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Possession | A. S. Byatt
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Two thirds through this audio #chunkster which I‘m thoroughly enjoying and 100% through the chocolate berry waffle that my daughter bought me for lunch 😂😂 As good as it looked!

Cinfhen OMG!!! That looks SO DELICIOUS 😋 ENJOY 1h
Ruthiella 😋 yum! 1h
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Love and War | John Jakes
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I wasn‘t sure if I‘d enjoy starting this book immediately after I finished North and South, but I am really loving it. The story began immediately after the first book ended, but it did not feel slow to start, like the first book did. The war has begun, but is not widespread yet. Most of the characters are anticipating their turn at fighting, which will come soon.

This book is over 1,000 pages!! I love a good #chunkster!!

EvieBee Wow! That‘s a chunkster indeed. 3d
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Magic for Marigold | L.M. Montgomery
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I had a great reading week.

Still reading the tagged #KindredSpiritsBuddyRead

I finished both Don‘t Touch My Hair and the book about butterflies.

I read both Pet and There But For The.

Now off to find something new to read 😊

Cinfhen So….what did you find to read?!! 1w
Cinfhen Ohhh, it‘s a bit of a #chunkster 1w
AnneCecilie @Cinfhen It doesn‘t feel that long, maybe that‘s because it‘s the final book in a fantasy quartet and I want to know how it ends 😀 1w
Cinfhen Enjoy 😊 1w
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North and South | John Jakes
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#currentlyreading I‘ve been planning to read this for years. No better time than now. I can‘t believe I haven‘t seen the miniseries.

I‘m about 100 pages in, enjoying it so far. #chunkster

AshleyHoss820 I have my Mom‘s paperback copy from the 70‘s! I keep meaning to pick it up! Maybe I should tackle it this summer. ☺️ 4w
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Remote Sympathy | Catherine Chidgey
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Starting this #chunkster #UpNext #HighExpectations despite the fact that my bookish bestie “didn‘t get on” with this one 😂

TrishB I‘ll be very curious to see what you think 😁 1mo
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A Court of Mist and Fury | Sarah J. Maas
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Wow! So good! Perfect mix of fantasy, suspense and romance. I understand the hype! Read this 624 page #chunkster in less than a week. Waffling between reading the next one immediately or taking a bit of a break to stretch out the story. Love, love, love this series! #BookspinBingo @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks I still haven't read these!! 2mo
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A Court of Mist and Fury | Perfection Learning Corporation
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Started this #chunkster and loving it!!!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Pretty cover! 2mo
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1Q84 | Haruki Murakami
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I can‘t help myself, I‘ve fallen into another #chunkster 😂😂

BkClubCare Yea. I have climbed that. 🥴 2mo
Centique @BkClubCare well done you! 😂 2mo
LeahBergen Wow, that IS a biggun‘! 🤣 2mo
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sarahbarnes I loved this book SO much! 2mo
Ruthiella 👍 I love a long book (if it‘s good, naturally!) 2mo
Dragon A strange but wonderful book 👍💚🐉 2mo
BarbaraBB It‘s fast paced though! Enjoy! 2mo
squirrelbrain Good luck! 😁 2mo
Centique @sarahbarnes @Dragon @BarbaraBB I‘m really enjoying it so far! (edited) 2mo
batsy That looks fun! I'll look out for your review 🙂 2mo
Jeg Don‘t think I could do it. So look forward to your review. 2mo
Centique @Jeg luckily the font is really big! 2mo
ReadingEnvy I liked this one! 2mo
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Europe: A History | Norman Davies
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I‘ve been having trouble sleeping lately, so I pulled this off my shelves. I started it more than 20 years ago, reached page 193 (my bookmark is still there) and got distracted by other books. I think I‘m going to see if it will be heavy enough reading (metaphorically speaking) to help put me to sleep. 😂 It‘s a #chunkster at over 1350 pages and it‘s been so long, I have to start at the beginning.

rachelk Regardless of the reason, setting a book down and picking it up 20 years later is amazing! I‘m inspired! 2mo
DivineDiana Agree with @rachelk Cheering you on! 👏🏻 2mo
Chrissyreadit I will be in your city tomorrow if you want to meet up this weekend. 2mo
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DGRachel @Chrissyreadit Gack! I meant to email you! I will send you an email later today, I promise!! 2mo
Chrissyreadit There is VEGAN Soul Food in Charlotte!?!?!? 2mo
DGRachel I am not surprised. For as long as I‘ve lived here (10years) I know pathetically little about the area. Not to mention it has grown exponentially since 2012. @Chrissyreadit 2mo
catiewithac Insomnia for the win (with reading)! 1mo
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