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Auld Lang Syne!
Auld Lang Syne!: Reliving Your Scottish Childhood | Allan Morrison
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An A-Z of Scots nostalgia allowing the reader to take a wee journey into a bygone Scottish childhood.
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My second year with @monalyisha ‘s #AuldLangSpine. I was matched with @TheKidUpstairs who had a fabulous list…the top three I was able to read in January. The Colony was my favorite and will likely make my list for this year! I plan to read from Megan‘s list throughout the year. I‘ve just borrowed The Whalebone Theatre, so that‘s up next! A Murmur of Bees is not pictured, but is a priority too!

TheKidUpstairs I'm so glad you enjoyed what you've read so far! Make sure you tag me if/when you get to the others, I'd love to see what you think! 4d
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Thanks again for hosting a great event @monalyisha and thanks for the giveaway! ❤️

I would choose the Change if I win! #auldlangspinegiveaway

JenReadsAlot That was my pick too! We really were matched well! 5d
Jerdencon @JenReadsAlot so true! 😊 5d
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@monalyisha First, Thank you for hosting #auldlangspine event and now a giveaway! I‘d love to read The Change. It‘s been enjoyable to read a little outside of my comfort zone while sharing a common thread with my partner and also follow some new friends. #AuldLangSpineGiveaway ❤️📕

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Here's my #AuldLangSpine month end wrap-up! I finished three amazing books and I'm halfway through Scythe. I didn't get to Speak yet (I tend to neglect physical books) but plan to read it this month and work on some others from @shortsarahrose 's list throughout the rest of the year.
Thanks @monalyisha for your amazing matching skills and dedication to this event each year! It was my first time participating and I really enjoyed the experience ☺️

shortsarahrose Yay! I‘m so glad you‘ve enjoyed what you‘ve read from my list 🥰 This is my second year doing this event and it is such a fun way to kick off the year. 6d
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I have picked these 2 to commit to for #AuldLangSpine but I can see myself reading more of these throughout the year. You have a great list @moll thanks for taking the guesswork out of choosing my #TBRTarot book this month for the book that starts with a number prompt. Happy reading!

CBee Awesome! 😊😊 1mo
Moll Ooo yay!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!! 1mo
Moll P.s. what did you use to make this post?? It looks great! 1mo
MatchlessMarie @Moll I use pic collage for everything I put on Litsy. Thanks! 😁 1mo
Moll @MatchlessMarie Oo nice, thank you!! 1mo
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@Sapphire @monalyisha I‘m getting ready 😊😊😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #auldlangspine #ALSpine

SilversReviews LOVED The Reading List. I haven‘t read the other book, but it looks good. (edited) 1mo
CBee @SilversReviews I‘m so excited for both! 1mo
AmyG Oooo, I have The Reading List. Good to know it‘s good @SilversReviews 1mo
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CBee @AmyG I should be good and check all of my #auldlangspine books out of the library, but I‘m just so stoked to be doing it (my first time) that I want alllll of the books 😂😂😂 1mo
SilversReviews @CBee 😊 ENJOY!! 1mo
SilversReviews @AmyG Ohhhh…it is good. 😊 ♥️ 1mo
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My undergraduate friends and I have a tradition of getting together for New Years - this will be the 17th annual meeting, I believe? Now at the stage in life with young kids, we're much more of a stay in and play games group - and also singing Auld Lang Syne with the Scots dialect!


Catsandbooks Thanks for playing! 🎉 ✨ 1mo
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I want to take a moment for a shout out for books on multiple #auldlangspine lists. Trees and Tomorrow were top 2022 reads for both @CBee and me. While it may have helped @monalyisha match us, there are a couple others on CBee s list that I wholeheartedly loved as well. So for those watching all the lists and hoping you get in next year - take heart in the books on lots of lists and play along!

CBee I agree wholeheartedly! I‘ve loved looking at all of the lists and finding (even more) book to add to my TBR 😊 2mo
Chelsea.Poole This one was on my list! 2mo
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Here is my #AuldLangSpine list from @shortsarahrose 🎉
I have only read three of these (8, 12, & 17) and enjoyed them - I'm looking forward to diving into the rest. Most of these are new to me, which is exciting! I've already looked and found most of them available through my library so I'll be narrowing down what to read first soon 🤩

TEArificbooks Loved Scythe 2mo
peanutnine @mdm139 that one looks so good! 2mo
shortsarahrose Yay! Looking forward to seeing what you pick! Scythe is actually one of the books that was on the list I got last year 📚 2mo
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Oooh! What a fun list! @Sharpeipup Thanks!

I just started 18 Tiny Deaths—the audio—today, before I saw the list. 😄👍


Sharpeipup How perfect that you‘re reading one of my selections today! Sounds like we have the same taste… 2mo
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Requested these 4 books from the library (hard copy and ebooks to cover my bases) for #auldlangspine
Hope to get to a few more on the list in January too but these sounded good to start with! @JenReadsAlot @monalyisha

JenReadsAlot Yay! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 2mo
TheLudicReader When We Were Vikings is sooooo good. 2mo
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Great list from @BookNAround for #AuldLangSpine - I can‘t wait to check out some new to me reads in January. I‘ve only read two of here, so plenty to explore. I see two authors named Ann I have previously enjoyed, so I may start with those☺️ Thank you!

Cinfhen Ohhhh, a very eclectic list!! Fun!! 2mo
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I‘m so excited to explore this list from @Cinfhen again this year. We were well-paired last year because several of her picks ended up on my 2022 list. I‘ve read 2,6, 7, and 12 already but there‘s a lot for me to choose from for January. I‘m not sure where to start, but I‘m sure it will be good. #AuldLangSpines

Cinfhen Yay!! You know I love audio, so I‘d say if you can find the audio I‘d opt for that option unless you prefer print! A few I selected are very off beat so I won‘t be “insulted” if you bail or don‘t like them. I hope you find one or two that will make your list next year 💗 2mo
Chelsea.Poole Great list @Cinfhen! — I spy a few that made my list here 👀 @MallenNC and how neat-o you two were matched two years in a row! 😊 (edited) 2mo
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Just received my #auldlangspine list. I‘ve got some work to do as I‘ve only read 2 of the 14.

Thanks @Maria514626 and @monalyisha

Maria514626 I hope you like them! 1mo
Maria514626 BTW, I‘m maria514626. 🙂 1mo
Sharpeipup @maria514626 sorry about that. Fixed. 1mo
Maria514626 No problem! 1mo
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I‘m really excited about this list @Chrissyreadit 🥳I love how there‘s a little of everything. I‘ve read one and DNF another, and the rest looks so good. Cackle and Kaiju Preservation Society are ones I‘ve been thinking about picking even before this, I‘ve been meaning to try Georgette Heyer for years, and I‘m so excited to have nonfiction choices for audiobooks! #auldlangspine Thanks again @monalyisha 💖

Chrissyreadit Glad you like it- it is very eclectic. Which ones did you read and DNF? 2mo
DGRachel @Chrissyreadit I read Beheld for #booked2022 early this year and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I didn‘t finish the Ambrose Perry, but I don‘t remember that being the fault of the book, more my headspace, so I may give it another go. I‘ve already started putting in library holds for the others! I seriously love how there‘s something for nearly every mood, since I‘m a mood reader. 💖💖 2mo
JamieArc I really liked Cackle! It was a fun read! 2mo
JamieArc And great list, @Chrissyreadit 2mo
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Woohoo 🥳 I LOVE this list @MallenNC @monalyisha ❣️❣️❣️Even though I‘ve read several I‘m thrilled with the the remaining choices. A few were already on my radar and I was planning on reading and the others seem great!!! I‘ve put a few library requests in and hopefully I‘ll get them in time. #AuldLangSpine
Now I need to patiently wait until January 1😅

monalyisha Phew! 😅 2mo
Cinfhen Why break up a good thing @monalyisha @MallenNC ??!!?! 😊😉 2mo
Megabooks Ladyparts is fantastic!! 2mo
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Billypar I'm impressed that anyone could come up with a list that has more than 1 or 2 that you haven't already read 😀 2mo
MallenNC I‘m so glad I had some that you haven‘t read yet! As you can see, your picks worked well for me since several ended up on my list for this year. I love your list too! 2mo
Cinfhen Ha-!! It‘s true @Billypar and especially since @MallenNC and I have similar taste - that‘s why im super excited for the ones I haven‘t read. I‘m sure I‘ll love them all. I remember when you reviewed LadyParts @Megabooks so I‘m definitely looking forward. I‘m still deciding which one to start with!!! A few I requested from my library, so that might dictate where I begin. 2mo
Librariana I'm loving seeing people's excitement over their lists ☺️ I did not sign up to participate and am regretting it slightly, but I also know I may not read enough to qualify. Definitely a goal for next year. Enjoy! 💕 2mo
Cinfhen @Librariana im gonna “mooch” from all the lists throughout the year - you could borrow ideas too!! It‘s like auditing the challenge 😉 2mo
Chelsea.Poole Same! I screenshot other lists too. I love a reading list 😅 @Librariana @Cinfhen 2mo
CBee @Librariana I signed up and I don‘t read near as much as the amazing @Cinfhen 😘 the only commitment you make is reading one book in January. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 2mo
Cinfhen Exactly @CBee Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy @Librariana 😜 2mo
Librariana @CBee @Chelsea.Poole @Cinchen Look at all you beautiful souls offering suggestions 🥰 It's not that I can't commit to an Easy Peasy 🍋 Squeezy (and now all I can picture is Jungkook of BTS adorably saying that! Lol!) single book in January, but rather that I don't think I read enough interesting things throughout the year to come up with a list at the end. But I'm gonna try to make y'all proud in 2023 😁😊🤩 2mo
Cinfhen GOALS @Librariana 😘😘I‘m sure you can make it happen!!! 2mo
Librariana And yes, sis @CBee I agree! I don't think I know anyone else as amazing with books as @Cinfhen and @Megabooks. They're my reading heroes! 2mo
Cinfhen Awwwww @CBee @Librariana I can‘t hold a candle to @Megabooks - I think she read 400 books this year 🤪🙌🏻🍾 2mo
CBee @Librariana I think you read interesting things 😊 Another thing that was cool is that it can be as short as 7 books or as long as 20! @Cinfhen Meg is a machine! Wow 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @Megabooks 2mo
Megabooks @CBee @Librariana yeah, I‘m at 411 on the year so far, but last year I read 520! I‘ve been going a bit crazy with it!! 😂😂 2mo
CBee @Megabooks just a bit 😂😂😂 2mo
Cinfhen Wait, WHATTTTTTT??? You read 520 last year and you‘re past 400 this year @Megabooks You are literally a reading machine 🙌🏻💕AMAZING!!!!! I might break 300 but I doubt it. 2mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen thanks!! It‘s gotten a bit out of control, but I‘m proud of myself too! 2mo
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If you haven‘t participated in #AuldLangSpine (formerly known as #NewYearWhoDis), now is your opportunity, but you must be quick! Check out @monalyisha for more details—it‘s a really fun event where you create a list of your favorite books this year for someone else to read from, and then Alyisha pairs you up with someone else‘s list for you to read from!

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Only 4 spots left - this is such a fun Litsy event!
Check out @monalyisha for all the details! #auldlangspine

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Take note:

I have 4 spots left and I‘m getting antsy. Whether they fill or not, I‘ll be closing the #AuldLangSpine registration form on Tuesday night (11/29) at 6pm (EST). I want to start making these matches for real!

On the one hand, I‘m happy not to be turning people away this year (like I‘ve had to in previous years). On the other, I‘m shocked there are still spots open! Tell your friends! 💀


monalyisha I say that I‘m surprised, while also having participated in zero swaps myself this year 🙈 (when I normally participate in several). If others are feeling like me, you‘re just busy and tired — and I totally get it! 2mo
mrsmarch I‘ve been looking forward to this one all year! ❤️ 2mo
monalyisha Thanks, @Mrsmarch! I'm not feeling neglected or anything, so don't worry about my morale. 😅 There are 66 people registered...which is still a ton of excited folks! It's just never taken this long and I'm eager to begin. 😉 2mo
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BookNAround @Kylivi If you haven‘t seen this, take a look. It‘s a fabulous event and I always find fun, new books from it. It‘s not a swap, just a commitment to read at least one book from another person‘s best of list and review it on here. And @monalyisha does a great job of matching people with similar book tastes. 2mo
jhod Oh how exciting, saw this on your feed Rachel @rockpools and have signed up! Thanks so much for organising @monalyisha I need to update my TBR but am very excited to join! 2mo
jhod Oh my gosh, I forgot to number my books - shall I resubmit? Apologies! 2mo
monalyisha @jhod That‘s okay! It just makes it easier if they‘re numbered but I can reformat. With so few spots left, I don‘t want to mess with things. I have the titles and authors, & that‘s what‘s important. Thanks for offering, though! 2mo
jhod Many thanks! 2mo
Megabooks I‘m so looking forward to my match! Thank you for doing this!! 2mo
Firestarter994 What is Auld Lang Spine? 2mo
monalyisha Hi, @Firestarter994! I just closed the registration form, unfortunately, as it reached its limit. But it‘s an annual event I run where you submit your list of favorite reads from the past year; I match you up with another reader based on genre preferences, & you spend January reading from each other‘s lists & getting to know one another. You can catch it next time around if you‘re interested! 2mo
rockpools @jhod 🎉🎉🎉 Have fun 😊. 2mo
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