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The Cruel Prince | Holly Black
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I finished this book last night and it was so good! It‘s been a while since I felt like I had to stay up all night to read so I can find out what happens next but this book did that for me! 5 star read! #thecruelprince #hollyblack #5starread

Punching the Air | Ibi Zoboi, Yusef Salaam
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We need criminal justice reform. Now. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #5starread

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Another unbelievable book by @AmieKaufman and Jay Kristoff 😱 fast paced and a real page turner, not to mention a squad of misfits...what more can you ask for? Are y‘all ready for Aurora Burning which is coming real SOON!!! #auroracycle #aurorarising #amiekaufman #jaykristoff #squad312 #5starread

julesG Soon?! May isn't soon. 😭😭😭 2y
PaperbackPrincess19 I guess it can always be SOONER 😂 2y
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To go back and unlock the memories and experiences that you locked away and shoved into oblivion in order to survive and then write it all down and share it with the world takes nothing but courage. What an amazing piece of writing; a healing piece of work. If you love to read memoirs, if you love to read poetry, if you love to read books written in verse, READ THIS BOOK. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #favoriteread2019 #5StarRead #SummerReading

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One Of Us Is Lying | Karen McManus
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Awesome story! Great intriguing mystery with some great twists and an ending I didn‘t predict. Loved all the characters and their secrets. Also loved the romance and who the characters were that fell in love. Opposites in every way but perfect together. The most important thing about this book is that it will keep you reading and interested because you just need to know who killed him. Definitely recommend!
#bookreview #book #5starread #ya

Cinfhen I loved this one too!!! So much fun and welcome to Litsy 😍 4y
Suleika @Cinfhen thank you! 4y
Cinfhen I‘m tagging @Jess7 @RaimeyGallant who are full of useful info for new Littens #LitsyWelcomeWagon 4y
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Suleika @Cinfhen thank you! I am now following both 😊 4y
Cinfhen I could easily tag 2 dozen more if you‘d like me too ...I would suggest @LitsyHappenings for all the 411 and @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks because she‘s beyond sweet and thoughtful 4y
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Mdargusch Ps - I loved this book Too! I definitely had to find out what the heck went on in that room! 4y
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BookaholicNatty This looks good!!!!! I had to add it to my TBR! 4y
BookaholicNatty Also, welcome to #Litsy!!! Glad to have a new book friend!!! ❤️📚 4y
Suleika @BookaholicNatty thank you! Happy to have a new bookish friend as well 🤓 I hope you like this book if you pick it up, I loved it. Also I mostly read YA so I‘ll be recommending quite a few once I get the hang of Litsy 4y
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The Changeling | Victor LaValle
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I adored this one. 5 Stars. I‘m also super proud of my review on this (link to my blog in my profile). In my review I explore the Changeling myth, link to a great comparison read and discuss my favourite bits! I would love you to check it out because I don‘t have enough room to do the review justice here! #5starread #jades2018reads #bindrosbookshelf

Crazy House | James Patterson
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I love dystopian and James Patterson... so what could be better? What a great read... a brilliant pick me up after a heavy read. #jamespatterson #crazyhouse #ukcover #5starread

Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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“Inej had once offered to teach him how to fall. "The trick is not getting knocked down," he'd told her with a laugh.

"No, Kaz," she'd said, "the trick is in getting back up.”

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biblionatic Love this quote and KANEJ 😭🙈🙈 5y
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The Fire Between High and Lo | Brittainy Cherry
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"You're still the fire that keeps me warm when life becomes cold. You're still the voice that keeps the darkness at bay. You're still the reason my heart beats and you're the air in my lungs. You're still my greatest high. "

MrBook Welcome to @Litsy ! We hope you enjoy your stay with us 😊👍🏻. I think we may be the most positive, tight-knit, passionate community of bibliophiles this side of the Sun. And it'll take over your life. 😎👌🏻 5y
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My current read! Kinda out of my comfort zone but pretty good so far! 📚🎧☀️#5starread

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