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Independent Bookstores (Book Guide): Independent Bookshops of the United Kingdom, Independent Bookstores of Canada
Independent Bookstores (Book Guide): Independent Bookshops of the United Kingdom, Independent Bookstores of Canada | Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Commentary (books not included). Pages: 78. Chapters: Independent bookshops of the United Kingdom, Independent bookstores of Canada, Independent bookstores of the United States, Infoshops, LGBT bookstores, Gotham Book Mart, City Lights Bookstore, Powell's Books, ABC No Rio, Attic Books, Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural, Weiser Antiquarian Books, Internationalist Books, Gay's the Word, Cody's Books, RampART, Foyles, Eighth Day Books, Pulpwood Queens, Cowley Club, Book Soup, Lambda Rising, That's Entertainment, Cecil Court, Shakespeare and Company, Gambler's Book Shop / GBC Press, Yottaquest, Mondragon Bookstore & Coffeehouse, Spartacus Books, Kepler's Books, Better World Books, Leary's book store, Oscar Wilde Bookshop, The Book Man, Nkiru Center for Education and Culture, Tattered Cover, Red and Black Cafe, American Booksellers Association, Vroman's Bookstore, Bookmill, Grolier Poetry Bookshop, Salon Mazal, Greetings & Readings, Book Sense, The Wooster Book Company, Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse, Civic Media Center, Booksmith, The Old Market Autonomous Zone, Poortgebouw, Firestorm Cafe & Books, Insoumise bookstore, Amicus Books, Printers Inc. Bookstore, Prairie Lights, Kroch's and Brentano's, Borderlands Books, List of independent bookstores in the United States, Harvard Book Store, Aqua Books, Infoshop.org, Iron Rail Book Collective, Better Books, Foreign Language Bookshop, Strand Bookstore, Pariyatti, Lucy Parsons Center, Glad Day Bookshop, Atuagkat Bookstore, McNally Robinson, John K. King Books, Trumbullplex, Kafe 44, London Action Resource Centre, John Cole's Book Shop, Ivar matlaus, Seminary Co-op, Camas Bookstore and Infoshop, The Odyssey Bookshop, Acres of Books, Mayday Books, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Watkins Books, Bluestockings, Bakka-Phoenix, Cream City Collectives, A-Space, Jura Books, Wooden Shoe Books, Amazon Bookstore Coope...
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Was having a kind of bad day (lazy coworkers) but came home to an OwlCrate, so I guess it‘s about balance 😌 also, it‘s sunny out?! Definitely have to get my audio walk on. 📖 #OwlCrate #books

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Enjoyed exploring Lake Geneva, WI USA this weekend and of course had to check out the book stores! Picked up a little book for a friends new baby coming, a few used books and a couple classics. #bookhaul #independentbookstores #romantsy

squirrelbrain Love the ‘Dust Bunny‘ name! ❤️ 2w
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It‘s been a great few day in NYC - made it to 9 bookstores! This is the final one - MacNally Jackson, full of beautiful books, particularly good cookbook section 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

LeahBergen You look very pleased with yourself! 😆 I love it!! 😘😘 3w
Mitch @LeahBergen we had such a lovely time pouring over books and finding new gems! (edited) 3w
LeahBergen I bet you did! All your photos have made me so jealous. 😆 3w
Bookish.SAM This is my dream road trip... NYC and so many book stores! 3w
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Celebrating indie bookstores by supporting Independent Bookstore Day.

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A few photos from both Avid Bookshop locations on Independent Bookstore Day

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I had a great day in Athens celebrating Independent Bookstore Day at both Avid Bookshops! The evening ended with a reading by Helen Ellis from her essay collection, Southern Lady Code!

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Happy Independent Bookstore day! I bought a few things for myself and a few things for some Litten friends. I loved that they had homemade cookies on offer and you could choose a free ARC with purchase ( I was there late in the day and still managed to snag a book from my TBR). This is my kind of holiday for sure.

Leftcoastzen One of my favorite stores ever!❤️ 3w
elkeo_TheBookDragon My favorite store! 3w
readordierachel 😍😍😍 3w
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Happy Independent Bookstore day littens! I was happy to discover a cute little bookstore today just around the corner from me. Got some great little gifts. I'll definitely be visiting this store a lot.

LiteraryinLititz I discovered a new closeby indie bookstore that day too! 2w
CaliforniaCay @LiteraryinLititz that makes me happy to hear. I hope to discover a different indie bookstore every year on indie bookstore day from now on 🤗 2w
teainthelibrary Heyyy! I‘m from Sacramento! I remember when Avid Reader used to be closer to the capitol - such a great bookstore. Have you been to Dimple Books?? 2w
CaliforniaCay @teainthelibrary Hey! No way! I love Dimple Books! I used to go to the one on Arden, but now I live so close to the one on Broadway. I just went last weekend actually, love that place 😁 2w
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DebinHawaii What to Eat with What You Read looks interesting. 😍 3w
Graciouswarriorprincess @DebinHawaii It is 25 authors and some recipes about their books. 3w
tpixie @Graciouswarriorprincess I saw that book and wanted to buy it too!! 3w
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Graciouswarriorprincess @tpixie. I couldn‘t resist. 3w
tpixie It‘s not worth resisting!! 3w
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Changing Hands fabulous sandwich board for Independent Bookstore Day.

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Happy Independent Bookstore Day! I celebrated by going to my local #indie #ParkRoadBooks where if you spent more than $100, you got a tote bag and a $5 credit for a future purchase! Woohoo!

Graciouswarriorprincess Wow! I just got the tote and the freebies along with some pins. 4w
DGRachel @Graciouswarriorprincess I think I am physically incapable of spending less than $50 every time I walk in that store! I didn‘t even realize they were giving away the totes until I was checking out and Nikki said “because you spent more than $100...”😂😂 4w
Graciouswarriorprincess Cool! I bought my tote several weeks ago because I was afraid they would sell out and they didn‘t have any today. I only got one book because next week is the library used book sale at the fairgrounds. I volunteer there and get free books. 4w
DGRachel @Graciouswarriorprincess Now you‘re really making me miss living in Raleigh/Cary. I didn‘t know they did a library used book sale at the Fairgrounds! 😭😭 4w
Graciouswarriorprincess @DGRachel Every year. Last year I got two boxes of books(about 60 books) free from volunteering at the sale. I can‘t wait til Thursday when it starts. 👍🏻😉 4w
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Happy Independent Bookstore Day!

Soubhiville ❤️📚❤️! 4w
Megabooks So cute!! 3w
tpixie I got a bag too! I love it!!! 🥳📚🥳 3w
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New bookstore opens Saturday, April 27.

The Lit. Bar website

Full article

wanderinglynn 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I love when new bookstores open. I hope the Bronx embraces it. 4w
squirrelbrain Another one to add to your list @mitch?! I‘m not sure you‘ll squeeze any more in but this sounds fab...! 4w
SW-T @wanderinglynn Me too! 4w
Mitch @squirrelbrain this girl will try her best ! 👍🏼 4w
Megabooks I saw this on Twitter. Sounds interesting! 4w
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jpmcwisemorgan Welcome to Litsy! 1mo
CrowCAH Welcome to the Litsy family!!! 📚 1mo
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Crazeedi Welcome to litsy!!🎉🎉🎉 1mo
LitsyWelcomeWagon Welcome to Litsy! Hope these #Litsytips by @RaimeyGallant http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU are helpful. There‘s so many fun things to do: book exchanges, buddy reads, photo challenges and more!#LitsyWelcomeWagon Thanks for the tag @DarcysMom 1mo
RaimeyGallant Welcome! 1mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🤗 1mo
rretzler Welcome to Litsy! 📖 Enjoy! 1mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Hope you're enjoying Litsy so far 📖💖 1mo
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The unbeatable combination of #booksandbeverage and baseball players! Anybody familiar with McNally-Jackson? It sounds like a road trip to SoHo is in order. #springintoreading


Susanita Oops! Wrong continent, but you get the idea. 2mo
Leftcoastzen Love them ! have not been to that location. 1mo
vkois88 Sounds fun! 1mo
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Book haul! 8 came from a secondhand bookstore & one is brand new from Barnes & Noble.

I read the first page of several books at B&N but since I‘d be paying full price, my objective was to get one that really knocked my socks off.

Can you guess which one is from Barnes and Noble?

~Magpie Murders
~The Guest Room
~The Crane Wife
~All the Missing Girls
~The Chalk Man
~About Grace
~Watch How We Walk
~The One I Left Behind

Texreader Watch How we Walk? 2mo
wanderinglynn That‘s a hard one because based on their spines, they all seem to be in very good or like new condition. 👍🏻 I‘m going to guess (edited) 2mo
Scochrane26 I really liked Wintergirls. Read it a few yrs ago, thought she handled the mental illness well. 2mo
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Butterflyamore @Scochrane26 Speak was just so good. I‘m looking forward to reading this and Shout. 2mo
Butterflyamore @Texreader Good guess but no. 2mo
Butterflyamore @wanderinglynn That is correct! 😊 2mo
wanderinglynn Wow! I can‘t believe I guessed right! ☺️ 2mo
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On vacation in Sedona Arizona. Ran into this cute little bookstore. The Literate Lizard. Small with a SouthWest feel.

SW-T Literate Lizard looks nice! Enjoy your vacation 😊 2mo
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Visiting Columbus, OH for work and found this wonderful place ❤️📚. Definitely worth the trip! #bookloft

cathysaid Loved visiting that store! It wandered and meandered and was filled with treasures. 3mo
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Look at the tote that will be available on Independent Bookstore Day.

Santhoshthomas Nice . Book lover 3mo
BookishMarginalia Love it! 3mo
Linsy Oooh, I need that tote! 3mo
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HardcoverHearts Dying! I will never need another tote but I can tell you right now that I will be getting this one. 😂 3mo
SW-T Nice! 3mo
LiteraryinLititz Great tote! I also wonder how they chose the specific books to depict. 3mo
Graciouswarriorprincess @LiteraryinLititz @SW-T @Linsy @BookishMarginalia @Santhoshthomas 👍🏻😉 @HardcoverHearts I know, me too! @LiteraryinLititz I don‘t know but my guess who be that these are books or authors showcased for IBD. 3mo
Viji Where could one purchase this lovely tote? 2mo
Graciouswarriorprincess @Viji It will be available at Independent book stores in April for Independent Bookstore day. It is lovely. 2mo
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Andover Bookstore: The 2nd oldest continually operating bookstore in the country! #exploring

SailorMoon I'm loving it!!! 😍💕🌙 3mo
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A book vending machine!
I don't know where this is, just saw this on Twitter. What an idea :D

nelehelen I love this! 4mo
ProfReader I love it!!! 4mo
tournevis It's in Toronto at the Monkey's Paw used book store. I've been more than once. Was 1$ per book (one looney) and now 2$ (a twoney). You never know what you're getting. I once got a treatise on the migration of the greater pike. Used it in collage. 4mo
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jy0tiar0ra @tournevis Wow, thanks for the info 4mo
StellaDz Been there and tried it! You get some crazy weird books! 4mo
jy0tiar0ra @StellaDz cool :) 4mo
ReadingRover This is freaking amazing!!! 4mo
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Stopped by the Starline bookshop in Chattanooga, TN today. Cute store with a friendly owner, and just a block down from an artisanal chocolatier. There‘s a whiskey store between them. It‘s basically a little block of heaven.


Hello my fellow Littens!! I‘m going to be in Greenville, SC area this long weekend and was wondering if there are any great little bookstores anyone could recommend in this area? Let me know please!! 🤓♥️📚📚

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How many of you live in NYC & the surrounding area? I run the Brooklyn Bookstore Crawl (bkbookcrawl.com) and we‘re coming back on April 27th on Indie Bookstore Day. Comment below if you‘re gonna visit a bookstore that day! 👇

Mccall0113 You may want to fix the date on the receipts. Currently reads 2018 on the web site. Looks like an awesome time! 4mo
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Good news for everyone who loves independent bookshops!! So pleased to see a rise in community spaces for books, reading and discussion.

I‘m making a late New Years resolution to buy from independent bookshops more in 2019! Tho there aren‘t any in my hometown so it‘s hard to make it my my most regular way of buying books. There are lots in London I want to support though! I‘ll make it a priority after work

SW-T Thanks for the link. That‘s great news 😊 4mo
Texreader Yay!! Good luck with your resolution! I‘ve been trying to buy more books IRL, even Barnes and Noble, rather than online to show support for these brick and mortar stores. 4mo
Freespirit After several years with no independent bookshop in our nearest town one opened several years ago and has gone from strength to strength. I buy a book nearly every visit! I am doing a service to the community by showing support😂😂📚🇦🇺 4mo
Tamra Yay! Yes, it‘s challenging when you live in a small town. 4mo
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charl08 Yay! 4mo
tracey38 So good to hear! 4mo
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Catching up on Day 6 #musicalnewyear

I cannot be left #onmyown in a bookstore. I can stay in there forgetting food, and time. And of course there‘s no telling how many books will follow me home..

Cinfhen TRUTH❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ 4mo
Kalalalatja Same 🙌🙌 4mo
Crazeedi YES!!!!😉😊❤ 4mo
vivastory Truth! 4mo
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How many of these have you visited?! 😁 I've been to 5 😑🤓.


Wannabe_Quijote Only 1...but I‘ve been to lots of others that didn‘t make the list! 4mo
JSW The top three. 😐 clearly I need to travel more. 4mo
Texreader Just one, sob. The Strand, but I‘ve been there three times! 4mo
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Lizpixie I wish there were stores like these in Australia! We have some great little independents, but nothing on the scale of The Strand or Powells unfortunately. I‘m planning a day out doing the rounds of some of the inner city stores like Gleebooks, Better Read Than Dead, Sappho & Berkelouw very soon I hope🤞 4mo
RealBooks4ever The best one, Powell's! 💜 (But secretly want to visit the rest!) 😆 4mo
Lea Three for me 4mo
Read66 4 for me 4mo
BarbaraJean Only two—Powell‘s and Green Apple Books. Ironically, neither of those are within easy distance of where I currently live, and there are a couple on the list that are close-ish but that I haven‘t been to yet! On that note: I can‘t believe that The Last Bookstore in LA isn‘t on the list! 4mo
Ruthiella I was at Skylight Books today in fact!😀 4mo
dgingo Sadly, only one! (Two, we if we count virtual visits.) Thanks for posting—time to add some of these to my list! 4mo
Blaire I‘ve been to 5 - strand, Powell‘s, books and books (yesterday!), Faulkner‘s, and many visits to politics and prose. 4mo
KarenUK Just 2.... the Strand in NYC and Books and Books in Miami... 4mo
Amiable 3. But I would argue that "cool" is in eye of the beholder, and this list is missing some good ones. 4mo
tournevis Been to Powell's and Faulkner's. I might have been to Trident, but I'm not sure 4mo
Amandajoy I have been to zero. Most of them are pretty far from the places I have lived. 4mo
WhatDeeReads Four: Strand, Powell‘s, Politics and Prose, and Women and Children First is my place. 4mo
Sungirl79 I have been to Powell‘s and Elliot Bay. 4mo
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Ready for Boston Christmas Shopping Day! Too many bookstores?

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If you live in the DMV, there‘s a new “pop-up” indie bookstore open in Old Town Alexandria by the Starbucks on S Union.


Stephuhhnieee YESSSS!!! I drive all the way to Manassas to McKay‘s (which ends up being worth it because, McKay‘s 🙌🏻) but this will be a nice spot to check out! 6mo
wanderinglynn @Stephuhhnieee She just opened Saturday, so she‘s still getting stock, but the store is super cute and has a lot of potential. 6mo
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I did a giant book grab at my local library over the weekend! (Last weekend... Ik I'm behind) but if you wanna see what goodies I found go check it out www.lookingglassbookshop.com/bookhaul
There were about 10 tables like this! Plus a ton of boxes under all the tables.

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I am here. Heaven.

cathysaid I was there in September. Agreed. It‘s heaven. 6mo
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Book haul from Gramercy Books in Bexley, OH. When I am overwhelmed and stressed bookstores are my happy place and an independent bookstore is even better!!

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I‘m a sucker for pics of pretty bookstores. ❤️

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November 10th-16th is the Love Your Bookstore challenge. Get out there and show your local (ideally independent, but any is good) bookstore your love 💕

www.loveyourbookstore.com has all the details

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Exploring this bookstore today. It‘s simply yummy inside. I have a feeling I will be buying a few today. #independentbookshops #London

Nute It looks pretty cool from the outside too! 7mo
AnneCecilie I visited this store twice on my 3-day visit to London this summer. 7mo
Samplergal @AnneCecilie I can see why! I only bought two books because of the weight of carrying them. But my goodness, that was inspirational! 7mo
See All 7 Comments
AnneCecilie I ended up buying a total of 9 books from them. I bought a lot of paperbacks and they‘re a lot easier to carry than hardbacks. 7mo
Samplergal @AnneCecilie love the size of the paperbacks here. Perfect! 7mo
Magpiegem @Samplergal excuse my ignorance but are paperbacks a different size in the states? Xx 7mo
Samplergal There are smaller paperbacks and then larger paperbacks. The UK appears to have one in the middle, which I like. Or maybe it‘s my imagination?? 7mo
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Heading out to Austin TX this Sunday. Any must see bookstores out there I need to visit? I figured if anyone would know, it was y‘all.

parttimedomestic Book People is amazing. The new Austin Central Library is so worth seeing, and they have a gift shop. If you don‘t have them where you are Half Price Books is a local used book chain and one of my happy places. 📚 Have a great time! 8mo
VinceReads @parttimedomestic Thanks for the recommendations! Sadly, my time there will be short, but will definitely try to check both those out. 8mo
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Philly friends!

Brand new bookstore open at 16th and Walnut!


BooksBikes12 ÀMAZING!!! Wish we had a book store like that in my neck of the woods. 8mo
britt_brooke So pretty!! 8mo
Leftcoastzen That is pretty! Always happy to see a new indie open, I hope they thrive! 8mo
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litenthusiast That looks beautiful! Next time I'm in Philly I need to check it out. Thank you for posting this. 8mo
saresmoore Beautiful! 8mo
BookBabe 😍😍😍 Gorgeous! 8mo
Kalalalatja Looks lovely! 8mo
AlaMich Wow!!!! ❤️📚📚📚 8mo
2BR02B Very classy! Love the decor. 8mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage I definitely want to visit!! 8mo
Aims42 Gorgeous 😍 8mo
JennyM Jealous! 8mo
Redwritinghood That looks lovely. Enjoy! 8mo
Shmemilina Ugh, right after i move away! I would‘ve been there all of the time! 8mo
Cathythoughts Oh how gorgeous ❤️ 8mo
TieDyeDude Thanks for the heads-up! 7mo
ErinGoBragh1011 @MicheleinPhilly have you been there yet? It's so much better in person and their selection is really good too. I stopped in and bought myself a birthday present. 7mo
MicheleinPhilly @ErinGoBragh1011 I haven‘t been yet! Which is probably a good thing for my bank account. My friend goes several times a week and buys something every time. 7mo
ErinGoBragh1011 @MicheleinPhilly wow! I want their bank account. I had 5 books in my hand and put them all down but one. I decided that I couldn't read if I didn't eat. Lol 7mo
MicheleinPhilly @ErinGoBragh1011 She buys a single book each time which I am physically incapable of doing. I like stacks. 7mo
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Oscar and I visited Moravian book store today. The oldest bookstore in the US. To see more of Oscars adventures look for #oscarmcears on instagram.

rather_be_reading wow!! awesome! 8mo
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I just discovered Juniper Books and OH MY GOD, I CAN‘T DEAL! All their books are so stunning, and I want them all!

Do any of you littens own some Juniper books? Then please show them off, so I can send them all the heart eyes 😍😍😍


KatieCarpenter Oh my gosh what is this??? 😍 9mo
Kalalalatja @KatieCarpenter I knoooow! An American publisher, which makes the most beautiful book spines 😍😍😍 9mo
KatieCarpenter Oh my gosh I want them all! Uh oh! @Kalalalatja (edited) 9mo
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JazzFeathers Oh my goodness! That Lord of the Rings edition!!!!! 9mo
robinb Amazing!!! ❤️ Thanks for sharing! 9mo
Itchyfeetreader I imagine their site is getting a fair few hits after this post. Beautiful! 9mo
Kalalalatja @JazzFeathers @robinb @Itchyfeetreader I want them all! Happy to share the beauty 👌 9mo
FantasyChick I've eyed their stuff for a while. *sigh* some day 😍 9mo
LeahBergen 😍😍😍 9mo
saresmoore What are you trying to do to me, Katja?! 9mo
Mc_cart_ny Never seen these before and I don't know ow whether to thank you or curse you! 😍 9mo
BarbaraBB This is #bookporn indeed... 😍😍 9mo
staci.reads Wow! I need those in my life! 9mo
erzascarletbookgasm Thanks for sharing, Katja, but oh, this is evil! 9mo
AnneCecilie So beautiful 😍 I want it all 9mo
Cinfhen Oh wow😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 9mo
Cinfhen BTW: you ready to release your playlist??? September is 2 days away!!!! 😜🎶🤟🏼 9mo
Kalalalatja @FantasyChick @LeahBergen @BarbaraBB @staci.reads @AnneCecilie their books are simply stunning 😍😍 9mo
Kalalalatja @saresmoore @Mc_cart_ny @erzascarletbookgasm I really want to feel bad, but at least now we can suffer together 😅 #sorrynotsorry. Their instagram is pretty drool worthy too 👌 9mo
BarbaraBB You‘re DJ‘ing next month with @Cinfhen ? Niiice 💃🕺 9mo
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen I‘m so ready! I made it last week, but thought it was better to wait till we got a bit closer 😄 I‘ll post it today 👍💃🎶 9mo
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB I am, and I‘m excited to show off some Danish artists 👏🎤 9mo
Cinfhen Can‘t wait !! I‘m excited for Danish artists 🎉🎉🎉 9mo
Andrew65 😍😍😍 9mo
Simona 😍😍😍😍Russian literature 🤤🤤🤤 9mo
BarbaraBB Cool! 9mo
Sarah83 Looks so gorgeous 😍 9mo
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Books Books Books Books Books Books Books Books Air Conditioning Books Books Books Books Books!

Breakwater Books in #Guilford , #Connecticut doesn‘t need to tell me they have air conditioning to convince me to stop by! #newbooks #bookstores #bookshops #newengland #independent

Amiable Do you live near Guilford? I live fairly close to there! And I work in New Haven. 😀 9mo
Megara @Amiable No way! I grew up in Guilford! I live up near Hartford and I‘m in Guilford visiting family, but I‘m actually just about to move away to Virginia. 9mo
mrozzz Love this store and the adjacent town green! 9mo
See All 6 Comments
Megara @mrozzz Guilford is beautiful! 😊 9mo
Amiable @Megara I grew up in North Haven! And my parents moved to Guilford when I was in college. Two of my brothers went to school in Guilford. 9mo
Megara @Amiable Shoot me an e-mail if you‘d like! I‘d love to get to know local book people. I‘ll be making trips back and forth between VA and CT to visit family, so I‘m certainly not disappearing! megara.christine@gmail.com 9mo
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Visiting my favourite book market 😍

RadicalReader @Sarah83 absolutely stunning photo especially when talking about beloved books 9mo
julesG Holler in time next time. 😉 9mo
ManyWordsLater Where is this magic? 9mo
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Mdargusch Yes! What @ManyWordsLater said 👆🏼 9mo
TNbookworm That looks like a wonderful place to visit! 9mo
tif I want to go here! 9mo
Sarah83 @ManyWordsLater @Mdargusch @TNbookworm @tif It's called Raesfeld and it is a little town in Germany. @julesG would be great for your kids. 😊 9mo
RealBooks4ever What a beautiful place! 💜 9mo
julesG We had fun at the swimming pool. Next time we'll be there at the castle/palace 9mo
Sarah83 @julesG swimming pool is also fun 😊 9mo
Tanisha_A I want to be there too! 😮 9mo
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Quick trip to Milwaukee meant a stop at this fantastic indie bookstore. I picked up some Book Darts and the #manbookerlonglist book, The Overstory. It was a good day.

Ofclumsywords I‘ve lived in Milwaukee my whole life and never been to this bookstore 😱 I think I‘m going to have to change that ASAP it sounds like a really cool bookstore! 10mo
Lola @Ofclumsywords Definitely check it out! They have an incredible schedule of author events, too. I had coffee and breakfast at Roast first (at Maryland and Locust). It was a perfect couple of hours in your hometown ❤️ 10mo
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catiewithac I had just ordered before I saw this! 10mo
Bronte_Chintz Love this! 10mo
kaysworld1 @catiewithac That's brilliant well now you know a bit more about it 💙 10mo
kaysworld1 @Bronte_Chintz Thank you 💝 10mo
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