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USA Activity Book
USA Activity Book | Heather Alexander
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This activity book merges interactivity and nonfiction in a way that makes its enjoyment inextricable from the learning that will happen along the way.Draw, sticker and play your way across the USA in this brand-new (subversively educational) activity book. With word searches, matching games, letter scrambles and more, facts, figures and history are brought to life. Activities highlighting everything from state mottoes and famous monuments to natural wonders and roadside attractions make this a road trip they'll never forget.
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USA Activity Book | Heather Alexander
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April is almost over. I managed to read another five books for the #ReadingUSA2019 challenge:

🍀 Virginia: American Fire
🍀 Florida: Gone So Long
🍀 Ohio: Everything I Never Told You
🍀 Iowa: Big Brother
🍀 Michigan: Bird Box

This makes 18 so far. Another 32 to go...!

squirrelbrain 👍 Doing well! 😁 3w
JanuarieTimewalker13 That sounds like fun!! 3w
NatalieR Great job! 🥳 3w
jessinikkip You're doing so good! I'm so behind on states. I need to do better 😫 3w
Librarybelle Awesome job! 3w
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USA Activity Book | Heather Alexander
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In March I only managed to add three states to my #ReadingUSA2019 challenge:

🍀 Massachusetts: Seating Arrangements
🍀 New York: When God was a Rabbit
🍀 Illinois: The Great Believers

This makes 13 states. So far so good!

Kaye Good job 👏🏽 2mo
squirrelbrain 👍😁 2mo
Samplergal Great job!!! 2mo
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Hooked_on_books Great progress! 2mo
Librarybelle 👍 2mo
NatalieR Way to go! 🤩 2mo
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USA Activity Book | Heather Alexander
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In February I have added another five states to my #ReadingUSA2019 challenge:

🍀 Nebraska: Eleanor & Park
🍀 Pennsylvania: How to Be Safe
🍀 Maine: Young Jane Young
🍀 Delaware: Sunburn
🍀 Colorado: What You Don‘t Know (current read)

That makes 10 in two months so I‘m well on schedule!

Kaye 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 3mo
Hooked_on_books Nice job! 3mo
Judybskt How do you do the map? 3mo
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MirrorMask Thanks for the link!!! 3mo
Librarybelle 👏Great job!! 3mo
NatalieR Excellent! 🤩 3mo
Pamwurtzler Nice! 3mo
Kaye Good job 👍🏼 2mo
squirrelbrain Well done! 2mo
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USA Activity Book | Heather Alexander
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So this is where I stand after one month #ReadingUSA2019. Five states covered!
🍀 Alaska: The Snow Child
🍀 Oregon: The Sisters Brothers
🍀 California: When Breath Becomes Air
🍀 Georgia: Faithless
🍀 North Carolina: Where the Crawdads Sing

Kaye Good job ! You‘ve already read from coast to coast. It‘s neat seeing how all the states fill in. 4mo
Librarybelle Great job! 4mo
BkClubCare Do you count all states if characters travel? Are first state mentioned? Or 4mo
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Susanita Where did y‘all get the editable map? I‘m thinking of doing something like this too. 4mo
BarbaraBB @BkClubCare I count it when a big part of the book takes place in that state but I think there are more interpretations! 4mo
Susanita Bookmarked. Thanks! 4mo
BkClubCare @BarbaraBB - thx. I just spent most of The Golden State in California obv, but it crossed a few miles into Oregon. The Overstory was all over the place 🤪🌳 4mo
BarbaraBB @BkClubCare Lol, those are hard ones indeed! The Sisters Brothers takes place in Oregon and California as well but I chose Oregon because it started there (and California is an easy one 😉) 4mo
Pamwurtzler Nice job! 4mo
jessinikkip Good job! For ones set in more than one place Ive been using the state it spends the most time in 4mo
squirrelbrain Well done! I may follow suit and post my January stats soon; don‘t think I‘ll finish another one this month.... 4mo
BarbaraBB @jessinikkip That‘s what I want to do too! 4mo
BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain Looking forward to your stats! 4mo
NatalieR Great job! 🥳 4mo
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