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What Remains
What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, and Love | Carole Radziwill
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The author traces her life and marriage to Anthony Radziwill, President Kennedy's nephew, in an account that describes her work as a journalist, her friendship with JFK, Jr., and his wife, and her husband's struggle with terminal cancer.
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A quick and memorable read

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Feeling a little eerie about having finally plucked this off my pile of books today of all days, when the prologue opens twenty years ago yesterday with the deaths of JFK Jr. and Carolyn and Lauren Bessette. #whatremains #caroleradziwill

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I wasn‘t prepared, even though I was warned....this memoir is a true life tragedy.
It should have been a fairytale but neither of theses couples got their happily ever after.
The first half of this book was a little flat but midway through I was hoarding Kleenex and ignoring everyone around me. Carol Radziwill has earned a special spot on my women I admire list.
#NonFiction2019 #Hoopla #Audio

TrishB Lovely review 👍🏻 11mo
CoffeeAndABook Wow, this book sounds fascinating. And on The Stack it goes 🙃 11mo
ClairesReads I really found this one so affecting too (edited) 11mo
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Reviewsbylola So. Many. Tears 😭 11mo
Bklover Think I‘ll add this to my stack. Sounds good. In a sad sort of way. 😢 11mo
Cinfhen It was really sad and it felt so personal to relive those final hours of JFK Jr‘s life @Bklover @Reviewsbylola @ClairesReads @CoffeeAndABook @TrishB and her late husband Anthony Radziwill sounds like a really remarkable man. Get your tissues!!! 11mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Such a hard family to read about...it‘s always tinged with such tragedy. 11mo
Cinfhen I absolutely agree @Riveted_Reader_Melissa It‘s really unimaginable how much tragedy that family has endured 11mo
KarenUK I keep trying to prepare myself for this one.... it‘s on my shelf.... just never brave enough to pick it up... 11mo
Cinfhen It‘s only the last 1/4 that‘s REALLY REALLY REALLY sad @KarenUK if that helps 😉😘 11mo
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Woohoo 🎉A new month means 5 new Hoopla requests- here‘s request #1
I really admire Carole Radziwill ~ she‘s feisty and real 🙌🏻It took a bit to get used to her voice but now about halfway through I feel like Carole & I are coffee buds. She‘s really unloading 💔

AlaMich Am I the only one scheming to use my spouse‘s library card to get a second Hoopla account=more borrows? No? Just me then...😉 11mo
Coleen I‘m allowed 20/month on my Hoopla. Don‘t hate me! (edited) 11mo
Cinfhen What??? @Coleen that‘s 4 x more than me 😫😫no hate, but super jelly 11mo
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Cinfhen That‘s a VERY good idea @AlaMich I‘ll be working on that this summer ~ brilliant 11mo
8little_paws We're allowed 10 11mo
Suet624 You only are allowed 5? That‘s strange. 11mo
AlaMich @Suet624 We only get 6. I think they lowered it, actually, but I‘m not sure. It‘s based on what your particular library agrees to pay for. (edited) 11mo
irre We‘re allowed 7 which is usually enough for me. I have been thinking in the same lines as @AlaMich We have 3 other library cards in the family. 😃 11mo
Cinfhen I used to get 8 requests but starting Jan 2019 they lowered it to only 5 @irre @AlaMich @Suet624 @8little_paws 11mo
eri.reads We used to get 8 and now down to 2 😑 11mo
8little_paws @eri.reads two!? That's too few. 11mo
eri.reads @8little_paws IKR! It broke my heart, but I've been rallying other book lovers from my local library to bombard them with emails, etc. about why it's not enough. I hope it works lol. 🤞 11mo
8little_paws @eri.reads I get keeping costs down, but 2 makes it nearly pointless. Maybe split the difference with 4? 11mo
Suet624 @AlaMich @Cinfhen The joke is on me. I just checked. I can only have 3 at a time and only 5 holds. 11mo
Centique We don‘t have Hoopla but we have Libby. Is it similar? I can get ebooks through Libby, must try an audiobook and see what that‘s like through the Libby app - be nice to get one for free! 11mo
AlaMich @Centique They are very similar. Libby is more directly linked to your library in that it‘s more of a delivery system for the ebooks your library already “owns.” Hoopla is a self-contained entity with its own collection of audiobooks, ebooks, movies and tv. The nice thing about Hoopla is that there are no limits on how many people can borrow a particular title st once, as there are with regular library ebooks. (edited) 11mo
Centique @AlaMich thanks for explaining 😘 11mo
Cinfhen I would absolutely try an audio @Centique it gives you the freedom to do other things while still feeling like you‘re spending time with a book. I find for me ONLY NF works, especially if it‘s read by the author. My favorite audios so far have been Born A Crime, Not My Father‘s Son Trauma Cleaner and 11mo
Cinfhen That really sucks @eri.reads and 3 isn‘t much better @Suet624 😡 11mo
Centique @Cinfhen I‘ve done a few on Audible like Born A Crime which was awesome. 😍Yeah I think I can do memoirs or maybe simpler fiction but I struggle with anything that needs me to concentrate. I get distracted too easily! I‘ve been listening to SPQR but I keep missing important bits and rewinding 😂😂 11mo
TurtleLibrarian My best advice is if you want your library to have more Hoopla borrows per month get everyone you know to use it... a lot. Hoopla is amazing, but it is one of the most expensive eContent services out there too (mostly because of the simultaneous loans). Which is why so many libraries have Overdrive (they're the company, Libby is the name of their App) and not as many have Hoopla. (If you're in MA get a BPL eCard and you can get 10 loans). 11mo
Cinfhen Thanks for all the info @TurtleLibrarian 💚I wonder if PA has an ebook library card... do you know @Librarybelle 11mo
Librarybelle @Cinfhen Technically, PA does not have a statewide card. However, through the generosity of the Free Library of Philadelphia and various state grants/moneys, PA residents can apply for a Free Library card to use their eresources. My library system uses cloudLibrary, so we promote Free Library to our patrons who use Kindles (cloudLibrary can only support Kindle Fires, due to an Amazon/Overdrive agreement). @TurtleLibrarian that‘s cool about BPL! 11mo
TurtleLibrarian It is awesome @librarybelle And, you're welcome @Cinfhen And the thing from Free Library of Philadelphia sounds a little like the BPL thing. 11mo
Cinfhen I‘ll look into the Free Library card @Librarybelle thanks so much 💓#LibrariansRock #BetterThanGoogle 😘 @TurtleLibrarian 11mo
Librarybelle Thanks, @Cinfhen ! 😘 11mo
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#TimbitTunes The tagged book has been lingering in my #BookOutlet cart for months. It‘s a book I want to read but don‘t want to read because I‘m sure it‘s going to be so heartbreaking. It was a #BlackDayInJuly when JFK Jr plane disappeared after a stormy night takeoff. Carole Radziwill was a close friend of the couple & they were related through marriage. It‘s her account of this tragedy coupled with the illness of her husband.

LeahBergen That seems like yesterday. 😩 11mo
Cinfhen 1999 @LeahBergen crazzzy!!!!! 11mo
Crazeedi This was just a tragedy 11mo
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Cinfhen Yes, it‘s a moment you don‘t forget @Crazeedi like when Princess Diana was killed or you learned Michael Jackson has passed away😢😢😢 And obviously the towers falling will forever be etched in my psyche 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It‘s so sad, but so good!! 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cinfhen you forgot Prince💜 11mo
Cinfhen You‘re right!! @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks but I honestly don‘t remember where I was when I heard about Prince. 11mo
Sweettartlaura You know his aunt, Lee Radziwill, just died, yes? Jackie‘s younger sister. 11mo
BarbaraBB Did Lady Diana‘s death make such an impression in the States? I wouldn‘t have imagined! And yes, I too can remember exactly where I was when hearing of her death, Michael Jackson‘s and 9/11 😢 11mo
Cinfhen Yes, I saw that @Sweettartlaura Lee Radziwill was Carole‘s MIL. 11mo
Cinfhen Yes!!!! It was massive in the states @BarbaraBB Diana was so beloved 😍 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cinfhen I was at work 😭😭😭 we all made little symbols for our badges !! (edited) 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @BarbaraBB it did on me,,, I remember where I was that night too... 😭😭😭 11mo
TrishB This does seem like yesterday 😔 time flies.... 11mo
KarenUK I did actually buy it from book outlet but now it‘s lingering on my shelves for the same reason!#infinitetissueread 😢 11mo
Reviewsbylola Amazing book! I still remember when I first heard his plane went missing. I need to reread this one. 11mo
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Congrats on your milestone!! 🎉🎁🎈🎊 The tagged book is one of my favorites ❤️ Thanks for the chance to win!!


Cinfhen Still want to read this...I hear its sad 😔 1y
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1) rest, read, pool day Monday, book club Sunday, visit with my mother and aunt...
2) ✅
3) Charleston, South Carolina
4) pet gorilla 🤷🏼‍♀️
5) 84 degrees

@Hollie @Jas16 @NCNY


Hollie I‘d go with a gorilla too. Sloths are too smelly! 1y
JoScho Come visit Charleston and we can meet ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @JoScho I want to so bad!! I visited there when I was in high school and fell in love with it!! 💗💗 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Hollie 🤥🤥🤣🤣 1y
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The author of the book had quiet a life, obviously! The career, the trips, the people; few of us experience a life like she did.
BUT she is not a writer. Not even a little bit. She jumps from one thing to another, introduces new characters as if everyone knows who they are (and maybe New York readers know but not here on the other side of the Atlantic), etc.
All in all feels like a diary, and why would one read a diary of someone they do not know?

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If you're sick of seeing me post about this book, I apologize in advance - but NO book has ever #keptmycrying like this one. Ever! Not even close! Something about the impending doom that I knew was coming had me crying from the first page... And I didn't stop until the end 😂😭

Ps. You can imagine the hours I have lost going down the Carolyn Bessette/Google rabbit hole 😳

Cinfhen My favorite housewife ~ what a tragic loss ~ so sad😭😭😭😭 2y
C.Perone I‘ve heard this was an amazing read. Thanks for reminding me about it - I wanted to read it years ago 2y
Reviewsbylola Yeah I might need to reread this. I felt the same way. And I fall down rabbit holes like that all the time. Yesterday a comment on the DM article of the lady dying on the SW flight had me googling a Honolulu flight from 1988 where the roof ripped off a plan mid flight and a flight attendant was sucked right out. 😰 2y
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Pamwurtzler I need to check this out! 2y
Mdargusch Good choice. That was so devastating. 😭 2y
emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola damn I need to research that 1988 flight... Or not - I can‘t shut up about this SW flight and I‘m driving alex nuts!! 😆 but the horror!!! I can‘t stop thinking about it. 2y
Reviewsbylola I know, it‘s so awful. I can‘t even imagine. Another flight that I spent a lot of time researching awhile ago was the one Travis Barker was on that crashed. (edited) 2y
ClairesReads I thought this book was so good too! 2y
LauraBeth I LOVE this book - and her! I initially read it because of the loose tie to CB and JFK Jr. I still know exactly where I was, what I was doing and who I was with when that plane went down. I was obsessed with CB! That said - I wasn‘t prepared for the emotions I felt while reading this book. 😭 2y
Meredith3 Omg I was googling and wikipedia-ing the entire Kennedy family today and plane crashes so I definitely read about them for awhile today! I need to read this book 2y
ValerieAndBooks I‘ve been meaning to re-read this one! And the Kennedy family is so big, that it‘s a huge rabbit hole to fall into every time! 2y
Dragon I read thus one a few years ago and really enjoyed it. A definite 3 Kleenex read 👍 2y
keys_on_fire My second not-so-secret reading obsession! 2y
L_auren Catching up on Litsy and I‘m 100% with you on this!!! 2y
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I loved this book. I picked it up for a $1.00 at the local thrift store and got lost in the author‘s world for a couple of days. Although a lot of people seem not to like Carole Radziwill, I found her honest, engaging, imperfect and real. It is very sad. Hard to believe anyone can survive so much loss, in such quick succession. Highly recommended.

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Found this one for $1.00 at a thrift store. It is very beat up and has pages falling out, but so far is very good.

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I‘ve used this book for a prompt before but I love it so much here I go again! Radziwill‘s memoir about the untimely death of her best friends JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette ( #bigjetplane ) and then 3 weeks later, her husband Anthony (cancer) is so wrought with sorrow and grief but also immense love for the 3 friends she lost. The tragedy of knowing the ending that‘s coming kept the tears continuously flowing for me 😭

L_auren Love this book SOOOO much 2y
Cinfhen I NEED to read this! Thanks for the repost✈️🙌🏻💕I love Carole #RHNY 2y
Reviewsbylola Soooooo good. 2y
kbuggle This one was great.. I really enjoyed it- and I'm not a RH watcher 2y
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"How can the same person who reads Tolstoy on vacation watch The Real Housewives in bed while eating cheetos and drinking beer?" —The Husband

Because you hit the lotto on finding someone well-rounded...

Laura317 This. This is perfect. 2y
readordierachel 😂😂 2y
Robothugs Don't question the process. Just look upon the glory of it in awe. 🙌🏻 2y
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CocoReads Renaissance Woman! 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Hahaha! 👍 2y
Christy2318 🤣🤣🤣🤣 2y
Bostonmomx2 Tamra's "daughter in law" is a friend of mine. But good god I hate these nasty plastic women, Tamra is the worst. The things I know about her....ugh! 2y
Bookzombie 😂😂 2y
peaknit Only an awesome person can be so versatile!🙌🏼 2y
PacingTheCage And now I want some Cheetos 2y
alanacristin 💘 2y
Reviewsbylola Your husband is funny. 😂 2y
stacybmartin 😂🙌🏼😂 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage 🤣🤣🤣 2y
RealBooks4ever 😄😄😄 2y
ApoptyGina69 Same! Well, similar-I'll read Tolstoy on vacation and easily binge reruns of BevHills, or the OC, or Melrose, etc. It's cuz we enjoy the adventure wherever it takes us! 😀😎 2y
Reecaspieces 😂😂😂 2y
JacqMac Love this! I forgot the Cheetos and beer while I watched today. 😂 2y
Leelee08 Yessssssssss.❤️ 2y
MariaCristina We contain multitudes. 2y
Notafraidofwords @Bostonmomx2 omg is this true??? I can't believe the things her daughter says about her! 2y
Bklover 😂😂😂 2y
aeeklund Ohhhh this made laugh. I love it!! 2y
EvieBee 🙏 2y
BarbaraBB 💪😘 2y
QuietlyLaura Reading makes us well-rounded! I'm reading Dickens but also watching 90 Day Fiance on Sunday nights. 😄 2y
Izai.Amorim Touché! ? 2y
youneverarrived 😂😂😂 2y
minkyb Just makes you more alluring! 2y
[DELETED] 206653737 Love it! RHWONY is a guilty pleasure of mine as well. 2y
KarenUK The Mexico trip was hilarious... Best ever! 😍 2y
LauraBeth @Bostonmomx2 There's worse things to know about her than what she shows on camera?! @Notafraidofwords (edited) 2y
LauraBeth @KarenUK that will go down as one of their best trips ever - it was good to see them enjoying each other. 2y
LauraBeth @bookish22 They're my favorite RHW ❤️ 2y
LauraBeth @minkyb not sure the husband would agree 😂 2y
LauraBeth @Izai.Amorim 😂 2y
LauraBeth @ReadsWithTea I've never seen that! *adds it to be recorded* 😂 2y
LauraBeth @JacqMac I should have had some tequila 😀 2y
LauraBeth Exactly @ApoptyGina69! 😀 2y
LauraBeth @Reviewsbylola he thinks so 😂 2y
LauraBeth @dltpacngthecage we only have them in the house because we have a 13 year old. Did that sound believable? 😀 2y
LauraBeth @CocoReads 🙌🙌 2y
LauraBeth @peaknit 🙌🙌 2y
LauraBeth @Robothugs I'll tell him that 😀 2y
LauraBeth @Laura317 🙌😻 2y
Laura317 @LauraBeth I fear that could blow the man's mind. 😱 Let us know how that goes. 😂 2y
monkeygirlsmama @LauraBeth Hmmm I think the beer with Tolstoy would pair beautifully, but I worry the cheetos might give you messy, orange fingers which would then transfer bright, prints to Tolstoy's pages. Hmm, let's see. I've got it! Get the husband to hand feed you said crunchy, dusty goodness while you read the book and handle the beer. 😂 2y
[DELETED] 206653737 Mine too. ❤️ 2y
LauraBeth @ReadsWithTea I watched 90 Day Fiancé. OMG! I had no idea this existed. I had to start with season 2 because directv didn't have season 1 available for streaming. 2y
QuietlyLaura @LauraBeth You watched it! 90 Day Fiancé is such a mess! I was intrigued by the concept but the results portrayed in the show are less than promising. 2y
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When I say this book made me cry I mean I pretty much teared up on page 1 and sobbed intermittently throughout. If you're in the mood for a good cry this is the book for you! Not to mention Radziwill is a beautiful writer.

Skyler Yes! LOVED this book. 3y
Yournewfriendsams I love Carole. Need to read this. 3y
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Lola I thought this book was absolutely beautiful. Loved it. 3y
Dragon Cried too😢 , enjoyed the book . 3y
ClairesReads Omg so true this was super emotional! 3y
Reviewsbylola Such a great book. 😭😭😭😭😭 3y
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#5555giveaway I don't read many nonfiction books, but this is one I will always remember ❤️

Megabooks The Kennedy family is always fascinating! 3y
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I don't read many nonfiction books, but this one was sad, but good... #MOREORLESS

emilyhaldi Omg this book killed me!!! I cried almost the entire time 😭 I think she's an incredible writer. 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @emilyhaldi I did too 😔 I read it years ago, but still think about it!! 3y
Jess_Read_This She's a great writer. A questionable Real Housewives of New York cast member on Bravo at times but a terrific writer 😂 3y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jess_Read_This I didn't know that!!! 3y
Jess_Read_This @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yep!! I loved her in her first season, but last season she was kind of a follower mean girl. I hope it was just because of shady Bravo editing. She was always one of my favorites! #confessions I watch Real Housewives shows 🙈 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jess_Read_This I will definitely have to check it out!! I've never watched any of them!! 😱😳 3y
Jess_Read_This @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🙈Don't judge me by my television viewing habits. It's pure escapism and don't expect a Golden Globe worthy program 😂 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jess_Read_This hahaha!!! I won't!!!! We all have shows like that! I have been known to watch a few episodes of the kardashians!! Sometimes you're just flipping through and wonder what all the hoopla is about!! 😳😂 3y
Jess_Read_This @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😊Definitely start with her first season on the show. She talks about writing this book, her husband's death, the aftermath, writing, and coping. She is an interesting lady for sure. 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jess_Read_This thanks!! I will, it would be interesting to hear after reading it... 😊 3y
celtichik If you have hulu you can start the series from the beginning....I started season 1 episode one during spring break and am somewhere in season 7 now, can't seem to look away...I read the book when it first came out and am now listening to her reading it on the audiobook. 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I don't have it, but I want it to watch The Handmaid's Tale 😊 3y
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I read this book two years ago and I STILL think about it. A lot. Don't be afraid of the Real Housewives thing - if you've ever loved someone and lost someone, it'll resonate 💕

Ellen Agree, I picked it up at a used book and was so pleasantly surprised by the writing 3y
Cinfhen I like Carole, I mean I don't know her but she comes across as pretty sane 😊I'm interested in reading this although one housewife accused Carole of using a ghost writer, It was quite a fight! It was the blonde with the prosthetic leg... 3y
LauraBeth @Cinfhen oh I forgot about that ? I think there's just enough of this that ventures out of the shallow end of the pool to make me believe she wrote it herself - but I guess we'll never know. She does seem to be a writer at her core from what I can tell. I think since those shows can be scripted to follow a storyline - it wouldn't surprise me if that was thrown out there by the writers of the show. This season looks good with the new "socialite" 3y
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LauraBeth @Ellen the writing was much better than I expected 3y
Reviewsbylola I loved this too! 3y
Cinfhen I haven't been keeping up with the housewives 😕but I agree Carole comes across as the real deal. Im going to read this one... 3y
LauraBeth @Reviewsbylola it's one of those books that leaves you pleasantly surprised 3y
ValerieAndBooks I read this long ago, when it first came out. It was good but I didn't keep my copy and sometimes wish I had. I always thought how sad it was how her husband died so soon after his cousin JFK Jr did 😢 3y
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How painful. How beautiful. How vulnerable. How brave. A truth behind a perceived fairy tale that ended so sadly.

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I was pretty impressed by this book. Carole Radziwill takes the reader through some of the darkest, most depressing moments of her life but in a way that doesn't get the reader down (does that sound as selfish as it felt to write it?). Brutal honesty and humility; loved the vulnerability and candor.

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After watching "Real Housewives of New York" (I KNOW ?), I was super curious about this memoir written by Carole Radziwill. Really interesting so far! Didn't realize her husband was JFK Jr's first cousin and that his wife was Carole's best friend.


Enjoyed the personal touches included.

Miznanner It is one of my favorite books having to do with grief and grieving. I thought she did an excellent job. 4y
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Approachable, journalistic, and yes, heavy-hearted, Radziwill brings you right into the fold of her experiences traveling the world & working her way through the ABC network ranks; of slowly losing her husband to cancer; and suddenly losing their friends in a plane crash just weeks before his death.

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