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Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die | Other
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Ever since his creation, Sherlock Holmes has enthralled readers. Our perception of him and his faithful companion, Dr Watson, has been shaped by a long line of film, TV and theatre adaptations. This richly illustrated book, compiled by Alex Werner, Head of History Collections at the Museum of London, is an essential guide to the great fictional detective and his world. Using the museum's unrivalled collections of photographs, paintings and original artefacts, it illuminates the capital city that inspired the Sherlock Holmes stories, in particular its fogs, Hansom cabs, criminal underworld, famous landmarks and streets. Accompanying the landmark exhibition at the Museum of London, the first since 1951, this book explores how Arthur Conan Doyle's creation of Sherlock Holmes has transcended literature and continues to attract audiences to this day. Authoritatively written by leading experts, headed by Sir David Cannadine, this thought-provoking companion sheds new light on the famous sleuth and reveals the truth behind the fiction, over 125 years after the first Sherlock Holmes story was written.
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Decided to restart this series :)

#CurrentlyWatchingDrama @AkashaVampie

AkashaVampie Yay!!! Not sure if u wanna be tagged here but @LapReader 2y
AkashaVampie Are u doing season 1 or starting from a different season? 2y
ElizaMarie @AkashaVampie is @LapReader part of the list of people to be tagged on this #CurrentlyWatching stuff? Also please tag me on your #CurrentyWatching genres :)

I am still on season 1. I had started it back when you had suggested it when we were reading Sherlock on #NovelWatchingCrew .. But then got into other shows and well now I am back to Elementary (inspired by you a second time for this Drama month!)
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AkashaVampie @ElizaMarie Yes I believe @LapReader wanted to be tagged. I tag u in everything (i really hope u dont mind!!) I totally get being sidetracked by other entertainment!! haha and u are welcome 😁 2y
ElizaMarie @AkashaVampie Oh I like that you tag me in everything. I don't check litsy every day (I try to but because of work sometimes I don't) but yeah... this way I don't miss anything 2y
AkashaVampie @ElizaMarie yeah I understand. Every time I get on Litsy I have to scroll through to see if I missed anything good. 2y
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Which detective are you? Take this quiz.

Apparently I‘m Sherlock Holmes. 🕵️‍♂️


PathfinderNicole I got Sherlock too! 2y
eanderson I got Inspector John Rebus. I haven‘t read the series yet but I feel like I might like it! 2y
Andrew65 @eanderson Both my wife and I love the Rebus series, I strongly recommend it. 2y
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janeycanuck I‘m Poirot... which I feel is very not like me. I think it‘s because I picked Brussels as my city! 2y
tdrosebud I'm Jessica Fletcher 2y
inthegreensandblues Rebus! I haven't read the series yet but recently the universe has been dropping a lot of hints. 😆 2y
Sparklemn Jessica Fletcher 😊 2y
Andrew65 @inthegreensandblues This is the biggest hint. 2y
Andrew65 @janeycanuck I chose Edinburgh yet ended up with Sherlock. 2y
Laughterhp I‘m Jessica Fletcher (I‘ve never seen Murder She Wrote before my time) 2y
Bluebird John Rebus. Never heard of the series. Guess I need to add it to my tbr mountain 😂 2y
Andrew65 @Bluebird It‘s an excellent series. One of my favourites. 2y
Andrew65 @Laughterhp It was classic TV. (edited) 2y
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Very interesting Sherlock story.

Full review here:


This one was my #julybookspin #doublespin book

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2y
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Just a note to say that we have reached the funding goal for Through a Glass Starkly: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure. If you‘ve backed this, thanks so much. If you haven‘t, there are still plenty of great rewards available. Thanks for your time and here is the link. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mxpublishing/through-a-glass-starkly-a-sher...

Richryan52 @TheSpineView Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated 2y
Richryan52 @BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks. This one was a struggle but I like the way it turned out 2y
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My new Sherlock Holmes mystery, Through a Glass Starkly, is due out October 8. If you back the Kickstarter campaign, you will get the book early, save $$ and help@a small publisher. Wins all around. Thanks! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mxpublishing/through-a-glass-starkly-a-sher...

Richryan52 @hes7 Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? 2y
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“The game is afoot.”

What Sherlock Holmes book did you pick for this month? Why? (Photo)

 Mrs. Smith went to the police claiming that her vintage necklace was missing. When the police arrived, they saw no signs of a break-in. Only one window was broken. There was a total mess inside the house and dirty footprints all over the floor.  The next day, Mrs. Smith was arrested for fraud. Why?

When answering the mystery, please use the spoiler tag!!

AsYouWish @AkashaVampie Thanks!!! I am so use to just putting the usual tags, forgot to add the new ones!!! 2y
AkashaVampie @AsYouWish its totally fine... thought I'd help out! 😁 2y
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My mum gifted me this box set many moons ago when I was Sherlock obsessed, long before he had such a huge resurgence in pop culture (Sherlock & Elementary both bringing different things to the table) - and I picked up little Sherlock with rope legs from a tourist shop on Baker Street...

Do you have any favourite travel souvenirs on your bookshelves?

ravenlee When I was in Iceland I found a bookshop with a nice selection in English and bought two small volumes of folktales. Someday I‘ll go back and add to the collection. 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Great box set and I love your little Sherlock! 2y
Lindy What an adorable Sherlock! My bookshelves are littered with travel mementos but I hadn‘t given them much consideration (beyond the fact that I like them) until your post. 2y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @ravenlee, that‘s so cool! 2y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @Lindy, my bookshelf is also littered with travel mementos - I love having reminders of my travel adventures 2y
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Finally cleared a space for my only bookish birthday gift! And I‘m hoping that it‘ll inspire me to read through my TBR stack 🤪

LeahBergen That‘s great! 3y
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I found this article interesting. I never realized the impact library fines could have on someone. I think it's really great libraries are doing what they can to benefit the community they're part of.
I also find it nuts they spent more money trying to collect fines than the fines were worth.

KathyWheeler I‘ve seen articles that say that libraries that have dropped fines have seen higher rates of returns for their books as well. 3y
BookNAround A librarian friend of mine said abolishing fines is the best thing her library has ever done. 3y
Patchshank @BookNAround @KathyWheeler yeah it seems like a great system. Everyone wins and saves everyone money. I can't wait to see if it catches on. 3y
Sweetkokoro My library hasn‘t completely removed fines they just removed them from certain types of books, such as Childrens and YA books which no longer have fines and they have seen a huge increase in books being checked out. Other types have a small fine increase but not by much but no one has complained so it seems to be working! 3y
KathyWheeler I work at an academic library, and we‘re kind of lax about it. We haven‘t officially abolished fines, but we forgive a lot of them. We also hold a lot of events such as “Fines for Food” — you bring us non perishable food, we forgive your fines and donate the food to the university‘s food pantry. 3y
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I found the audiobook for the complete Sherlock Holmes series on YouTube. I'm excited about the narrator most. It's narrated by none other than Stephen Fry. I know what I'm listening to today!

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Of course, the detective himself.

#london #uk #sightseeing #sherlockholmes

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My friend surprised me today with this lovely Sherlock Holmes coffee cup! It‘s the best when friends know exactly what you‘ll love. ❤️

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This Sherlock Holmes one if probably my favorite!

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Hey Littens!!! I have a reader in trouble! She's looking for books set in turn of the century London, preferably mysteries, that are similar to Christie & Doyle. Also, books in the Austen style but not too dramatic or sappy, something with a good story. Tag your friends & let's get my friend a good selection!! Thanks! 😘

Lel2403 Josephine Tey and George Bellairs are similar to Christie but not set in London. In the UK though 4y
IamIamIam @Lel2403 Thanks! 4y
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Mdargusch I loved this one 4y
Sarah83 Are you talking about me? 😂 4y
Sarah83 Maybe this one? 4y
IamIamIam @Sarah83 LMAO!!! You guys are reading twinsies!!! It's my interwebs friend, Rachel. She's an avid reader and nurse and she loves quizzing me on what to read next! 😁😘 4y
Sarah83 Sounds like that 😊 4y
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i‘ve read every book. i‘ve seen many adaptations. i love sherlock holmes and john watson. also they are gay and in love. i‘d be happy to talk to anybody who has questions about them. or questions about author conan doyle

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Now that @TCLinrow has shared her box, I can share the bookmark I made! 😄
This was my first piece of cross stitch in a while and it has encouraged me to pick it back up again. I might even try to finish the back stitch on a massive king tut piece I was doing. #conandoyleswap #crossstitch

readordierachel That's so cool! Well done! 4y
DebinHawaii Very cool! 😍 4y
Sophoclessweetheart Well done Laurie. It‘s lovely! 4y
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Cathythoughts Great new pic ❤️. And fab bookmark work 👏🏻👏🏻🎉 4y
TrishB That‘s fab 👍🏻 4y
CSeydel Gorgeous 🤩 4y
Tanisha_A This is awesome! 4y
batsy Love it! 👏🏽👏🏽 4y
Mdargusch Wow! Great job! 4y
BethwithBooks I love this so much 4y
erzascarletbookgasm Love it!🕵️‍♂️ 4y
Betty I‘m gob-smacked at this!!!! You‘re talented 4y
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And as a book lover, a silent companion is great when you just want to read! 😂
@TCLinrow I have one thing left to finish and then your box will be on its way to you for the #conandoyleswap 😄 hoping to post it mid next week.

GatheringBooks love this quote! :) 4y
BeckyK Haha so true! 😂 4y
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Some help for my #conandoyleswap partner 😄
I've read so little crime/thriller/mystery this swap is to help me broaden my horizons.
1. I do enjoy the Sherlock adaptations, both Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller are awesome.
2. Both, but I am vegetarian so a lot of sweets are a no go.
3. I love bookmarks, totes, anything practical!
4. Either 😊
5. On the sofa, in my spot!
6. I love all the twists and turns in Robin Hobbs books.

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What a lovely day!! It was so sunny and lovely out I walked to pick up my #feedareader package 📦 and it was so delightful I can‘t even express! @blithebuoyant , I loved the Texas theme - I was born in El Paso! You did so wonderfully with the foodie part of it, and I can‘t wait to make up a sheet cake. I teach 7/8th grade so I know just the crowd to feed...

TricksyTails 👏😊♥️ Yay!! Awesome goodies! Love those little Texas pasta shapes! REESE‘S! 😋 4y
ReadingRover That pasta is fabulous!!! 4y
CSeydel Love it! 4y
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blithebuoyant I found them at Kroger! 😂 That's so cool that you were born in El Paso! I've never actually been, I'm from DFW. Girl let me tell you, that sheet cake is lovely. I need to go grab some powdered sugar so I can make some. 4y
blithebuoyant And there are no raw onions! 4y
heikemarie @blithebuoyant 🤣 yes, thanks for saving your cake with raw@onions recipe for someone else 💜💜 4y
blithebuoyant I have plans to send that cake to @LoverofLit 4y
LoverofLit I'll take any cake you wanna send my way! @blithebuoyant 4y
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Taking the lad to see Sherlock Gnomes today! That‘s a good intro to Sherlock for a 6 year old right 😂

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I'm in! Fantastic #conandoyleswap being organised by @Beckykearns
I've hardly read any crime/thrillers/mysteries so this will be fun! 😊

BeckyK Yay!! :) 5y
Sophoclessweetheart I‘ve just joined last minute 😅😅💛💛 4y
laurieluna @Wanderingwithwords 🙌 that means @Beckykearns should have an even number now 😂 x 4y
BeckyK Yay! I do. Thanks Littens 😘❤️😷 4y
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Sixty hours worth of Stephen Fry reading Sherlock Holmes. He is so perfect I can‘t even. 💜 📚💙 📚💚 📚❤️ 📚🧡

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I am very gradually working my way through this fantastic audio Sherlock Holmes collection, read by the inimitable Stephen Fry.

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🍁Happy Fall🍁 Thrillers, crimes, and mysteries are great to read during this time of year, and Sherlock Holmes is always a good choice when it comes to that category 🔍 #crime #mystery #fallreads

Nute Sherlock Holmes is a much loved favorite of mine! 4y
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Any litsy members in the Nyc area?

Richryan52 @AndreaReads I'm doing a book signing on oct 12 if you're in the area (edited) 5y
AndreaReads How exciting! I wish I was in the NYC area--I've never been there before! I'm out west in good ol' Utah... 5y
Richryan52 @cobwebmoth thank you for adding my name 5y
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cobwebmoth You're very welcome! 5y
Richryan52 @cobwebmouth now I just need you to take a chance on one of my books 5y
Richryan52 @AndreaReads well if you like a good Sherlock Holmes mystery, I can recommend a couple 5y
No_One Nope, Canadian here. NYC is such a great city! 🍎❤ 5y
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For those into anniversaries, this month marks the 125th anniversary of Conan Doyle's great detective.

No_One Wow had no idea! 125 yrs since the first book was published, I assume? Like great music, great literature stands the test of time! 5y
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This is the prettiest book I've ever owned. I'm so glad someone donated this to the library. Also, I love Sherlock Holmes. ❤️

tpixie Welcome! To Litsy!! Check out LitsyBookClub! 5y
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Who is your favorite literary character? I'm partial to Sherlock Holmes

Melkyl I love Scout Finch. She is so honest. My students and I talked a lot about why Lee would choose to have such difficult content shared through the eyes of a child. It led to great discussion. In addition to her honesty, I just find Scout hilarious. 5y
Richryan52 @Melwilk I too love Scout. I guess Holmes sticks out because he's seemingly everywhere. Scout was confined to one book until recently. I'm also partial to Gandalf. 5y
Melissa_J Anne of Green Gables. I love her spirit. 5y
Melkyl @richryan52 I love Holmes as well. I think talking to him would be so intimidating, though! I didn't think of Gandalf, but he is one of my favorites too. I think the common thread is that I admire brains and wisdom in a character tempered by sympathetic attitude. (edited) 5y
Richryan52 @melwilk Nicely put 5y
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Hoping Sherlock Holmes would get me out of my reading slump. 😂 First time reading about Sherlock, and so far so good!!! This fuels my love for mysteries even more. 💖 Xoxo

#books #bookphotography #bookish #bookworm #bibliophile #booklover #bookblog #bookaddict #bookaholic #vsco #vscobook #blogger #vscophilippines #sherlockholmes #arthurconandoyle #mystery #adventure

ardentlyreading I've just finished reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes a few days ago and I loved it!❤ 5y
Richryan52 @ardentlyreading I write Sherlock Holmes tales. Check out the Vatican Cameos. It's been well received 5y
Richryan52 @dreathebibliophile you just can't beat the Great Detective 5y
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This was my first Sherlock Holmes book and I thought it was pretty amazing! I also like this cool classy cover. ☺️ I'm also a big fan of the TV-show "Sherlock", mostly because of Benedict Cumberbatch. He will be my all-time celebritycrush? He's such a handsome man?? This pictured drawed a good friend of mine. :)

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Jede hat ja seine Lieblinge, bei mir ist es definitiv Sherlock Holmes. 😍🕵💂

Everyone has his favourites. My favourite is definitely Sherlock Holmes. 😍🕵💂

#obsession #maybookflowers

jenniferw88 I have that 🦆! 5y
LeahBergen Wonderful! 5y
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Eyelit Yes! 💜🕵️ 5y
Yanes Ich sollte mich auch endlich mal daransetzen die Reihe zu lesen. Ich schleiche immer drumherum und greife dann doch zu nem anderen Buch. 5y
Sarah83 @Yanes Darf ich dir einen Tipp geben? Lies immer einen Sherlock dann was anderes. Dann hast du da mehr von. Ansonsten rauschen die Geschichten an dir vorbei. 😉 5y
Yanes Den Tipp nehme ich mir gern zu Herzen. Dankeschön. 😄 5y
Sarah83 @Yanes Hab es auch damals so gemacht. Am Stück konnte ich es auch nicht lesen. 😍 Welche Ausgabe hast du? 5y
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This post contains spoilers
show me
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I got my Bookish Box today and I adore the Sherlock Holmes socks! 💕

Read4life I have those socks. Love them!! 6y
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"It was with a wound-it was worth many wounds-to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of revelation."
-Dr. Watson

Richryan52 Great quote 5y
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Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die | Alex Werner, The Museum of London Group
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Faibka Beautiful! 6y
Sarah83 @Faibka I really love sherlock in all kind of ways. 😙 6y
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