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Can You Forgive Her? | Anthony Trollope, Dinah Birch
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I'm really looking forward to tackling Anthony Trollope's Palliser series, starting with Can you forgive her?

All welcome to join in. This is a #chunkster so I'm happy to continue until we finish, however long it takes. Hopefully, not as long as The count of Monte Cristo 🫣😍

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A pretty good mix of fiction and non-fiction planned reading for June.
1-3) #rereadtheclassics & #Serieslove2023 @Andrew65 @TheSpineView
4) #NaturaLitsy
5) #Literarycrew #buddyread @Librarybelle
6) #Shesaid @Riveted_Reader_Melissa
7) #Authoramonth @Soubhiville
8-11) #14books14weeks @TheHeartlandBookFairy
12-16) #Netgalleygroup #NGGSummerSmashup

Bring on the sun, G&T's and a whole lot of relaxation 😌 🍸

AllDebooks The hashtags I haven't tagged anyone in are run by me. I also have a #chunkstermini and a #chunkster this month @Amiable Plenty to keep me busy and out of trouble 😊 1h
TheHeartlandBookFairy Fantastic! 1h
Amiable Nice list! 1h
Librarybelle Looks wonderful!! 1h
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The Covenant of Water | Abraham Verghese
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Yay!!!! My copy FINALLY arrived! I don‘t think I‘ll be able to resist it‘s pull @Cuilin

jenniferw88 I saw this in my indie bookshop yesterday - it's a real #chunkster! 1w
TrishB Just tempted by this online shopping at the moment…. 1w
Cinfhen It‘s MASSIVE @jenniferw88 @TrishB 😅 1w
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Cuilin Oh I understand completely. I‘m tempted too and there‘s nothing like mood reading. I haven‘t purchased it yet so I‘ll hold off for now as it‘s not exactly travel friendly. 1w
Cinfhen Definitely not a book to shlep around @Cuilin 😇 1w
RebelReader It‘s quite worth the heft! 💪💪💪 1w
Cinfhen I‘m excited @RebelReader 1w
Suet624 Purchased this one too. Hoping I actually get to reading it within the next year. 🤪 1w
Cinfhen I‘m slightly nervous because I‘m afraid it might not meet my expectations @Suet624 1w
Suet624 @Cinfhen yeah, me to. 🤞🏻 1w
jlhammar I'm 300 pages in and I think it's wonderful so far (and I loved Cutting for Stone). I've been taking my time with it, but hope to finish by the end of the month. Hope you enjoy! 1w
Cinfhen I‘ve only seen positive reviews and we generally agree on most books @jlhammar so your endorsement gives me hope😁 1w
BarbaraBB A new Verghese! I didn‘t know! 1w
Megabooks I‘m thinking of picking up a signed copy at Parnassus! 1w
Cinfhen Ohhhhh, a signed copy sounds fab @Megabooks when are you going to Parnassus ???? I‘m so jealous xx 1w
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Starting this one tonight. Holy #chunkster Batman! I‘m finally caught up, although I‘ll never finish this one by the end of May 🤣

GinaKButler One of my favorites! 1w
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I'm trying to do better with my non-fiction reading. This #chunkster was so informative and one I highly recommend. Whilst it is heavy on details that some may find excessive...it spoke to my history loving heart. #bookspin @TheAromaofBooks

ShelleyBooksie Hello pup ♡ 1w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 1w
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The First Man in Rome | Colleen McCullough
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I‘m almost certainly biting off more than I can chew with this #chunkster (at 1127 pages) but I‘m going to give it a try. This is my next ebook which will serve two purposes:
I‘ll still be reading it when I fly to Rome (how perfect, right?) in early June, so it fills my Italy obsession at the moment. And it works for #Australia #foodandlit in June because the author is Australian. @Catsandbooks @Amiable

Amiable I read this years ago —too many years of Latin classes in high school and college! I remember liking it, if that helps. 😀 2w
CatLass007 The Audible version is abridged. Abridging books is a sin against the natural order of things.😩 2w
Itchyfeetreader With the fear of adding to your chunkster problems if you are an Italy kick I recommend both the tagged book and it‘s second part called the splendour before the dark 2w
marleed I listened to this in my car commute to and from work years ago on audiotape! It was the book that got me hooked on audio format as an option. I kept a notepad in my car so I could jot down all the names ending in ‘ius‘! I must have renewed my loan 4-5 times because my commute was 20-30 minutes depending on traffic and there was no speeding up of a cassette tape! (edited) 2w
Catsandbooks Good luck with that chunkster! 2w
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Wonderful! I loved this epic story of a group of fascinating young people trying to make their way across the US to better futures while learning their backstories and cheering them on. They are each exceptional and unforgettable. Great on #audio! #BookspinBingo #chunkster @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2w
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The Fiery Cross | Diana Gabaldon
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🔷Love this series….this one was a doozy and should count for 2 books….1400 plus pages. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10967 #April #DoubleSpin

dabbe You've achieved #chunkster status! 🤩 4w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 4w
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The Golden Doves: A Novel | Martha Hall Kelly
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This #chunkster was such a very good and emotional post WWII read. I was instantly pulled into the story. This one has dual POV's and timelines but it's easy to follow and is done incredibly well. This author is one of my favorites and I highly recommend this read.

Noble House | James Clavell
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At nearly 1400 pages, this #chunkster manages to cram in quite a bit though the whole book takes plc in only a week! From business deals, espionage, weather disasters, horse races, a fire, feuds, romance and betrayals, this story of 1963 Hong Kong does keep the pages (delicately in this old copy!) turning. Written in 1981, it‘s interesting to see what attitudes have and haven‘t changed in the last 42 years. But the terms used show the book‘s age!

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