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Bingo!: how to improve your odds | Andrew Bowser
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This book is your guide to the game, from the basics to the advanced strategies that will help you come home a winner.
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I know I'm a few days late on this one, but it looked like fun!

@EclecticReaders #bookwormbingo

EclecticReaders Nice!! 1mo
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21/25 Not bad 😎

Got this from @EclecticReaders 😊

EclecticReaders Awesome!! 1mo
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EclecticReaders Nice!! 1mo
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#bookwormbingo @EclecticReaders Thanks for the fun bingo!
I have never been to a book signing event, and while I have gotten very sleepy while reading, I have never got to the point where I could not put my book aside and tuck myself in. At least not that I can remember, lol. I am guilty on all other counts.

EclecticReaders Awesome! Hope you make it to a signing event one day, they are really fun! 2mo
RaimeyGallant I'm so close! 1mo
Gezemice @RaimeyGallant so close to finishing it? 1mo
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RaimeyGallant Everything except the ones about re-reading. :) 1mo
Gezemice @RaimeyGallant you don‘t re-read? 1mo
RaimeyGallant Nope. :) 1mo
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There‘s not many of these I haven‘t done. I‘m close to having read all of Jodi Picoults books but I‘m not quite there. I also didn‘t check the $50 one because I don‘t know what that would be in my currency but I never did that while in the States.

EclecticReaders Awesome!! 2mo
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EclecticReaders Woohoo! 📚 2mo
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At first I couldn't think of an entire series i had read twice, though I'm sure I must have in childhood. Then I realised - Hitchhiker's Guide. @EclecticReaders

EclecticReaders Amazing!! 👏🏻 2mo
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At first I couldn't think of an entire series i had read twice, though I'm sure I must have in childhood. Then I realised - Hitchhiker's Guide. @EclecticReaders

Bookgirl All the boxes here! I‘m not sure if that‘s good or bad 😂😂 2mo
Lauredhel @Bookgirl I mean... I feel like a lot of them are a pretty low bar! 2mo
Bookgirl @lauredhel especially for Littens!!! We live for this stuff! 1mo
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I‘ll play because I can‘t fall asleep! I‘ve done quite a few! @EclecticReaders

KathyWheeler I‘m having sleep issues too. 😞 2mo
Megabooks @KathyWheeler I‘m sorry! It sucks. 👎🏻👎🏻 2mo
rretzler Yes, I‘m up worrying at almost 4am and can‘t get to sleep. Thought I‘d check Litsy one last time before trying again to sleep. 2mo
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Megabooks @rretzler I hope your worries aren‘t too serious. 💜 I‘m in central, so fortunately it‘s only 3 here. 2mo
rretzler Not too serious - just my younger son trying out for a club soccer team and which team is the best for him next year. 😄 2mo
EclecticReaders Very nice!! 2mo
Megabooks @rretzler I hope you were able to get to sleep. Good luck to your son!! 2mo
Megabooks @EclecticReaders Thanks! 😁 2mo
rretzler Eventually for about 2 hours. Really dragging today! Thanks for the luck - he‘s getting the short end of the stick because we don‘t play politics but believe that hard work and skill can get you somewhere and in the world of club soccer it‘s more about who you know and not what you can do unfortunately. 2mo
Megabooks @rretzler I don‘t have kids, but I remember that from when I played tennis my whole childhood. My dad had to start showing up for every match and some practices to get me to proper seed in high school when I switched school districts. I suddenly went from 7 to 3 when my dad started coming. 😒😒 Ridiculous!! 2mo
rretzler It‘s crazy! And doesn‘t teach the right lessons - well, maybe it teaches reality, sadly. 2mo
Megabooks @rretzler He wasn‘t even harassing the coach. Just sitting in the bleachers. My mom is handicapped, so she couldn‘t come. I was just lucky my dad could take off work. I wish they would take all the politics out of sports!! 2mo
Megabooks @rretzler No it doesn‘t. I just wish it were based solely on skill. So many great players get passed over! 2mo
Megabooks @rretzler Hey Robin! I hope things went well today! 🤞🏻👍🏻 1mo
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Megabooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
julesG Yesss! 2mo
LibrarianRyan ⭐️👍🤓 2mo
tournevis Twinsies! 2mo
EclecticReaders Woohoo!! 🥳 2mo
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Easy - except that I don‘t really recall that I ever liked the movie version better than the book. Maybe, The Princess Bride, but that was a toss up. Actually just thought of one - The Polar Express was a much better movie than book! So got them all! #bookwormbingo

EclecticReaders The Princess Bride is a pretty popular choice for that square! Great job! 2mo
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EclecticReaders Nice!! 2mo
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That was fun! #bookwormbingo

EclecticReaders Awesome! 2mo
Reviewsbylola Glad you didn‘t lose a book! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 1mo
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola 😆 Me, too. And surprised! 1mo
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EclecticReaders Nice!! 2mo
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BINGO! Haha almost did not cross off the “liked the movie adaptation more” until I remembered Girl Interrupted.

bookishbitch I thought The Jane Austin Book Club movie was better than the book. 2mo
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I‘m everything except a re-reader. I rarely do it, and haven‘t ever read a book more than twice. I might have checked out 5+ books at once—when I was a kid. But I don‘t think I have as an adult.

Clean copies of the #bookwormbingo available at @EclecticReaders — thanks for this! 📚♥️

EclecticReaders Nice job! 2mo
LogiKitty I'm not much of a re-reader either :3 2mo
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BAHAHA I love all of this. As to my ONE unchecked, I rarely fly (don‘t take a lot of vacations and have only flown 4 times in the past 6 years) and I always take an e-reader for the plane. I can‘t justify airport $ markups. This is so fun! #bookwormbingo @EclecticReaders

umbrellagirl Monday I will buy a book at the airport on your behalf 🙂 2mo
Hestapleton @umbrellagirl hahaha wonderful! 2mo
EclecticReaders Awesome! Glad you had fun with it! 2mo
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EclecticReaders Woohoo! Bingo for days!! 2mo
tournevis 👏👏👏 2mo
TheLibrarian Super Bingo!! 👏🏻 2mo
Megabooks 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2mo
vivastory Very impressive! 👏🤘 1mo
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Book Bingo 😍
Check out @EclecticReaders for an empty one

EclecticReaders Great job! 2mo
BooknerdsLife Wow! 👏🏼👏🏼 1mo
SarahHarts_books Yay!🎉🎉 3w
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A respectable showing, I think. #bookwormbingo

Edited because I realized I did spend more than $50 one time. I had Barnes & Noble gift cards that I needed to use up on a trip down to the States.

EclecticReaders Nice!! 2mo
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#BookwormBingo - I think I nailed it 😂

Check out @EclecticReaders for an unmarked sheet and play along!

DivineDiana I think you did! 2mo
EclecticReaders We think so, too! 😄🎉 2mo
CoverToCoverGirl Indeed you did! 2mo
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Blackout for #bookwormbingo! Thanks for sharing @EclecticReaders!

wanderinglynn Awesome job! 🙌🏻 2mo
ju.ca.no Good job🤩🤩 2mo
readordierachel 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2mo
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#bookwormbingo Hey, this is cool @EclecticReaders ! I have done a lot of these things!

EclecticReaders Very nice!! 👏🏻 2mo
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Not bad! #BookwormBingo. Check out the original post by @EclecticReaders

EclecticReaders Wow, very nice! 2mo
Megabooks 👍🏻👍🏻💜🥳 2mo
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@EclecticReaders Thanks for this cool bingo board!

EclecticReaders Wow, awesome!! 2mo
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The credit goes to Eva vs the World on Instagram for creating this fun Bingo board, and we thought we‘d share it here for other fellow bookworms to participate. 😊 Screenshot the image and then in your own post use the brush tool to check off the squares you‘ve done. Tag us in your post so we‘re sure to see it! #BookwormBingo

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6 squares in January, not too shabby. #BookBingo2019

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It wouldn't take much work for me to get a bingo on this board! Taken from the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy twitter. 🚀🧙‍♂️🐉🌠

AlaMich Cool board! 6mo
Soubhiville That‘s really fun! 6mo
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Excited for the Winter Bingo card from prettydeadlyblog.com

Let me know if you have any suggestions for books to fit the squares 😊

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I am getting so close to finishing my #litsyreadingchallenge2017 bingo card. 😃

This long #thankfullyreading weekend, I plan to finish 2-3 more of them!

freyaheart Part of the rules of magic is in the 70's 2y
freyaheart I recommend it!! Lol there you're covered. 2y
sprainedbrain @freyaheart 😂 Thank you! I had White Teeth picked for that one, but it‘s always nice to have options. 2y
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freyaheart For the over 150 years space 2y
sprainedbrain @freyaheart that one is on my list for another challenge. 🤓 2y
Cinfhen Yay! 2y
Gezemice So cool! Mine is too depressing to look at. I read books just not the ones on the card... 2y
sprainedbrain @Gezemice I know what you mean... I‘ve read soooo many books this year, but somehow haven‘t finished any of my challenges with the books I already had and planned to use. 😬 2y
Liz_M Oooh, thanks for the reminding me to post an update on my own bingo challenge! 2y
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Can you mark off 5 squares easily? 😉

LauraBrook I can check off all of them except for the blanket forts. ❤️ 2y
CouronneDhiver I can relate to 23 of them. Lol 2y
AllenTStClair 19, actually. 😂 2y
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The_Literary_Jedi 19 for me! 🙌🏽📚 2y
Maike Yeah...20 😂 2y
Cinfhen Yup! like 20! 2y
Suelizbeth 19. 🐈 2y
batsy Definitely around 20 😎 2y
Sue All bar about 2 😂 2y
slategreyskies 13. 🎃 2y
LauraJ All of them! 2y
Oryx 21 ☺️ 2y
Lizpixie 22 2y
lauren.lerner 18 + free space 😉 2y
riversong153 16 + free space 2y
tif 21 + free space. I'm heartened to see I'm not alone in these strange behaviours 😂😂 2y
Redjewel_7734 Pretty much all of these are me 😊 Looks like I‘m in good company 2y
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I'm late to the party but decided to join #TBRBingo. So many unread books on my shelf that I *really* do want to read. If I can get BINGO before year end, I'll be so happy!

Cinfhen It's a great motivator 💕💕 2y
merelybookish @Cinfhen That's good to hear! 2y
WhatDeeReads Great! Welcome to the tbr bingo family. Thanks for joining us. 2y
Laura317 You can do it!! 2y
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So I still have quite a few books to read for various reading challenges!! I'm am starting to feel the stress! Does anyone have any recommendations for

-With girl(s) in the title or
-About music/theatre??

PetuniaCraftyKneecaps This "girl" title book is super good! 2y
drokka A few music ones: 2y
See All 20 Comments
Nat_Reads Station for sure! @drokka 2y
brilliantglow For "girl" I recommend all of the following: The only girl in China, the girl who played go, the girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making 2y
EllieDottie @PetuniaCraftyKneecaps Yes! I totally agree! I actually read this book last year and really enjoyed it!! 2y
EllieDottie @Nat_Reads I've been meaning to read that! 2y
EllieDottie @drokka Thank you! Yes! I've been meaning to read station eleven! 2y
EllieDottie @brilliantglow I actually own the only girl in China!!! I had totally forgotten!! Thank you 😊 2y
EllieDottie @Booksandcooks Music for wartime sounds super good!! Thank you! Also I love your user name! Reading and cooking are my too favorite things! 2y
brilliantglow You're welcome! It's such a great read 2y
Megabooks Thanks! 😀😀 I used to have a blog with a similar name. I gave MFW 5⭐️ 2y
Nat_Reads It's fun and quick!! 💃 2y
Gezemice The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series if you want less girly... Hamilton, the Revolution for music/theatre; Hagseed for theatre 2y
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Gettting some Bingos on my #Litsytbr !! Yay me!!

LauraBeth 🙌🙌 2y
AmyG Wow! Yes, yay you. I haven't even picked up a book yet from my bingo board. 😳 2y
Booksnchill @Laura317 nice job👍 2y
Redwritinghood 👏👏👏👏 2y
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Decided to see where I am with the Litsy Bingo Reading Challenge. (Helps me if I go pen & paper.) I still have 8 spots to fill. Which is okay, I guess. 😐
Can anyone recommend a short work of nonfiction about food/drink? Or about music/theatre? (Also short. 😜)

See All 11 Comments
DebinHawaii Laurie Colwin's essays about food and cooking are among my favorites. They are classics and about 200 pages. 🍽📚❤️ 2y
JazzFeathers You have nearly completed it! 👏👏😁 2y
batsy You're doing well! 2y
andrew61 Toast by nigel slater.- great card. 2y
merelybookish @JazzFeathers @batsy Thanks! Turns out I had another spot filled. Unbeknownst to me I have already read a book by an author my age. So that means 7 left. 😃 2y
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#tbtbingo should be able to knock off 3 more in the next few days.

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This is my #TBRbingo card for my #kindlefirst reads. I have a free space because I'm one book short 🤷🏻‍♀️That will go to the October book, because I'm under no delusions that I'll clear this board any time soon. 😂

awishman What a good idea! 2y
WhatDeeReads Looks great! Thanks for joining us 2y
MatchlessMarie I'm so mad at myself that I barely found out about the perk of the Kindle First books a few months ago 😭 I think I am gonna prob try and finish the ones I do have in December and then get my act together in 2018 😜 2y
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I decided to join lots of other #littens and do the #tbrbingo. I would like to have read these books within the next six months, so by the end of February I should be done. Let's see.
I'm also joining the #Litsypartyofone this weekend as I have no other current plans.

Cinfhen It's a great way to clear your TBR 2y
Boghunden @Cinfhen I'm way past the point where I will ever clear it... 😂 2y
Cinfhen Hahaha😂😂true! 2y
WhatDeeReads @Boghunden Thanks for joining us! 2y
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Okay, the generator and I aren't doing all that well but IT IS FINALLY ALIVE!!! #tbrbingo

I think it looks very shouty with all those single words on the black but ah well, Sir Ranulph (author of Fear, Cold and the rather trend breaking Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know) would probably approve! Now, onwards toward Bingo and glory! 📚📚📚

WhatDeeReads Let us read! For tomorrow we... read more! 🍻 2y
GlassAsDiamonds 😊😊😊🍻 I can drink to that. 2y
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(3/3) And finally, these are the nonfiction titles I'd like to hit by the end of the year. #TBRBingo

Wish me luck!

@WhatDeeReads Shockingly, this exercise has not helped my TBR at all because I ended up adding 30 more books I'd like to read in this lifetime. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

WhatDeeReads Ah well, at least now you have them organized in front of you. It's helped me stick to the titles on the card, not buy more, and decide what I'm reading next much faster. It's helpful. I promise! 2y
CouronneDhiver Wow- very ambitious having three cards! Best of luck 😊 2y
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I've finally, finally "narrowed down" my TBR for @WhatDeeReads' #TBRBingo. Nope, I did not consolidate my #ReadHarder TBR into this (I have like 4 tasks left on it which shouldn't be a biggie), but I have ended up with THREE Bingo sheets. ?? HALP!

(1/3) Here's all the new fiction releases I want to get to.

BookishFeminist Three?! 😂😂 I hope you have a lot of reading time carved out! 2y
theshrinkette @BookishFeminist This surgery recovery came at the best time if I'm being real honest 😂😂😂 2y
jenniferw88 @BookishFeminist I have 4 #TBRBingo cards! 😂 2y
WhatDeeReads I have two, but they have at least two titles per square. Good look including upcoming titles. (edited) 2y
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I've seen others doing this so I'm going to jump on the bandwagon in an effort to decrease some of my TBR books that I own (some digital, some paper). Some of these are older titles that have been on my Kindle for awhile...looking forward to finding some hidden-in-plain-sight treasures! 😊 #tbrbingo

Texreader Such a good idea! I need to get on this bandwagon too! 2y
robinb @Texreader I'm looking forward to it! It made me actually sit down and look back through my Kindle at all the "overlooked" treasures...so many I had forgotten I had because I kept adding newer ones on top of them. ? 2y
WhatDeeReads @robinb Thanks for joining us! I think you're our first serious romance reader. So excited to see your review of Day of the Duchess. I got it for my birthday. 2y
WhatDeeReads @Texreader Please feel free to join us! 2y
robinb @WhatDeeReads I'm looking forward to Day of the Duchess. I ❤️ Sarah MacLean! I actually ONLY read historical romance for a loooong time. But then I discovered historical mysteries and urban fantasy and well, there is more to life than just romance....😳😜😆😂 Thanks for the welcome...happy to be here! 2y
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ok, I'm going to join in on the fun! the titles on my card are a mix of physical books and ebooks, with lots of different genres represented. hopefully it will help motivate me to read some neglected book purchases! #tbrbingo

WhatDeeReads Nice! Love this background. 2y
Megabooks Lots of good ones on there! 2y
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Hope you can read this 🙈 I saw a few of these around, and thought I would join in! Here's my #tbrbingo I want to at least make one bingo before getting any more library books! (Since I've been getting mostly library books lately)

robinb I should try this too! 2y
robinb It might help me with my huge backlog on my Kindle. 😂 2y
adventuresthruwonderland @robinb That's what I'm hoping at least haha. 😂 2y
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I probably won't actually "play" this as a reading challenge, as it will take quite some time for me to complete, but I still thought it would be fun to make one and see how long it takes to get a bingo. ? #TBRBingo

WhatDeeReads No time limit. Take your time. 2y
Megabooks The Veins of the Ocean ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2y
SauerPatch @Booksandcooks I think I picked that from your post actually 😊 2y
JazzFeathers Great lineup 😊👏 2y
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Trying the #tbrbingo ! Can't remember whose post I saw it on, but thank you! It's a great suggestion and as we're trying to save for a small trip, it came at a great time. No books until bingo!

MaleficentBookDragon I think a lot of us have Final Girls on our bingo cards. We should read it together. 2y
bookdrunkard78 @MaleficentBookDragon I think that's a fabulous idea! 2y
Megabooks Is there a template for making those? 2y
See All 8 Comments
bookdrunkard78 @Booksandcooks I meant to add it in my post! I did mine here: www.myfreebingocards.com 2y
LauraJ You've got some great reads there! 2y
WhatDeeReads The Weird Sisters is good. It was my first Shakespeare retelling some years ago. 2y
CouronneDhiver Great choices - this should be fun! 2y
JazzFeathers Such a great lineup of titles 😊👏 2y
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I decided that #TBRBingo would be a good idea to get through some stuff on my shelves and start some series I bought and haven't touched. Seriously...some of these have been sitting on my shelf for years!! These are only physical books I own. I am not counting ebooks. Let the fun begin!

MaleficentBookDragon Some good choices on your card. 2y
WhatDeeReads I also have a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns I need to read. 2y
FantasyChick @WhatDeeReads I have had it for too long untouched. I hear such great things about it, too!! 2y
FantasyChick @MaleficentBookDragon thanks :) I know there are some less than interesting books there too but I really needed this push to finally get to them and get them off my shelf lol #hoarder 2y
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Let's see if I can keep the buying ban in effect until I get a #TBRbingo
These are all physical books I own. When I make Bingo I can buy more. I'm not going 😜; I'm doing four rows not five. 🤣
@WhatDeeReads @EvieBee

AmyG My buying ban won't last..but it will push me to read these. 2y
WarpedSweetness That's a really good idea! 2y
WhatDeeReads Girl Waits With Gun is so good. I listened to the audio last year. I haven't gotten to the sequels yet though. 2y
See All 10 Comments
WhatDeeReads @WarpedSweetness Feel free to join us! 2y
WarpedSweetness @WhatDeeReads Thanks! I think I might. Maybe this will help me stay on track and get through my huge TBR. Lol 2y
EvieBee Nice list here!! Lab Girl is one I should have put on my list. It's been on my shelf for awhile. 2y
SheilaChew What a fun idea! 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Great idea! Lab Girl is excellent by the way! 2y
MaleficentBookDragon I'm starting this one today. 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Nice bingo card - glad you're joining the crew! 2y
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Realized today I got a 5 across on the #litsyreadingchallenge2017 card. Also, belatedly realizing I kept saying the author of Sweetbitter was Samantha when her name is Stephanie...Littens, why you no correct me, eh? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Jess7 Congrats! 🤓🤗🎉🎉 2y
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Anyone else doing The Ripped Bodice Summer Read-Along Bingo? I'm definitely going to need recs for some of these. My current read is going to have to take the free square.



drokka Nope, but probably will now. 2y
LauraBrook I've seen this a few times and I think I'm going to give it a try! 2y
Bianca @drokka @LauraBrook Yay! There's a thread in the SBTB Goodreads group for keeping track of the challenge and recs. 2y
drokka @Bianca Thanks for the info. Off to join the group. 2y
EloisaJames I love it!! 2y
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