he's # 9 on the list 😆)! @TheAromaofBooks Your footnote is fascinating--I took that particular comment as ironic, since the intro to my edition made a point of how Cervantes lived much of his life in poverty. But I suppose that doesn't mean he didn't have that same attitude toward the poor! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Yes, I'm not sure if he said it sarcastically because so many people felt that way and he thought it was dumb, or said it sincerely because so many people felt that way including himself! 😂 1mo
BarbaraJean @TheAromaofBooks Haha, yeah - it could go either way! So much of this reads ironically that I feel like it must be the former, but honestly either way works with the sense of humor coming across throughout the text. 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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“…it wouldn‘t take much, once my uncle is cured of his knighthood sickness, to start reading these books and feel like becoming a shepherd, and then go around in the woods and meadows, singing and playing a flute and, even worse, writing poetry, which everyone knows is an infectious disease for which there‘s absolutely no cure.”



Aimeesue Poetry: a fate worse than death. 😂 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Quixotic goals while reading Quixote

#Classics #ReadUntilYouGoInsane #QuixoteQuote

TheAromaofBooks For real!! 😂 😂 😂 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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In all the discussion of books in chapter 6, I found this one the most interesting and amusing. The author‘s own first book is included on the shelves. According to the footnotes in my print copy, he never wrote a second part.

#SerialReader #RandomClassic

jenniferw88 I lol'd at that part, too! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Yes!! 😂 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
This post contains spoilers
show me
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(thru ch6) - Oh dear, poor don Quixote, stranded in the road like a turtle on its back! 😂 And on a more serious note - I don't think there are words to describe how nuclear I would go if someone went through my library and started throwing out and burning my books!!!!!!! Not cool!!!

But now that he has been “officially“ knighted, I'm curious to see where don Quixote goes next!


Cuilin I wanted to rescind my invitation to the book burning!!!! DQ is only going to be crazier. I know I would be if somebody went and burnt my books. Giving a guy a hard time because he wants to cosplay. (edited) 1mo
Librarybelle Not the books!!! 😭 1mo
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TheBookHippie NOTTHEBOOKS 😭😭😭😭 1mo
TheBookHippie @Cuilin I‘d lose my ever loving mind…😵‍💫 1mo
Cuilin @TheBookHippie though it was funny how many the priest did not want to burn 🤔 1mo
TheBookHippie @Cuilin 😂👀😂👀 1mo
BarkingMadRead Omg the burning of those books had me raging 🤣 1mo
BarbaraJean I vacillated between hilarity and indignation about the books!! Some of the commentary was so funny. My footnotes pointed out that they suggest giving one of the books a laxative (“a dose of rhubarb“) because its 2nd, 3rd, and 4th parts needed to be “purged of overflowing biliousness“ 😂 I started wondering what these might correlate to with contemporary books--what would they make of the library of a crazed Twilight fan? 😂 1mo
Bookwormjillk Never burn someone‘s books. So wrong 😑 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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“Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a gentleman lived not long ago, one of those who has a lance and ancient shield on a shelf and keeps a skinny nag and a greyhound for racing.“

reading.rainb0w I am reading this tome as well! Taking my time with this one so I can fully engage, so far I'm working through the prologue and sonnets 😆 1mo
dabbe @reading.rainb0w I've always been intimidated by this one, but so far, I'm doing okay. Only 4 chapters in, though. 🤣 1mo
reading.rainb0w We got this!! 1mo
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dabbe @reading.rainb0w 🤩 1mo
TheBookHippie I‘m enjoying it so far! 1mo
dabbe @TheBookHippie The dude can be quite brutal, though! 🤣 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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@TheAromaofBooks, any excuse to get another of my favourite editions of the classics! ❤️ the Macmillan Collector's Library!

TheAromaofBooks Ooooo I love this cover!! 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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(thru ch2) - Oh my gosh, I am actually loving this book so far! Highlights for me include a man who reads so many books that he is selling his property so he can buy more books 😂

So, how do you all feel about footnotes? I have mixed feelings about them. Sometimes it just feels like they interrupt the flow of the story, but other times I appreciate the added context. My edition definitely loves them, but so far I have found them engaging. ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) For instance, Quixote, thinking about some of his favorite books, says that he “wasn't at all comfortable with the wounds that don Belianis inflicted and received, because he thought that no matter how great the doctors were who treated him, his face and body would have been covered with scars.“ My footnote helpfully explains that don Belianis was the hero of four books, who received 101 serious wounds in the first half of his saga ⬇ 1mo
BarkingMadRead Each page of mine is half footnotes 🤣 I‘ve been avoiding them, they mess with the flow. If I feel like I need them, I‘ll read them, though 1mo
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janeycanuck I‘m reading on Scribd so the footnotes are at the back and there‘s literally hundreds and hundreds of pages of them. The novel ends at page 1435 but the book has 2200+ pages. I don‘t know how much longer I‘ll keep clicking them. 1mo
janeycanuck I was laughing out loud a few times as I read. The scene where he was eating with his helmet stuck on his head?! So good!!! 1mo
Bookwormjillk Mine doesn‘t seem to have footnotes, but I wouldn‘t read them anyway. They annoy me. I‘m enjoying the read so far. 1mo
TheBookHippie I don‘t read footnotes til the end 😂 1mo
TheBookHippie This is supposed to be sarcasm yes? 1mo
dabbe On a side note, I started reading the author's prologue, until important plot events were given. I stopped and went right into the book. So far, so good! Quixote reminds me of Sir Pellinore in THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING who also had to have his helmet on on the time, and he and his horse kept running into trees and whatnot. I feel like we're on an adventure just for the fun of an adventure! Let's go! 🤩 1mo
AlaMich I took a Spanish class that included a man who was learning Spanish for the sole purpose of reading this in the original. (edited) 1mo
Librarybelle I‘m not really paying attention to the footnotes, though I guess with my edition they‘re endnotes. If they were on the page with the text, I‘d probably read them as I was reading the story. 1mo
BarbaraJean My mileage usually varies when it comes to footnotes. I like commentary or explanation if it‘s interesting or helpful, and not intrusive—so far it‘s been a mix of helpful and annoying! I love all the little ironic side comments from the narrator, though. And of course the cardboard helmet that DQ can‘t take off because he doesn‘t want to ruin the ribbons it‘s tied on with 😂 1mo
Smarkies I am picking which footnotes I read I.e. if it seems interesting enough. 😂 l love that the book has started at a brisk pace. 1mo
Bluebird I‘m reading by audio, so wasn‘t aware there were footnotes. I have an ebook also, so I may take a peek after I finish each chapter…or maybe not. 😂 1mo
Cuilin Yes it‘s fabulous. Skimming the footnotes. 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Three times a charm for me. Found this on Reddit lol. For anyone who is still deciding.

@TheBookHippie @TheAromaofBooks

TheBookHippie Wait I first read that wrong....... so I have 1,3 and 4........OY VEY!! 1mo
jenniferw88 I've got #9 arriving tomorrow @TheAromaofBooks 1mo
dabbe I've got #1; who knew except you? Thanks! 🤗 1mo
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Bluebird Oh no! I checked out the audio read by Simon Vance. It‘s the Smollett version. Will take another look at the library options…😂. Thanks! 1mo
Cuilin @dabbe this my third attempt at this novel so I had to research translations. I‘m reading # 1 too. 1mo
dabbe @Cuilin Yowza. I hope I can get through. I still have 200 pages to go in WAR & PEACE. #theneverendingnovel 1mo
Cuilin @dabbe isn‘t it (W&P) fabulous? 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Oh how fun!!! My guy didn't even make the list! 😂 I do have an old edition translated by Jervas - that's the one I've never managed to make it through! 1mo
Cuilin @TheAromaofBooks I‘m on my third attempt, three times a charm, right? 1mo
BarkingMadRead Mine didn‘t make the list 🤣 1mo
Cuilin @BarkingMadRead well at least it didn‘t make the “avoid like the plague” list 😆 1mo
BarkingMadRead @Cuilin Crisis averted 🤣🤣 1mo
Librarybelle Mine is #4 - thank goodness I should not avoid this one! 😂 @Cuilin @TheAromaofBooks 1mo
Cuilin @Librarybelle phew 😌 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Cuilin @BarkingMadRead @Librarybelle - I was also relieved mine didn't show up on the bad list!!! 😂 I didn't even realize I was in danger!! 1mo
janeycanuck Haha - I think I saw this when I was researching translations. I picked Grossman for a reason!! 1mo
Cuilin @janeycanuck The comment section was hilarious 😂 1mo
Bookwormjillk I picked the cheapest one available for kindle. Glad to see it ranked second! 1mo
BarbaraJean Alas, mine (Raffel) clocks in at #6. It makes me laugh, in his translator's note he seemed rather pompous, saying something about being inspired to do his own translation when he realized he couldn't find one he could recommend. 🙄 At least he's not on the avoid list!! @Bluebird I thought about using Smollett's translation! I had a professor who was writing something about him, so it caught my eye. But never mind! I didn't like her class anyway! (edited) 1mo
TheBookHippie This comment section is life giving 😂😂😂♥️ 1mo
Daisey Love all the discussion with this readalong already! I‘ve got an audio version of the Ormsby translation and will probably mostly listen, but I also have a print copy of the Starkie translation. 1mo
Bluebird @Cuilin @BarbaraJean smollett version returned to the library! There was no other good option via audio, so I was going to breakdown and use an audible credit to get the book. Lo and behold, the Grossman translation was already in my audible library. I forgot I bought it awhile ago. 🤦‍♀️ I really must break the habit of perusing the library for my next read instead of checking my own shelves 😜 1mo
Cuilin @Bluebird I have been known to buy a book I already own. Lol 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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The nerd in me is deciding between these three translations 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #randomclassic

So far even after reading I can‘t decide 😂👀

Bookwormjillk I like the name Walter Starkie. 1mo
TheBookHippie @Bookwormjillk I like signet generally for Shakespeare and he is the signet one! I like the name too, it‘s fun! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Hmmm, does one of the books feel “nicer“ to read? 😂 I'm actually curious - did it seem like there was a big difference between the different translations, or are they pretty similar? 1mo
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TheBookHippie @TheAromaofBooks Walter seems more intelligent- Edith easier to read -and of course neither of those are the print I like but yes there is some difference in language. Proper verses current language 😂 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Mine definitely feels more modern/casual. In some cases that would annoy me, but so far it kind of seems to fit since I don't get the impression that Cervantes was trying to be particularly scholarly when he wrote it! 😆 1mo
TheBookHippie @TheAromaofBooks I was under the impression this was sarcasm yes 😂 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Tackling both of these in November/December may only be slightly less crazy than when I planned to read Once and Future King and Count of Monte Cristo in April/May. 🤪 #ChunksterChallenge2023 #RandomClassic

Amiable I‘m pretty sure I‘ve read the London one—I remember it going fairly quickly, despite its heft. Not sure about “Don Quixote,” though! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Oh my, that's quite the combo!!! 1mo
BarbaraJean @Amiable I‘ve read Sarum by the same author, and really liked it—this one should be similar! And it will fulfill my last Chunkster category. 😊 Don Quixote is actually a re-read so I‘m not counting it for the Chunkster Challenge! I remember it being thoroughly enjoyable (like 20 years ago!), and I can‘t resist a good Litsy buddy read…😁 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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(thru the prologue) Well! Even though we've barely started, I'm encouraged by the sense of humor already presenting itself. Definitely sounds like Cervantes isn't taking himself terribly seriously 😂

What translators do your editions have? Mine is Tom Lathrop, and I really enjoyed reading his introduction as well. He says that Cervantes's “advertised objective“ was to “imitate and make so much fun of the ancient romances of chivalry ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) ...that no further ones would be written,“ which in and of itself is a fantastic goal haha Lathrop also got into a bit about the inconsistencies in the text and the (scholarly) controversy surrounding them - was Cervantes a sloppy writer, or did he create the errors on purpose to add to the atmosphere/mockery of the chivalrous romances he was parodying? Lathrop falls into the “on purpose“ group, and also points out that some ⬇ 1mo
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) translations choose to correct these errors/“errors“ so it may be interesting to see if we come across any such conflicts as we go along.

Tomorrow we start for real with chapters 1 and 2, and I'm genuinely excited to see where this #RandomClassic goes!!
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CatLass007 My audiobook doesn‘t list the translator. It may be an older edition because it‘s included in my Audible subscription. Thanks for sharing the comments of your translator. 1mo
Bookwormjillk My translator is John Ormsby. I didn‘t notice any errors but then again my kids had me up way too late last night and I read first thing in the morning so… 1mo
LaraS I have the Edith Grossman one, apparently my library has “unlimited copies” on the Libby app, which is very cool. It also has another introduction by Harold Bloom but I skipped that one - I have been burned before on serious spoilers on intros in classics! I may come back to it at the end. Also, I may have stayed up well past my bedtime squeezing in a few more hours on the #scarathlon, so there‘s only so much reading my brain can handle today 😆 (edited) 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Bookwormjillk - I think the errors are supposed to be later in the text. The introduction didn't go into much detail, but said it was things like a secondary character's name changing, that sort of thing. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @CatLass007 - It's such an old book, there are LOADS of translations!! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @LaraS - I actually usually skip the introductions to classics as well - so many times they are basically just a synopsis of the plot! Why would I want that?! 😂 But this one was more about his philosophy behind his translating and that sort of thing. 1mo
BarbaraJean I'm just about to dive in! Mine is the Burton Raffel translation. In his Translator's Note, he proclaims “I have been scrupulously careful not to mute Cervantes's dazzling irony, nor have I consciously suppressed, bowdlerized, or altered anything.“ I don't think Cervantes takes himself seriously at ALL, but this translator maybe does. 😂 As I recall, this is pretty hilarious in parts. Looking forward to the ride!! (edited) 1mo
wanderinglynn I have a 1983 Penguin Classic edition that is a reprint of the 1950 version translated by J.M. Cohen. And I‘m already behind! This might end up being a multi-month read for me since this is also NaNoWriMo. Or I might try to read most of it during Thanksgiving week since I‘m off that week. But I‘m going to try to keep up! 1mo
Bklover Mine is the Edith Grossman translation. Like @LaraS , I too skipped the introduction. 😊😊 1mo
jenniferw88 Haven't even got my copy yet... for some reason, I thought we were starting in January, so I'll probably end up sitting this out unless I can get a copy in the next few days! 1mo
eeclayton I'm having trouble finding a translation. Since English isn't my mother tongue, I'm looking for one in my native language, Hungarian (though I read a lot in Eng, I don't want to be two languages away from the original and risk any distortions). However, the versions I've found seem to be reworked rather than translated, and some of them are way shorter (200-400p!) Started to read the longest copy, but still searching for sg closer to the original. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @BarbaraJean - When I was reading my translator's introduction, it was honestly cracking me up because I realized that there are people out there whose LIFE is this book! I love it 😂 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @wanderinglynn - I'm not sure if you saw the schedule I posted earlier this week, but we are only trying to get through Part 1 this month, with the last three days of November “officially“ set aside for catch up days. But I totally understand if there are too many other commitments going on to keep up with this one!! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Bklover - You definitely have to be careful with those introductions!!! They always seem to assume that you've already read the book 😑 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @jenniferw88 - Oh no!!! Sorry for the confusion!!! We are only trying to get through Part 1 this month, so hopefully you can still catch up with us!! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @eeclayton - What an interesting problem! I'm always intrigued by what books are considered “important“ enough to be translated. This is SUCH an old book, so it appears that a lot of people have had different ideas of what Cervantes was trying to say. I hope you're able to find one that works!! 1mo
jenniferw88 @TheAromaofBooks I've given in and ordered one from Amazon - it's coming tomorrow! 1mo
Meshell1313 I‘m also reading the Edith Grossman version and I‘m loving it! So funny and sarcastic. I liked reading the intro and about her struggles with the translation. 1mo
janeycanuck I've got the Edith Grossman, as well. I laughed right out loud a couple of times already this morning, I think this is going to be a fun read!!
TheBookHippie I‘m looking at three to decide for now I‘ve read Walter Starkie Edith Grossman and John Rutherford 😂 generally I don‘t read intros for multiple reasons but this one was very interesting. 1mo
Larkken Hi! I‘d love to join y‘all for this I think, please! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Larkken - Yay!! We would love to have you along!! I'll tag you on the schedule post so you can see where we are!! 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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Somehow I forgot that today starts the next #RandomClassics ! Good thing I remembered…I really don‘t want to get behind with this! 😂

I‘m ready to tilt at windmills and save the day…

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 1mo
Pogue I love Don Quixote. 1mo
Librarybelle @Pogue I only read the Prologue last night and found it hilarious! 1mo
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Don Quixote Deluxe Edition | Miguel de Cervantes, Edith Grossman
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Starting this super chunkster with the #RandomClassics group this month! I‘m hooked already- who knew it was so funny? I‘m truly loving the sarcasm. So far I think the two chapters a day is going to work great! What‘s everyone else thinking so far?

TheBookHippie Starting tonight! Just made my cocoa ! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks I was surprised by the humor as well!! I ended up reading my translator's introduction as well, which was super interesting. 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Starting this one today as well! #randomclassics

AlaMich That cover is gorgeous! 1mo
BarkingMadRead @AlaMich I just love it, it jumped right out at me! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks This is the edition I picked out as well!! 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Woohoo!! It's almost time to tackle this one!! We are going with two chapters a day; however, the author's prologue is about as long as two chapters, so I gave it its own day to start, with two chapters going forward. We'll end part one towards the end of November, so giving ourselves a few days to catch up feels reasonable. We should also have an idea by then of whether this pace feels too slow, too fast, or just right!

Genuinely, I don't ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) ANYTHING about this classic, except I think there are some windmills, right?? So hopefully we can all learn (or be completely confused) together! 😂 Really looking forward to this!!!

If anyone else wants to read with us for this #RandomClassic, just let me know!!
BarkingMadRead I know about as much as you do 🤣 1mo
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Daisey I don‘t know anything about it either, except that I‘ve heard good things from those who have read it. Looking forward to tackling it together! 1mo
jenniferw88 I need to find my copy! Or try the charity shops 😂 1mo
Cuilin Can I be tagged?. I have my copy ready to go. Thanks. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Cuilin - Absolutely!!! Sorry I missed you!! 1mo
CatLass007 Thanks for posting this. Could you please add me to your tag list? I only know as much about it as I saw on Quantum Leap when Sam Leaped into John Cullum‘s character during a production of Man of La Mancha. And I do have the original Broadway cast recording with Richard Kiley. 😉 1mo
Librarybelle Yeah…I just know about the windmill! 😂 Looking forward to it! 1mo
Bookwormjillk I saw the play in high school which is another way of saying I don‘t know anything either 😀 1mo
CatLass007 Actually it was John Cullum‘s character‘s understudy. I hope you can forgive my senior moments. I am listening to the audiobook. The author‘s preface is 17:53 long, not long at all. It doesn‘t seem like any of the chapters are very long, it‘s just that there are so many chapters. Hopefully the short chapters in the 39+ hours long novel will make this a relatively easy book to read. So far, I like the narrator and I already enjoy the (cont) ⬇️ 1mo
CatLass007 humor in the preface. The nuns always hated it when I read ahead but I just wanted to get the “flavor” of this book. I‘m going to do my best to stick to the reading schedule, although the last couple of months it‘s been easier for me to read one book at a time, so I‘ll figure it out. I‘m really looking forward to reading/listening to Don Quixote with y‘all. 1mo
Meshell1313 Love the schedule! Can‘t wait to dive in! 1mo
Bklover Thanks for the schedule, Sarah! I‘m ready to go! For some reason I think someone told me there are funny parts to this book?! 1mo
eeclayton Please add me to the tag list. This has been on my radar forever, can't wait to read it with you all ☺️ 1mo
reading.rainb0w May I be added to the tag list, please? This is exactly the type of accountability I need, and I've been wanting to read this! 😊 1mo
SamAnne I‘m in for this one. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @eeclayton @reading.rainb0w @SamAnne - You are all on the list!! We are going to conquer this one!! 😁 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @CatLass007 - I've add you to the list as well!! No worries if you decide to read ahead, just don't give spoilers for those of us who are sticking with the schedule!! 😁 Excited to read this one together!!! 1mo
CatLass007 I absolutely promise no spoilers!!🤝 1mo
janeycanuck I‘ve got my copy ready to go! But it‘s great to see a break at the end of the month, I‘m pretty sure I‘ll need it to catch up!! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @janeycanuck - That's kind of what I'm thinking!! We will see how everyone feels; we may take a lil Christmas break as well! 😂 1mo
CatLass007 I want to make sure I‘m reading what everyone else is reading. Since mine seems to be an older audiobook the author‘s Preface is labeled Chapter 1. Chapter 2 in my audiobook should be chapter 1 for most of you. That is the chapter with the sonnets, which the narrator read in such a manner that I was snort-laughing. Then my Chapter 3 is the chapter in which he names his horse, himself, Sancho, and Dulcinea. Am I where I‘m supposed to be? 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @CatLass007 - It sounds like your chapter three is my chapter one. Both the prologue and the sonnets were included in my prologue together, then chapter one is titled, “Which deals with the lifestyle and pursuits of the famous hidalgo don Quixote de La Mancha,“ and in that chapter he chooses his name and cleans his armor, etc. Today we also read chapter 2 (“which deals with the first expedition that the ingenious don Quixote made“) 1mo
CatLass007 Thank you so much for straightening things out for me. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @CatLass007 - Do your chapters have titles at all? Hopefully they match up what we're reading going forward!! 1mo
CatLass007 I don‘t know. I‘m going to go back to my chapters 3 and 4, which are your chapters 1 and 2. 1mo
Bluebird Please add me to the list. Getting a late start but I hope to catch up. I know little about this, other than my Dad playing the musical record Man of La Mancha alot when I was little and we used to have fun singing the title song. 1mo
CatLass007 I just checked and my chapters do have titles. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Bluebird - Yay!! Glad to have you join us!! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @CatLass007 - Excellent!! If you feel like you're not in sync with us, just let me know and we can compare chapter titles!! 😁 1mo
CatLass007 Okay. Thank you. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Larkken - Here's the schedule!! The chapters are actually pretty reasonable, so hopefully you can catch up with us!! 1mo
Larkken @TheAromaofBooks I was looking for this but couldn‘t find it/was distracted by other shiny Litsy things. Thanks so much!! 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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I did get a kindle version and put some library copies on hold 😂🙃
But this is my old copy!!! I‘ll be ready November 1st

Leftcoastzen I remember that cover ! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! I'm weirdly excited about reading this with everyone 😂 2mo
TheBookHippie @TheAromaofBooks I‘ve been to the opera version of this story it was wonderful. I‘m excited too! 2mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Repost for @TheAromaofBooks

Okay friends, we are going to try and tackle Don Quixote starting November 1. On the 1st we will read the prologue and any introductory material you choose to read (I think I'll read my translator's notes). After that, we will be reading 2 chapters per day.
#Readalong #BuddyRead #RandomClassics

See the original post at https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2651329

TheAromaofBooks Thank you for the repost!!! 2mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Look at this chonky book!!! Okay friends, we are going to try and tackle this one starting November 1. On the 1st we will read the prologue and any introductory material you choose to read (I think I'll read my translator's notes). After that, we will be reading 2 chapters per day. When we get a little closer, I'll post a schedule because those always help me stay on track!! We'll assess as we get towards the end of November to see if we need ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) a few catch-up days or how the overall pace is working out. I will not be working as much so hopefully I will be able to post somewhat regularly to check in!!

I'm tagging everyone on my master list, plus any additional people who expressed interest. Please let me know below if you definitely want to be on the tag list (at least to start haha)

This one has always intimidated me, so I'm hoping we can get through it together!!!
BarkingMadRead I‘m terrified. Let‘s gooooo 2mo
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Lcsmcat I read this as my Chunkster in 2022. Enjoy the ride! 2mo
Librarybelle Is it weird that I‘m looking forward to this??? I‘m so ready! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks @BarkingMadRead @Librarybelle - I'm feeling weirdly optimistic about this one with my new translation. I read part of the translator's introduction in the bookstore before I bought it, and he seemed like he had a sense of humor??? Which seems critical to actually enjoying this book 😂 So I guess I have optimistic terror? Terrified optimism? Or something 😆 2mo
Smarkies Please do tag me as well! Definitely trying to read at least one chunkster this year. 😅 2mo
wanderinglynn Will you include me? This has been on my TBR forever! 2mo
Bookwormjillk I‘m in! At least to start 😁 2mo
Bookwormjillk Just found a kindle version for $.49. I got the Grossman translation. Will be interesting to see what differences we see depending on the translation. 2mo
julieclair Chunksters terrify me. But I would like to read one. In 2024. 😂 So I‘m a “no” on the Don. 😉 2mo
janeycanuck @Bookwormjillk Ooh! I‘ll have to check for that. I haven‘t found the Grossman for less than $15 anywhere 2mo
TheBookHippie Digging mine out today to see how small the print is 😂😂😂😂 2mo
SamAnne I think I‘m in on this one! 2mo
AnneCecilie I‘ve already read this, so I‘ll pass. Maybe the next one? 2mo
BarbaraJean I definitely want to be on the tag list! Perhaps against my better judgment since I have another Chunkster on deck for Nov/Dec, but I also have buddy read FOMO. 😆 I have the Raffel translation—my Norton Critical edition from grad school days, so I can benefit from any helpful or unhelpful notes I may or may not have made 20 years ago! (edited) 2mo
TheBookbabeblog84 I have been meaning to read this. 2mo
BookingitwithSandra It definitely is a big read!! Sometimes those make the best books! At least Stephen King believes that…😉 (edited) 2mo
Read4life I‘m skipping this one. I didn‘t like it in school and I‘m not ready to give it another chance. 😊 2mo
Daisey I‘m absolutely in for this one! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks @BarkingMadRead @Librarybelle @Smarkies @wanderinglynn @Bookwormjillk @TheBookHippie @SamAnne @BarbaraJean @BookingitwithSandra @Daisey - Yay!!! Glad to have all of you along!! If at any point in time you decide you're over this book and don't want to be tagged any more - no worries!! 😂 2mo
TheAromaofBooks @julieclair - I feel that!!! I've waded through a few fat books this year and they are a challenge for me!!! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks @janeycanuck @TheBookbabeblog84 - Are you two planning to read along as well? I don't want to miss tagging you if you want on the list, or annoy you if you don't 😂 2mo
TheAromaofBooks @BarbaraJean - I have been having a SERIOUS buddy-read problem this year! I can't stop! Books I never planned to read and I just go for it! 😂 2mo
TheAromaofBooks @Read4life - No worries, I get it!! I have you on the master tag list, so I'll check in with you in December!! 2mo
Cuilin I must admit I‘ve read some of the introductory stuff. So looking forward to this. 2mo
janeycanuck @TheAromaofBooks yup, definitely in! 2mo
BarbaraJean @TheAromaofBooks Meeeee toooo!! But I've managed to read SO many classics/chunksters that way this year, so it seems to be working out! 2mo
Bklover @Librarybelle I‘m excited too! Have my book ready to go. Can‘t wait! 2mo
Bklover @TheAromaofBooks Yes! I‘m ready to go! 2mo
Bklover @BarbaraJean I definitely have a bad case of buddy read fomo. And this is such a great way to get through these classics! When it gets tough going misery loves company! ❤️❤️ 2mo
Meshell1313 Ready!!!! Yay!!! 2mo
LaraS May I crash you party and join in? don‘t usually do buddy reads nor gravitate towards classics but this has been on my TBR for so long I think this might be the way to do it! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks @LaraS - Absolutely!!! Anyone is welcome to read along!! I added you to the tag list!! 😁 1mo
LaraS Thanks! ❤️ 1mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Okay, friends, here is a VERY TENTATIVE list for #RandomClassics This schedule may be adjusted or changed as needed 😂 USUALLY we will be reading one chapter a day until a book is completed, even if this means the book carries over into the next month (which means sometimes two books are going at the same time, as I always start the new book on the first). For some we may kick up the pace haha Don Quixote we are going to do two chapters/day ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) and it will still take a little over two months at that pace!!

So literally I have an ever-changing list of classics/“books everyone should read“ and use a random number generator to decide which one is next. Some I have never read, some I haven't read since I was a young lass. Anyone is welcome to join for any book. I don't post daily, just sporadically throughout the month to check in. ⬇
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) I would like to create a master tag list for this group, so if you would like to be tagged each month to “check in“ and see if you are interested in that month's book, please let me know below!! I am tagging everyone who participated in at least one book this year (or is planning to participate in an upcoming book). 2mo
See All 21 Comments
Lcsmcat I‘d like to be tagged please. There are 3 or 4 on that list I might join in for. 2mo
Bookwormjillk I‘d like to be tagged (but don‘t know if I‘m brave enough for Don Q. to be honest 😁) 2mo
BarkingMadRead Woohoo looks great! 2mo
AnneCecilie I would love to be tagged 😊 2mo
Read4life I‘ll be joining. May skip some months. 2mo
BarbaraJean I‘d like to be on the master tag list! I‘m in for DQ and Uncle Tom, but might be persuaded to pop in for others as well depending on other reading commitments (you know how that goes!). 2mo
Clare-Dragonfly Sure, put me on the master list! I definitely think I‘ll be reading Uncle Tom. 2mo
SamAnne Looking forward to some of these reads! 2mo
TheBookHippie Looks good. 2mo
Meshell1313 Yes add me to master list please! I‘ve decided on the red cover Edith Grossman translated Don Quixote! She‘s the first female to translate! Excited! 2mo
Cuilin So excited to start Don Quixote!! I bought a new translation for me. Yay!! Fingers crossed I finish this one. 2mo
Librarybelle Awesome!! And, please include me on the master tag list! (edited) 2mo
julieclair Please add me. Several of these have been on my TBR forever! 2mo
Bklover I‘m in!!!!! 2mo
eeclayton Please add me to the master list, thank you 2mo
janeycanuck There are a few on here I may join for, please put me on your list! 2mo
BookingitwithSandra I'd love to participate in this one too! Looks like a great list so far!
ChelseaM6010 I would like to be tagged! There are a few on the list I wanna join in for. 1mo
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Don Quixote Deluxe Edition | Miguel de Cervantes, Edith Grossman
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There‘s not much I can say that hasn‘t already been said about a 400 year old novel. But I do recall a friend of mine, also a philosophy major in college like me, saying that he thought everyone should read this book once a decade. And all I can think is maybe he was alluding to the death scene where the mad knight finally realizes that much of his endeavors have been in error, misguided and embarrassing. Perhaps that‘s all of us if we‘re honest.

Schwifty But also, it‘s quite funny, quite meta and the translation by Grossman was easy to read. 3mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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At a village of La Mancha, whose name I do not wish to remember, there lived a little while ago one of those gentlemen who are wont to keep a lance in the rack, an old buckler, a lean horse and a swift greyhound.
#DonQuixote #MiguelDeCervantesSaavedra #firstline #openingline #book #books #bookcase #bookcases #bookcover #bookcovers #bookcoverdesign #Classics #Fiction #Literature #SpanishLiterature #Adventure #HistoricalFiction #Novels #Spain 💕💕💕

Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
post image

@dabbe this is my DQ translation, which I‘ve had since about late 1999. This is my third or fourth attempt at it. This time I‘m almost halfway and it‘s only been a year 😆. It reads really well, and I enjoy the story (this time, it frustrated me the first few), I just don‘t feel any push to pick it up when I put it down. But I am going to finish it, damnit!

dabbe That's been my struggle with WAR AND PEACE. I started in January, and I just finished volume 1 of 4. 😳 @Cuilin helped me by changing the translation, so I'm hoping to finish this year. Thanks for the rec; it's on my TBR now! 🤩🤗😍 4mo
Cuilin @dabbe @ravenlee this is good information regarding DQ as I have the Penguin copy but may need a different translation for November‘s #RandomClassics @Aromaofbooks (edited) 4mo
dabbe @Cuilin The translation is everything, isn't it? 😍 4mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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I love this question!
I have several answers:
Although in my mind, a road trip should involve an automobile, immediately I thought of Don Quixote.
If I'm going to stick to stories involving cars/automobiles: Elliott' Chaze's noir Black Wings Has My Angel, Gaiman's American Gods, Matt Wesolowski's Six Stories series (he's always traveling between locations to interview subjects), & Jessica Bruder's Nomadland.

TheBookHippie Don Quixote was my first thought ! 5mo
LeahBergen Black Wings Has My Angel is one of those books that have really stuck with me! 5mo
vivastory @LeahBergen It was such a great reading experience 👏 5mo
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vivastory @TheBookHippie It's one of my favorite classics 5mo
TheBookHippie @vivastory Same. I saw the opera of it in the 90s and it was so well done. 5mo
merelybookish @leahbergen @vivastory Such a great read! Even if I always mangle the title. 😉 5mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish I just had to go back and check that I didn‘t just mangle it, too. 😆 5mo
BookmarkTavern Lots of fun picks! Thank you for sharing! 5mo
batsy @LeahBergen Yes! It's such a memorable book... Something about its mood. Thinking about it instantly conjures it up. 5mo
LeahBergen @batsy So true! 5mo
Branwen Ooooh great picks! 5mo
Annmcoop Does being on the run count as a road trip? Madam, Will You Talk? By Mary Stewart. When I was a girl, I found one of her novels at my grandmother‘s house and I was hooked. In this one the heroine races across south France while pursued by a mysterious and handsome stranger who may or may not be a murderer! I remember he drove a dark Bentley and he was hard on her heels. Made me think of that scene in To Catch a Thief, taking the turns too fast. 5mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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I forgot how funny this was! We‘re reading it for my Science Fiction before 1660 course…

that‘s right, you may have learned science fiction wasn‘t a thing until much later but this class makes a strong argument against that timeline

Picture of my dark purple lavender lemonade with butterfly pea flower and kaweco sport, two essentials for surviving class

Bookwormjillk Cool topic for a class! 5mo
Clare-Dragonfly Ooh, sounds like a fun class! 5mo
StaceGhost @Bookwormjillk @Clare-Dragonfly it really is! & the prof is brilliant— we‘re reading cavendish next & she just finished a book about her! 5mo
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Don Quixote | Cervantes
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Surprisingly funny and accessible. There‘s lots of wit and charm in these pages.

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Don Quixote Deluxe Edition | Miguel de Cervantes, Edith Grossman
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I first read the Grossman translation when it was released in 2003. I remember it distinctly because it was the most difficult book I had ever read up to that point, but I couldn‘t recall much about the story. Revisiting it on Audible, I have to say Don Quixote is made to be listened to. It‘s such a delight; I found myself smiling almost the whole time. Yes, it‘s long-winded but considering it‘s over 400 years old, it holds up surprisingly well.

BC_Dittemore As usual, I ran out of room to give the narrator their praise… George Guidall really brought Don Quixote to life. His voices for The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha and his squire Sancho Panza are exactly how I would imagine them. So, so good! (edited) 10mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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I liked the plot but I struggled to get through this just because of the style of the dialogue. I was falling asleep. Was it because I went back to work this week? Possibly. The weird thing is, I feel like this book could actually be redone in modern times about someone who loses their mind to media. I don‘t think I‘d re-read it, but I can‘t say that I didn‘t enjoy parts of it. Also yes, the reason I bought this for $2 was because it was $2.

Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Anyone done this before? My book friend and I gifted it to each other - it‘s called the Ultimate Reading Challenge, and there‘s a little reward for every prompt you fulfill. We won‘t read the same books, but we‘re both starting with “read a book that‘s been sitting in your shelf, unread, for more than a year.” Embarrassed to say I had a good handful of options, but I‘m going to read Don Quixote!

Don Quixote | Cervantes
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#manicmonday #letterQ @CBee @Librariana

📚 Don Quixote
✍️ Julia Quinn (for giving us Bridgerton the TV show!)
🍿 Queen of the Damned; Quantum Leap
🎤 Queen Latifah
🎶 Q.U.E.E.N - Janelle Monáe

Librariana 👑 Queen Latifah!! 🙌 She's fabulous! 12mo
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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#manicmonday #letterQ

📙Don Quixote
✍🏼 Anna Quindlen
📺The Queens Gambit
🎵🎶🎵 Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars By Queen Latifa

CBee How did I forget The Queen‘s Gambit?!? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ 12mo
CBee @TheBookHippie I mean literally one of the only Q words in songs and movies is QUEEN. Sheesh 😂😂 (edited) 12mo
TheBookHippie @CBee I have had that kind of day..........BAHAHAHAHA. OY. 12mo
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Don Quixote: World Classics | Miguel Cervantes
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Currently reading these.
📖 Don Quixote is so long. I am still only 46% through it.
📖 57% through Napoleon Hill's Gold Rules.

Wanting to finish these before the end of the month in between other reads.

Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Started this one a week or 2 ago. Still so much to go.

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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Superbly cool walking the streets of de Cervantes! So many statues and places are dedicated to him. He also has a street named after him, and this is the house where he lived and died.

Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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Another chunkster challenger crossed the finish line! Congratulations, Shawna! This one is still on my “to-be-tackled“ list.


mandarchy I love Don Quixote ❤️ it's amazing that something so old can be so much fun. 1y
squirrelbrain Congratulations @ChaoticMissAdventures ! 🎉🎉🎉 1y
Lcsmcat Congratulations @ChaoticMissAdventures ! It‘s a fun book, but a chunkster. 1y
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MaureenMc 🙌 1y
AmyG Hooray! Congrats!🎉 1y
slategreyskies Wow, congrats!! I‘ve been wanting to read this one too!! 🙌✨ 1y
Lindy Well done @ChaoticMissAdventures ! I enjoyed listening to Don Quixote on audiobook a few years ago. I hadn‘t expected it to be so funny. 1y
JuniperWilde It‘s on my list. Congrats! I‘ll get to it after grad school ❣️ 1y
Bookwormjillk Nice!! 1y
CoverToCoverGirl Well done! @ChaoticMissAdventures Congrats! 👏👏 1y
Megabooks Congratulations @ChaoticMissAdventures !!! 🥳🥳🥳 1y
BookNerd9906 Woohoo! 1y
ChaoticMissAdventures Thanks All!! It was a challenge and I ran out of steam towards the end, but yes - way funnier than I expected and so glad to have it checked off the TBR! 1y
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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Some months are just like that.

No bingos, but a fabulous vacation! I read a lot of things that there were not enough Free spaces for.

@thearomaofbooks #bookspinbingo

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Fantastic month!! 1y
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Don Quixote | Miguel de Cervantes
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With the help of 2,000 miles in the car last week I was able to finish Don Quixote with a mixture of listening and reading.

It wasn't my favorite classic ever and the last 200 pages were a bit of a struggle. But ✔️ made it to the end.
(Litsy has way too many options for tagging this book, it is very confusing, my copy is 891 pgs)

Amiable Yay! Great job! Is this your first completed chunkster for the year? 1y
ChaoticMissAdventures @Amiable this is .my first since finding your challenge! Storygraph says this is my 12th over 500 pages, but I would consider 700+.chunky so this is my 3rd the others being Kockland and 1y
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