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Literary omnivore. Photos are mine unless credited. 🌿www.themidnightgarden.net 🌿www.goodreads.com/wendydarling 🌿@misswendyd on IG, Twitter, Tumblr
Good Daughter | Karin Slaughter
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Karin Slaughter is an author I HAVE to read the second a new book is out. This thriller, about a lawyer determined to shake off her past, delivers her best standalone yet with an action-packed plot, deliberate procedural style, and crackling tension.

It gets a little tangled towards the end and I'm always gonna like the Georgia series best. But in a year of disappointing thrillers, it's a good reminder of why Slaughter's at the top of the game.

mrozzz She has spoiled me for the rest of the authors in horror/thriller. 7y
Sassy_Steph Check out the woman in the window!! It's by AJ Finn, coming out in January!! Amazing unputdownable thriller!! 7y
paper_planes I read my first Karin Slaughter this year and now cannot wait to read more! 6y
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Shadowlands | William Nicholson
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"We read to know we're not alone."

Widely attributed as a quote by C.S.Lewis, it's actually from the play "Shadowlands" about Lewis' relationship with his wife, the American poet Joy Davidman. The film is also a must for book lovers! There's a moment when her son opens up a wardrobe at Lewis' home that makes you hold your breath, because you know *exactly* what it must feel like to be in his shoes and hope against hope to find Narnia waiting.

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Holy crap, I've been away for a long time. Hi, new friends! I've been in hibernation mode for awhile but I'm glad to see you. Hope you're as excited about Leigh Bardugo's new book of fairy tales as I am!

Jefffromwv I can not WAIT for this book!!!!! 7y
NeeSwee Oh, THAT COVER!!😍 7y
monkeygirlsmama Pretty 7y
misswendyd @monkeygirlsmama @NeeSwee Isn't it gorgeous? The cover is textured and it's beautifully illustrated throughout. Very much Leigh's style. 7y
misswendyd @Jefffromwv Same herrrrreeeee. It seems like the perfect read for a cold writer's night. 7y
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Little Women | Louisa May Alcott
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“There are many Beths in the world, shy and quiet, sitting in corners till needed, and living for others so cheerfully that no one sees the sacrifices till the little cricket on the hearth stops chirping, and the sweet, sunshiny presence vanishes, leaving silence and shadow behind.”

One of my favorite Christmassy books, and one that never fails to make me happy and sad and enraged, every single time.

awishman This was my go-to book post-election. It gave me life. 7y
misswendyd @awishman I understand that! I've been largely avoiding most social media, including Litsy, since then. I've also found it hard to read, but leafing through old favorites can definitely be comforting. 7y
monkeygirlsmama Love the cover on this edition- your mug too. 😉 I just read this one last month with my 8th grader for school. I couldn't remember if I'd read it as a kid or not, but think so. Enjoyed the story; however, felt I would have appreciated it more on my own then trying to read it aloud with my dd who didn't enjoy it as much. 7y
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Casi Great pic! I have that same mug! 7y
sophieriggsby The girls and I have those mugs! Love them! 7y
awriterchick I am sure this book has a lot to do with why I am the woman that I am today. 7y
misswendyd @Skittythegreat @sophieriggsby Apologies for the late response. This is my FAVORITE holiday mug and I can't wait to use it every year! It really puts you in the mood, doesn't it? So cheery. 😊 7y
misswendyd @monkeygirlsmama 🙂! I'm sorry I'm answering so late. Curious if your daughter felt it was dated, or slow, or...? I read it as a kid and although I still enjoy it whenever I reread it, when we read this for the blog, I found that I did get a little impatient with some of the preachy bits. And I dislike Amy even more, hah hah. 7y
misswendyd @awriterchick It has a lot of ideals I still aspire to. Jo March 💕 forever and ever. 7y
monkeygirlsmama @misswendyd I think she found it slow and rather old fashioned. She seemed to like the main characters and their stories, but there was too much extra information for her. She'd have probably loved the Cliffnotes. 🤣 7y
awriterchick I try to read it every year. It always makes me feel good deep inside. 7y
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Spindle | E. K. Johnston
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In partnership with Disney-Hyperion, here's a cozy winter giveaway for my Litsy friends. Here's your chance to snuggle in with a new YA Sleeping Beauty retelling!

One winner receives:
· copy of Spindle
· Sleepytime Tea
· Cozy Socks
· Tea infuser travel mug

To enter, leave a thoughtful comment telling me why you want to read this! Ends 12/9/16. US only, our usual giveaway rules (on the blog) apply.

Prizes + review copy provided by the publisher.

AWahle I would love to read this because I love fairy tales and collect different versions of some of my favorites. It is so interesting to see different versions of the same tale and that includes retellings as well as regional differences. 7y
abbiereadsbooks I love fairy tale retellings! I'd be interested to see what soon this one takes. Also, who doesn't love a good pair of cozy socks?! ❤️ 7y
abbiereadsbooks *spin, not soon. Haha 7y
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Kristy_K I have yet to read a Sleeping Beauty retelling and this one made my tbr list a while ago. Eager for it to come out! 7y
Celeste57 The synopsis of this book sounds really compelling. Also, I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it's so pretty! I'd love to read it! 7y
Joybishoptx Fairy tale retellings are so creative. Especially when told from a different POV 7y
jrdnconner Ive never read a fairytale retelling before, but Im sold by the cover! It's beautiful! 7y
assemblyize I'd love the chance to read Spindle because it's been on my TBR for some time. I enjoy reading retellings because I feel like they actually showcase the authors true voice as a writer and their ability to bring imaginative twists to well loved tells. Retellings are a great way to continue the idea of fairytales as well, as I find it's the embellishments that make them special. Also, I think we can all agree that the cover for this is stunning. 7y
Otherworld_Library I've read many retellings, but I haven't read a Sleeping Beauty one yet. Looks interesting. 7y
jackilynn I would love the chance to read Spindle. Sleeping Beauty is one of my all time favorite Disney movies. I am also a huge fan of retellings when it comes to books. I must have at least 20 different versions of Alice in Wonderland but no Sleeping Beauty retellings in my collection yet. 7y
niki.inwonderland This book looks AMAZING. I loved A Thousand Nights and I'm sure this one is just as good, if not better. And that cover. Oh my gosh 😍 7y
silentrequiem I would love this. I love fairy tale retellings but there aren't many Sleeping Beauty ones. I love when I stumble across one! 7y
monkeygirlsmama I'd love to read this! For one the cover is gorgeous, and for two I like a good fairytale retelling. 7y
Chachic Can't enter the giveaway but I just wanted to comment on how gorgeous that cover is! And those flowers are beautiful.😊 7y
Redy2trvl Who can resist a fairytale! It always amazes me how fairytales transport me to such beautiful places and times, and yet teach me something about life in the now. Who wouldn't want to get lost in this book?! 7y
aa_guer2021 I would love to read this!! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite story, and a retelling of it sounds wonderful! Plus the cover is beautiful!! 💙🌷 7y
Rayski I would love to read this. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite fairy tale, and December 8 is my birthday, and it would be a marvelous birthday gift!!! 7y
frycurious Fairytale retellings are super great, but I just ran out of sleepytime tea today and could always use an infuser mug. Books and tea, my favorite combo. 7y
sophieriggsby Sleeping Beauty based story?!? I have got to get this on my TBR. I love the trend of re-imagined fairy tales. 7y
Elora.mitchell I just finished A Thousand Nights and was overjoyed to see that there was a sequel--one that I'd love to get my hands on. ATN was not what I expected, with the cultural aspects/mysticism that went into the story. I was pleasantly surprised. Now to read the original to see the differences. :) 7y
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Replaced my old paperback copy of CHERRY TREE LANE for this hardback! No gingerbread stars on hand, but my Mary Poppins tea set makes up for it. ;)

MrBook Great pic!! 8y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Nice!! So charming!! 8y
Bradleygirl Oh my word, that tea set is my sweet spot. Wherefrom? 8y
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ReadingSusan Ahhh the gingerbread stars were my favorite part of Mary Poppins growing up! 8y
Jokila So cute! 💕 8y
Cinfhen Lovely 😊 8y
EloisaJames Beautiful! 8y
Sarah83 awesome 😍 8y
rubyslippersreads That tea set! 😍😍😍 7y
sophieriggsby The Mary Poppins series was one I re-read over and over again! 7y
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I don't usually care about pre-order promotions, but this gorgeous CROOKED KINGDOM die set was too good to pass up! Big thanks to Macmillan and the author, who extended the offer even after their initial quantity was fulfilled. I just got mine today. :)

Procrastireader Wow--stupendous swag! 8y
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Carve the Mark | Veronica Roth
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"Hushflowers always bloomed when the night was longest." #firstlines

Currently reading! There's also an excerpt on EW if you want more: http://bit.ly/1YcvaRk

Claireluana Love the cover! 8y
tasha This cover is stunning. 😍 8y
BooksOnDragonwingsBox Oo I love that first line! 8y
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misswendyd @BooksOnDragonwingsBox I love the word "hushflowers," too! 8y
misswendyd @tasha @Claireluana Isn't it eye-catching? I really like the blue. 8y
EpicReads Love this pic! 8y
misswendyd @EpicReads About time you joined! 8y
sophieriggsby Hoping this is better than her Divergent series. I am loving the current sci-fi trend. 7y
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Undead | Kirsty McKay
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For a different take on zombies, try UNDEAD! It's a ridiculously fun YA horror romp jam-packed with action + occasional blood splatter + irreverent British humor. A short but satisfying page-turner; if you're a fan of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, it's worth checking out. AND it's only $1.99 right now! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00902Y8Z2 Had no idea when I first posted.

PS, I totally groomed my big fluffy boots with a cat brush for this photo. 😬

badnorthern Great picture! Worth the grooming 😜 8y
misswendyd @badnorthern Hah hah, thanks. 8y
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Clever ARC goodies for the new mystery from the author of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! The nail polish is actually a marker, the mascara is a flash drive, and the lipstick is a mini flashlight.

This one sounds like fun, I'm looking forward to reading it. Out 11/1/16.

BethwithBooks Mascara flash drive! How perfect!! 8y
yayeahyeah Amazing swag! Sara is one of my favourite authors because her books are so consistently entertaining - reading this at the moment and really enjoying it. 8y
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Cinfhen That is clever marketing 💄😻❤️enjoy the goodies❣️ 8y
misswendyd @Cinfhen The marketing people did a good job with this one for sure. (Though that cover will hopefully be different...?!) And thank you! 8y
misswendyd @BethandBooks Isn't it fun?! I hope it comes into play in the story. 8y
misswendyd @yayeahyeah Ooo, I haven't read anything by her before so I'm glad to hear you're a fan! And that you're enjoying this, too. I gotta find time to get to this one, fall books are kicking my butt. Also trying to hit all the ones that might make my 2016 favorites list. #bookbloggerproblems 8y
emfin @misswendyd This is my favorite ARC haul ever. Very envious! 8y
misswendyd @emfin I just tweeted you! 8y
sophieriggsby Just got this for K and I. Hoping it's a fun, quick mystery! 7y
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Grave Mercy | Robin LaFevers
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“Surely He does not give us hearts so we may spend our lives ignoring them.”

On sale for 99 cents right now! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005LVQZLQ Assassin nuns in medieval France. (I don't need to say anything other than that, yes?)

Librarygal08 Love this book 😍 8y
Crinoline_Laphroaig Just bought it! Thank you! 8y
brilliantglow This book has been sitting on my shelf waiting to be read for so long 😳 8y
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[DELETED] 3144876009 I loved that book!! 8y
juliannebenford I'm sold! 8y
Moonpa Beautiful photo! 8y
ahundredthousandbooks I love this series 8y
misswendyd @Librarygirl88 @lyndzstone @ahundredthousandbooks I love this series, too! Did you see we're getting two more books? So exciting. 8y
misswendyd @brilliantglow Ohhh, it's lovely--I hope you get to it soon! At least you won't have to wait to read the next two books. 8y
misswendyd @Moonpa Thank you! 💕The shininess of the cover made it tricky, but it worked out overall. 8y
misswendyd @juliannebenford Excellent! I'm glad to help move this up your list. 8y
brilliantglow That's true! I hate waiting for the next book in a series. 8y
misswendyd @missnavigation You're welcome! I love seeing sales for books I've enjoyed so I can wheedle other readers into buying them, heh. 8y
Librarygal08 @misswendyd no two more other then the 3 thats out already 😍😮 8y
ahundredthousandbooks @misswendyd really? That's so exciting; thanks for letting me know! 8y
misswendyd @ahundredthousandbooks My pleasure! Good news indeed. 8y
Librarygal08 Oh my gosh thanks so excited 8y
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The Vanishment | Jonathan Aycliffe
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"You haven't listened," she said. "I can feel it. I felt it upstairs just now. There's something terrible here. In this house."

Currently reading this subtly creepy gothic horror novel! I only recently discovered Jonathan Aycliffe (NAOMI'S ROOM is also excellent), but I've relished both reading experiences; they're exactly the kind of horror I like, with evocative settings, fine threads of tension, and deeply disturbing undercurrents throughout.

misswendyd I ran out of room, but it's another terrific choice if you're looking for #spookyreads. 👻 8y
Chachic The cover already creeps me out, not sure if I can handle the contents. 8y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Ohhhh yeah. Scary books are my jam. Need this one! 8y
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shelli72 Love gothic reads! 8y
misswendyd @shelli72 So do I! It seems like all this guy's books fall under that category, it's very exciting. 8y
misswendyd @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled.com Scary books can be so fun! I ended up liking but not quite loving this one--I'd recommend NAOMI'S ROOM instead if you're interested. I'm about to start another of his books as well. ☺️ 8y
misswendyd @Chachic He had AMAZING covers. And yeah, so scary! I had to flip it over when I put it down each night, hah. 8y
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Slasher Girls & Monster Boys | April Genevieve Tucholke
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Anthologies are pretty hit-or-miss, but this book of short stories is one of best overall YA collections I can recall from recent years. The horror ranges in mood and style and subject, with each story taking inspiration from different films, songs, etc. Some of my favorites included authors who don't normally write horror, like Leigh Bardugo and Jay Kristoff, as well as stories by Nova Ren Suma, Cat Winters, Megan Shepherd, and many more.

BekahB I agree; I think this is the best YA horror anthology I've read. Tucholke did a fantastic job selecting the stories. The one by Carrie Ryan was my favorite. Fingers crossed that Tucholke will edit a second one! 8y
MrBook Great post! 8y
ReadingsByTheC I just picked this one up from the library. Can't wait to read! 8y
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misswendyd @MrBook Thanks! 8y
misswendyd @ReadingsByTheC Excellent! I hope you enjoy it. Overall it's very strong, and a few authors really surprised me. 8y
misswendyd @BekahB Yes! I would love to see a second volume. I loved quite a few of these, including ones by authors whose books I've been mixed on in the past, so that was a pleasant surprise. 8y
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This gruesome, beautiful post-apocalyptic western follows a 15-year-old girl named Temple who wanders the wasteland. Her encounters with other survivors include a family wasting away in their elegant mansion, a band of vicious mutants, and a mute, helpless man. And zombies! Did I mention there are zombies? :D

The writing is absolutely gorgeous, and this is one of my favorites in the literary horror genre. (Also adult fiction, despite her age.)

MMenefee Great review! I loved this book. 8y
misswendyd @MMenefee Thanks! This one really stays with you, doesn't it? I think about it all the time. 8y
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My Lady Jane | Jodi Meadows, Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand
post image

One of the best books of the year is just $1.99 today! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015CYCHNQ On sale for Kindle and Nook.

It's a hysterically funny re-imagining of Lady Jane Grey's brief reign. It shouldn't work, but thanks to deft storytelling, witty dialogue, and clever subversion of history (and sexist norms), it does. The punny humor will have you in stitches!

PS, the physical book is also great; deckled edges + a fun detail on the spine.

MrBook Beautiful! 8y
BookishMarginalia That's a great buy! This is such a fun book! 8y
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WhatDeeReads I really don't need to buy any more books but... 8y
Laura317 I just bought two books today. So far. Nope. I bought three books apparently! 😂😂😂 8y
hollybally I adored this book too! I was so sure it wouldn't work for me but it did! I found myself snickering a lot as I read. Hilarious stuff. 8y
Chachic Thanks for the heads up, I'll grab a copy! 👍 8y
juliannebenford I have this on my TBR, must get to it soon! 8y
misswendyd @MrBook Thanks! 8y
misswendyd @juliannebenford You must! It's such s joy to read. 8y
misswendyd @hollybally Yesss I was giggling madly as I read it, too! Such a hard thing to pull off, but they did it. 8y
misswendyd @BookishMarginalia I'm so glad they put it on sale so more people will read it! I'm excited about the next two Jane books as well. 8y
misswendyd @Lucky_Ladee Heh. BUT YOU NEED THIS ONE. 8y
misswendyd @BarbaraTheBibliophage @chachic You're welcome! I rarely post twice about a book, but thought that was too good a deal not to share. (And I love it and want more people to love it, too. 😊) 8y
misswendyd @Laura317 Yay! I'm glad you sneaked this one in, too. It's so much fun. What else did you buy? 8y
Laura317 I bought A Man Called Ove and the 2nd illustrated Harry Potter. @misswendyd 8y
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Affinity | Sarah Waters
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In this gothic psychological thriller, a young woman becomes a "lady visitor" at a Victorian prison and becomes drawn to one of its inhabitants. It features an evocative setting, masterful plotting, exquisitely restrained writing, and a story that will engross you from the first page until its devastating end.

As you might be able to tell from that slightly terrifying cover, it's also perfect if October puts you in the mood for #spookybooks!

Zelma I love Sarah waters and this is definitely on my TBR list! 8y
tasha That cover thou! 8y
Autumn I love Sarah Waters but I've never heard of this one! 8y
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ChooseYA Sounds very intriguing - the only Sarah Waters I have currently is The Little Stranger which is on my the but I may have to look into this one too 8y
Jess_Read_This This is my book club's October read and I'm so glad to see you classify as a spooky read! 8y
misswendyd @Zelma Definitely worth seeking out! She's my favorite living adult author, and this is probably my favorite. 8y
misswendyd @tasha I KNOW. It still scares me a little, hah. 8y
misswendyd @ChooseYA Ah, THE LITTLE STRANGER is somewhat polarizing, but I quite liked that one, too. But I love all of her books, so... 8y
misswendyd @Autumn For some reason, I don't see a lot of people talking about this one! FINGERSMITH and TIPPING THE VELVET seem to be the most well-known/popular, which I kind of understand, but this one speaks deeply on her feminist themes as well. I hope you'll try this one! For me, I think it's the most resonant book emotionally. 8y
misswendyd @Jess_Read_This YES. It's the perfect book to read this time of year! It's subtly spooky rather than gory or scary, but the whole mood of the book is just somber, dark, and haunting. Let me know what you think of it if you remember! 8y
misswendyd @Jess_Read_This Your book club has great taste, btw; I was in one for two years and only read two books that I liked, hah. 8y
Jess_Read_This @misswendyd I will definitely let you know! I'm actually the discussion leader for this one so am going to try to dig into it. I'll pass on your praise to the group! We are an online group through Goodreads. We've been on a string of good ones... but I know what you mean about being stuck with some that just don't work. Lol! 8y
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Tweet from yesterday. I actually did provide a real blurb for this book's ARC, but now I rather regret I didn't think of this sooner. 😂

The book is a delightful historical romance, between two boys who have been best friends all their lives. They embark on a Grand Tour of Europe, during which they outwit pirates and fight their feelings for each other. Definitely add it to your June 2017 reading list if you enjoy witty, roguish boys!

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“There must be something in books, something we can‘t imagine, to make a woman stay in a burning house; there must be something there. You don‘t stay for nothing.”

Still resonant after all these years, and perfect for #bannedbooksweek.

britt_brooke Great photo! 📷 8y
Shelbylynn A must read for all book enthusiasts! 8y
libellule.reader Fahrenheit will always be one of my favorites 8y
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misswendyd @Shelbylynn Absolutely agreed. I love both the book and the rather odd movie. 8y
misswendyd @dragonfly31 Mine, too! I should post my Bradbury photo sometime. 8y
Lace.w That's an amazing book! 8y
misswendyd @Lace.w Forever a favorite! 8y
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post image

It's interesting to see the wildly varied reactions to this one; I read it before all the hype and was fascinated by the layered character work the author did. Nearly all of them are off-putting, exasperating, and with little to no redeeming qualities--and yet I was thoroughly engrossed in their stories! I also guessed the culprit fairly early on but it didn't matter, since it was so well-written, esp considering the multiple unreliable narrators.

Macnjen Ugh, this one did not do it for me at all. Didn't like the characters, didn't really care about the outcome. Seemed to be too much like Gone Girl. 8y
Abailliekaras I found this breezy but on reflection thought it well done: her slow descent, the unreliable but real narrator, cleanly written. More than meets the eye. But yes it didn't touch me deeply (like @Macnjen I didn't care too much about the outcome). 8y
Alfoster Interestingly enough, there's another book, Girl on the Train by AJ Waines that was a great mystery too!! 8y
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MrBook Nice review!!! 8y
MrBook @Alfoster I've seen that one. 8y
misswendyd @Macnjen @Abailliekaras Yeah, a lot of people seemed to feel the way you did. Weirdly enough, I like this a lot more than I like Gillian Flynn's work. 8y
Alfoster @MrBook What is it about trains & cruise ships?? They sure appeal to me!🚉🛳 8y
misswendyd @Alfoster I read a piece awhile back about how people were buying that other book by mistake! So funny. It also said that they ended up liking it anyway, so I put it on my TBR as well. Thanks for the rec! 8y
misswendyd @Alfoster Oh, follow-up to your answer to @MrBook: have you read THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 yet? Another cruise ship thriller. 8y
Alfoster @misswendyd Oh yes, loved it! In fact my review shows the cruise ship we'd just gotten off so I was glad I read the book after our cruise:) 8y
angrylilasian My book club read this and we were torn. I felt kinda meh about it. I would have bailed if I didn't feel obligated to read it. But then at the end, I just had to know if my guess was right! 8y
Mcoun @angrylilasian, I too read this with my book club and felt pretty ambivalent about it. I honestly liked Gone Girl better. 8y
MrBook @Alfoster 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻 Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock? 8y
Alfoster @MrBook Good call! I can see that! Then again...you're the thespian. Make it your big screen debut??!! 8y
MrBook @Alfoster 😎👌🏻 8y
SheReadsAndWrites I totally agree!!! Excellent review 😊 8y
Sophothyx I loved this book. I read it in almost one sitting just because I had to know what was going on 8y
Hollie I enjoyed this book. I like unreliable narrators and unlikeable characters, though. 8y
BostonBookAddict I know I am in the minority but I didnt really like this or Gone Girl. I read it before all the hype and was kind of disappointed by it. Both felt like an anticlimactic ending. 8y
GoldenGirl @BostonBookAddict I haven't read this yet, but I hated Gone Girl. I thought it was badly written and too predictable. Glad I'm not the only one! 8y
LuAnnO'Hair I also read it before the hype. Loved it. Told my friends, "I didn't like any of the characters as people, but I loved this book!" Better by far than Gone Girl. 8y
shiree Reading it now. Enjoying the complexity of the characters. 8y
KnjiskiZmaj I really loved this one! 8y
misswendyd @Alfoster Ahh the timing with the cruise ship must've been fun! I liked it a lot as well, and I liked it more than her first book. 8y
misswendyd @GoldenGirl I'm not a huge Gillian Flynn fan either, for what it's worth--I think the characters here are less caricatures and feel more like realistically flawed people. I hope you have a better experience with this one! 8y
misswendyd @BostonBookAddict It's definitely a super polarizing book. 8y
misswendyd @angrylilasian Curious if you think the hype over it sort of set expectations too high? I know hype can sometimes kill the reading experience. I don't think marketing departments necessarily do books favors when they oversell, either. 8y
misswendyd @SheWritesRomance Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it, too. And thank you. :) 8y
misswendyd @Sophothyx Yes! I kept turning pages because I found the structure and characters fascinating. Not a whole lot happens for the majority of the book ("slow" is a complaint I see a lot), and yet she somehow made it incredibly engrossing. Hard to pull off. 8y
misswendyd @Hollie I am immensely fond of unreliable narrators and unlikeable characters, too. Have you read EILEEN? I should post a photo/review of that soon, too. 8y
misswendyd @LuAnnO Agreed on all of that! "You're pathetic and I want to shake you, but I want to know what happens to you!" Hah. I really admire the author for going all out with her characters. 8y
misswendyd @LordAntonio90 Yesss. I'm glad to hear it! I'm always a bit hesitant to bring it up because people can sometimes have extremely negative reactions to it. 8y
misswendyd @shiree I'm glad you're enjoying it! I thought the characterization was superb. It's really difficult to sustain credibility while juggling multiple unreliable narrators as well. 8y
LuAnnO'Hair I love unreliable narrators! 8y
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Mary Poppins | P. L. Travers
post image

"He could smell her crackling white apron and the faint flavour of toast that always hung about her so deliciously."

I love MARY POPPINS the movie, but the book is, as is almost always the case, infinitely more complex. (And funnier, too!) These battered old editions are my favorite.

DrexEdit I definitely want a whole set of vintage Mary Poppins books 📚 💜 I love them all! 😊 8y
shawnmooney ❤️❤️❤️ 8y
TheLondonBookworm Gorgeous editions :) 8y
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juliannebenford What beautiful editions! 8y
Hollie What a lovely image! 8y
Veganspacecat I was able to view the umbrella that inspired the story at NYPL in the spring. 8y
aa_guer2021 Beautiful photo!! 8y
Chachic Those editions are pretty! 8y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Is that an actual parrot umbrella?!?! 8y
misswendyd @TheLondonBookworm @juliannebenford @chachic I adore these hardcovers. There's something about the quality of the paper and jackets and illustrations that makes them a delight to handle. 8y
misswendyd @Moonflower Oh wow, lucky you! I read about it and was sad I wasn't able to go all the way over here on the west coast. Did you take any photos? 8y
misswendyd @DrexEdit Ah, I hope you find them someday! I collected mine in bits and pieces, mostly from eBay. 8y
misswendyd @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled.com Yes! I bought the parrot umbrella when I went to see the musical. They sell them at every production, but I bet you can also find them online. 8y
Veganspacecat Yes, I do have a picture, but it was taken in panorama, and it won't fit. If I can make it fit, I'll tag you. 8y
misswendyd @Moonflower Yes, please do! I'd love to see it. I saw that the Pooh animals are back at NYPL too. 😊 8y
tasha I'm curious what the copyright is on your copy there (that is open to the title page). I have the same (?) one but the photo on the left in mine is in colour :) it's copyright 1943. It also has a beautiful inside cover illustration! 8y
tasha Now that I'm actually paying attention mine is Mary Poppins & Mary Poppins Comes Back in one ratty loved volume :) 8y
misswendyd @tasha Ah, mine is copyrighted 1962, renewed from the 1934 edition! Old books are the best, especially if they're well-loved. :) 8y
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Crooked Kingdom | Leigh Bardugo
post image

Thief, lock-picker, and conflicted anti-hero. Leigh Bardugo stops by the blog today to share Kaz's origins: http://bit.ly/2cPTzLk

Plus we have a giveaway for a Grisha Prize Pack, including those cool CROOKED KINGDOM socks I posted awhile back!

That is a custom Kaz Brekker Funko Pop, btw--he's holding a cane with a crow's head on it. Sadly, the guy who made it closed his shop, but I'm hoping he'll re-open someday. I'd love an Inej...or Sturmhond!

93 likes10 stack adds
Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
post image

Skimming through SIX OF CROWS for our CROOKED KINGDOM blog tour stop tomorrow! There's a tiny clue in this photo as to what the subject will be. 😉

Chachic Wow, what an awesome personalized message! 8y
misswendyd @chachic Yeah, I usually don't care one way or the next about autographs, but I do love it if it's a specifically personal inscription for me. 😊 8y
Ambam 😙 8y
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post image

"There's a Japanese phrase that I like: koi no yokan. It doesn't mean love at first sight. It's closer to love at second sight. It's the feeling when you meet someone that you're going to fall in love with them. Maybe you don't love them right away, but it's inevitable that you will.

I'm pretty sure that's what I'm experiencing right now. The only slight(possibly insurmountable) problem is I'm pretty sure that Natasha is not."

Currently reading!

alissakay How is it?? I've been wanting to read this! 8y
misswendyd @alissakay SO good! I was a bit worried (I always am) since I loved EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING so much, but there was no need. It's lovely--the two main characters are instantly endearing. 8y
magicineverybook I'm so excited to find your account on Litsy! I'm a huge fan of your Goodreads reviews 😊 8y
See All 13 Comments
pretentiously can't wait to read this book! i loved everything, everything. 8y
bookquotes221 I can't wait for this book! Everything Everything was one of my favorite reads and I think this one is going to be just as good! 8y
booklover76 One of my favorite authors!!! 8y
LisaReads I must read this!! 8y
misswendyd @LisaReads YES, YOU MUST. :D 8y
misswendyd @booklover76 With good reason! Her debut was terrific, and this one reassures me that she'll be a consistent writer. 8y
misswendyd @bookquotes221 E,E made my top 10 list last year, too! I'm guessing you'll love this one, too. 8y
misswendyd @pretentiously So adorable, right? So far this one is just as cute. :) 8y
misswendyd @magicineverybook Aw, thank you so much for telling me that, and for saying hi! 😘 I hope you love it here. Fun times. 8y
bookquotes221 @misswendyd excellent! Can't wait to read it! 8y
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post image

Gruesome crimes, fascinating forensics, unforgettable characters--and one of the few series that's made me scream "WHAT!" as I was reading it. It's tense, raw, and sometimes heartbreaking.

Just know that it starts with BLINDSIGHTED, then there's a concurrent series that starts with TRIPTYCH, and the two series eventually merge. More on the order here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/161173556 You definitely want to read from the beginning.

Lizpixie One of my favourites! 8y
glp4766 I love her books 8y
tasha Fantastic book!! 8y
See All 12 Comments
misswendyd @Lizpixie Have you read her newest one yet? I just finished it a couple of days ago. 8y
misswendyd @glp4766 @tasha Slaughter is, hands down, my favorite crime writer. 8y
tasha @misswendyd I have to say she is my second only after Cody McFadyen! If you love Slaughter you should check his Smokey Barrett series out. You'll LOVE it!! I do love her thou!!! I've been branching out now and trying some others like Mo Hayder too! 8y
Lizpixie @misswendyd I read it about 2 months ago when it was released here in Australia, in 2days coz I couldn't put it down. I think I hate Angie more than I despise Lena if that's possible. Slaughter really knows how to write despicable women. 8y
misswendyd @Lizpixie Oh yes, you guys were lucky enough to get it sooner! ANGIE IS THE WORST. I don't like Lena much either, but there's a selfish cruelty to Angie that I just can't stand. And yes, I wrote on a Slaughter book review a few years ago that I have a theory that it's impossible to read one of these in more than a day or two. Such page-turners. 8y
misswendyd @tasha Oh wow, that's high praise. I've had the first Smokey book forever, but didn't know that much about it. Definitely will try to get to it soon if a Slaughter fan recs it so highly though! Thank you. And Mo Hayder is AMAZING. I posted a photo of BIRDMAN not too long ago talking about her--she's way less consistent than Slaughter, but the ones that are good are outstanding. 8y
tasha @misswendyd I'm about 40% through Birdman right now. I am enjoying it. Not as dark as Slaughter or McFadyen but good! (I tend to like my mystery really dark lol) can't wait to hear what you think of McFadyen when you get to him!! 8y
misswendyd @tasha Hah, I think of Hayder as being pretty dark! It bodes well for me that you think McFayden is even darker, though. 😈 8y
tasha @misswendyd so far from what I've read of Birdman, McFadyen is MUCH darker! 8y
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post image

The next time you need a feel-good romance, make a date with THE DATING GAME! Two co-workers seethe with competition and repressed attraction in this sharp, funny book; it's the perfect combination of adult Sarra Manning + Sarah Mayberry + Jennifer Crusie. I laughed from beginning to end and can't wait to re-read it.

Michelle_mck I adored this book so much... the paint colour- oh my heart! 8y
misswendyd @Michelle_mck Yesss! It's so wonderful. I loved the markings in his calendar and her retro librarian outfits, too. 😊 So. Much. Chemistry. 8y
Chachic I really enjoyed reading this one too! 8y
See All 6 Comments
misswendyd @chachic I love it so much! I've already read it a second time. 😊 8y
KarenA OMG I'm a horrible person! I'm the only one who didn't love this book lol 8y
misswendyd @KarenA Hah hah, I still love you. 8y
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Witches | Roald Dahl
post image

For #RoaldDahl100, here is my favorite! I still giggle when I think about the witches' square feet, they're so delightfully hideous.

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View from the Bridge | Arthur Miller
post image

Terrific production of A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE at the Ahmanson--minimalist staging/costumes, good acting, and a spectacular finish in which the stage is bathed in blood. 😯

It's not my favorite Miller play (lots of subjects tackled, none quite as meaningfully as you'd hope, characters aren't as nuanced as they could be), but I enjoyed watching this performance immensely. This production is headed to DC/ elsewhere around the country, FYI!

GuiltyFeat I saw this many years ago in London with Michael Gambon as Eddie. Powerful stuff. 8y
misswendyd @GuiltyFeat Nice! That must've been an amazing experience. I was hoping Mark Strong would continue on here, but the fellow who played Eddie was terrific anyway. A difficult role. 8y
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Sister of the Bride | Beverly Cleary
post image

"He must be a very strange young man," said Gramma. "When I was your age young men were interested in whether or not their wives were good cooks and housekeepers."

One of Beverly Cleary's lesser-known books, published in 1963, it's notable for the glimpse at the way women's lib is viewed by three generations of women.

PS, aren't these old covers amazing? They make me so happy!

[DELETED] 2232195534 I've read all 4 of the books you show! Loved them, especially Fifteen and The Luckiest Girl. Very funny!! Can you believe Beverly Cleary is 100 years old? Amazing!!! 8y
LeahBergen Love these covers! 8y
misswendyd @kaysreadinglife Those two are my favorites as well! I'll have to dig up an old photo I took of FIFTEEN and a Coke float. 😊 I reread them every couple of years or so. And YES I'm in awe that someone who had such a big impact on my childhood is still alive! I went on a walking tour of her neighborhood a couple of years ago. 8y
See All 18 Comments
rubyslippersreads ❤️ these vintage covers! 8y
Ellen_C Oh my goodness! Fifteen and The Luckiest Girl were two of my favorite books in 6th grade!! 8y
Laalaleighh Oh I want to read this! 8y
Imagineannie So much love for this. And Fifteen. And Beezus and Ramona and Henry and Ribsy...... 8y
Belles I love all things Beverly! Did you ever read her autobiography? It's fun to compare it to Ramona's life. 8y
misswendyd @LeahBergen They're so wonderful! I love the old illustrations. 8y
misswendyd @rubyslippersreads I really miss this type of illustration. I am always drawn to old books that feature it. 8y
misswendyd @Laalaleighh Have you read her other YA books? I'd say this is my least favorite of them, but still worthwhile reading if you like the era! 8y
misswendyd @Imagineannie Yesss. I love almost all of her books, both the middle grade and the YA! She just understood kids in a way that few adults do/can express well. Every time I read one of her books, it makes me remember what it's like to be 6 years old. 8y
misswendyd @Ellen_C FIFTEEN and THE LUCKIEST GIRL were my favorites of her YA books, too! Stan Crandall, clambakes, donut holes, pink rain slickers... 💕 8y
misswendyd @Belles YES. I read the first volume of her autobiography and started the second, though I had to put it aside for awhile. It's fascinating to see the parallels between Beverly's life and her chatacters', particularly Ramona, Ellen, and Shelley. 8y
Laalaleighh @misswendyd I haven't! But I'll check them out! 8y
sophieriggsby I have forgotten about this story! Must find it now! 8y
misswendyd @Laalaleighh I'd recommend FIFTEEN and THE LUCKIEST GIRL to start with. :) 8y
misswendyd @sophieriggsby I haven't read this one in awhile, I'm due for a reread sometime, too. 8y
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post image

Tim Burton, wiping his hands after getting getting his handprints in cement in Hollywood! Currently waiting for the MISS PEREGRINE movie screening to start. #staypeculiar

(More photos on Twitter...Winona Ryder introduced him!)

Autumn So cool! 8y
RealLifeReading Awesome! 8y
misswendyd @Autumn @RealLifeReading It was super fun. 😊 8y
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Birdman | Mo Hayder
post image

If you like your thrillers layered and moody, give BIRDMAN a try. I first read this British series because Karin Slaughter mentioned it's one of her favorites; it's similarly dark and occasionally gory, but it also places an emphasis on character.

Fair warning: books 1, 2, and 7 are incredible--there are scenes that still haunt me years later. But the others are much less consistent.

[DELETED] 2232195534 I've meant to read this series for a long time. Good to know what you think about it! 8y
ColleenLindsay One of my favorite crime fiction writers. Just amazing. 8y
misswendyd @kaysreadinglife I highly recommend it! It's top-tier crime writing. The police and medical procedural work is so well done, and the character work is unbelievably good. 8y
misswendyd @ColleenLindsay Mine as well. I hope we get another McCaffery book from her soon! I reread these first two books after I posted this. 8y
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A Taste for Monsters | Matthew J. Kirby
post image

I glanced at the synopsis and saw "Victorian London" and "Jack the Ripper," and I thought, "Great!" But this story is so much more than that. Evelyn has been gravely disfigured by phosphorous necrosis, so she takes a job as a maid to The Elephant Man. Their plight and uncertain friendship is fascinating, and the world the author creates is thoroughly engrossing.

100 pages in, I already know it's going on my list of 2016 favorites. Out 9/27/16.

Heideschrampf Sounds interesting. Is it well researched or are the characters heavily fictionalized? 8y
DiruVamp Oh wow this sounds awesome!! @callunakeep here's ANOTHER one! 😝 Jack the Ripper, the Elephant Man and it's a YA - sounds so good!!! 8y
callunakeep @DiruVamp Heck yes!! I am totally in! Another one straight to the top of the TBR! 8y
See All 11 Comments
ForestAvenuePress Oh! A bookseller friend of mine was just telling me to watch for this one. 8y
misswendyd @DiruVamp @callunakeep I finished it yesterday, and it's incredibly poignant. The writing is fantastic, it really creates a definitive sense of time and place. Hope you enjoy it! 8y
misswendyd @ForestAvenuePress With good reason! It's terrific. I'm glad people are talking about it, I hadn't heard of it at all until it showed up on my doorstep. 8y
misswendyd @Heideschrampf It is incredibly well-researched, and the historical figures and details are seamlessly integrated. I was looking up things online at 2 in the morning as I read because I was enjoying it so much! Evelyn's character and arc are fiction, but the majority of The Elephant Man's arc is grounded in fact. 8y
DiruVamp @misswendyd your comments have me even more excited! 8y
Heideschrampf @misswendyd awesome! This is the answer i was hoping for. On my list, at the forefront! 8y
misswendyd @DiruVamp I'm so glad! Let me know what you think of it if you remember. 8y
misswendyd @Heideschrampf Yeah, I'm always suspicious of historical novels, too--I actually have a "costume fiction" shelf on GoodReads to differentiate the ones where it's just a setting. This one even keeps true to the characters telling us what they believe to be true, vs what we know from history. One of the best historical YAs in recent memory. 8y
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Midnight Star | Marie Lu
post image

Amazing MIDNIGHT STAR package from #penguinteen included this fun quote tote! I love that this series is about "the villain," and the villain is a teenage girl. She's flawed, she's determined to win power at any cost, but she's always compelling as a protagonist.

More photos on my Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BJs_7NzBXq2/

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Rebecca | Daphne Du Maurier, Dame
post image

Found this beautiful 1938 edition of REBECCA (along with these other goodies!) while poking around antique stores this weekend. It's funny, because I like my new books to stay in pristine condition, but I'm immensely fond of worn, well-loved old books as well. Secondhand bookstores > new bookstores for me, in most cases.

LeahBergen That's BEAUTIFUL! 💗 8y
DaniRa 💕💖💛💕 8y
MrBook Oh my goodness! Bravo on the find 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻🙌🏻! @BookBabe and I love shopping like that. Beautiful pic! #NiceStack! 8y
See All 24 Comments
Yournewfriendsams 😍😍😍😍😍 8y
shawnmooney My mouth is watering here… 8y
NovelPairing Gorgeous picture! 8y
Laalaleighh One of my favorites. 8y
Lizpixie What a beautiful teacup! Or is it a chocolate or coffee cup? 8y
QueenAnne Need to read this! Loved the Alfred Hitchcock movie very much 😍 8y
Bookartbookmarks Beautiful! 8y
misswendyd @LeahBergen @DaniRa It's a gorgeous edition, isn't it? I was so pleased to find it, I carried it around the store like someone was going to snatch it from me! 8y
misswendyd @Yournewfriendsams @shawnmooney Have you read it? It's one of my favorites. 8y
misswendyd @Laalaleighh Mine, too! I'm replacing my old paperback with something more worthy of its stature in my heart. 8y
misswendyd @Lizpixie It's a teacup from the 1950s! Though I'm sure I can use it for chocolate or coffee of I'm feeling extra fancy, hah. 8y
misswendyd @QueenAnne Ohhh you must read this then! I love the film too, but in a different way. Both are so excellent, but there's more subtext and depth in the book, as you can imagine. 8y
Yournewfriendsams I haven't read it 😣 but I think it's being circulated through my postal book club and I'm so excited! 8y
misswendyd @Yournewfriendsams Whoa, what is a postal book club? I haven't heard of this! 8y
Yournewfriendsams Check-out @LitsyGoesPostal ! It's the best club/ community I've been a part of in a long time! We're already in motion but I think some groups are still forming through Litsy! 8y
Laalaleighh @misswendyd you picked a beautiful replacement! 8y
misswendyd @Laalaleighh One thing I can say for sure I'm good at: buying books. 😉 8y
misswendyd @Yournewfriendsams Thank you! It sounds like fun, though I scrolled through that feed and I'm still not sure exactly how it works, hah. But I approve of anything that circulates REBECCA. 8y
misswendyd @MrBook @BookBabe I can tell by your feeds. 😊 Finding old books is the best feeling. 8y
MrBook Indubitably 😎👍🏻👌🏻 8y
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post image

My lovely friend @HeidiSchulz signing her new book at Once Upon a Time in Montrose! Wearing a giraffe dress, of course.

PS, her business card says she lies to children for fun and profit. 😉

HeidiSchulz Thank you for everything! 💕 8y
MrBook Very cool! 8y
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The Valiant | Lesley Livingston
post image

Awhile back, I posted an early heads up about this February 2017 release set in ancient Rome; now here's the ARC with my blurb! If the idea of badass girl gladiators piques your interest, definitely pick this one up. The action sequences in particular are fantastic.

#thevaliant #lesleylivingston #razorbillbooks #penguinteen

Yournewfriendsams Badass gladiator girls for the win🙌🏽🙌🏽 8y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag Feb. seems so far away 🤔 8y
thec0zy Off topic, but your nail color is on point 😍 8y
See All 9 Comments
Loveisnotatriangle I'm dying to read this! Your quote definitely sold me. 8y
misswendyd @Yournewfriendsam Badass girls trump EVERYTHING. 8y
misswendyd @thegirlwiththelibrarybag I knoooow. But with the holidays being so busy, those six months will be gone before you know it! Worth waiting for. 8y
misswendyd @thec0zy Nail polish discussions are always relevant. 😉 Thank you! 8y
misswendyd @Loveisnotatriangle Hooray! I've succeeded in my job then, hah. I hope you love it as much as I do, Lauren. 8y
sophieriggsby Looking forward to this one. 8y
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post image

I went to see this lesser-known Tennessee Williams play here in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and now I'd very much like to read the play. He said that the sensitive, quietly rebellious Alma was his favorite character of all those he's written, and after seeing this fantastic production, she's now mine, too.

love_everylittlething I love Tennessee Williams! I grew up in Alabama and live in Memphis. You might be interested in his Something Cloudy, Something Clear which is a loose autobiographical play. My university theatre department put it on when I was in school, and I was the costume designer for The Glass Menagerie. 8y
misswendyd @love_everylittlething Thank you for the rec, I hadn't heard of that one! I'm a big fan of his too, but it's been years since I read him. Time to fix that. ☺️ It must be amazing to live in that area and be a fan, and so cool that you've been involved in some of the productions! Theater is weirdly hard here in LA, but every once in awhile something great pops up. 8y
PrincessLibrarian I read this play in a college Lit Crit class. It basically wrecked my life in an entirely beautiful way. 8y
See All 7 Comments
Procrastireader Tennessee Williams was born in Columbus, MS, but when I lived there there was not a single marker for him, gayness not being commemoration-worthy then. I hope there's something now. 8y
MrBook Great pic!! 8y
misswendyd @Procrastireader Oh man, that's so sad to hear. I hope there is, too. 8y
misswendyd @MrBook Thanks! 8y
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Crooked Kingdom | Leigh Bardugo
post image

"His prayers became screams, but both went unanswered."

A tiny sneak peek at Chapter One! I can't wait for this sequel to SIX OF CROWS, which was somehow even more brilliant than the first Grisha trilogy. #crookedkingdom #leighbardugo #macmillanteen

Titania Her covers! I bought 6 of Crows just because of the cover. 8y
Monochomaticliterature Where did you get the socks and tattoos?!? Those are so great 8y
Claireluana I can't wait!!!! 8y
See All 17 Comments
IndyHannaJones I can't wait!!!! 8y
Belles Dying to read this one! 8y
TeR Look! @Abby_r 8y
Abby_r Eeeeehhh! It's so pretty! Can't wait!!! 8y
Elisa No way, really? Better than the trilogy? 😮 I guess I need to take the plunge! 8y
Laalaleighh Ahhhhhhh I'm dying for this! 8y
misswendyd @Claireluana @Hyaeger @belles I knooow. I only read the first chapter of the sampler for this photo, I couldn't take the torture of reading beyond that yet. 8y
misswendyd @Abby_r @Laalaleighh September is next month, but it feels so far away. 😞 8y
misswendyd @Titania Yessss. I loved the black-stained pages for SOC, I can't wait to see what CK looks like stained in red! 8y
misswendyd @Monochomaticliterature A blogger package from the author and publisher. 😊 8y
misswendyd @Elisa YES. I loved the trilogy so I was nervous going into SOC, but this story is sharper and tighter, and the characters are fantastic. Now don't get me wrong--Nikolai still rules my heart, but everyone here is uniquely talented and unforgettable. 8y
Elisa Ok, I guess I'll have to move it a bit ahead on my TBR! Will check Book Depository for SOC today! 8y
vanesdigregorio YES! I can't wait! And totally agree - as much as I loved the Grisha trilogy, SoC was even better! 8y
MrBook Great picture! 8y
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Shadow Hour | Melissa Grey
post image

A war between ancient races descended from birds and dragons. Who will win? I suspect we'll have to wait until book three is released in a year to find out. 😉

Currently listening to this on audio!

brendanmleonard Is that a GOT Funko? 8y
Riawyn What kind of tea is that? 8y
misswendyd @brendanmleonard Good eye! It is indeed. 8y
misswendyd @Riawyn It's actually a candle, from Voluspa. :) 8y
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Night | Elie Wiesel
post image

"I still believe in man in spite of man...I continue to cling to words because it is up to us to transform them into instruments of comprehension rather than contempt. It is up to us to choose whether we wish to use them to curse or to heal, to wound or to console."

- Elie Wiesel, 1928-2016

Macnjen This was a great read 8y
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Clockwork Princess | Cassandra Clare
post image

"He had wondered once why love was always phrased in terms of burning. The conflagration in his own veins, now, gave the answer.”

Did you know TID has traces of A TALE OF TWO CITIES? It too has a desperate love story and themes of honor, sacrifice. I'll never be over the end of this series. Ever.

misswendyd PS, I probably should've posted a photo of CLOCKWORK ANGEL (book one for a series), but the content of PRINCESS dovetailed so nicely from yesterday's TOTC photo! I'll never be over the ending of this series, btw. Crying forever. 8y
ExLibris_Kate So much love for this book! 8y
SecretLivesOfFictionLovers *sniffles* oh the ending! Absolutely adore this series! 8y
See All 18 Comments
CaitlinSiem Will Herondale will always have a little piece of my heart. 8y
wanderlustywriter I cried so hard at the end of this book 8y
Linden1996 The best of the Shadow Hunter's series 😍😍😍 8y
MLVReads Love love love! 8y
Abby_r Loved this series! All the characters were just so fascinating and loveable!!! 8y
sophieriggsby THE very best. 8y
misswendyd @ExLibris_Kate Forever and ever. ❤️ 8y
misswendyd @Linden1996 Absolutely agreed. I haven't read LADY MIDNIGHT yet, but still. 8y
misswendyd @sophieriggsby Yesss. ❤️ 8y
misswendyd @Abby_r All three of them were amazing! And the secondary characters, too. 8y
misswendyd @CaitlinSiem I love Jem too, but yeah--Will is the one who takes my heart. 8y
misswendyd @MLVReads @SecretLivesOfFictionLovers @wanderlustywriter I know! I cried until my eyes were swollen at the end of the book. I don't know if I can ever reread it, it's somehow both joyous and incredibly panful. 8y
SecretLivesOfFictionLovers I totally know what you mean! Honestly, Cassandra Clare has such a way with words. She completely brings the pages to life! Also, this is the only series where I couldn't decide which love interest was best. I was torn between Will and Jem! Although Tessa did have the best of both worlds in the end. 8y
wanderlustywriter @SecretLivesOfFictionLovers I think they should have just lived together as the hottest threesome ever. THIS is how you write a good love triangle 8y
sophieriggsby You can re-read it by listening to the audiobook. It's also good. 8y
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A Tale of Two Cities | Charles Dickens
post image

"I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul.”

Dickens is dense, but A TALE OF TWO CITIES has some of the most beautiful lines and ideals I've ever read--as well as one of my favorite characters in Sydney Carton,who wasted his life until he found something worth sacrificing for.

Viji Just started reading on Serial Reader and not at all what I expected. Pleasantly surprised so far! 8y
jeff Was going to give this a whirl on Serial Reader as well! 8y
Melissa_D One of my favorites! 8y
See All 9 Comments
Mcoun Love this book! 8y
misswendyd @Melissa_D @Mcoun One of my favorites, too! I have only to hear "a life you love" and I'll start tearing up. 8y
misswendyd @Viji @jeff Okay, thanks to you two I'm now trying Serial Reader, too! I hadn't heard of it before. Jeff, this is a good one to consume in manageable pieces (or an audio), I think. And Viji, it gladdens my heart to hear you're enjoying this! It's one of those books that stays with you. 8y
Viji This is the great thing about Litsy! 8y
misswendyd @Viji Indeed! Though I have to admit, I enjoyed my first issue of THE HAUNTED HOTEL so much I downloaded the free Kindle copy, hah. ☺️ But I'm trying the app out with a couple of other titles, it's an interesting and fun concept. I hope you continue to enjoy TOTC! 8y
Mcoun @misswendyd, "It is a far, far better thing that I do than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." - gets me every time! 8y
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Graces | Laure Eve
post image

"You love the library, all that brooding quiet and rustling paper. You hear the call of books,like the far-off howling of wolves." His voice was teasing.
"Books are knowledge, knowledge is power," I said archly.
"And power is your goal? Curiouser and curiouser."
"Power is everyone's goal, isn't it?"

annahenke How have I not heard of this?! Sold! 8y
Sleffelshuffle ^ I second that. ✋ 8y
HeatherJ Also--that cover! ❤️💗❤️ 8y
See All 7 Comments
TeR Look at that cover !!!! 8y
misswendyd @ahenke @Sleffelshuffle This was barely on my radar until it showed up at my doorstep, too! It's going to be a polarizing book, I think. 8y
misswendyd @HeatherJ @TeR Isn't it striking? The finished copy is going to be gorgeous! 8y
vanesdigregorio That is one gorgeous cover! 😍 8y
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George | Alex Gino
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After reading GEORGE, you'll never again second guess the importance of a pronoun--or the importance of inclusion, acceptance, and love. I'm so glad we're seeing more lgbtqi books for younger kids; this one is sweetly poignant and full of joy. ❤️💛💚💙💜

McFarchie Every child should read this book. It is wonderful. 8y
misswendyd @McFarchie Every adult, too! 8y
steph_hashes_tags This book was so great! 8y
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Ambam I've been wanting to read this so bad! And your review has forced me to finally order the book. Thanks! 8y
MLVReads The third-person perspective was BRILLIANT. I'm so glad this book exists and I think anyone could enjoy it, even though it is intended for a younger audience. It's wonderful! 8y
misswendyd @steph_hashes_tags It was! It's so endearing, I feel such affection for it. 8y
misswendyd @MLVReads Agreed! I'm happy we live in a time when these kinds of books are embraced. I think everyone should read it, too--both kids and adults could learn so much empathy from it. 8y
misswendyd @Ambam Ohhh I'm so glad you're going to give it a chance! It's so very dear and opens up your heart in the best of ways. 8y
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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FYI, free PRIDE AND PREJUDICE audiobook downloads are available through tomorrow morning! http://bit.ly/28RWRvl I usually try to post different content on different social media, but I figured I'd vary slightly from my Instagram photo and post this here as well, in case anyone was interested. 😊

MyBookLife I'm glad you did!! Gorgeous book cover and a great tatoo!! 8y
AlienBritt I love the cover! 8y
Soubhiville That cover is amazing! 8y
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MrsMarks88 My fave!!! ❤️ 8y
misswendyd @MissBartram88 Jane is always a good idea. 8y
misswendyd @Brittany @Soubhiville It's one of the clothbound Penguin Classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith! I posted her picture book in Litsy a couple of weeks ago. Her artwork is lovely. 8y
misswendyd @MyBookLife :) I hope you were able to download it! And hah, it's a temporary tattoo, but still fun. 8y
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Two girls disappear, but only one comes back, mute and scarred. This psychological historical thriller is fragmented, has shifting timelines, and is told in second person, but don't let that scare you off! It's intense and unforgettable, with shades of high-pitched emotions evoked by THE CRUCIBLE.

AshleeTheLibrarian I LOVED that book. I feel like that cover doesn't really give a good impression of what the book is about or the tone. 8y
misswendyd It's so good! One of those underrated gems. I agree with you re: cover for the most part, though this particular one is better than a few of the others I've seen. 8y
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Summer Rain | Ruthie Knox, Charlotte Stein, Shari Slade, Mary Ann Rivers, Amy Jo Cousins, Audra North, Molly O'Keefe, Cecilia Tan, Alexandra Haughton
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This short story about two damaged people from the SUMMER RAIN romance anthology is free right now: http://amzn.to/28PN3or I wish it had been a bit longer/deeper, but it's a quick, entertaining read. FYI that all proceeds from the anthology benefit RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network).

The Season | Jonah Lisa Dyer, Stephen Dyer
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This works in some ways as a PRIDE AND PREJUDICE retelling, particularly bc Andrew, the modern day Darcy, is well done. But is it YA? (It's marketed as such, MC sounds young.) Is it adult? (College, business ventures, etc = mature situations.) This one suffers from an identity crisis, unfortunately.

DoodlesDistractions Could it be categorized as New Adult? 8y
misswendyd @doodlesreads Maybe? It felt unsatisfying/unconvincing as YA or adult. It's definitely very different from other NAs out there, and it still could use further development aside from that, but the New Adult categorization probably suits it more than any other. 8y
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The Valiant | Lesley Livingston
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Put this February 2017 release on your radar: it's historical fantasy about badass GIRL GLADIATORS and it is spectacular! I read this about a month ago keening "Eeeeeee" practically the whole time, and I can't stop thinking about it. So excited to see the cover and to read it again.

StephTKO Love triangle? 8y
StephTKO @misswendyd no angst at all? 8y
TheBookDream That. Sounds. AWESOME. 8y
misswendyd @TheBookDream IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS. 8y
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Dairy Queen | Catherine Gilbert Murdock
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I couldn't care less about football, but the Dairy Queen series, about a girl who wants to try out for the team, is one of my favorites! It's so funny and down to earth, has a cute romance, and the farm/small town setting is terrific. I kinda hope we'll get a DJ Schwenk-in-college book one day.

MarriedtoMrT Loved that series! Dairy Queen is great on audio as well. 8y
abbiereadsbooks I read the first one forever ago! Glad to see the rest are worthwhile. :) 8y
Tammi I loved this; the character voice was so great. I don't know why I've taken so long to read the rest of the series. 8y
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Tammi Oh, and I'm British, so I didn't even *understand* the US football talk, but still loved the book ;-) 8y
NeedsMoreDragons I binged that series in audio a few years back. So good. 8y
misswendyd @MarriedtoMrT @Shae It's good to hear the audiobooks are great! I'll remember that when friends are looking for recs. 8y
misswendyd @abbiereadsbooks Oh, absolutely! The next two books are terrific as well, I hope you'll finish the series sometime. She also wrote a middle school book about DJ's younger brother, which I finally just ordered. 8y
misswendyd @Tammi Heh, you probably understood as much about the American football talk ask did. 😉 Totally agree about voice--hers was so fresh and natural. I wish she wrote more books! Did you know her sister wrote EAT, PRAY, LOVE, btw? I was floored when I found out. 8y
Tammi @misswendyd No way; they're the same Gilbert?! Had no idea! 8y
misswendyd @Tammi Yes! Isn't that crazy? 8y
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"They can bend to my will...or I can break them." My favorite Helene quote! TORCH is interesting because it gives us some scenes from her perspective: http://bit.ly/1UUNBqc I'm taking my time with this one to enjoy the experience.

hwheaties That's next for me after Labyrinth Lost!! So excited! 8y
TheWellReadOwl Holy cow I love your rings! 8y
CharissaWeaksAuthor Want those rings!! 8y
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StephTKO I'm really looking forward to this one. 8y
Nuwanda I need to check out the first book in the series sometime. I also have to echo everyone else in my love for your rings! Those are awesome! 8y
BookFreakOut So excited for this!!!! 😁😁😁 8y
IndyHannaJones I can't wait!!!! 8y
Claireluana Helene is the best! Can't wait! 📖 8y
misswendyd @hwheaties Ohhh I hope you enjoy it! I'm kind of anxious about how it'll all turn out. 8y
misswendyd @StephTKO @BookFreakOut @Hyaeger @Claireluana Just two more months! I'm glad we got a book two after EMBER's cliffie, it would've been cruel to end it that way. 8y
misswendyd @TheWellReadOwl @CharissaWeaks Hah hah, thanks! I got the two-finger branch rings from Top Shop a few years ago. @Nuwanda And yes, I hope you will pick up the first one sometime--it's such a fun book. 8y
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