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The Once and Future King
The Once and Future King | T. H. White
The Once and Future King is a collection of four works of Arthurian fantasy. The book includes The Sword in the Stone, The Queen of Air and Darkness, The Ill-Made Knight and The Candle in the Wind. It's the story of Arthur, as he becomes King, the romance of Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere and the adventures of Merlyn the wizard.
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It‘s a great day for some porch reading!

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Doing some porch reading with Rolo today. Hoping to do a fair chunk of the tagged today because it feels like I‘ve been trying to read this forever.

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@TheSpineView (thanks for the tag; you, too, @Eggs! 🤩😘🤗)

1. My mom. When growing up in the 70s, she raised four daughters on a meager income and only $35 a week in child support. And we all turned out okay. 😃
2. There are four books in the tetralogy TOaFK, but Wart as Arthur in THE SWORD IN THE STONE is my favorite--one of the most selfless characters I have ever read. 🗡️
Play? @AmyG @TheLudicReader @Aimeesue

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! Happy Tuesday!❤️📖 2w
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This map was for the 1st book in this tetralogy: THE SWORD IN THE STONE. 💚

Eggs Looove this map 🩵💛🖤 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Perfect 🗺️ 1mo
dabbe @Eggs 💚💙💚 1mo
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THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING remains in my top five favorite books of all time. Book 4 is titled CANDLE IN THE WIND (way before Elton John's song, btw). 🕯️🕯️🕯️

IndoorDame ❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
dabbe @IndoorDame 🖤🩶🖤 3mo
Gissy 🕯❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
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Eggs ❤️🕯️🖤 3mo
dabbe @Gissy 🖤🩶🖤 3mo
dabbe @Eggs 🖤🩶🖤 3mo
Aimeesue Now I have to find the Guardian piece - TOAFK is one of my favorite books 🩶 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🖤🕯️🖤 3mo
Aimeesue @dabbe Thank you! 🩶 3mo
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Working on the new episode

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What a lovely romp through the Arthurian legend. I liked the tongue in cheek delivery and philosophical tangents. And although you know how it‘s going to end, it still hurts. Poor Arthur at the end. And now I‘ve got Camelot on the TV because it‘s been in my head throughout. Thanks to @AvidReader25 for hosting the #oafkingalong and spurring me to take this off my TBR!

batsy So glad it was a pick for you, too! Nice review. 12mo
suvata I read that book a long, long time ago (I‘m old) and I have to say that it‘s one of my top-ten favorites of all time. Your post brought up a lot of memories. I think I will re-read it. Thanks for the nudge. 😎 12mo
AvidReader25 It was so fun to get to read it with you all! I ended up loving the book, though it was not what I was expecting. I think I‘ll have to rewatch the Merlin miniseries because it‘s still on my mind too! 😊 12mo
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dabbe @suvata #ditto! 🤗 12mo
BkClubCare Thank you for participating 🌟 12mo
Lcsmcat @BkClubCare Thanks for hosting! I‘m glad I joined in. 🙂 12mo
Lcsmcat @suvata I‘m old enough that I _should_ have read it a long time ago. But sometimes we need to wait to appreciate a book. 🙂 12mo
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Just beautiful! I loved how each book is so different in tone. They work in concert to create a powerful picture of a monarch creating a new form of government. There were scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. When Guenever is scared Mordred is outside the door & when she & Lancelot see the handle start to move, the tension is perfect. I loved the depth of Arthur's sorrow as he realizes what his flaws have led to. Continued... #OAFkingalong

AvidReader25 I was surprised that the climax comes when the characters are much older. I loved that it wasn't about infatuation, but decades of deep friendship & love. Mordred's story is tragic. He's broken because of his upbringing. It's hard to blame him for the selfish monster he becomes. The book has sections that drag, but as a whole I loved it. It was funny & heartbreaking, full of clever quips & philosophical questions. I'd love to reread it one day. 12mo
BarbaraJean I agree, the depth of the relationships in the “triangle” was so compelling. Same with the brothers. I really felt for all the characters, even Mordred, for the reasons you mention. I really enjoyed this readalong—thank you so much for hosting! 12mo
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batsy Thank you for hosting this group read—I'm so glad I finally got to this, and found it so rich and rewarding. White is absolutely doing his own thing in telling the story of the myth by focusing on the characters, while also dipping in and out of genres and making it a work of philosophy, to boot. 12mo
BookwormM Love that owl 12mo
rubyslippersreads I‘m still (re)reading. Some of it I remember, some of it I don‘t, and through all of it, I‘m hearing the OBC cast album of “Camelot.” 😊 12mo
Lcsmcat @batsy Loved the between-the-wars philosophy! I marked “Was it the wicked leaders who led innocent populations to slaughter, or was it wicked populations who chose leaders after their own hearts?” 12mo
TheAromaofBooks Thank you for hosting this buddy read - I've been meaning to read this series for so long! 12mo
AvidReader25 @BarbaraJean I think it was a testament to how much we loved the characters by the end that we felt so deeply for them when the inevitable tragedy unfolded! 12mo
AvidReader25 @batsy Well said! He had his own style, and it worked so well! It made for such a fun retelling, while still exploring the philosophical side of the story. 12mo
AvidReader25 @BookwormM Thanks! He holds my glasses on my bathroom counter, but I‘ve named him Archimedes after reading this. 😊 12mo
AvidReader25 @Lcsmcat Such a good quote! Still so sadly relevant today. 12mo
AvidReader25 @TheAromaofBooks It was on my TBR for so long! I‘m so glad we read it together. I made it such a richer reading experience to be able to hear everyone‘s thoughts. 12mo
rubyslippersreads @AvidReader25 Just don‘t call him Archie! 🦉 12mo
BkClubCare ❤️🗡️👏 12mo
AvidReader25 @rubyslippersreads 😂 I would never! 12mo
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Anyone read this one?

majkia I read this many years ago and loved it. I should revisit. 12mo
hannah-leeloo I've wanted it for years @majkia I know my son will love it too 12mo
RaeLovesToRead There is an #OAFKingalong going on now! I was gonna join, but got lost somewhere between The Realm of the Elderlings and Harschmort Manor... 12mo
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hannah-leeloo Ooooh thanks for letting me know @RaeLovesToRead 12mo
batsy Just finished it for the #OAFKingalong and loved it. 12mo
hannah-leeloo Awesome, I look forward to it @batsy 12mo
BarbaraJean I just finished reading it for the #OAFKingalong as well! It‘s fantastic. 12mo
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Such a fascinating & rewarding book! The first section was delightfully playful & lighthearted, and the subsequent sections were darker and more thought-provoking (also slower going). I wanted a bit more development of Arthur in the later sections, and more development of Guinevere outside of her relationship with Lancelot, but I loved the depth of Lancelot‘s character and the reflectiveness of the ending. #ChunksterChallenge2023 #OAFKingalong

Amiable Excellent! I'm still chugging my excruciatingly slow way through this book with the tiny print. 12mo
AvidReader25 Beautifully said! I did wish for a little more depth in those final sections with our main characters, but I loved the arc created by the four very different books. 12mo
BarbaraJean @AvidReader25 I did, too. The second section is so different from the first that I wondered if the rest would feel uneven. But after “The Ill-Made Knight,” it was clear White knew what he was doing! I was impressed by how each section built on what had come before. 12mo
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A King Arthur story written in 1958 for a post-WWII audience, I left the OAFK sitting on my shelf for over a decade until @AvidReader25 suggested the #OAFKingalong. I felt the times in the references to bombers, the realities of war, and various adorable anachronisms. Witty and tongue-in-cheek, this incredible brick of a novel deals with loss, tragedy, justice, love, and the futility of it all. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

dabbe Well-said; I agree 💯! 💚💙💚 12mo
batsy Nice review! I'm so glad I read it. 12mo
AvidReader25 I was surprised by how much humor was woven into the story. The later books were certainly darker, but the authors wit came through. I‘m so glad you joined us in reading it! 12mo
BkClubCare Thank you for participating 🌟 12mo
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“You will find,” he explained, “that when the kings are bullies who believe in force, the people are bullies too. If I don‘t stand for law, I won‘t have law among my people.”


AvidReader25 I wish more people remembered this today! 12mo
BarbaraJean @AvidReader25 Yes! I thought this was a terribly timely quote! (edited) 12mo
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April was full of distractions- great weather, garden🪴centers, and absolutely zero interest in reading. 😔 I did not get the book finished…

Big kudos and applause for my cohost who took on most (99%) of hosting duties for #oafkingalong readalong!! 👏🏆🗡️ @AvidReader25 Melissa is such a wonderful person and book friend. ❤️ Thank you everyone who participated!!

And it had pie! 🍎 🥧 #iLovePie #litpie

AvidReader25 🤣 we make plans, and life gets in the way, that‘s how it goes! Here‘s to a better reading month in May. 😊 12mo
willaful I was wily and did my gardening listening to an audiobook. 😎 12mo
BkClubCare @willaful - wily is such a great word!👍 12mo
BkClubCare @AvidReader25 - Thank you. 12mo
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Ill-Made Knight: This section was huge, but I love that we saw a deeper character arc with Lancelot. He travels the spectrum from hero to lover to madman & finally penitent & proud father. There‘s a lot to process, but 1 thing that stood out was Arthur's realization that forcing people into peace through violence sends the wrong message & isn't sustainable. It‘s interesting he continues to ignore his wife's infidelity at all costs.

AvidReader25 Now here‘s where I am frustrated with the story. In the entire book, so far, there‘s been almost no interesting females characters we get to explore  Maid Marion in the first book actually had a bit of a personality, but we only got to see it for a minute. Guinevere‘s portrayal is completely unrealistic. This queen, who is part of a groundbreaking nation building a new system of law is supposed to be a petulant, jealous, and petty. 12mo
AvidReader25 Instead of showing us a complicated picture of unexpected passion and complex loyalties, we see her pitch fits when she doesn‘t get her way and completely ignore Lancelot‘s moral struggle. It just wasn‘t believable to me. I‘d like to see her story through a different author‘s lens. 12mo
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TheAromaofBooks I've just never been a fan of Lancelot, who always comes across as self-absorbed and masochistic to me, so this book was a bit of a struggle for me. I agree about Guinevere (and I think also the portrayal of Elaine) - both the women in this story didn't feel realistic to me... but then, I didn't particularly like any of the male characters, either haha Also, I've been spoiled by Gerald Morris's Arthurian tales, which I LOVE. 12mo
currentlyreadinginCO I liked this section! This was the turning point for me where I became invested. I don't really enjoy any of the characters, and I agree with the point that I would like to see all of this through another author's lens ... I guess that I like the story and I'm glad that I'm reading it, but I'm not overly impressed with T. H. White's writing. 12mo
currentlyreadinginCO I did like Guenevere, though. She's a mess, but I don't think it's less tongue-in-cheek than the other portrayals. I was compelled by the explanation of her living through wartime and being unable to fight. But yeah, she loves two men that are supposed to be superior to all others, and she's caught in a fascinating mess over it. I would love to see her written with greater depth. 12mo
currentlyreadinginCO And I understand how that's contradictory haha 12mo
Lcsmcat @thereadingreference I liked this section too. But I found I sympathized more with Lancelot. He‘s got this deep-seated need to prove himself, like a little boy who never quite believes that he is lovable. Jenny is a mess, but a believable one. Think Marie Antoinette, married of as a teenager against her inclination and for political reasons. It tracks for me. And I‘m loving White‘s tongue-in-cheek anachronistic style. 12mo
dabbe In some of my research before teaching this, I discovered that T.H. White had a troubled childhood. His parents barely paid attention to him while growing up in India, and he blamed his mother more for that than his father. #gofigure Quite a few critics even labeled him as a misogynist. That “might“ be one reason why few women get portrayed well here. #mytwocents 12mo
currentlyreadinginCO @Lcsmcat definitely! I loved the mentions of airplanes 😂 12mo
Lcsmcat @dabbe Thanks. That childhood makes his portrayal of Lancelot make sense to me. 12mo
AvidReader25 @TheAromaofBooks Yes! Elaine and the other female characters all felt that way, very one dimensional. I need to read the Morris tales! 12mo
AvidReader25 @thereadingreference I didn‘t think about her as living in wartime, but being unable to fight and go on quests. I like that perspective. I can‘t imagine how frustrating that would be. I felt very invested too. 12mo
AvidReader25 @Lcsmcat So true, he seemed so broken. It was so strange that we kept being told he was so ugly, like that was his one defining characteristic. 12mo
AvidReader25 @dabbe That‘s heartbreaking, but definitely explains some things. 12mo
BarbaraJean @AvidReader25 I really appreciated Arthur‘s realization about his methods being contradictory. It felt like he‘d internalized Merlyn's teaching—that he had to keep thinking for himself and evaluate the consequences of his choices. I've wished there was more development of Arthur in these last two sections. 12mo
BarbaraJean @Lcsmcat Your summing up of Lancelot and Guinevere feels spot-on to me. They both felt very realistic (well, realistic within the world White has set up!). I found Lancelot sympathetic, too—he‘s the only one who really seems conflicted about the love triangle! Although this section was much slower, I liked the greater complexity it drew out with Lancelot. But I'm conflicted about Guinevere. (continued ⬇) 12mo
BarbaraJean The portrayal of her relationship with Lancelot felt thoroughly believable: willful avoidance of the moral dilemma, irrational and hypocritical jealousy, and even genuine love for Arthur (though a completely different kind). I didn‘t like her, but I found her believable. Like @thereadingreference, I wanted to see more depth. There‘s so much that could have been fleshed out beyond her relationship with Lancelot, and that‘s almost all we see. 12mo
batsy @thereadingreference I had the same contradictory thoughts about Guenever. I thought White was sympathetic to her but somehow couldn't quite bring her to life in the way he could Lancelot, which I suppose is an interesting look at the author's limitations. Like @dabbe mentions Sylvia Townsend-Warner's afterword describes him as having a troubled relationship with both parents but especially his mother. 12mo
batsy @Lcsmcat I agree, I thought Lancelot was so well-done, with a kind of "fatal flaw" in his character (wanting to be noble to the point of not realising why) that it tormented him. It felt very much like a Greek tragedy at some level, but also fleshed out and modern. 12mo
Lcsmcat @batsy I too read it with Greek tragedy in mind. There are so many parallels! And if Guenever was only portrayed as a foul to Lancelot and Arthur, I saw that as the author‘s choice. Her story would be different, as would Mordred‘s or Gawain‘s. But one must choose a perspective to write from. 12mo
BkClubCare @dabbe - this totally jives with my thinking on THW and I only did cursory look at his background. 12mo
currentlyreadinginCO @batsy so true about Lancelot - you summed it up extremely well! Now I'll be reading with Greek tragedy in mind 12mo
dabbe @Lcsmcat Good point on Lancelot, the ill-made knight. 💙🤗💚 12mo
dabbe @AvidReader25 💙🤗💚 12mo
dabbe @BkClubCare You nailed it! 💙🤗💚 12mo
BkClubCare @dabbe - well, not sure abt that! TY for all your sharing of resources and insights!! 12mo
BkClubCare Big kudos and applause for my cohost who took on most (99%) of hosting duties for this readalong!! 👏🏆🗡️ @AvidReader25 Melissa is such a wonderful person and drama lover and world traveler and book friend. ❤️ Thank you everyone who participated!! 12mo
dabbe @BkClubCare 🥰 12mo
AvidReader25 @BkClubCare 😊 I‘ll do readalongs with you any time sweet friend! 12mo
AvidReader25 @BarbaraJean @batsy I think that‘s my main struggle with Guenever. It felt like we only saw her in the context of her relationship with Lancelot and Arthur. I wanted to see her brought to life outside of that triangle, but you are both right, that‘s not the story he was telling. 12mo
AvidReader25 @Lcsmcat @batsy I loved the Greek tragedy parallels throughout the book. These quests and lofty ideals being brought to their knees by mortal weakness and flawed humanity, it was beautifully done. 12mo
BkClubCare Big kudos and applause for my cohost who took on most (99%) of hosting duties for this readalong!! 👏🏆🗡️ @AvidReader25 Melissa is such a wonderful person and drama lover and world traveler and book friend. ❤️ Thank you everyone who participated!! 12mo
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Not the sentence I expected to write, but this book would have been a solid 5 stars for its extraordinariness, peculiarity, & postmodern pastiche (before postmodernism was even a thing), but the last book in this edition, The Book of Merlyn, misrepresents Karl Marx's arguments & that stuck in my craw. So yes, one star knocked off for an incorrect representation of Marxism. But otherwise, a book that held me under its strange spell. #OAFKingalong

batsy A book of enchantment, wit & wonder that matures as it progresses into tragedy & wisdom. Some stunning imagery & ideas in relation to magic, where the magic is taken for granted as a function of the world. It's one of the best things about how this book is structured. It is strongly anti-war, & grapples with the nature of rule & authority & service. Though one is unlikely to agree with all of the sentiments, it's brave & strange & very memorable. 12mo
Hamlet That‘s a terrific, pointed review. Thank you! 12mo
Leniverse Great review! This has been on my TBR for ages, mostly because I feel I ought to have read it, but now I actually want to read it. (Although I will also get upset by the misrepresentation of Marxism so I'm glad to be forewarned.) 12mo
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Liz_M Excellent review and gorgeous cover on that edition! 12mo
batsy @Hamlet Thank you! 🙂 12mo
batsy @Leniverse Thank you! I look forward to your thoughts when you get to it. The last book is kind of a philosophical argument, in a way, that looks back on what went on. I know White was very specifically anti-war and pro individual freedom, but I think he mixes up totalitarian state impulses with what Marx wrote. I'm being a bit tongue in cheek but it did get in the way of my enjoyment 😆 12mo
batsy @Liz_M Thank you! It's a great edition and has a fantastic Sylvia Townsend Warner afterword to put a lot of things into context (she wrote a biography of the author). 12mo
Suet624 I got stuck and haven‘t moved on to the second part of this book. Fortunately I own it so I‘ll find the time soon. You‘re giving me the extra push I need. 12mo
rubyslippersreads Love your review. Although I‘ve read the first four books before, I don‘t think I‘ve ever read the fifth one. 12mo
batsy @rubyslippersreads That's so cool that you're doing a reread. Feels like a book that will reward multiple reads! 12mo
batsy @Suet624 The second one is so different from the first so I can understand that it feels like it's taken a different turn entirely. But it's all constructed and set up deliberately as an arc that's quite admirable when you get to the end and look back. 12mo
Suet624 Really good to know. Thank you. 12mo
Graywacke I have a memory at 15 of hacking through this, slowly slowly. I wasn‘t a reader then, and it was a bit much for me. Anyway, terrific review and cool book to read. 12mo
gossamerchild This was a book we read in one of my English classes in high school, and all I remember is being severely ticked off at the absurdity. I'm now thinking I wasn't old enough to read it at that point :-) Your review makes me want to try it again! 12mo
batsy @Graywacke @gossamerchild I imagine it would be a tough one to read when young(er)! The Sword in the Stone is straightforward enough, but the later books feel like they can be best appreciated after the reader has done some living 🙂 12mo
AvidReader25 I love reading your thoughts on this. I am only done with the first three books, but I feel like you‘ve captured the spirit so well for what I‘ve read. Peculiar, but wonderfully immersive, and I love all the philosophical discussion. I agree that the second section lags but you are right, it‘s essential to the arc of the story. I can‘t wait to dive in to the rest and I‘m sure this is when I will return to in future years. 12mo
The_Book_Ninja I don‘t know this book…it‘s Arthurian and Marxist? Sounds wild. I love reviews that make we want to seek out a book. Thank you🙌🏼 12mo
batsy @AvidReader25 Thank you! So glad you guys hosted this buddy read. I find it a uniquely imaginative work even though it's working within the parameters of myth. 12mo
batsy @The_Book_Ninja Thank you! Haha, it is wild, and definitely Arthurian (but probably not as Marxist asi would like 🙂). It feels like several things in one: a romance, a tragedy, a fable, and a philosophical treatise. I definitely recommend it. It charts its own path and doesn't adhere to any genre formula. 12mo
AvidReader25 @batsy I agree! I love that it includes so many familiar characters, but it was also completely surprising and original. So much fun to read together! 12mo
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One explanation of Guenever, for what it is worth, is that she was what they used to call a "real" person. She was not the kind who can be fitted away safely under some label or other, as "loyal" or "disloyal" or "self-sacrificing" or "jealous". Sometimes she was loyal and sometimes she was disloyal. She behaved like herself.

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We‘ll that started off dark! #oafkingalong

willaful Can't say you weren't warned. 😂 12mo
Lcsmcat @willaful True that! 12mo
batsy Yes! I actually finished this section already because I couldn't stop reading. But there's some moments of levity courtesy of the Beast. 12mo
Lcsmcat @batsy Good to know. I‘m only 2 chapters in, and that first one was a doozy. 12mo
AvidReader25 @batsy Right! Thank goodness for the beast, because between that poor cat and the unicorn, this section was a lot. 12mo
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The best thing for being sad… is to learn something. That is the only thing that never fails… That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting.


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@TheAromaofbooks @AvidRead25 @BkClubCare @Clwojick @rubyslippersreads @Clare-Dragonfly

I hope I'm not overstepping: I taught this tetralogy for a number of years and have compiled some goodies in the link below (yep to the missing Mim, ant, and geese chs. as well as a pdf of the ENTIRE 1958 version (all 4 bks). Hope it helps. 🤗

rubyslippersreads This is brilliant. Thanks! 13mo
Graywacke This is terrific! 13mo
See All 12 Comments
dabbe @Graywacke 🤗 13mo
batsy Oh, nice! Thank you for sharing. 13mo
BkClubCare Lovely! Ty, your contributions are welcome! ❤️🌷 13mo
TheAromaofBooks Oooo thank you!!! 13mo
dabbe @batsy 🥰 13mo
dabbe @BkClubCare 🥰 13mo
AvidReader25 How wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing! 12mo
dabbe @AvidReader25 You're welcome! I love when I can still put my stuff to good use! Hope you love the book! 🤗 12mo
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I finished the 1st section and I‘m loving it so far. I wasn‘t expecting it to be so playful. It‘s full of adventure, wisdom, & characters we all know and love. I can‘t wait to see Wart continue to grow and become a leader. I think its place as a classic comes from its unique take on the famous King Arthur tale. The book humanizes him & shows his coming of age. What do you all think so far? Favorite parts? I‘ll list 1 of mine below. #OAFkingalong

AvidReader25 I loved Pellinore asking for his toothbrush while imprisoned by the giant. That moment was so funny. I also thought the scene where Wart becomes a raven was so well done. 13mo
batsy I agree; it's a classic because of how unique it is. I also like that it has scenes of wonder & enchantment but it also veers off the usual path & kind of presents the myth in an ironic, satirical way. All of the animal transformation scenes were so special, but a favourite scene is also when King Pellinore finds the Questing Beast pining away from lack of attention and has its head in his lap. And then feeds it back to health 😁 13mo
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TheAromaofBooks @batsy - I loved that part, too! And then Pellinore giving it a head start when the beast was feeling better 😂 I'm with you @AvidReader25 - I just wasn't anticipating this book being so playful and tongue-in-cheek. I really am enjoying the humor and little asides. 13mo
Lcsmcat Pellinore is a favorite character! And the tone is so different from what I expected, and so playful. It‘s going to make it easy to get through 600 pages this quickly. 😀 13mo
BkClubCare @Lcsmcat - yes, it reads fast! 13mo
batsy @TheAromaofBooks It was too funny! Just the right amount of farce. 13mo
currentlyreadinginCO I am really enjoying it, but my week exploded and I'm going to be a bit behind! I'll catch up though 🤠 13mo
rubyslippersreads I haven‘t quite finished yet, but I‘ve read it before and am enjoying revisiting it. I agree with @batsy about the Questing Beast, especially about reviving her with bread and milk. 13mo
AvidReader25 @thereadingreference @rubyslippersreads No hurry guys! Read at your pace and share when you want. 😊 13mo
AvidReader25 @batsy @TheAromaofBooks @Lcsmcat Yes! I loved the part with the Questing Beast. Why don‘t more people talk about Pellinore? He was such a delightful character. I love when books like this can remind us that classics can be so much fun! 13mo
Vansa I first read this in my teens,now as an adult,after having watched and read more,I can see his influence both on Monty Python and Terry Pratchett-that whimsical use of anachronism,the arch ironic way of sending up myths.Clearly he put his work as a school teacher to use in writing about boys,and their interactions.I found the chapter with the king pike quite haunting-of course monarchs would believe might was always right 13mo
Suet624 I found the sequences when Wart turned into animals riveting. The writing and imagery in those sections moved me and placed me squarely in the experience. The experience of being with the ants freaked me out, the fish were intriguing, and the time with the geese was beautiful. 13mo
AvidReader25 @Vansa I absolutely thought of Python and Pratchett too! There‘s a very similar sense of humor. I was getting Douglas Adams vibes as well at times. 13mo
AvidReader25 @Suet624 Yes! I left the ravens section as well. It felt like his safety was balanced on a knife‘s edge. 13mo
BarbaraJean I'm behind as well, but so far the Pellinore/Grummore joust is one of my favorite scenes. The whole back &and forth of: “You're a cad.“ “No, I'm not.“ “Yes, you are.“--just cracked me up. I love how the story doesn't take itself too seriously. @TheAromaofBooks Tongue-in-cheek is the description I was searching for but couldn't come up with! That's exactly how it feels, and I love it. 13mo
BarbaraJean @Vansa I hadn't even thought about this being an influence on Monty Python and Terry Pratchett, but of course!! They both echo this book's delightful silliness and playfulness with history and myth. It also reminds me of William Goldman's Princess Bride--I wonder if T.H. White was an influence for him as well. 13mo
currentlyreadinginCO I am caught up! & I did find the reading quick once I was able to sit down and do it. I am charmed by the silliness and loved the action around the end of the first section! I thought all of the animal scenes were fantastic but loved the geese especially. Also, other than the sword in the stone bit I don't know much about Arthur and so I'm truly interested in what happens next 😂 12mo
Bluebird I‘m far behind! I‘ve been struggling to find time to read the book, but now have the audiobook back so hope to pick up my pace. I just finished the Pellinore/Grummore fight and agree with @BarbaraJean, it‘s definitely my favorite part of the book (so far) 12mo
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“The best thing for being sad... is to learn something. That is the only thing that never fails. You may grow old & trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then, to learn.” #OAFkingalong

AvidReader25 @BkClubCare This might be the most gorgeous postcard I‘ve ever received! 😍🗡️ 13mo
BkClubCare Yay! ❤️📚🗡️🤺🏇🏾🤴📬 13mo
BkClubCare I will admit that Easter is challenging my reading time/opportunities 😱 but I will try not to get behind. 😔 13mo
AvidReader25 @BkClubCare There‘s absolutely no pressure with this one! Read at your pace. 😊 13mo
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As I lay about, procrastinating about the various things that need to be done, I come across this passage. Is this why I‘ve lived my life thinking it‘s wrong to lay about procrastinating? 🤣🤣 Was I raised believing it was wrong to do nothing for a bit?

On another note, this short section about experiencing the life of an ant was entirely too claustrophobic and a bit depressing! #Oafkingalong

batsy I agree; the ant lifestyle is too grim but this bit made me snort. 13mo
Suet624 @batsy haha. Me too. 13mo
sarahbarnes I was definitely raised to believe you had to be doing something “productive” all the time. Luckily I‘m working to unlearn that belief as an adult. 😁 13mo
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Lcsmcat I‘d rather live with the geese than the ants! 13mo
Lcsmcat @Suet624 @batsy And did anyone else get an Orwell vibe here? 13mo
batsy @Lcsmcat Yes, good point! I didn't think of it when I read it (it's been awhile since I read Orwell 😅) but I was wondering what this section reminded me of. Reads like a pretty pointed criticism of group think/totalitarian settings. 13mo
Suet624 @Lcsmcat @batsy Definitely. I found it particularly jarring after being lulled by the story of Robin Hood and his gang. 13mo
AvidReader25 I think it‘s so interesting that the ant section was added later, and some editions don‘t have that included! 13mo
Suet624 @AvidReader25 I know! 13mo
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He did not like the grown-ups who talked down to him, but the ones who went on talking in their usual way, leaving him to leap along in their wake, jumping at meanings, guessing, clutching at known words, and chuckling at complicated jokes as they suddenly dawned.


BkClubCare I highlighted this one, too. 😊 13mo
AvidReader25 This was such a wonderful line. I remember feeling this way as a kid. I was very precocious and wanted grownups to think I was very grown up as well. 13mo
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“Couldn‘t send them to Eton, I suppose?” inquired Sir Grummore cautiously. “Long way and all that, we know.”

It was not really Eton that he mentioned, for the College of Blessed Mary was not founded until 1440, but it was a place of the same sort. Also they were drinking Metheglyn, not port, but by mentioning the modern wine it is easier to give you the feel.

😆 I love the playful little aside here—such fun! #OAFKingalong

BkClubCare I‘m highlighting amusing phrases and references, too. This is going to be fun! 13mo
batsy Yes I'm enjoying these bits! 13mo
AvidReader25 He is so funny! I was expecting this to be so dry. 13mo
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Just settling in on the couch for some reading and realized this pile next to me might be a little… excessive. Count of Monte Cristo, Once and Future King, and Amari & the Night Brothers. When I start Once and Future King, I‘ll be in the middle of 7 books. I don‘t have a problem, right? Nah. (But maybe I need to finish some books.) #OAFKingalong #rereadtheclassics #ChunksterChallenge2023

Texreader The Count of Monte Cristo was my fave book last year, and probably very high on my fave books ever. Enjoy!! 13mo
Suet624 Haha. I‘m reading the Count on Serial Reader right now as well as the King. Bite size pieces each day allows me to relax a bit about overdoing. (edited) 13mo
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Straightening up my shelves today, I came across this one, which a lot of you are reading now. This is a pretty battered, dust-jacket-less first American edition, with the lovely, lovely endpapers by Robert Lawson and illustrations done by White. I‘m not sure why they leave them out of other editions because they‘re quite wonderful, although they‘re much simpler line drawings. #TOAFK #OAFKingalong

LeahBergen Those endpapers! 😍 13mo
BarbaraJean Gorgeous! 13mo
jlhammar Wow, very cool! 13mo
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batsy Wow, that's lovely! 13mo
Suet624 So cool! 13mo
AvidReader25 That edition is so gorgeous!!! 13mo
Aimeesue @LeahBergen SO fabulous! 13mo
Aimeesue @BarbaraJean I like to take him out and admire him sometimes. 😋 13mo
Aimeesue @jlhammar Sometimes I get really lucky at the Book Sorting! 13mo
Aimeesue @Suet624 Old books fascinate me. They were so well made and have lasted so long. I wonder whose shelves they‘ve been sitting on all this time. 13mo
Aimeesue @AvidReader25 I like to take him out and admire him from time to time because he‘s so pretty. Is that shallow?😆 (edited) 13mo
Suet624 Things were made to last in the old days. 🫤 13mo
AvidReader25 @Aimeesue No way! I would too! 13mo
Aimeesue @Suet624 Right? My husband likes all the shiny new things and occasionally tries to get me to "update" appliances, etc. Nope. No Thanks. I‘ll stick with my 25 year old food processor that has a motor that actually works, thanks. ? 13mo
Aimeesue @AvidReader25 im glad it‘s not just me! 😁 13mo
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Was persuaded by @batsy to hop into the buddy read for “The Once and Future King,” a book that‘s been on my TBR for a while. And thus begins this cautionary tale and a word of advice: Don‘t wait too long to read the books you buy. Because that portable, pocket-sized book with the tiny print you bought when you were younger will not be your friend if you wait until you are middle-aged to attempt to read it. #TheMoreYouKnow #YoureWelcome

Julsmarshall Lol! I feel this deeply! 13mo
batsy 🤣 13mo
Amiable @Julsmarshall The struggle is real! 😬 13mo
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Amiable @batsy I read chapter 1 and now I'm in. Darn it. 😃 (edited) 13mo
KateReadsYA This post is glorious 🤣🤣🤣 I need to read this one as well. 13mo
batsy @Amiable Yay! It worked its wily magic on me, too. Lol 13mo
Lcsmcat Yes! My copy is mass market paperback size and not only is the print a challenge, so is holding it open! 13mo
marleed Oh I so relate! Funny pic! 13mo
RaeLovesToRead Haha, oh dear! 😅😅 13mo
ravenlee This happened to me with my copies-I‘ve-had-forever-and-will-finally-read of Robinson Crusoe and The House of the Seven Gables. I suffered through the former, but I gave up on the latter and got a library copy. 13mo
quietjenn Yep! I saw your conversation with @batsy and found myself wondering if my copy was still around, but it is definitely a mass market with wee print, and I'm not sure I could do that for 600+ pages these days. 13mo
Amiable @quietjenn I may follow @ravenlee ‘s lead and head for the library. I already checked Libby and there‘s no digital version available there. 😖 13mo
Ruthiella I think its often less the font size for me and more the cheap paper and narrow margins. I‘ve had old paperbacks literally fall apart as I read them. 😆😭 13mo
LeahBergen 😂😂 I feel you! 13mo
dabbe 🤣🤣🤣 There is a larger print copy, but the book itself weighs about 5 pounds! 13mo
SamAnne 😂😂😂 13mo
CarolynM 🤣 13mo
BarbaraJean 😂😂 *Going to my shelves now to immediately prioritize all pocket paperbacks before my eyes get any worse* 13mo
Bluebird 😂😂😂😂 i found this same problem with my copy. I‘m now reading it via audiobook! I‘m afraid to look at some of the other books that have been languishing on my TBR shelves. 😬 13mo
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repost for @AvidReader25

Welcome to the #OAFkingalong. Our loose schedule follows the book's 4 parts. In between those books & questions, please to post & tag us!

April 7: The Sword in the Stone- Memes/Quotes/What do you think makes this book a classic?
April 14: The Queen of Air & Darkness- How's it going?
April 21: The Ill-Made Knight- Character Analysis of your fav character
April 28: The Candle in the Wind- Pick/So-So/Pan/Bail review

BkClubCare Thank you LitsyEvents for sharing this 🗡️ 13mo
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"It was nice for the dogs to have their god with them, in visible form." Some lovely, unexpected images, ideas, and turns of phrase so far and I've only just started! #OAFKingalong

@AvidReader25 @BkClubCare

Amiable I‘ve had this book on my TBR for forever. 😬 13mo
batsy @Amiable Me too! Hence jumped at the buddy read... Join us 😁 13mo
Amiable @batsy Fun! I didn‘t see the posts about the buddy read—I‘ll look for them! Although I‘m just barely keeping up with the “Clarissa” read and AuthorAMonth as it is, so adding another to my pile might push me over the edge. 😬😖 13mo
See All 20 Comments
batsy @Amiable Haha, I totally understand. We're starting this for April and I decided to get a headstart because it's a chunkster 😅 13mo
Aimeesue "not in baby talk like a maiden lady". Well, then! ? I love this book. 13mo
batsy @Aimeesue It's really different and unique so far. He's playing around with the idea of time so there's anachronisms in the text in subtle ways. 13mo
AvidReader25 I‘m surprised by how funny and playful it is so far! 13mo
BkClubCare @batsy SO MANY MADE UP WORDS, yes?! Or at least, unfindable definitions 🧐 13mo
tpixie Love that!! I read this ages ago. Maybe a rereading is in order someday 13mo
batsy @AvidReader25 Me too! 13mo
batsy @BkClubCare Yes! Both playful and inventive; interesting! 13mo
batsy @tpixie It's a big book that will take time but yes, I imagine it will be different with each re-read 🙂 13mo
Suet624 @AvidReader25 that was my thought too! I hadn‘t expected the playfulness. 13mo
tpixie @batsy i seem to keep telling myself, I‘ll read all of these big books when I retire! Lol 😂 13mo
AvidReader25 @batsy @tpixie Sometimes it‘s delightful to sink into a big book. 13mo
Bertha_Mason Awwww 😭 13mo
tpixie @AvidReader25 yes! You don‘t have to leave its world so fast! 13mo
batsy @Bertha_Mason "came to him with their troubles at once" ? 13mo
batsy @AvidReader25 @tpixie I agree! This one feels so epic and yet down to earth so far. 13mo
tpixie @batsy 💚💚💚 13mo
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Snuck in a few pages during a break in my virtual conference. #oafkingalong @AvidReader25 @BkClubCare

batsy I started, too. It's really unlike what I expected! Like White is playing around with what is historically accurate. 13mo
Lcsmcat @batsy I was surprised too. Like I was expecting The Crystal Cave and got A Confederacy of Dunces. But I‘m really enjoying it. 13mo
batsy @Lcsmcat Yes! I'm also enjoying it so far. 13mo
AvidReader25 @Lcsmcat Yes! There‘s a little Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy absurd humor mixed in there. 13mo
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Prepped my copy for the #OAFKingalong 🙂 -- excited to find out if this really is the world's greatest fantasy classic!

dabbe I definitely think it is, but I'll be excited to see what y'all think! 🤗 13mo
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Welcome to the #OAFkingalong. Our loose schedule follows the book's 4 parts. In between those books & questions, please feel free to post & tag us! We are starting on tom!

April 7: The Sword in the Stone- Memes/Quotes/What do you think makes this book a classic?
April 14: The Queen of Air & Darkness- How's it going?
April 21: The Ill-Made Knight- Character Analysis of your fav character
April 28: The Candle in the Wind- Pick/So-So/Pan/Bail review

BkClubCare Hey, somebody gently help me out with this question: is our hashtag “naughty”? Am I oblivious to something? 13mo
Vansa Excellent! Can't wait.Blowing the dust off my cover already 😀What's the reading schedule? A chapter a day? 13mo
See All 34 Comments
AvidReader25 @BkClubCare 🤣 I mean, if someone wanted to take “Fking” on its own maybe? Is that what they mean? 13mo
AvidReader25 @Vansa Yay! I‘m excited too. No daily schedule, just one section a week. It‘s split into four sections and we can post as we go. Then one summary post on Fridays. 13mo
Lcsmcat Interestingly, my (Penguin) edition calls the second book The Queen of Air and Darkness instead of The Witch in the Wood. I wonder what that means. 🤔 13mo
AvidReader25 @Lcsmcat Oh interesting! I just looked it up and it looks like it was published under both names. I like yours better, and it looks like that‘s the more common one, so I switched it! 13mo
Lcsmcat @AvidReader25 I bought mine used, years ago, so I thought maybe mine was an older version. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 13mo
AvidReader25 @Lcsmcat it looks like each of the four divisions was published separately before it was published as a whole novel. So there might be a few different variations of what‘s included in everyone‘s editions. 13mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I'm excited!! 13mo
BkClubCare @AvidReader25 - Ah. Maybe? Oh well! 13mo
AvidReader25 @BkClubCare if it‘s something worse, I‘m oblivious too. It‘s not intended that way! 😬 13mo
batsy Fun! Can't wait to start. I have the Harper Collins edition that's also incorporated The Book of Merlyn as the 5th part. Which is interesting and now I'm going to look up what that means and why the different editions 😁 13mo
AvidReader25 @batsy mine has that too! @BkClubCare and I discussed whether to include that in our Readalong, but we decided since only about half the editions include it we would leave it out and make it optional. Maybe you and I can compare notes! 13mo
batsy @AvidReader25 Cool 🙂 I see that Wikipedia says it was basically just written after and some editions incorporate it. I'll see if I can finish that up as well by the end of the month! 13mo
wordslinger42 Just waiting on my library hold 💜 can't wait to start reading 13mo
RaeLovesToRead I've been waiting to read this book FOREVER! This should be a kick up the bottom. I'll probably still not finish on time, but I am ready for the challenge! Hi fellow OAFs!!! 13mo
rubyslippersreads @batsy @AvidReader25 I have the ebook version of this. All five books, plus an afterword by Sylvia Townsend Warner. 13mo
AvidReader25 @RaeLovesToRead Read at your own pace and join in as you want! We‘re pretty relaxed. 😊 13mo
AvidReader25 @rubyslippersreads We can share thoughts on the 5th part after we finish it! 13mo
batsy @rubyslippersreads Yes, that's the edition I have! 13mo
batsy @rubyslippersreads (Pretty excited about the STW afterword 😆) 13mo
batsy @Amiable Just tagging you here to give an idea for the schedule, should you decide to join in! 13mo
Amiable @batsy Thank you! 13mo
Read-y_Picker Yay! Thank you 😊 13mo
dabbe @Lcsmcat I happen to know that answer! T.H. White wrote these books more than once. The second rewrites were a wee bit darker, hence the name change. Book 2 deals with Morgause and her dark ways. 😊 13mo
Lcsmcat @dabbe Interesting. Thanks! 13mo
dabbe If anyone is interested:

Click below for a pdf file of the entire book (it's not a hard copy, but it is free!):

Click below for a LitChart study guide:
BarbaraJean @batsy @AvidReader25 @rubyslippersreads I have a separate copy of The Book of Merlyn that I was thinking I'd read in May - too much going on in April to squeeze it in before then! But I'd love to compare notes with anyone who's also reading that extra 5th part. 13mo
Bluebird @Lcsmcat i have an old copy too. It also has the title Queen of Air and Darkness. @dabbe very interesting that there was a rewrite! I‘ll be curious to see how they differ. Thanks for the pdf and the study guide! 13mo
AvidReader25 @dabbe Thank you so much for sharing that info and those links! That‘s so helpful! 13mo
AvidReader25 @BarbaraJean @batsy @rubyslippersreads Let‘s definitely compare notes in May! 13mo
batsy @dabbe Thank you for the chart! That will be helpful. 13mo
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I finally decided to clean out our office (where all of our “teacher“ stuff has been since retirement), and I came across this. After reading THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING with my freshmen honors students years ago, a student made me a Merlin statue in her ceramics class. It's now my proudest object on my desk. Plus, I now actually have a desk to work on!❣️ #asweetteachingmemory

Aimeesue I love that book. What an excellent Merlin! 13mo
dabbe @Aimeesue She modeled it after the Merlin in THE SWORD IN THE STONE. The gold stars on his hat just slay me. 🤣❣️🥰 13mo
Amiable That‘s adorable! 13mo
See All 11 Comments
IndoorDame Awww 🥰 Art from students is the best! 13mo
Bookwomble 💖🧙🏻‍♂️💖 13mo
jamield1911 That's so thoughtful 😍 13mo
bthegood What a nice reminder of the positive impact you had on students (can make days dealing with a rude student not so bad) - 🙂 (edited) 13mo
ChelseaM6010 🧙‍♂️❤️ 13mo
dabbe @bthegood Karma, right? I re-find this lovely treasure during a week of a rude student. Time to continue to focus on the lovely ones. ❣️ 13mo
bthegood @dabbe 🌞 13mo
BkClubCare Wonderful! And timely 13mo
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@TheAromaofBooks #bookspinbingo

List for April! 😁

eeclayton I liked One True Loves a lot 🙂 13mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 13mo
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Thanks so much for the tags, @TheSpineView and @Read4Life!

This was a toughie!
1️⃣ I love the Pongos from 101 Dalmations. 🦴🐾❣️
2️⃣ I know Disney made The Sword and the Stone, the 1st book in White's tetralogy The Once and Future King, but I think all 4 books would be fabulous if made by Disney (or even Peter Jackson, who brought to life the Lord of the Rings in the early aughts).

TheSpineView You're welcome! Thanks for playing 13mo
psalva Ooh! A Peter Jackson interpretation would be so cool. 13mo
PathfinderNicole 101 Dalmatians is my son‘s all time favorite Disney movie!! He has a plushie Lucky that gets toted everywhere with him (along with a plush Pokey from Pokey Little Puppy) 13mo
See All 8 Comments
Read4life You‘re welcome! Love that movie idea. 13mo
dabbe @psalva Right? 💕 13mo
dabbe @PathfinderNicole Your son has excellent taste! 😂 😍 💕 13mo
dabbe @Read4life 😍 13mo
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Since I obviously need another buddy read 😂 @AvidReader25 and #BKClubCare are hosting the #OAFKingAlong starting in April... another classic I've been meaning to read, so why not?? #Imayneedhelp #whydoIfindbuddyreadsirresistible

KathyWheeler Oh my! It‘s been actual decades since I read this book! 14mo
TheAromaofBooks @KathyWheeler - It's been on my TBR forever, so I'm excited about an excuse to prioritize it!! 14mo
KathyWheeler @TheAromaofBooks I hope you like it. I loved it a million years ago — it got me into this Arthurian phase where I read a whole lot of Arthur stories. 😊 14mo
See All 9 Comments
BarbaraJean Gaaaaah why do you tempt meeee?!? I have the same problem! 😂 This has been on my TBR for years as well, but so has The Count of Monte Cristo, which I‘m buddy reading in March/April, and do I really need another buddy read? With another chunkster, no less? When I‘m also doing the #Clarissa buddy read? Here I go to click on the hashtag anyway…😂 14mo
TheAromaofBooks @BarbaraJean - Right?? I just agreed to join the Agnes Grey buddy read as well... I had never really done any kind of group reading before joining Litsy, and I have been astonished at how it really does inspire me to keep plugging away through “hard“ classics. Thankfully I didn't hear about Monte Cristo until it was too late 😂 14mo
BarbaraJean It‘s amazing the difference it makes in helping me pick up and finish books I keep putting off! Litsy buddy reads are how I finally tackled Les Mis and Gone with the Wind. And it‘s not too late for Monte Cristo if you want to jump in… I haven‘t started my reading yet! 😂 14mo
Lcsmcat This is so tempting! It‘s been on my shelf forever, so I may have to join in. 14mo
BkClubCare @BarbaraJean @thearomaofbooks - Count of Monte Cristo is a LOT of fun, FYI 13mo
AvidReader25 This is going to be so much fun! 13mo
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Repost for @BkClubCare

A readalong announcement 📣 #OAFkingalong

Melissa (@AvidReader25) and I are hosting or, rather, planning on reading this in April and we made a button and invented a hashtag cuz that is watcha do when you buddy-read a book, right? I might find fun postcards to mail, too… (lmk you want 🐌 mail: 📧 me at bkclubcare at gmail)

Everyone welcome. Informal, maybe will be a weekly recommended page count and recap? Just for fun.

AvidReader25 Join us for a fun relaxed readalong! 14mo
vivastory This hashtag 🤣👏 14mo
BkClubCare @vivastory - thank you thank you ☺️ 14mo
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post image

A readalong announcement 📣 #OAFkingalong

Melissa ( @AvidReader25 ) and I are hosting (?) or, rather, planning on reading this in April and we made a button and invented a hashtag cuz that is watcha do when you buddy-read a book, right? I might find fun postcards to mail, too… (lmk you want 🐌 mail: 📧 me at bkclubcare at gmail)

Everyone welcome. Informal, maybe will be a weekly recommended page count and recap? Just for fun.

AvidReader25 This will be fun! 14mo
wordslinger42 I would love to join in and snail mail sounds fun 😊 14mo
See All 17 Comments
TheAromaofBooks Oh no, another classic series I've been meaning to read! 😂 I'll come along for the ride, and would love some snail mail!! Are you thinking of a chapter-a-day pace, or something different? 14mo
BkClubCare @TheAromaofBooks - lovely! Haven‘t figured out a plan yet exactly 😂 AND, I might have your 🐌 mail address YAY 14mo
BkClubCare @wordslinger42 - YAY! Send me an email with your 🐌 mail address: bkclubcare @ gmail 14mo
TheAromaofBooks haha well keep me posted - I found a used copy on Pango today so it should be here in time!! And let me know if you don't have my address, as I hadn't gotten around to the part where I email you yet 😂 14mo
BkClubCare @TheAromaofBooks - nope, I can‘t find it. Em me at bkclubcare [at] gmail 🤩 14mo
TheAromaofBooks Okay, I emailed you!!! 14mo
BkClubCare @TheAromaofBooks okay, I have a postcard in today‘s outgoing! 14mo
BarbaraJean @AvidReader25 @BkClubCare I just found this and I can‘t resist, even though I probably have waaaaay too many buddy reads on my plate right now! Would you add me to your tag list? 14mo
BkClubCare @BarbaraJean - welcome! Of course😊 14mo
Suet624 Just ordered my book!
BkClubCare @Suet624 - and I ordered postcards. 13mo
Lcsmcat Can you add me to your tag list please? This has been on my shelf way too long! 13mo
BkClubCare @Lcsmcat - Sweeeet! Yes, will do > @AvidReader25 sword 🗡️ ALSO, we need to ask who wants a postcard? (edited) 13mo
AvidReader25 @BkClubCare I‘ll ask on my post! 13mo
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Some books linger on your TBR list for way too long. Time for a readalong! I wanted to read this book since watching The Sword in the Stone a million times as a kid. @BkClubCare & I are tackling this one in April. We‘d love for you to join us! Very laid-back, just sharing thoughts as we go along. It‘s hailed as the greatest fantasy classic in history, so I‘m sure they‘ll be lots to discuss. Tag your comments with #OAFkingalong if you join!

RaeLovesToRead Ooh, I'll try to join!! 14mo
rubyslippersreads I love this book, but haven‘t read it for years. I‘ll try to squeeze it in if I can. 👑 14mo
AvidReader25 @rubyslippersreads @RaeLovesToRead Yay! It‘s always more fun reading with friends! 14mo
See All 18 Comments
RaeLovesToRead I've had this for YEARS!!! And it comes highly recommended 😊 14mo
BkClubCare Squeeeee! 14mo
batsy Yes, please! I'd love to join in. It's been on my shelf for awhile. 14mo
AvidReader25 @batsy Yay! Mine too. I can‘t believe I‘ve owned it for so long. 14mo
Vansa I LOVE this book and haven't read it in years. Would love to be a part of this buddy read, please include me! 14mo
Read-y_Picker I‘d like to follow along. I kinda dropped it at the second part when everyone had grown up and got all serious lol. Bout time I finished it, I think! 14mo
AvidReader25 @Read-y_Picker I love it! Join for as much as you‘d like! 14mo
AvidReader25 @Vansa Welcome! Glad you‘re joining! 14mo
MeganAnn This one has been lingering on my shelf for way too long as well! I‘d love to join in! 14mo
AvidReader25 @MeganAnn So glad you‘re joining! 14mo
Bluebird I‘ll try to join too! I read this years and years ago and really liked it. I‘ve been meaning to re-read it, so this will be a good reason to put it off no longer. 14mo
AvidReader25 @Bluebird You are welcome to join! Looks like we‘ll have a good group. 14mo
currentlyreadinginCO Been on my shelf forever! I'll join! 14mo
AvidReader25 @thereadingreference Me too! Welcome! 14mo
AvidReader25 My amazing cohost @BkClubCare god some fun postcards for a Readalong! Let us know if you would like her to send you one. 13mo
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We begin with Matt's stories from vacation and then move into his review of Sally Rooney's novel, “Beautiful World, Where Are You.“ From there we begin the selection process for our new seasonal book, and with the help of fan nominations, we land on a great choice! Enjoy!


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I‘m just about to dig into February‘s double spin so I‘ll be all ready to go for #BookSpin in March. As always I kept the list the same by only replacing the drawn numbers. New editions this month are Those Who Hunt the Night and the Earthsea omnibus which is the first four.

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2y
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I tried, I really did. Maybe it's the writing style, maybe it's the format, but the very idea of listening to ten more hours of it fills me with dread, so I'm out.

post image

This book is just so.... odd.

It's as if it can't decide when it's set and it's making it so hard to follow... 🤔

post image

A dear friend and I finally had a gift bag socially distant masked up gift swap today . Let‘s call it belated everything.Yes, she gets me !

AllisonM89 Camelot! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 3y
Magpiegem Oooh those are awesome gifts!!! 3y
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post image

We had a delightful time 🎃 I‘ll miss you spooky season 🖤see you next year

Texreader Awww!!! 3y
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Burn baby burn 🔥

post image

I had really good intentions with this one, and was super interested to see what the “real” story was like instead of the movie versions I‘ve seen. But I only made it through part 1 “The Sword in the Stone.” It was good - equal parts funny & boring - but I just wasn‘t interested enough to keep going. Maybe in the future I‘ll come back for parts 2-4... @TheAromaofBooks this was my August #bookspin

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! My favorite Arthur retellings are the Squire's Tales by Gerald Morris. 4y
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