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I just dropped off some donations to the friends of the public library bookstore and I snapped a quick picture of their #bookchristmastree. I dropped off a bag of books and left with two including the tagged book. #seasonsreadings2016

charl08 Love it! 5y
Leftcoastzen Is that the one in lower Ft. Mason? Miss it! 5y
Jas16 @Leftcoastzen yes it is. Such a great little store 5y
RealLifeReading Cool book tree! 5y
SilversReviews Love the photo. 5y
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Station Eleven: A novel | Emily St. John Mandel
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Oh I'm late again but here goes... I had a hard time picking just a few...can you tell?? #SeasonsReadings2016 #BestOf2016.

Llama Llama Red Pajama | Anna Dewdney
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Here are my baby's #TopReadsOf2016. These are the books we read at least five times a day, the books he always picks out first to read, the books that once it's finished we have to start right over again. Luckily, with the exception of one book I don't mind reading all of them over and over and over and over....

MarriedtoMrT The sun has set not long ago...I had that and a few other Boynton's memorized in my kids' younger years. 6y
Reviewsbylola My 4 yo goes for weeks where she literally only ones to read one particular book over and over. 😭 Right now, her favorite book is a long as story about Nala and Simba sneaking out of their cave at night. It is mind numbing reading the exact same thing multiple times a day. 😂😂 6y
Ruri_kaichou So I have 5 out of 9 of the books you shared 😁 6y
Mc_cart_ny @Ruri_kaichou I'm not surprised!! 6y
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This was hard to do but here are a few of my favorite reads from 2016. All the Ugly and Wonderful Things was my top read. #seasonsreadings2016

Reviewsbylola Loved The Mothers and All the Ugly and Wonderful Things made my list as well. 6y
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#SeasonsReadings2016 I don't think I could begin to sort through my #TopReadsOf2016 . I had an original goal of 45, which I beat by a lot. I was hoping to get to 80 for a round number, but I ran out of time. I read a lot of incredible books this year and I hope to continue that into 2017!!

Bridget Jones's Diary | Helen Fielding
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kim.guernsey Good luck with your draft! 6y
SuperPunkNinja Ooh! Good luck with your novel. 6y
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'Twixt Land and Sea | Joseph Conrad
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#topreadsof2016 #seasonsreadings2016 Low on the left is "The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson and the portrait of Giacomo Casanova stands for Vol. 2 of his collected works.

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#topreadsof2016 - the best novels I read in 2016. Especially The Perks of Being a Wallflower hit me hard, and I still think about the book a lot ❤

#seasonsreadings2016 #bestbooks2016

Soubhiville How exciting! Ship of Magic and The Fisherman are in my TBR stack for Litsy A to Z challenge, so they're up soon! I also loved Neverwhere, my favorite Gaiman. 😊❤📚 6y
TrishB Perks is a well talked about book in our house 😀 My teenage daughter and I read it together on holiday this year and both cried and loved it! 6y
Reviewsbylola Crimson Petal blew me away! One of my favorites. 6y
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Kalalalatja @Soubhiville they are both wonderful! The Fishermen was one of the most well written books I read last year 👍 6y
Kalalalatja @TrishB that is lovely! I wish I had read it as a teenager as well. It is amazing how hard a short book like that can hit you. 👌 6y
Kalalalatja @Reviewsbylola it was sooo good. I couldn't put it down! 6y
LazyOwl I became acquainted with Robin Hobb last year, great books. I also read Neverwhere & loved it. 6y
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I forgot to post for #seasonsreadings2016 yesterday, so I am doing it today! Here are my #topreadsof2016 - the graphic novel/play/poetry edition. 2016 was the year were I discovered graphic novels and poetry, and I can't wait to read more in 2017 📚

#bestreadsof2016 #bestof2016

Marchpane Kate Tempest is so incredible 💕💕 6y
Kalalalatja @Marchpane she really is! I can't wait to get my hands on some more of her works 👌 6y
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A Man Called Ove: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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Libby1 My order of Liberty's Exiles arrived yesterday! 6y
kspenmoll It took me awhile to get through but I really enjoyed the book, never having paid much attention to what happened to "loyalists" during & after the war. 6y
britt_brooke I adored Ove! 💕💕💕 Just Kids is in my TBR. 6y
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christineandbooks I loved Ove! Have you read any of Backman's other books? 6y
kspenmoll @christineandbooks Haven't yet but hope to at some point! 📚 6y
christineandbooks And he's got another coming out this year... 6y
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