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Exhalation: Stories | Ted Chiang
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New books being processed at the library! Want to read any of these?! 😁

#LitsyLovesLibraries #NiceStack

blamethestardust Oh I want it! ❤️❤️ 2d
Laughterhp If my husband read books I would totally buy him the Adam Savage book!! He loves mythbusters! 2d
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AutumnRLS Every Tool's A Hammer. 2d
bookaholic1 The girl in the tower 2d
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Lonesome Dove: A Novel | Larry McMurtry
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Did some work at the Louisville friends of the library book sale today! Whole stack only $17.50😎

RealBooks4ever Nice haul! 📚💜 2d
rachelm Adore Kitchens of the Great Midwest ❤️❤️❤️ 2d
Hollie The Sandcastle Girls is a good one! 2d
LitLogophile I love Bohjalian but I haven‘t read it! I‘m so exited @Hollie 2d
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Orange | Benjamin
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Here‘s my #orangebooks in support of Gun Violence Awareness Day in the US, @britt_brooke .

Gun violence are not as rampant in my country, though there‘s an increasing number of shooting cases in recent years. (According to the Arms Act and Firearms Act, using a gun for crimes is punishable by death while anyone caught in possession of firearms without a licence can be jailed up to 14 years and get 6 strokes of the cane.)

erzascarletbookgasm 🙏 to an end of gun violence. 1w
britt_brooke Beautiful stack! Thanks for spreading the message. 🧡 1w
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LibLib Imagine how wonderful this world would be if every gun was replaced with a book! 1w
la_rose_noire 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 1w
Kalalalatja 🧡 1w
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La terre | Emile Zola
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#riotgrams #stacksonstacks

Bit of a blank on this prompt so here is a photo of some French language books that I keep on top of one of my shelves plus a “stack” of foreign coins I‘ve been stuck with after various travels. I want to start reading more French language books as soon as I‘ve finished my #modernlibrarytop100 project.

(Missed yesterday due to going to bed early with a bad headache 😭)

Chrissyreadit I like this stack!!! 2w
Leftcoastzen Like your pretty French stack.❤️ 2w
twohectobooks @Leftcoastzen @Chrissyreadit thank you both! These are all books I acquired from various relatives. For some reason I haven‘t figured out yet, French books have their spines printed in the opposite direction to English books, so you have to lay them down on their covers to see the spines right side up. 2w
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Bone Gap | Laura Ruby
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School is out for the summer! Which means I can now get started on my stack of books! I am currently reading "Bone Gap," have two books to pick up at the library, "The Sound of Gravel" on the way from Amazon, and these books to read for my classroom!

CrowCAH Welcome to the Litsy family!!! 📚 2w
Andrew65 I enjoyed the Tattooist of Auschwitz which would bring up some interesting discussion in classrooms. Welcome to Litsy. (edited) 2w
Lynnsoprano Welcome! So glad you‘ve joined our wonderful family. 2w
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wanderinglynn Welcome to Litsy! 👋🏻 2w
KaraWines @CrowCAH Thank you!! 2w
KaraWines @Andrew65 Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading that one! 2w
KaraWines @Lynnsoprano Thank you! Me, too! 2w
SW-T Awesome! Happy reading to you 🙂📚 2w
Jacki_Reads I meant to bring home my copy of The Sun is Also a Star! 2w
Freespirit That‘s a great stack! 2w
jenniferajanes Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚 2w
MrBook #NiceStack! Welcome to the #LitsyFamily! (I almost became an English teacher.) 2w
robinb So glad you‘re here! Welcome to Litsy! 😊 2w
sudi Welcome To Litsy 😊 2w
tpixie @Andrew65 oh good! I'm Reading it in a couple months for my #FriendsWithBooks Bookclub with @Sills and @JoanehSmith 2w
tpixie @KaraWines welcome!!! 🥳📚🥳 2w
Geeklet Welcome to Litsy!! 2w
TrishB Hi 🙋‍♀️ 2w
KaraWines @SW-T Thank you! 2w
KaraWines @SW-T Thank you! I can't wait! 2w
KaraWines @Freespirit Thank you!! 2w
KaraWines @MrBook Thank you! It is a crazy rollercoaster! What did you decide to do instead? 2w
KaraWines @Jacki_Reads Maybe in a few days/weeks you can go grab it. Give yourself a break! 2w
KaraWines @robinb Thank you!! 2w
KaraWines @sudi Thank you! 2w
KaraWines @Geeklet Thank you! 2w
KaraWines @TrishB Hello! 2w
KaraWines @tpixie Thank you! 2w
CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 📚 Yay for summer break! I teach 12th grade English and AP Literature. #teachersoflitsy 2w
Johanna414 How fun! I‘m a middle high school librarian and the stack I take home every summer is pretty comparable... unfortunately I‘m in NY so I‘ve got another month to go! 😆 2w
Kaylamburson Welcome to Listy!!! Some of my favorites from that stack are Salt to the Sea (would prompt amazing discussions about little-known historical events/tragedies), The Program, and The Treatment (which are intense looks into depression and teen mental health)! Then, if you'd want a follow-up for teens to aid that mental health discussion, Don't Call Me Crazy would be perfect. 2w
WhatWouldJaneDo Welcome to Litsy! Enjoy all your summer reading, I've read a few from this stack and I think you have some good ones ahead! 2w
MrBook @KaraWines I got a degree in English instead of English Ed. Now I‘m a librarian. 😁 2w
michelepedone Many of these are on my list too! 2w
Andrew65 @tpixie Hope you all enjoy it. 😊 2w
KaraWines @MrBook That's a dream of mine! 2w
baes Welcome to Litsy! That‘s a great haul! (edited) 2w
KaraWines @baes Thanks! They are all new additions to my classroom library! 2w
RebL I hate to be a jerk and add to your already robust & beautiful stack, but Litsy is sort of the place for this kind of behavior. The tagged book is one of my favorites of 2019 for teens. 2w
Readergrrl Welcome! I‘m an English teacher too! I teach a variety of levels of 12th grade and I‘m also always looking for recommendations! 2w
Readergrrl What I love about teaching 12th grade is that we all share our books and my students give me as many ideas as I give them! Win win!!! 2w
KaraWines @CoffeeNBooks Awesome! I teach 10th grade, college composition 1 and 2, and creative writing! 2w
KaraWines @RebL Thanks! I'll add it to my list! 2w
KaraWines @Readergrrl Me as well! I buy way too many, but I just cannot stop! 2w
DebinHawaii Great stacks and I really liked The Sound of Gravel. 📚📚👍 2w
Tonton Whoa, great stack! 2w
MicheleinPhilly I‘ll just be over here being insanely jealous of you all summer. ☺️ Welcome! 2w
KaraWines @MicheleinPhilly I am so excited! Have you read any? 2w
KaraWines @Tonton Thanks! I think my students will enjoy these, too! 2w
MicheleinPhilly Only the Nicola Yoon! 2w
perfectsinner Great haul! Shout is on my want-to-reads list. 4d
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The Smoke Hunter | Jacquelyn Benson
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My latest book haul! Have you read any of these books?

I‘m looking forward to reading all of them!

#usedbookhaul #bookhaul #nicestack

DivineDiana No yet! 🙂 3w
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One of my best friends is moving to Liverpool next month (the traitor), so he asked if I wanted any of his books since he wasn't taking them... stupid question 😅
I have graphic novels or days now 😀 If I get through my latest picks for my #TBRChallenge I'll be getting a start on some of these methinks 😊
#Comics #DC #Marvel #AllTheBooks #GraphicNovels

shanaqui Ahhh, Civil War Captain America/Iron Man is heartbreaking, IIRC! Or... I might be thinking of Civil War Iron Man -- whichever one has Tony's confession to [spoiler]'s dead body.

I really need to try more Wonder Woman!
TrishB A wonderful place to move to 😁😁 3w
Moony Oh this pile looks so great! 3w
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Widows | Lynda La Plante
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B&N haul 😆🇺🇸

Moony Oh I'm jealous. A book shoppimg tour would be so great 😍 But my TBR Pule is too high....😶 3w
guinsgirlreads @MrBook 😂 😂 3w
guinsgirlreads @Moony mine too! 3w
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Exhalation: Stories | Ted Chiang
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As some sort of bizarre coping mechanism, during the last couple weeks of classes I somehow brought home 30 LIBRARY BOOKS. Here are the ones that aren‘t picture books or currently on my mother‘s desk. (She wanted to read it. What can I say? I‘m an enabler.) Now that I‘m done with the semester I can actually maybe read some of them! But where to begin?

dragondrool I would be starting with the Kiernan. 1mo
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Before I moved, I did a bit of a book #unhaul by donating books to my local library and selling a few to an independent used bookstore. Most of them I read and enjoyed, but I won‘t read them again and would rather someone else enjoy them. A couple of them I didn‘t read, but have lost interest in (I can always get them from the library if my interest is renewed).

MrBook #NiceStack! Wait, you just moved too? 1mo
LauraJ Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🎈🎂 1mo
candority @LauraJ Thank you! 🎉 1mo
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