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My ABC's
My ABC's: featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets | Children's Television Workshop
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Oscar the Grouch, Grover, and other Sesame Street characters lead a search through the alphabet.
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Join us for the 2021 edition of #LitsyAtoZ! It's our FIFTH year!

See the link in the comments.

You can plan ahead your reading or just register and log your reads as you go. Choose from a variety of reading tracks, all suited to your preferences. It's the most flexible #readingchallenge around!

Post pics of your #AbecedarianTBR so we can all be inspired by your choices!

On 1/1/2022 I will raffle off a $25 Amazon eGift card among the finishers.

BarkingMadRun Love it!! 1y
j.rye I just signed up! It‘s my first real reading challenge in 3 years! 1y
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aperfectmjk Oh why not! I've tried this challenge on Goodreads and I've always come up short, but who knows, maybe this will be my year! 1y
Sweetkokoro Hey I signed up a few days ago but I never got the copy email, was I suppose to get it right after submitting it? 1y
BookishMarginalia @Sweetkokoro check your junk mail — it is probably there. If not, let me know. 1y
Sweetkokoro @BookishMarginalia Yup it was in the junk mail, I have never had the google forms go there before so that was odd. But I‘m all set now, thanks! 1y
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I haven‘t done the #LitsyAtoZ challenge in a couple of years, so I‘m giving it another go this year! I‘m all signed up! If you‘re interested, here‘s the link:


Thanks for hosting this challenge @BookishMarginalia !

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Okay I'm going to do much better this year! I'm excited I can't wait, I'm going to try and plan it this time! #LitsyAtoZ #ReadingChallenge @BookishMarginalia

BookishMarginalia 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 1y
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@BookishMarginalia I hope you don't mind but my track is rather different to your initial 3. I'm mixing your challenge with another one over on one of my Goodreads groups which is doing an a to z of character surnames, and rather than doing 2 different ones I thought it would be easier to combine them. #litsyatoz #abcedariantbr

628pts #teamreadnosedreindeer #wintergames2020 @StayCurious

BookishMarginalia That works great! I‘d never thought of it 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 1y
jenniferw88 @BookishMarginalia ❤ and 😌! I'm glad you approve! 😂 1y
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Bookwormjillk Just signed up! 1y
BookishMarginalia @Bookwormjillk Great, Jill! It just so happens that you won the Amazon gift card I raffled off among all finishers! Is your sign-up email the same as your Amazon account email? I need to know to send the virtual gift card 👍🏼 1y
Bookwormjillk @BookishMarginalia yes, thank you! That‘s awesome! 1y
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melissajayne Signed up again; got really close to completing; managed to get 23 of the letters completed (only had x, y and z remaining). 1y
sebrittainclark Done! I came right down to the wire on Z this year. Hopefully next year I'll remember to tackle Z earlier in the year. 1y
RamsFan1963 I'm looking forward to this year's #LitsyAtoZ. 2020 was the first time I finished one completely. 1y
Sweetkokoro I want to join this but before I fill anything out I have a question. Can I submit my form without entering any information for the books? I don‘t want to rush my planning to join the challenge since it‘s my first time but I‘m not sure if I can just leave them empty at the moment. 1y
Lizpixie Woohoo! One of the few challenges I completed last year🙌 1y
Sweetkokoro Thank you!! 1y
AsYouWish Just signed up!!! Super excited to try and tackle this challenge again!! 1y
CocoReads I‘m going to try and try again. Thanks for organizing again! 1y
Kdgordon88 All signed up! 1y
jessinikkip Awesome, all signed up. You guys feel free to tag me in anything with this. I was 4 books short 2019, 2 books short last year. This year will be the year I finish 1y
BookishMarginalia @bookwormjillk -- I just sent you the Amazon eGift card, so check your email! Enjoy! And thanks for participating in #LitsyAtoZ! 1y
Ncostell I signed up, looking forward to another year of good books to make up my A to Z list! 1y
Bookwormjillk @BookishMarginalia got it! I should use it to buy a book that begins with Q, X, or Z. Although weirdly N was my last needed letter in 2020 (Shout out to Northanger Abbey!) Thanks for the gift card and thanks for hosting such a fun challenge! 1y
Macnjen Thanks!!! 1y
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Did you finish the 2020 #LitsyAtoZ #ReadingChallenge?

Make sure you update your entry by using the link in your original registration email OR just register again and input all your read titles!

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/2/d/e/1FAIpQLSex7AJyjI7PptZofazZtUX2T7L_FddNrEBx...

On New Year‘s Day I‘ll raffle off a $25 Amazon gift card to a lucky finisher. 🤓 (Please repost!)

Link to the 2021 version coming soon!

Kdgordon88 I finished but only by swapping out a couple titles for others I didn‘t want to finish. 1y
TK-421 I reposted & I‘m tagging @MrBook & @LitsyHappenings 1y
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BookishMarginalia @TK-421 Thanks! 1y
maich I just update it. For some letter I read more than one book. I missed Q, U, and V.
BookishMarginalia @maich 👍🏼💜 1y
MrBook @TK-421 😎🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 1y
jessinikkip As much as an extra bit of cash would help, I have to admit I missed P and X. But in 2021 I WILL FINISH 1y
NeedsMoreBooks Thank you for this! I missed Q, X, and Y. 1y
AsYouWish I was so close!!! Five books away... I unfortunately saved the hardest letters for last and had trouble finding them!! But that is okay, super excited to try again this year!!! 1y
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Workinf on my #2021readinggoals and decided to revive an old challenge I really neglected a few years back. So here‘s another round of #ABClassics 📚🤓

wanderinglynn Love the way you did this page! 1y
Soubhiville Wow this looks really nice! Artfully done. 1y
AkashaVampie Have u checked out the group #thatsclassic by @Annie1215 1y
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Heideschrampf @AkashaVampie i hadn‘t yet, thanks! 1y
AkashaVampie @Heideschrampf ur welcome hun. 1y
Karkar I love the way you did this page 😍 1y
Moray_Reads Great page design! 😍 1y
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Just finished my first #AtoZ for the year - both tracks. On to finish up Round 2 🙌🏻

BookwormAHN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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Finally sat down and tried to get myself organized so I won‘t be scrambling last minute on these challenges. I‘m trying to use my journal more.

#LitsyAtoZ2020 #AbecedarianTBR #Booked2020

Cinfhen YAy!!! Cross challenging #DoubleDips and #TriplePlays 2y
4thhouseontheleft Looks great! 2y
Crazeedi Very nice! 2y
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#LitsyAtoZ times 2! Here are my Top 6 pics from 2019! 🎉🙏🏻 in no particular order 😉

LiteraryinLawrence Nice choices!! I‘m glad we read some of them together! 💚 2y
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ads0123 Angel, bell, candy cane, December, elf, frosty the snowman, gingerbread, holiday, icicle, jingle, krampus, lights, merry, Noel, ornament, present, reindeer, Santa, tinsel, wreath, Xmas, Yuletide 2y
wanderinglynn Great job! 🙌🏻 2y
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This was really fun @RealLifeReading I discovered I have a lot of “C” books on my TBR !!!!!!!!!

Reviewsbylola You‘ve got to read Cherry!! I assume you‘ve already read The Liar‘s Club? They‘re both fantastic! 3y
Cinfhen Ha!! @Reviewsbylola I didn‘t realize Mary Karr wrote Cherry!! Yes, loved 3y
Cinfhen I just checked @Reviewsbylola I actually have a different book called Cherry stacked 3y
Reviewsbylola Well you should read the other Cherry too. 😆 3y
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Love the beginning stages of learning letters... 😁

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1. (The) Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper
2. Charles Dickens
3. Donnie Darko
4. Dumplings, all kinds!
#manicmonday #joscho

vivastory I once went to an Easter brunch at a hotel restaurant & there was someone in a bunny costume to entertain the kids. All I could think of was Donnie Darko. 😬 4y
saresmoore Yay for Donnie Darko! I became mildly obsessed with that film in my late teen years. I was (am) a weird kid (adult). 4y
saresmoore @vivastory I have some photos of my children in hysterics, perched on a bench next to a maniacal looking Easter bunny. Why do people think kids will like giant, scary, colorful bunny costumes?! 4y
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vivastory @saresmoore or clowns... or really any adults in costumes. Last week I deliberately walked around the grocery store so I could avoid the Chester Cheetah by the front door 😄 4y
Moray_Reads @saresmoore oh, me too. Trawling through websites and theories, the extended cut (much less interesting than the theatrical release). Haven't watched it in years though 4y
Moray_Reads @vivastory @saresmoore there's no way that the terrifying costumes aren't deliberate. It's like each generations revenge for their own childhood trauma! 4y
saresmoore Bahaha! @vivastory Chester the Cheetah sounds horrifying! I‘ll bet he wiped sticky orange dust on people as they walked by... @Moray_Reads I think you‘re right about generational revenge. That‘s my theory on twice yearly dental visits, as well. *shudder* 4y
JoScho 💖💖💖 4y
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I‘m going to try a challenge for 2018! @BookishMarginalia has a wonderful #LitsyAtoZ challenge! I‘m going to start a little easier and do a mix of titles and author‘s last name. I‘m so excited to push myself to read more this year!


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, NOW MY ARM IS SO DIZZY. (Sings the Bebe in his bed, waving out the letters in the air with one finger)

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Today's #novemberbythenumbers post is brought to you by the letter P. The sixteenth letter of the alphabet.
@JoeStalksBeck @Tiffy_Reads

Mommamanzi Penelope LOVES this letter! ❤️ 5y
merelybookish @Mommamanzi I'm sure! ☺️ Penelope is a pretty name! 5y
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Here's my #LitsyClassics list for next year's #readingchallenge by @Sarah83 ! I did cheat a bit, but i wanted to stricktly stick to the ABC in just the titles and add nothing i've already read. I'm not kidding myself that i'll get done with it in 12 months, but we'll see how far we'll get 🤘📚🌐🗓

Sarah83 There are four buddyreads for the two of us. 😍😍 5y
emilyhaldi Pretty 😍 5y
Heideschrampf @emilyhaldi thanks 😃 5y
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Heideschrampf @Sarah83 👌perfect! If i can keep up ;P 5y
Sarah83 We will see. 😉 5y
MatchlessMarie Nice lettering! 🌈 5y
Heideschrampf @MatchlessMarie thank you 🙏 5y
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@Sarah83 is already thinking ahead and organising a READING CHALLENGE for 2018! ABClassicsDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ! Are you in, too? #LitsyClassics

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Natasha.C.Barnes Now go read Borges' story The Library of Babel! 5y
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Now's as good a time as any to teach my four-year-old his letters.

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#litsyatoz challenge. I've read 16 books and have 10 to go. My list is composed of titles only & I need a good recommendation for the letter Q. I originally had Queen of Shadows but I honestly couldn't get through the first book in the series Throne of Glass. Any suggestions??

bookslesstravelled How about this one? It's on my TBR 😉 5y
Roselyn_Reads @adventuresthruwonderland I just read the description and sounds very interesting. Thank you. Just added it to my list. 5y
bookslesstravelled @Silent_Whispers You're welcome, glad to help! 5y
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Day 9: Teaching my little ones how to sing and write the ABCs. So thought this would be a great bookmark for the day 😊
#ashsbookmarks #the100dayproject #bookmark #craft #abc

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I made a document to keep track of the reading challenges I set for myself and decided to make one to track my #LitsyAtoZ progress. I'm penciling in my picks for now, in case I decide to substitute any.

(If anyone else wants to use it, you can download + print: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xkzii4usxf2m30d/AACh7OQKG5hhLVdKd8ZOsYERa?dl=0 )

LeahBergen That's great! I've already written mine all down in my reading journal or I would have used this. 👍🏼 5y
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My current#LitsyAtoZ looks nothing like the chart I drew up in December. Not even one title is the same🙈 No worries because I'm reading and enjoying and that's what matters most. Many thanks to the wonderful @BookishMarginalia for organizing this challenge and of course squeals of excitement...ONLY 14 days until the unwrapping of #CupidGoesPostal 💗💗💗

BookishMarginalia I haven't read any of the books I pulled for #LitsyAtoZ either! 5y
KarenUK Most of mine are different too! 5y
CocoReads Mine are also different! 5y
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Cinfhen @BookishMarginalia @CocoReads @KarenUK Just goes to show you, my kids are right...winging it works just fine😉 5y
britt_brooke Mine are about 50/50 on planned and not planned. 👍🏻 5y
PurpleyPumpkin Look at you go, well done!!👍🏽 5y
drokka Winging it allows for all sorts of life to happen in books. :) 5y
LeahBergen I can NEVER follow a TBR. 😂 5y
DebinHawaii Nice! I really have to get my act together on recording my challenge lists. I can't believe January is over already! 😬🗓 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I blew my list off too - but when I get down to the end I'm sure I'll return to it! 5y
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My #LitsyAtoZ after #24in48
Added letters B, M, N, O

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Getting excited about starting #litsyatoz. Have my first three picked out. But before that 3 more books to go to meet my goodreads goal of 101 books. Two of these were gifts (one from a friend and the sellout a gift to myself). #bookishgifts #seasonsreadings2016

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I found this photo earlier of me (on the left) and @LBApple reading together circa 1989. Well. She's reading, and I'm half-sitting on the book. So nice to see that our shared love of books started as early as this 😍.

LauraBeth Popped collar 😂👍 5y
LeahBergen 😍😍 5y
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katedensen @LauraBeth Apparently, Ralph Lauren did not make baby clothes in the late 1980's, so my mother shrunk a 4T so I could have this polo and wear it with a popped collar like the rich preppy villain from a John Hughes movie. 😂 5y
LauraBeth I think it's awesome - you guys should recreate this photo 😀 5y
katedensen @LauraBeth We actually have one of us in matching Wonder Woman pajamas at age 3 that we recreated in WW tank tops at 16. We're due for another if we're going by the every 13 years thing hahaha 5y
MrBook Cute! 😊👍🏻 5y
katedensen @MrBook 😁😁😁 5y
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Trying to find a great gift for #WinterSolsticeBookExchange #SecretSantaGoesPostal and my person's name letters weren't in the pile! Shucks!

LeahBergen So we know it's not Xavier Ingalls 😂 6y
rachelm @LeahBergen 😆😆😆 6y
Moray_Reads I was looking at the same notebooks and had exactly the same problem! 6y
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Gayan I have one of those on top of my bookshelf. ❤️ 6y
Suet624 I've never seen these! They're awesome. 6y
Hooked_on_books Those are cool! 6y
rachelm Update: found something perfect! 6y
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Starting her early for a rich life full of books. 📚❤ #earlyreader

LauraBeth ❤️❤️ 6y
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