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State by State | Sean Wilsey, Matt Weiland
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To all my #ReadingUSA2019 friends - would it be considered cheating to just read this book for the challenge?! 🤣

Ruthiella Nice short cut!😂 4d
jhod Good thinking ! 4d
jenniferw88 😂😂😂 4d
Librarybelle 😂😂😂 Well, it technically does cover the 50 states... 4d
Hooked_on_books Totally cheating! But very clever of you. 😏 Maybe as a companion piece after you‘ve read all 50? 4d
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Ugh, that‘s it I‘m calling it. I just don‘t care. I don‘t care if she sells a house. I don‘t care if she finds a boyfriend. I don‘t care who is kidnapping kids. I don‘t care that women in the town are prettier than her and in better shape. I just don‘t care! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Which is too bad, because I was listening for #SouthDakota for #ReadingUSA2019 - now to try and find another book for this state.

Sleepless Nights | Elizabeth Hardwick
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It was not easy to keep focussing on the beautiful sentences among the stream of conscience memoirs of Elizabeth Hardwick. I was not really in the mood for such a read unfortunately. #NYRBBookClub

The memories of her youth took place in #Kentucky so I can use the book for #ReadingUSA2019.

(Pic: This summer I stayed in a hotel in Brooklyn with the best pillows ever. I have searched everywhere and was able to buy them online!)

Librarybelle The pillows do look very comfortable! 1w
Liz_M Now you have me curious about both the pillows and the hotel! 😉 1w
BarbaraBB @Liz_M Lol it was the Indigo in Williamsburg, it opened the night we were there. First guests ever! And it was cheap! I just checked and I couldn‘t afford to go there again now! The pillows felt like clouds 😉, I never slept so good. In case you‘re interested, the brand is IHG (international hotel group) 😘 1w
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LeahBergen Oh oh! I hope I like it better. And I need new pillows, too. 😆 1w
BarbaraBB @LeahBergen You probably will. For me it was just the wrong book at the wrong time. I was too impatient! 1w
emilyhaldi I'm in the market for some new pillows, so thank you for that!! 😆👌🏻 I'm starting this book today... 🤞🏻 1w
BarbaraBB @emilyhaldi I hope you‘ll like it! And I feel like a sales person for the pillows 😂😴🛏 1w
youneverarrived Decent pillows make all the difference 👌 I think it‘ll be hit and miss this book...seems to get mixed reviews. 1w
BarbaraBB @youneverarrived The writing is gorgeous and poignant, I think many of us will love it! 🤞😘 1w
GatheringBooks felt exactly the same about this book. found it too self-indulgent and meandering, pretty sentences notwithstanding. 1w
BarbaraBB @GatheringBooks I am glad you felt the same. I am looking forward to what our fellow readers will think! 1w
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Man it was hard not to throw this book in a corner. I kept wondering what was the point. People in a room, killing eachother, lots of gory details and unfinished sentences. The chapters kept repeating themselves, so did the conversations. I ended up bored and frustrated. It‘s probably me but what a waste of time. (Sorry @rajithr and @vivastory ...)

#ReadingUSA2019 #NewHampshire

squirrelbrain Oh dear - not good! 🙁 2w
LeahBergen Too bad! 2w
Librarybelle Oh boy! 🙁 2w
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Melissa_J I will not be reading this one! 2w
Come-read-with-me @BarbaraBB It‘s off my TBR list! 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Oh boy! I did enjoy his other book.. 2w
BarbaraBB @erzascarletbookgasm Maybe you will like this one as well. At this moment don‘t feel like trying 😉 2w
Cinfhen You took one for the team✊🏼 1w
vivastory It's too bad you didn't like it. I thought you might since he seems to have some things in common with Iain Reid. 1w
BarbaraBB @vivastory I love Reid, you‘re right. And I do see the comparison. I think it was their being in that same room together all the time, it felt like a scene repeating itself continuously. While Reid‘s plots are more developing if I make myself clear? 1w
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This was so good! I read it in a sitting. Maddie leaves her husband and aspires to be a reporter, but the story she follows and the actions she takes have terrible consequences. #ReadingUSA2019 #Maryland

Hooked_on_books I read one of hers for Delaware which was also quite good and a quick read. I definitely want to read more from her. 2w
BarbaraBB Agreeing with @Hooked_on_books , I want to read this one too after enjoying Sunburn! 2w
Samplergal Glad you enjoyed it. 2w
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Librarybelle Hooray! 2w
Pamwurtzler @BarbaraBB @Hooked_on_books I read Sunburn for Delaware too, and liked this one much more. See what you think! 2w
squirrelbrain I think Sunburn was a very popular choice for Delaware 😁 @Pamwurtzler @BarbaraBB @Hooked_on_books ! 2w
BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain Thanks to you! You were sending out copies all over the world 💕 2w
squirrelbrain @BarbaraBB 🤣👍❤️ 2w
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April Fools | Jess Lourey
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This is the 12th in the Murder by Month series. They‘re cozies set in small town #Minnesota, and are full of fun, quirky characters. The main character, Mira, comes to town to house and pet sit for a friend and manages to stumble across a dead body every month. #ReadingUSA2019 This puts me at 35/50 and it‘s definitely getting harder to find good books!

Tamra I‘ve not heard of this series! I‘ll stack. 2w
Pamwurtzler @Tamra The first in the series is 2w
Tamra @Pamwurtzler thanks! 2w
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BarbaraBB I am at 35 too! And yes, it gets more difficult. Which states are you having trouble with? 2w
Librarybelle I‘ve wanted to read this series - good to hear they are as fun as they look! 2w
Pamwurtzler @BarbaraBB Montana, Alabama, Tennessee- I need to do some more looking around to find something I actually want to read that‘s set in those states. 😀 2w
BarbaraBB I liked this one for Alabama though it‘s horror! 2w
BarbaraBB For Montana I am still looking as well! 2w
Pamwurtzler @BarbaraBB I read The Elementals last fall and really liked it. 2w
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Later today RHCP‘s bassist Flea 🌶hosts his bookclub live on Instagram. This month‘s choice was News of the World. I liked the ‘reading the news‘ subject as well as the relation between the travelling news reader and the little girl who travels with him through 19th century #Texas to be returned to her family after being kipdnapped by Kiowa indians.


Librarybelle Wow...I didn‘t know Flea has a book club! 2w
BarbaraBB @Librarybelle Cool isn‘t it? He is flea333 on Instagram 2w
Librarybelle Thanks! I‘ll have to check it out! 2w
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Cinfhen What??? Flea has a book club??? I want in!!!!! Didn‘t love this book either, and for such a short book, I still had trouble finishing it. What‘s next month‘s book??? 2w
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen He hasn‘t announced yet but I‘ll keep you posted, or you can follow him on Instagram or Twitter. His handle is Flea333 🌶❤️ 2w
Cinfhen 🤟🏽 2w
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The Gone Dead: A Novel | Chanelle Benz
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A young woman returns to #Mississippi to uncover what happened the night her father was killed. It‘s a good read - it really draws you into the heat and humidity and the racism that was the Mississippi delta. #ReadingUSA2019

squirrelbrain Sounds like a great choice! 2w
Librarybelle This sounds good...stacking! 2w
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How have I not read this before? Angelou infuses this book with humor, sorrow, and honesty. She‘s a bit halting as an audio reader, but I loved that she sang the hymns mentioned and that she asserts at the start: “I AM Maya Angelou.”

Thanks to @squirrelbrain for suggesting this one for #Arkansas. #ReadingUSA2019

squirrelbrain Glad you liked it - I couldn‘t believe I‘d never read it before either. Thank goodness for the #ReadingUSA2019 challenge..! 2w
Librarybelle Yay...great choice! 2w
ljuliel Good job, and thank you for the tag. 🙂 2w
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