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Thursday's Children
Thursday's Children: A Frieda Klein Mystery | Nicci French
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Fierce, fascinating and full of insight, Frieda Klein is irresistible.Val McDermid, bestselling author of Splinter the Silence The electrifying fourth book in the internationally bestselling Frieda Klein Mystery seriesFrieda Klein is uninterested in catching up on old times when her former classmate, Maddie Capel, shows up at her dooruntil she hears about Maddies troubled daughter, Becky. The teenager claims she was raped in her own bed one night while her mother was downstairs. Her assailant left her with a warning: Dont think of telling anyone, sweetheart. Nobody will believe you. And no one doesexcept Frieda. Beckys story awakens dark memories of an eerily similar incident in Friedas own past that shes been avoiding for decades. When Becky is found hanging from a beam in her bedroom, Frieda returns home, seeking out her old high school friends to ask what they remember about the night that prompted Frieda to leave town for good. But confronting the ghosts of the past turns out to be more dangerous than she ever expected.From the Trade Paperback edition.
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#QuotsyFeb20 #Thursday

“Thursday is perhaps the worst day of the week. It‘s nothing in itself; it just reminds you that the week has been going on for too long.”

I actually quite like Thursdays as they are almost Friday. 😆I‘ve not read this series although I have read a couple of Nicci French books. I think whether it is Thursday‘s Child or Thursday‘s Children for the title depends on where in the world you live.😉

Susanita Thursdays are great! 1w
rachaich I have Fridays off so Thursday is the new Friday on my world 😁😂😁 1w
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1. Nothing amazingly great but it‘s just been a normal, ok week which is good!
2. Nothing really - off on Monday so maybe a movie or something.
3. The light after war, Don‘t skip out on me
4. @Sward7 @inthegreensandblues #thoughtfulthursday @MoonWitch94

Susanita Good choice of beverage! 1mo
MoonWitch94 Thanks for playing ☺️ 1mo
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#thursdaysurvey @laurenslibrary
1. Five
2. No
3. A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende
4. Do the splits, be better at celebrating my achievements instead of focusing on all my negative stuff.
5. Bike holiday with one of my kindred spirits ❤

laurenslibrary Thanks for playing! 💜 2mo
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🎆 I spent NYE wandering around Florence, Italy, and watching fireworks on the Ponte Santa Trinita bridge!
📚 At least 4
📙 Serenity, because life has been so chaotic and stressful these past few months. I just need some time to stop and breathe, ya know?


RvnclawWhovian I love Florence, so jealous! Lots of great memories 2mo
wanderinglynn I hope you‘re having an amazing time. And great word! ❤️ 2mo
MoonWitch94 What a beautiful NYE! Excellent word. Thanks for playing 🥳🎆💙❤️ 2mo
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1. Home with hubby and son (first time we haven‘t gone out in a very long time) but it was nice.
2. Hopefully around 8
3. Healthiness - was a rough year last Year and just want everyone to be healthy. ❤️
#thoughtfulthursday @MoonWitch94

wanderinglynn Great word! 💚 I wish you and yours loads of good health and happiness in 2020. 💚 2mo
MoonWitch94 Wishing you & yours a happy, healthy, peaceful 2020! Thanks for playing! 🎆💙😊📚🥳 2mo
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#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

1️⃣ Not really.
2️⃣ Sure all the time but for the life of me I can't think of one. Sigh...
3️⃣ Sinusoidal! I hear it all the time at work and always think.it is an odd one. BTW, it is a type of wave form.
4️⃣ Nope.
🤗🤗 Happy 4th to all you American Littens! ✨✨

Trollkonstnaren I am slightly scared to do this challenge :D Q3 will be terrifying. 8mo
wanderinglynn Great words! And thanks for playing! 💜 8mo
wanderinglynn @Trollkonstnaren Why would Q3 be terrifying? 8mo
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Trollkonstnaren @wanderinglynn I am Finnish. We make new words by attaching old ones together i.e. the word/answer for Q3 would be extraordinary 😜 8mo
Trollkonstnaren @wanderinglynn E.g. enemmistöpäätöksentekojärjestelmä 8mo
wanderinglynn @Trollkonstnaren ah, the German language does that too. 👍🏻👍🏻 8mo
Trollkonstnaren @wanderinglynn Yes and they have monstrous words, too :) 8mo
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#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

My name is Lisa
You killed my brother
Prepare to Litsy

tournevis Perfect! 8mo
BiblioLitten 😁 8mo
wanderinglynn I love it! Let‘s all prepare to Litsy! 😂😂😂 8mo
See All 9 Comments
Caterina Hahaha yesss let's prepare to Litsy 😂👍 8mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Our new cheer: Prepare to Litsy!! 🤣 8mo
Graywacke 👌perfect answer! 8mo
CouronneDhiver 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 8mo
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1. Saturday 😀
2. My birthday 🎉 and end of the school (work) Year for me!
3. Reading envy and what should I read next
4. I actually mostly write in pencil
5. 👍🏼👍🏼 @mariaku21 @rustoryhuf
#thursdaythang @Coleen_Nieto hi Coleen! 😀

Coleen_Nieto @Jerdencon I hadn't heard of book envy I'll have to check it out. I do enjoy what should I read next! Have a great weekend! 9mo
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I agree we all need breaks with time to indulge, but I don‘t feel guilty — I just think of it as comforts 💁🏼‍♀️
💜 high protein ice cream 🍨 No Guilt
💙 The Holiday with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz
💜 Dandelion Wine 🍷
💙 massage and pedi
💜 I promise I will!
New followers-Hello!!👋🏻 @Viva @kimba7 @MaddieMia @krismlars

#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 9mo
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1. Ice cream 🍦
2. Legally Blonde 💁‍♀️
3. Magazines
4. Taking a bath with a bath bomb and book. 🛀
5. Already did! Took a bath yesterday in the middle of the afternoon!


wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 9mo
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1. My trip to Ireland (fingers crossed we can go!)
2. Not sure - have to start reading summer reading lists
3. Soft ice cream from the ice cream truck
4. Probably 101 degrees F or so
5. @Coleen_Nieto @Smoky_Embers
#thursdaysurvey @laurenslibrary

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1. 2 weeks in Croatia in August ☀️✈🏝🍹
2. Can't think of any, had a few out this spring and got a few more coming out in the autumn 📚
3. Homegrown strawberries 🍓🍓
4. 31°c🌡(Liverpool, England)
5. Don't know who's done it or not as it's quite late here. Enjoy everyone 😊

#thursdaysurvey @laurenslibrary

laurenslibrary Enjoy your trip!! Thanks for playing!! 🧡💛 9mo
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1. Warm weather 😭
2. Lost Coast and there‘s something about Sweet.
4. Popsicles and ice cream
5. 106
6. i don‘t really know anyone but Weezie so if you wanna do it this is your tag.

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1. Swimming and family barbecues!
2. Wild & Crooked, We Walked the Sky, When the Lights Went Out, Growing Things, Hello Girls.
3. Watermelon 🍉
4. 109... and all that Alabama humidity.
5. @Chasingmermaids

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#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

?️ Being independent.
?️ Cooking
?️ Few responsibilities.
?️ Part-time teller while I was going to college.
?️ My father's favorite saying was, "Can't never could do anything." He taught me to be independent. One of the best life lessons and it has served me well.

Just saying Hi to a new follower. @emz711 ?

emz711 Hello! 9mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💛 9mo
Crazeedi Your dad is very wise l❣ 9mo
TheSpineView @Crazeedi Yes, he was!😊 9mo
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1) My other half, my friends, my dog 😊
2) That I turn up for work. Every. Single. Day. Means so much more knowing how I value being a writer for my job.
3) I hope: my honesty.
4) Take a day out from the writing cave. Maybe. Deadline. 😉

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 10mo
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Thanks for the tag @BookwormAHN sorry it‘s a day late 😅 Anyway.
1- I‘m not really in a position to treat myself to anything at the moment. So I‘ll go with puppy snuggles, lots and lots of puppy snuggles.
2- My sense of humor
3- Umm I‘ll get back to you on this one. Every single thing I‘ve ever done or can do has completely fallen out of my head 🤣
4- Everyone I‘m sure has done this by now 😅 So I‘ll just say Hi 👋🏻 #hellothursday @wanderinglynn

BookwormAHN Puppy snuggles are very important 🐕 11mo
wanderinglynn You can never have too many puppy snuggles. 💜🐶 Thanks for playing! 😘 11mo
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Cute idea!
Twitter: @DeadRabbitsBKS
Instagram: deadrabbitsbooks
Facebook: Dead Rabbits


wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! 💜 I followed! 13mo
nudibranch I would totally follow if I wasnt such a shy little bug living under a rock!! 😖👾 13mo
Melli Twitter:@Melli_mel80 Instagram : @GoyaSnow (edited) 13mo
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Hi to all the new members !

Besides Litsy I‘m only really on Instagram and you can find me there at momtoconnor
And goodreads is. https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3845236-denise
#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! 💜 I added you on GR. 13mo
wanderinglynn And when I spelled your username correctly, I followed you on IG too! 😂 13mo
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1. Having our home library complete! (Pics coming soon!)😍
2. More happy times with books and my favorite peeps, and painting in my new studio! 📚😄🥂🎨
3. Make it count. ❤️
4. I love my #LitsyFamily, so if you‘re reading this, consider yourself hugged! 🤗


Texreader Thanks for the hug! Congrats on the home library. I desperately need to get that done!! 14mo
wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 14mo
Dragon Hugs 🤗 14mo
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Looking forward to An Anonymous Girl
Reading No Exit and An Anonymous Girl
With great power comes great electric bill
@suet624 @ericalambbrown @JillPill @MistyAngell @jdaniels @Comet_Readings @ChristySevern @jazzigen95
#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 14mo
JillPill Love the quote 😂 14mo
BookBabe Thanks for the tag! 😊 14mo
See All 8 Comments
RadicalReader @BookBabe anytime bestie 14mo
RadicalReader @JillPill thanks I did too 14mo
RadicalReader @wanderinglynn always entertaining 14mo
Ericalambbrown Awww, man! I just saw this! Am I behind or what? 🤣 14mo
RadicalReader @Ericalambbrown it‘s all good no worries 14mo
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@wanderinglynn 1. 2018 is over! 2. Turning 50! 3. “Lock him up!” 4. Love ❤️ @BurghBookAddict - Glad you stayed! #hellothursday

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 14mo
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1) Finding out I hit the USA Today bestselling list today. My 7-year old self wouldn‘t have believed it possible when I started writing stories
2) Saving up to travel to Costa Rica for the first time - have any Littens been/live there? Would love to hear your recommendations!
3) Mine is “you‘re on your own journey” so I stop comparing myself to others
4) 🤗🤗🤗

#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

llwheeler Congratulations!! 14mo
RachelAmphlett @llwheeler thank you - it was a lovely surprise 14mo
wanderinglynn Congrats! 🎉 And thanks for playing! 💜 14mo
See All 10 Comments
LauraBeth Wow - congratulations! 🎉🎉 14mo
RachelAmphlett @wanderinglynn thank you - and thanks for starting this - I‘m loving the responses! 14mo
RachelAmphlett @LauraBeth thank you! 14mo
Velvetfur That's so fantastic about the bestseller list! We'll done you! 👏🎉 14mo
Trashcanman Congratulations! It's so awesome to see someone's hard work pay off! 14mo
RachelAmphlett @Velvetfur thank you - I‘m still in shock! 14mo
RachelAmphlett @Trashcanman thank you - that means a lot ! 14mo
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Repost for @Andrew65 :
Will be doing a #NicciFrenchBuddyRead of Thursday‘s Child with @Tove_Reads starting on Saturday 6th October. We will be reading it over 5 days and having an informal chat about it at the end of each section.

Please feel free to join us 😊 Happy for anyone to join us. 👍

Andrew65 Thanks for reposting ❤️ 1y
60 likes2 stack adds1 comment
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Will be doing a #NicciFrenchBuddyRead of Thursday‘s Child with @Tove_Reads starting on Saturday 6th October. We will be reading it over 5 days and having an informal chat about it at the end of each section.

Please feel free to join us 😊 Happy for anyone to join us. 👍

Sarah83 I still have to start this series 😊 1y
Andrew65 @Sarah83 It is an excellent series. 1y
Sarah83 You already told me 😍 1y
See All 7 Comments
Tove_Reads Do you have the chapters figured out? 1y
Andrew65 @Sarah83 It must be true then! 🙌 1y
Andrew65 @Tove_Reads I will post them a bit later. 1y
Sarah83 Definitely 💖 1y
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1. Fall
2. Candy corn
3. Corn maze
4. When I was really young and so I barely remember it.
5. Sure


wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 🍎🍁🌻 1y
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1. Stephen King
2. Stephen King, JK Rowling, VC Andrews
3. Truman Capote
4. Stephen King: Bram Stoker Award—best novel—the green mile.

#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😀 2y
Samplergal Truman capote! 2y
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1. Anne Tyler. 2. Harper Lee. 3. Rachel Carson. 4. Harper Lee: Pulitzer for To Kill a Mockingbird. #hellothursday

wanderinglynn Great answers! Thanks for playing! 😀 2y
Minimalgrl Harper Lee all the way !!! 2y
Samplergal @Minimalgrl ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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1. Acquisitions and Cataloging Librarian at a public library system.
2. Babysitting..first "real" job was cashier at local grocery store.
3. Best: current job ; worst: secretary/bookkeeper for a conservation district, mostly because of the coworkers
4. Honestly, my current job. Other options, wildlife photographer or running an animal sanctuary/low cost vet.
#HelloThursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😀 2y
spharo Your current job sounds dreamy. Do you have your master's? I've been considering it lately. 2y
tonyahoswalt @spharo Yes, I do. I love it! I used to do Teen Services, and I'm still passionate about that, but I really love what I do now, choosing and ordering new books, and cataloging them. And having social anxiety and being an introvert, it's nice not being in front of the public. 2y
TK421 We have similar other dream jobs. I would love to be a professional wildlife photographer! After volunteering for years at a local nature center / wildlife rehab, I would love to be involved in wildlife conservation again. 2y
tonyahoswalt @TK421 I've always been passionate about nature and wildlife, and if I hadn't gone the library/book route, I would have also been happy in that field. As a teenager, I was thinking of studying zoology, or marine biology, and I dreamed of photographing lions, tigers, etc. 2y
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Current job title is Head of Academic Quality and Standards
Putting plastic covers on clothes in Johnsons the Cleaners
Best was working in the exams section in a Uni- great fun, great people. Worst - finance assistant! I still hate anything to do with budgets and I‘m head of dept now so can‘t run away from it 😱
Book shop owner!! Or failing that Academic Registrar (potentially more likely!!)

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😀 2y
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1. Academic librarian
2. Clerk at a Hallmark shop
3. Worst: Data conversion operator for the USPS
4. Retirement, frankly

wanderinglynn Ah, I‘d love to “work” at retirement. 👍🏻 Thanks for playing! 😀 2y
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Favorite subject: Actually gym class, lol, all I had to do was wear the right uniform and I got an A!! Spanish all 4 years was ok too. Worst subject: everything else, especially junior and senior year. I went to a hs where we had to take all 5 majors all 4 years ( math, science, history, English and a foreign language) Fav extracurricular: I was on the softball team but not for long cuz I threw like a girl, lol. School mascot:Tigers #hellothursday

Mimi28 P.S. sorry it‘s a day late and I just realized this is my 4th post today, within a few hours actually, lol 😂 sorry 😐 🤷🏽‍♀️ 2y
wanderinglynn It‘s never too late! Thanks for playing! 😀 2y
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📒 English
📐 Math
🗝️Key Club
🇨🇦 Mountie (I did not attend school in Canada 😏)


wanderinglynn Did you at least live near the Canadian border? 😂 Thanks for playing! 😀 2y
Michollio @wanderinglynn Nope. Northwest Indiana. 2y
wanderinglynn @Michollio Well that makes total sense! 🤣🤣🤣 2y
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#hellothursday @wanderinglynn
1: scrabble, clue, word games, pictionary
2: bocce ball and word games
3: really don't play app games...
4: @rohit-sawant
Thanks for the tag @whatshesreadingnow Tammy!!🌸💖💕

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😀 2y
tammysue Love these games, play them all the time! 😁 (edited) 2y
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1. English
2. English, Sarcasm,Geek, Internet
3. Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Manx, German, Russian, Latin

Abby2 English. I have books in Latin, Chinese and Swahili. 2y
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1. US English

2. I took 2 years of German in school but only remember a bit. I can still recite the alphabet.

3. No


wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😀 2y
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1. Getting ready to workout - so my workout playlist. Mix of fast songs!
2. Hard to pick one. I really like Kenny Chesney though. I‘ve seen him 3x - he puts on a great show.
3. Country
4. Pandora
5. @TheKidUpstairs


wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 😀 Kenny Chesney attended my alma mater, East TN State University. I got to see him one year when he came back for Homecoming. 👍🏻 2y
Judybskt That‘s awesome! 2y
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1. Pirates
2. Loki 😍
3. Ramen, I detest seafood 🤮
4. I speak English and French
5. I love to watch people play video games!

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1) I recently signed up for the Terry Pratchett group read 2) I‘d like to go back to an old nickname from when I was young that was based on my maiden name 3) I don‘t currently have one but I have a kid‘s song stuck in my head that I‘d love to get rid of! Google super simple songs Baby Shark and it will never leave your brain! 🦈 @GarthRanzz

RaimeyGallant Great game! 2y
Lcsmcat Are you familiar with the Billy Collins poem about ear worms? You can find it here https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/browse?contentId=41394 Hilarious, and it might help (by getting something else stuck in your head?) 2y
Chellebearss @Lcsmcat Thanks for that! My family finds the song hilarious and the fact that my infant adores it doesn‘t help. Whenever I do manage to get it out of my head I‘ll hear a family member humming it and BAM it‘s back in my head for days! 😂 2y
Chellebearss @RaimeyGallant thanks! I love joining in on these games people start! 2y
GarthRanzz I don‘t need another ear worm! 😊 Thanks for participating Chelle! 2y
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Zaboravi objavit😳😳😳grupo moja uživajte💕😍
#lmpbc #group Z
@maich @Ninna @KnjiskiZmaj

maich 😍😍 2y
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1. J Morgan because he‘s my friend and brother of my heart.
2. Rick Springfield
3. Panera‘s green tea


GarthRanzz Rick Springfield! Great choice! 2y
Bostonmomx2 Lmao I saw #2 and was about to tag you and then Realized...... 2y
Debiw781 @GarthRanzz my childhood idol ❤️ 2y
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1. LibraryThing, Goodreads, and an Excel spreadsheet.
2. It doesn't matter to me
3. sleeping and working
4. Tag, you're it! anyone who hasn't been tagged!
#trivialthursday @GarthRanzz

mcipher Okay off topic but can we talk Magicians?!? I loved the last two episodes SO MUCH. 👏 2y
PirateJenny @mcipher OMG YES!!! If you're on fb there's a group a friend started. I can't believe we're coming up on the season finale already. Margot killed it and I'm so glad Eliot stepped up. And the Faerie Queen. And Reynard. I really hope we get Plum next season. 2y
mcipher I‘m not on Facebook - this is it for social media for me. But yes!! Margot was amazing. And the alternate beast storyline?!? I loved Reynard‘s comeuppance. The way they did that, with the house and all, was soooo good. 2y
PirateJenny @mcipher It was indeed fantastic!!! And Kady was right-- it was a great punishment. No need to kill him. Of course it also leaves things open for him to turn up again 2y
mcipher And I‘m sure he will - I love how weird it is for him to be Julia‘s good friend and also Reynard - the underworld episode last season was because of that. 2y
25 likes5 comments
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1. Goodreads, and I also keep a list of books I‘ve read each year in the notes on my phone.

2. As long as it‘s well written, I have no preference.

3. Haha! I do have a life outside of Litsy. 😉

4. Open tag for any and all. 💗

#TrivialThursday @GarthRanzz

post image



1. I keep singing this from our aerobics class at the gym - All my Ex‘s live in Texas. :)

2. A MATTER OF CHANCE by Julie Maloney - 5/5

3. THE HIGH TIDE CLUB by Mary Kay Andrews - 480 pages - not long by some standards, but long for me. :)

4. Going to tag @CherryPie - thanks for tagging me

Tagging @Eggs @Jess7

Kaye DO all your exes live in Texas ?? (Joking) 2y
Susanita I heard that song while I was actually in Texas, and it made me laugh. 2y
Sharpeipup All MY exes live in Texas... 2y
See All 12 Comments
TheKidUpstairs That song is such an earworm! I think I'm going to be singing it all morning now..... 2y
SilversReviews @Kaye No but it is a catchy tune. 😍 2y
Kaye That it is. Funny song. I don‘t have any exes but if I did I think Texas would be a good place for them. Far away from here. 🤔 2y
SilversReviews @Kaye I don't have any either. 😍 2y
GarthRanzz Texas isn‘t far enough away for my exes to live. 😊 Thanks for participating! 2y
65 likes12 comments
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1.) Tithe by Holly Black
2.) Holly Black and Scott Meyer
3.) I learned about the importance of friends from Harry Potter.
4.) @GrilledCheeseSamurai @BiblioNyan @Courtneycc09

post image

Day late with #humpdaypost @MinDea
Red docs today
Never wins really
None (never really got into Goodreads not sure why!)
All/any online bookshops
Too awful to make public - but soldiering on!

batsy 😍 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love these!!!! 👞 2y
laurenbescoby I love DMs! These are awesome 😍 2y
See All 31 Comments
Cinfhen Funky shoes! Love Docs 2y
Cathythoughts Great shoes ❤️ 2y
DeborahSmall Favourite colour of DMs. Although I wore cherry as a teenager ❤️❤️ 2y
Cortg I loooooove your Docs! 2y
hgrimes Those are some great shoes. 2y
BookMaven407 Those red docs rock! 2y
DiruVamp Shoe envy! 2y
rachaich Love those shoes! 2y
JacqMac I couldn‘t get into Goodreads either. I also don‘t know why. But I don‘t feel as weird about it now. 😂 2y
readordierachel Those shoes! 😍😍 2y
Serotonin Nice shoes 👍👍👍 2y
Eggs The shoes!! Fun! 2y
DeleteAcct I miss my old Docs. I need to get another pair. 2y
emilyhaldi Love these shoes ❤️ I had my black Docs on yesterday 🤗 2y
Caroline2 Love the shoes!! 😍 2y
tammysue That color is wow, love it!! 👌🏻 2y
TrishB @JacqMac it just never clicked for me! 2y
Cinfhen Wow! Didn‘t realize there were soooo many color options!!! 2y
DeleteAcct 35?? That's amazing!! 2y
rachaich 35??? Both my daughters, and myself, are in awe :) ;) 2y
LeahBergen I still have my DMs from 1992 (black wingtip brogues). ❤️ 2y
TrishB @LeahBergen sound lovely ❤ 2y
DeborahSmall 35!! 😍 I‘m pining after a pair of the floral boots and the white wing tip brogues with the red heart ❤️ 2y
TrishB @DeborahSmall I have those ! My floral boots are my match boots and the heart brogues hubby brought me for Valentines day last year! Put them on your Christmas list ❤ 2y
DeborahSmall @TrishB you need to send me a pic of the white ones when you have them on!! Xx 2y
TrishB @DeborahSmall will do 😀 2y
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Nicht unbedingt das, was ich von dem Buch erwartet habe. Es zeigt leider deutliche Schwächen. Meine Rezension gibt's auf meinem Blog 🤗☺

post image

Started this one last night and it has immediately drawn me in. Anyone else read this series?

21 likes1 stack add