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Still Life
Still Life: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel | Louise Penny
Winner of the New Blood Dagger, Arthur Ellis, Barry, Anthony, and Dilys awards.Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Surt du Qubec and his team of investigators are called in to the scene of a suspicious death in a rural village south of Montreal. Jane Neal, a local fixture in the tiny hamlet of Three Pines, just north of the U.S. border, has been found dead in the woods. The locals are certain it's a tragic hunting accident and nothing more, but Gamache smells something foul in these remote woods, and is soon certain that Jane Neal died at the hands of someone much more sinister than a careless bowhunter. Still Life introduces not only an engaging series hero in Inspector Gamache, who commands his forces---and this series---with integrity and quiet courage, but also a winning and talented new writer of traditional mysteries in the person of Louise Penny.
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It claimed the coveted crown of DNF about 3 days ago. Now though it's reigning again as current read. It's kinda tedious if you get what I mean and I'm slowly trudging through. I think I will probably complete it making it book 5 of 2020.

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Oh my god, I feel like such a bonehead that I waited so long to read Louise Penny! I could not put it down! Already on my second Louise Penny book!!

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Somebody help me, I am out of control! This was in my Kindle deals email this morning, and I bought it. I‘ve always wanted to read this series, now I have no excuse. But this is two books in two days. At this rate, I really am going to buy a book a day this year 😂

Lcsmcat But this one is so worth it! 😀 2w
mom2bugnbee I can't believe it took me so long to find Inspector Gamache! You're going to love it. 2w
TrishB I could share my norm in two days 😁I brought 12 on Boxing Day, after already getting 20 as presents on Christmas Day!! And this series is so worth it. 2w
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vivastory All of these comments are tempting me to get this one! 2w
Lynnsoprano @Lcsmcat @mom2bugnbee @TrishB You‘re making me want to start this immediately, and I just promised myself that I would finish the books I‘m currently reading before I start anything more 😂 2w
Bookzombie I love this series. I‘m almost done with book 9. 2w
CarolynM At least it's a good book you've bought! The bad news is you'll now be buying the other 14 books in the series 😂 2w
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Thank you @Bookwormjillk for the fantastic book, treats, and card! This will definitely be one of my reads this weekend! I really enjoyed the #jolabokflodSwap and can hardly wait for next year! You are a great swap partner!

Bookwormjillk I hope you like it! Enjoy! 3w
Come-read-with-me @Bookwormjillk I am enjoying it! I‘ve also gotten really good at hiding the chocolate bears from my husband! Thank you again for your kindness and generosity! 3w
Bookwormjillk @Come-read-with-me ha! I hid my chocolate too! 3w
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MatchlessMarie This is a great quote 😆 1mo
TK-421 😂 Love this! 1mo
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omg, I love Beauvoir and Gamache! I was not expecting much from this book, a typical cozy mystery, with the added benefit of being in the much loved Eastern townships, but, wow, this book was above and beyond! It's totally a cosy mystery, but also so much more. Hard to explain, but more interesting, more "deep". I am going to enjoy reading more of this series (I hope!). #cosymystery

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I received these lovelies for #whodunitthesequel - will finish them ASAP! @Jess_Read_This 🤗

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I read another Det. Gamache book out of order so I decided to start with book 1. It didn‘t disappoint. Here, a complex plot comes together after tiny details are peppered thruout. An artist is killed by an arrow in a small Canadian town, and guilt centers early on a local family. Meanwhile Gamache is trying to mentor an infuriating new recruit. Expect crazy surprises. #wintergames #tmskellington #tbrread

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Crimson613 16pts! sounds interesting 😮 2mo
Crazeedi Great series! Love Gamache! 2mo
Texreader @Crazeedi Indeed! And I love finding good series like this! 2mo
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1. The first in a great series.
2. Teleportation
3. Aquarius
4. Helping set up a winter‘s farmer‘s market, decorating
5. Will do!


MidnightBookGirl I didn't even think about Teleportation, that would be very useful! 2mo
Mollyanna @MidnightBookGirl no more wasted time getting to the destination! (edited) 2mo
ImperfectCJ Teleportation would be a great one (I could visit my sister across the country any time I wanted!), so long as it included the clothes I was wearing and maybe a carry-on bag. 2mo
Mollyanna @ImperfectCJ In my view anything on you or in your hand would travel along. 2mo
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Audio puzzling. Can anyone identify the location pictured in the puzzle? Hint: I was there this summer.

BarbaraTheBibliophage Norway!?!? 2mo
Amiable Copenhagen? 2mo
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Texreader @Amiable Close. It is in Scandinavia. 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Texreader Well, that‘s proof my memory still plus nice sometimes! Enjoy! 2mo
xicanti Is it Bergen? 2mo
Texreader @xicanti Yes! My husband‘s hometown! 2mo
Sapphire I want that puzzle - and I am going to Norway in June :)
Sapphire also, welcome to Gamache! Enjoy :) 2mo
Texreader @Sapphire You can find this puzzle in the biggest chain bookstore in Bergen. It was 249 kroner (it still had price tag on it until we opened it this week), kind of expensive but so is Norway in general. June is a perfect month to travel in Norway. Can‘t wait for your photos! I‘ve read one other Gamache book and decided to start at book 1 now. 2mo
AnneCecilie It looks like Bryggen in Bergen 2mo
Texreader @AnneCecilie Absolutely! I have to go there every time we go to Norway. It‘s so iconic. This last summer we stayed at a hotel just behind it. It‘s gotten so much more “touristy” than when I started going almost 30 years ago. My fave sewing shop there is almost all trinkets for sale now. Do you get there often? 2mo
AnneCecilie @Texreader I‘ve only been there once. But I also noticed the sewing shop when I visited 10yrs (?) ago. I live on the other side of the country 2mo
Texreader @AnneCecilie I loved that shop! And the other sewing shop close by has closed. I guess the tourists on those massive cruise ships weren‘t interested. I‘ve only been to the eastern part of Norway once (not counting layovers). Not an easy country to drive across! 2mo
Texreader @AnneCecilie I think it was 2015 we drove from Oslo to Lillehammer to Lom up to Sjolden then back down to Bergen stopping to see the jostedalsbreen glacier (my second visit there). Best trip ever!! 2mo
Sapphire Awesome! It's on my list for Bergen! 2mo
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Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, book one.

Three Pines is a quaint little village in Quebec. When a well-liked resident is found dead, Inspector Gamache is called in to investigate. I haven‘t read a lot of cozy mysteries, but I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of this series.

There are parallels to Murder, She Wrote and The No. 1 Ladies‘s Detective Agency

Bookwormjillk You‘re in for a treat 2mo
Deborah42 I read the first five in a week. Love this series! 2mo
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A friend loves this series and sent me a copy of the first book. I have never been into "who dunnits" and this book didn't change my mind. It wasn't bad, but I didn't enjoy it like I had hoped.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Cinfhen Pretty photo 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Pretty 🎃🧡 3mo
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In the newest episode of @unabridgedpod, we share what we thought of our recommendations for each other . . . and confess which books we didn't *quite* get to. We talk about the impact of deadlines, of reading (or putting off reading) hard books, and of remembering books read long ago.⠀

Check it out, and then let us know what you thought! We'd love to know if you've read any of these books and what you thought.

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It‘s time...

kspenmoll Enjoy!!! 3mo
CarolynM I think you'll love it. Hope so🙂 3mo
LeeRHarry I have this one on my shelf - looking forward to your thoughts 😊 3mo
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JennyM @LeeRHarry @kspenmoll @CarolynM oh my goodness, I‘m loving it!!! Everyone is right...it‘s so good. Lee, I think you‘d love it too x 3mo
LeeRHarry @JennyM oooh goodie! 😊 I‘ll bump it up the pile 😊 glad you‘re enjoying it! 3mo
TrishB I didn‘t see your tag! Oh I love this series 💜 hope you do. 3mo
JennyM @TrishB no worries. I so loved it...👍 3mo
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Book one of the series is #setinautumn as are some of the later installments. #fallisbooked

OriginalCyn620 👌🏻📚🧡🍁🍂 3mo
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It took me some time to get used to the fact that the story follows different perspectives of the people living in the village or the Inspectors. But I kind of liked the style of writing and how it sometimes felt like a completely different story for a couple of sentences. Will definitely read the second book in this series.

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I enjoyed this book. The mystery was a lightweight, but the setting, the characters, the humor and the nuggets of wisdom from Inspector Gamache and Myrna made up for that in every way. I‘ll revisit Three Pines!

CBee Lovely review! 😁 4mo
CarolynM Glad you enjoyed it. I think the series just gets better and better. 4mo
Crazeedi So glad you liked! They get better and better, characters develop, etc. 😘💞 4mo
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Nute @CBee Thanks!💕 4mo
Nute @CarolynM @Crazeedi I‘m excited about this series and it seems like I will be happy for a very long time as I discovered that there are MANY more books to read. I‘m actually missing the community of Three Pines. Can‘t wait to get back.😊 4mo
CBee @Nute can‘t wait to start this series! 4mo
Nute @CBee I found the right descriptive phrase... it‘s a charming and picturesque murder mystery. I can‘t wait for you and I to be able to discuss them together.😊 4mo
CBee @Nute sounds right up my alley! I‘ll let you know when I start it. Am thinking it will be my next read. 4mo
CBee @Nute I would like to send you the second book in this series (by mail). Would that be okay? ♥️ 4mo
Nute @CBee Hi Cydney! Sometimes it takes me a minute to come back and reconnect. I just saw this today. I am humbled by such a kindness. I am excited about the possibility of a friendship. The answer to your question is “Yes, it would be okay. It would be wonderful!” However, I was wondering if we might share a correspondence first? Just to say hello. 4mo
CBee @Nute hi! Yes, absolutely! My email address is cydneybean@gmail.com. Reach out anytime! 4mo
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I needed something fall & cozy & escape .. & realized I‘d never read my *own* cozy for #coffeebeanbookclub (recently rtn‘d). Started & it‘s just what I needed (so far)!

Last night, 1 of my #cozyswap (Agatha Christie sized pkg 😉) arrived!!! I didn‘t know who sent it bc I forgot & decided to keep the surprise ... but then I was looking at #cozyswap tags & saw it... thank you @Catsandbooks !! Can‘t wait!! 🎃♥️

Also sent #SFMBC.. late 😬 @Chrys

Catsandbooks Hooray!! 🎉🍁😊 4mo
Kayla.Adriena Just wanted to give an update, my cozy swap package will be sent out the 11th and not by the 9th but in plenty of time to arrive for opening day! 🍁🍂 4mo
Mollyanna Love Three Pines! Enjoy! 4mo
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Avanders @Kayla.Adriena okay thanks! ♥️🎃 @Mollyanna I‘m really excited — I‘ve heard good things for so long! 🌲🌲🌲♥️ 4mo
Avanders Hi guys — let me know if you‘ve sent your package for #cozyswap .. if I‘ve missed a post, comment, or email, my apologies! @ferskner @gissy @leslieo @TheRomantiCate @MaleficentBookDragon @AlizaApp @BookwormAHN @kshakal @mreads @quietjenn @tdrosebud @JenlovesJT47 🎃♥️ 4mo
tdrosebud I'm heading to the post office today, I was waiting for an item to get here. 4mo
Avanders @tdrosebud ok thanks for the update! 🎃♥️ 4mo
TheRomantiCate I‘ll be sending today. 4mo
Avanders @TheRomantiCate ok thanks for the update! 🎃♥️ 4mo
ferskner Going out Friday! 4mo
Avanders @ferskner ok thanks for the update! 🎃♥️ 4mo
JenlovesJT47 I just had surgery and the mail wasn‘t running last week here because of the hurricane but I should be able to mail mine tomorrow or Saturday 🙃 4mo
Avanders @JenlovesJT47 oh no! Hope the surgery recovery is going well! And I know the hurricane caused some mailing issues 🤭🤭 Thanks for the update and hope everything else is going okay!! 🎃♥️♥️ 4mo
mreads @Avanders just back from the post office will be posting in about 5 minutes 😄 4mo
Avanders @mreads yay!! 🎃♥️ 4mo
AlizaApp @Avanders planning to send Monday, just waiting for one more item that is supposed to arrive on Saturday! I will tag you when it goes out 🍂🧡 4mo
Avanders @AlizaApp okay thanks! 🎃♥️ 4mo
BookwormAHN I will be mailing mine on Saturday. 4mo
Avanders @BookwormAHN ok thanks for the update! 🎃♥️ 4mo
MaleficentBookDragon I picked my last element tonight. It will go priority tomorrow or Saturday morning. 4mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon 👌🏽 sounds good! 👏🏽👏🏽🎃🎃♥️ 4mo
LeslieO Yes! Should arrive today. Forgot to post until now! 4mo
Avanders @LeslieO 😘🎃♥️ 4mo
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Initiating my relationship with Louise Penny. The first book of the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series. It has a familiar comfortable feel to it: small town life, charming characters, a quiet unexpected demise and a deeply sympathetic police detective who admits from the jumpstart that “violent death still surprised him.” I have often wondered what I shall do when I finish reading Agatha Christie‘s collection. Now I know!

Nute @Come-read-with-me Look at that pretty bookmark!😉 5mo
Come-read-with-me @Nute You are so lovely for saying so! 5mo
Scochrane26 That‘s a really cool bookmark. Unique 5mo
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tracyrowanreads I started reading the Gamache books last month after a good friend of mine raved about them. And now I'm hooked. I'm waiting for number two to drop from the library. 5mo
CarolynM I love this series! 5mo
Crazeedi @tracyrowanreads @Nute you are going to fall in love with this series. The characters are delightful, the stories complex and immersive, I loved them all 5mo
tracyrowanreads @Crazeedi I got that feeling almost from the start. So looking forward to reading more.
rubyslippersreads You‘re all making me want to read this series. 😊 4mo
Nute @Scochrane26 Thank you. It was a gift in the last Bookmark Swap event. 4mo
Nute @tracyrowanreads @CarolynM @Crazeedi I was hooked within the first few pages. I love that type of setting - small town village with quirky inhabitants and everyone being shocked that there‘s an amoral type amongst them. I can‘t wait to revisit Three Pines! @rubyslippersreads I think that you will enjoy it. 4mo
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This was a hit for me! During our last book club gathering, those purposing this selection described it as filled with characters that could be your neighbors and friends. So true and with the added “who done it” plot. I also found myself remembering with fondness my honeymoon road-trip that took us into this region of Quebec and how beautiful it was. I immediately picked up another in this series to add to my TBR pile.

TrishB It‘s a great series 👍🏻 5mo
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Our book club selection for September. Just getting started but I can see why a couple members are already followers of her books. Excited to hear Louise Penny speak in two weeks from now at a local auditorium. What has been your favorite public appearance or book signing by an author? My only other was Ina Garten‘s “Cooking for Jeffery” Tour and she is the same in person as on social media and tv.

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I love to read because it transports me into another world. I love that when I get into a story, I can essentially vividly hallucinate for hours, forgetting the words and seeing the images instead as I read. I love leaving the world behind and getting to know characters like friends and experiencing their emotions as if they were mine. What about you?

SW-T Well said! I‘m the same with fiction, but with non fiction I read to stretch my brain and learn new things. 5mo
CherylRussell Same here! I really love when I get so absorbed that I‘m clueless as to what is going on around me. Irritates those around me at times because they must bellow to get my attention. 😆📚📚🥰 5mo
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My #cbbc (#cbbc2) book has returned home! (Tagged) *And* @Mommamanzi ‘s book received too! (So @MommyOfTwo — one more coming your way!) Thank you so much @Marmie7 for the cocoa, coffee, and amazing socks too!!! 🤗🥰♥️♥️

I hope to hear about a cbbc3 soon 😁😁

Marmie7 It's been fun sending to you! 6mo
BethM Great socks! Super stoked for round 3!!!! 5mo
Chrissyreadit I want to be in a cbbc! 5mo
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Avanders @Mommamanzi 👆🏽 I will vouch for @Chrissyreadit ! ♥️♥️ 5mo
Mommamanzi @Chrissyreadit send me an email at nicoleorlando@hotmail.com and I‘ll send you a little questionnaire to fit you into round 3! ❤️ 5mo
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Louise Penny‘s Three Pines series is my go-to comfort read! #creaturecomforts #augustabc

IvoryLunatic The Name of the Wind is one of my all time favorites and probably my most recommended book. 6mo
Crazeedi Love all the Three Pines books!! 6mo
Eggs Beautiful collection 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6mo
See All 6 Comments
Caroline2 @IvoryLunatic oh good to know! I haven‘t read it yet so I‘ll move it up the pile. 👍🏻 6mo
TrishB Thanks for getting me into these 👍🏻 and The Name of the Wind is great! 5mo
Caroline2 @TrishB so glad you enjoy em Trish and it sounds like I really need to move The Name up my tbr pile! 😁 5mo
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I've had Louise Penny's Still Life, the first in her Inspector Gamache series, on my Kindle forever. I was prompted finally to read it by the recommendation of Sara on an episode of Unabridged. I‘m so glad that I finally picked it up, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. This book is one of the reasons I love mystery series: ⬇️

UnabridgedPod yes, it's the mystery, but it's more the continuation of compelling characters, and I love Gamache who is strong and brilliant and imperfect. A promising beginning to a series I'm sure I'll enjoy.⠀

Have you read Louise Penny's books? Which are your favorites? What other detective series do you enjoy?
Johanna414 I just read this a couple months ago and have to agree with everything you said! Inspector Gamache is such a compelling character 6mo
UnabridgedPod @Johanna414 I can‘t wait to read book 2. ❤️ 6mo
IvoryLunatic I thought this was the first one in the Gamache series? Or was there a series with him before? I‘ve never really been a mystery fan but have been wanting to try again and figured this would be the best start. 6mo
UnabridgedPod @IvoryLunatic You‘re right—it‘s the first in that series. 6mo
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#24in48 The End!

Megabooks Congratulations! 🎉🎉🥳🥳👏🏻👏🏻📚🍾 6mo
chaoticgoodhufflepuff Yay! 🎉📚🎉 6mo
bromeliad Awesome job!! 6mo
Librarybelle Congratulations! 6mo
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I guess this just wasn‘t for me! I‘m not a mystery reader at all—murder just ain‘t my cup of tea, no matter how cozy! But I‘d heard picturesque Three Pines was populated with lovable characters I‘d want to visit again and again, so I thought I‘d give it a try! Unfortunately, I just didn‘t connect with the characters and I found the mystery scintillating enough to finish this one but not enough to read further books.

Kammbia1 The later books are much better than the earlier ones. Even though, you will not continue with the series, the books do get much better. 6mo
underground_bks @Kammbia1 maybe someday I‘ll pick up A Fatal Grace at some point! 6mo
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In the small Canadian town of Three Pines Jane, a popular local artist, is found dead in the woods. Is it a hunting accident or murder? This book introduces Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, the quiet detective who watches the local towns folk to solve the case. Very charming, I‘ll continue the series.

“She felt if she could just get a good look at a person‘s bookcase and what‘s their in their grocery cart, she‘d pretty much know who they are.”

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I bought this box set for a colleague. I am so jealous that they will be starting this series while I wait impatiently for the next instalment.

Crazeedi Oh I know what you mean! Coming in the fall!!👏👏 6mo
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OriginalCyn620 👌🏻🇨🇦😊 7mo
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Day 1 - #Canada #LouisePenny #LetsTravelJuly

Louise Penny is my favorite Canadian author!

OriginalCyn620 I‘ve never read her! I should fix that. 😊🇨🇦 7mo
EadieB @OriginalCyn620 I love her characters! They are very unique! 7mo
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After so many positive posts here about Louise Penny and Inspector Gamache, needed to check them out.

Crazeedi Great series 7mo
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#30JuneBooks I've enjoyed listening to the Inspector Gamache series on #Audiobook. I've listened to the first three books so far.

LoverofLit Love Three Pines ❤🌲🌲🌲❤ 7mo
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This isn‘t something I ever would have picked up on my own, but it‘s for my book club. It‘s got a very leisurely pace and I struggled with it at first but once the investigation picked up, I really enjoyed it. I loved Gamache! I‘m not sure if I‘ll continue with the series, but it was nice to read something a bit outside of my norm.

LoverofLit I adore Three Pines ❤🌲🌲🌲❤ 7mo
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Book #10 in the Modern Mrs Darcy Must Read mystery list! This book is the start of the inspector Gamache series which is great! I read this last summer at the beach and fell in love with the town of Three Pines. In this one a woman is found dead in the woods. Locals believe it was a hunting accident but Gamache expects there is more to it then that. It‘s a wonderful first novel to a series which will leave you wanting more!

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I know that many people love these books but I had a hard time with it. It didn‘t draw me in and I didn‘t care about any of the characters or what was happening in the story. Not my cup of tea I guess.

robinb I wasn‘t blown away by it but thought it was good. Am hoping for even better as I read more. 7mo
PickwickPlockPlock I think I read this one and was puzzled by the hype. 7mo
CherylC Frankly, Still Life isn‘t the best of the series. It is the first, though, and sets up all the rest in the series. In Still Life you meet most of the important characters and the town. You begin to see the rich personalities of the inhabitants of Three Pines and of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his coworkers. I have come to love these dear people with all their imperfections and delightful attributes! I wouldn‘t miss a single one of the books 7mo
BethM I couldn‘t get into it. 7mo
Kshakal @BethM me either... I have heard that it gets better as it goes along but I don‘t know if care to continue! 7mo
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Picked this one up to complete the #newtoyouauthor for #booked2019.

Louise Penny has a cult following and I thought she‘d be perfect for this prompt. I really enjoyed this one and will continue on with the series.

CoffeeNBooks I started this series last month- my mom kept telling me how great it is! 9mo
Cinfhen I‘m sooooo curious to try this author but I‘m not prepared to be sucked into a new series!!!! #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 9mo
Ashley_Nicoletto @Cinfhen I had the same debate. 🤣 Which I listened to it on audio and I‘m hoping I can maybe dip in and out of the series. LOL. 9mo
Cinfhen Ahhhh!!! Good strategy 🙌🏻💕 9mo
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@Crazeedi Thank you so much for the book and the very sweet card. 😍 I can't wait to read this!

I think my kitties might have smelled your kitties. I caught my littlest one Dot loving all over the envelope. 😀

Crazeedi My kitties my be sending a message to yours, unbeknownst to me!😉❤ 9mo
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This book was charming AF. I was really hesitant about the whole “cozy mystery” thing but the narrator was great, the characters were inviting, and Gamache is precious. I will definitely keep going with this series!

post image

Finished another great audiobook while I cross-stitched. I can't wait to listen to the next book about Inspector Gamache!

CarolynM I love this series! 9mo
Zelma I‘m a newcomer to this series and love it! Only finished the first two as I don‘t want to fly through them. 9mo
Crazeedi Great series 9mo
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The characters in this book are very rich and I love the depiction of a small town in the fall. The mystery kept me guessing! I look for forward to more of this series.

post image

I was so excited. However, poor casting and even more poor adaptation to film absolutely butchered what had the potential to be an amazing film series.
Has anyone out there come across a book to film adaptation that blew you away with its accuracy? Or another one that just absolutely failed? Let‘s have a conversation!

rretzler I thought that Peter Jackson‘s Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies was well done - not 100% faithful to Tolkien, but in all, I enjoyed all 3 movies which kept to the spirit of the books for the most part. On the other hand, I hated what Peter Jackson did to The Hobbit. The first movie was somewhat faithful to the book, but it went downhill from there. There were loads of extra characters and things that weren‘t in the books. They were awful! 10mo
rretzler I really hate it when I watch a show or movie based on a book and it‘s been changed. I feel like the reason I‘m watching it is because I‘ve liked the book and I feel that the directors/producers are insulting my intelligent by trying to make it more exciting, or whatever they think they are doing by changing the story/plot/characterization. 10mo
HollyBahling @rretzler Although I haven‘t read the Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Hobbit I have heard the same thing from my brothers who are huge Tolkien fans! I remember it being a big family affair to go see the movies as soon as they came out. All 7 of us would pile in the car and escape to middle earth for the day. I‘ve been meaning to add them to my list so thank you for reminding me! 10mo
See All 33 Comments
HollyBahling @rretzler Yes I agree! If a book has enough of a following to be made into a movie then let it stand on its own! Don‘t change it into something you think will appeal to a wider audience. It will ruin it for the true fans who enabled you to make the movie in the first place! 10mo
Birdsong28 If you like what Peter Jackson did with the LOTR movies, which I agree with you on, then read the tagged book. I have just got it on audiobook. @rretzler 10mo
HollyBahling @Birdsong28 I‘m saving this for Christmas for my brothers! Awesome suggestion! Thank you! 10mo
Birdsong28 @Hollyreynolds0 My favourite book (Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks) was adapted for stage and screen (play and BBC film) and they ,although very good, just focus on the war bits and miss out a HUGE chunk of the middle section. 📚📖 10mo
HollyBahling @Birdsong28 Ugh. I feel like I would be so torn if it was well done but still left out parts. So you liked it? Even with the middle portion left out? 10mo
hjreviews Hands down, best adaptation I‘ve ever seen is the princess bride. I watched the movie as a kid before realizing it was actually a book, so of course I read the book. I was really scared reading the book was going to ruin my favorite movie but literally, I could already quote the book because I can quote the movie. It was amazing! 10mo
Birdsong28 @Hollyreynolds0 Yes I did like it as it kept the essence of the story so I was glad about that. To be honest the middle bit doesn't add much to the story but it would be nice to have an adaptation with it in as it would be nice to see it played out. 📚📖 10mo
MayJasper I avoid film adaptations of my favourite books to avoid disappointment. The worst adaptation I can recall was for one of Terry Pratchett's early novels. I think it was Colour of Magic. It didn't capture any of the humour to my mind. So disappointing. 10mo
HollyBahling @hjreviews A classic!!! We traded Ghostbusters for The Princess Bride when I was a kid! It‘s always a risk reading a book after seeing the movie first. You have the characters already cemented into your mind so it can be a struggle. But after your comment I‘m going to give it a shot! Another book I completely forgot about. Time to add it to the list! 10mo
HollyBahling @MayJasper After all the disappointments I feel like I need to start avoiding them too. How is it so hard to make a good movie when the story is already written!? 10mo
MayJasper I suppose we all take different things from a book and so it is unlikely to match someone else's view. But there are some adaptations where I wonder if the book had actually been read. 10mo
HollyBahling @MayJasper I 100% agree. The film comes out as how one would describe the book to someone. As if telling them the highlights and leaving out all other necessary character building and scene setting. 10mo
rretzler You should definitely read them if you get a chance. As with any book, they are so much more layered and nuanced than the movies. As I mentioned, I enjoyed The Lord of the Rings but hated The Hobbit. My husband who had not read them enjoyed them all! 10mo
HollyBahling @rretzler They are added to the stack! 😄 10mo
rretzler @hjreviews Yes, the Princess Bride was another that was true to the book and a great movie, too! 10mo
Tamra Oh nooooo! 10mo
rretzler @MayJasper I‘m interested to see how well Amazon‘s Good Omens will follow the book as The Man in the High Castle certainly doesn‘t (edited) 10mo
Tamra I thought the adaptation of Lonesome Dove was great! 10mo
HollyBahling @Tamra I‘ve never heard of Lonesome Dove but the description is intriguing! 10mo
Tamra @Hollyreynolds0 people who don‘t classify themselves as westerns readers end up loving it anyway. I‘d recommend either book or film, such memorable lovable characters! 10mo
HollyBahling @Tamra definitely adding it to my stack! Thank you for the great recommendation! 10mo
LRSmith Another second on Lonesome Dove. Powerful evocative. Captures the feel of the Western landscape with all its vastness. I wept over that book. (But then I‘ve cried at Kleenex commercials in my time so... wholly unreliable measure of what others may cry over.) 10mo
Tamra @LRSmith have you tried the movie? Terrific acting! I‘m going to rewatch soon. 10mo
HollyBahling @LRSmith I can relate to crying over commercials so I‘m sure I‘ll be crying as well! It‘s rare to find books that evoke such emotion so I am very excited! 10mo
LRSmith @Tamra I haven‘t seen the movie. When I love books that much and have such a clear vision of the characters,I tend to steer clear. Was it worth it? 10mo
Tamra @LRSmith it definitely was for me! Actors are wonderful at capturing the spirit of the characters. If I recall correctly it‘s long and divided into episodes. 10mo
HollyBahling @Tamra @LRSmith I feel like it is a good sign when they split them into episodes. It definitely hints that the directors aren‘t skipping important parts and are trying to get everything in! 10mo
Suzze I saw this movie on Canadian tv a few years ago. It sucked. 10mo
HollyBahling @Suzze Yes it did. It had so much potential but it just fell short in so many ways. 10mo
Zelma Ugh, that isn‘t Gamache at all. Nope, there is no way a movie or series will capture the magic of Three Pines. 9mo
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Loving Inspector Gamache even more on paper than I did in audio! I picked up so much more reading on the page than listening, though I did really enjoy the audio on this one. I think I‘m finding audio works best for me as non-fiction or rereads just for the story to stick with me the way I like. The characters just come to life so much better for me in my head as I read vs listen & the characters here are amazing 😍

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⬆️ I recommend this series all the time!
🛏 It gets made; I am not necessarily the one making it.
🌤 50 degrees F
🌭 People think this is weird, but I love Chrissy Teigen‘s Split Pea Soup with Crispy Hot Dogs
❤️ Hey!
#friyayi tro

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#2019readingchallenge “The First Book in a Series”
This was a very quiet mystery and almost gentle. Chief Inspector Gamache was pleasant. It‘s a nice world to inhabit if your own is kind of dreary.

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Louise Penny has been on my TBR for several years. A few weeks ago I heard her discussed on a podcast, a colleague went to see her on book tour, and my boss recommended her book series. Sometimes you need a push to pick up a book, and sometimes you need three pushes. I am glad I read this. I have some quibbles with the style and characterization, but friends have assured me that the series gets better, and Penny‘s skill gets sharper.

Laura317 This is such a great series! Your friends are right - she gets better snd better. 10mo
CarolynM Love this series. It really does keep getting better, at least as far as I've got (the first 7) 10mo
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Guess what time it is! It‘s the wrong season for this book, but oh well.

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@bookwrm526 ...this went out in the mail today! #whodunitthesequel

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I wanted to like this #audiobook more than I did, and I‘m hoping that the next books in the series will be better. It‘s nice to read something that takes place in Québec. Penny has created a setting and set of characters I would like to see again. However, there was a lot of “telling” rather than showing through action and dialogue, and that felt heavy handed at times. Some of the scenes seemed far-fetched and a bit contrived. A light read.

Tamra Keep going! I‘ve listened to the series out of order and the cast of characters grow on you. I was describing to my husband that the cast is akin to long running TV series such that each episode is more about them than the mystery at hand. IMHO 11mo
Louise @Tamra I‘m glad to hear that! Ever since listening to all the available Maisie Dobbs books, I‘ve been looking for a fun series to listen to. Maybe book #1 was the warm-up book! I‘ll definitely try out the next book. 11mo
Cathythoughts I found I loved the setting & characters .... but it was too light for me. ..... maybe I should try #2 too @Tamra 11mo
Tamra @Cathythoughts give an audio a try! I know it‘s sacrilege, but I wouldn‘t worry about the order either. I know there are strong opinions on that! 😉 11mo
Cathythoughts @Tamra thanks! I might do that ... audio is great for cleaning etc .... 👍🏻. I think I will 👍🏻 11mo
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