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Been in a bit of a slump over the last month and this pulled me out, at least a little. Interesting idea and beautifully written. I felt Leila‘s earlier life story had more heart and emotion and the tone shifted to be less empathetic as the novel went on. #readingeurope @BarbaraTheBibliophage

Untitled | Unknown
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Not in database. Fun Valentine's Day story set in Denmark about a high-strung nudist cleaner and a grumpy web designer with social anxiety. I especially loved the "meet the parents" scene, where the father's only concession to the non-naturist guest was to wear slippers. ?

LeahBergen 😆😆 5d
julesG I'm stacking it for #ReadingEurope 5d
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Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston
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Kicked off #FancifulFebruary with two romances and one excellent #OwnVoices novel in verse by the lovely Elizabeth Acevedo.

Once past my annoyance with the first chapter of the Agatha Christie, I found that I am enjoying this mystery. Hoping to finish it up today.

Knocked off two #Booked2020 prompts this week! Quickly falling behind on #ReadtheUSA2020 and #ReadingEurope. The AC is set in France, but I‘d rather read a French author.

Cinfhen 3 books in a week can‘t equal falling behind 😝we are so hard on ourselves!! I recently read an AC but it just didn‘t grab me in any way. 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Cinfhen No, I meant falling behind on the Reading the USA and Europe challenges. 😄 I‘m not too bothered though, I have those slotted more later this year rather than right now! 2w
Cinfhen Agreed!! It‘s only Feb 8...plenty of time to “travel” the map 😜💗 2w
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I understand why Backman is a hot commodity.

I liked the story, but I'm not sure I'll pick up another book by him.

Thanks for the recommendation @Cinfhen

#AuthorAMonth @Soubhiville

#ReadingEurope #Sweden

Cinfhen Awwww, too bad it wasn‘t a total hit for you! Im not sure this was my favorite Backman but I think it‘s pretty true to how he writes 2w
julesG @Cinfhen I often struggle with Scandinavian writers. Not sure why. 2w
ljuliel This was the only one of his I could get through. I don‘t think I understand their humor , if that‘s what it‘s supposed to be. 2w
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julesG @ljuliel It's not the humour that I struggle with. I can't grasp what exactly my problem with Scandinavian writers is. I've tried so many different genres and authors. 2w
ljuliel Yea, I get what you mean. I think these would all originate from the same general area : the Hendrik Groen books, The Backman books, the Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window ( and whatever the heck he did) , the Steig Larsson books. I don‘t get them. I‘ve started the blasted Ove book a dozen times. Don‘t find it funny, entertaining...just as boring as a cup of warm water. 2w
KateFulfordAuthor Interesting review & comments - thanks 2w
julesG @KateFulfordAuthor It's a very brief review and actually doesn't say anything about the book. Sorry. The writing was good. The characters were well-composed. But as much as I like Scandinavia and its people, I struggle with Nordic literature of any kind (no, not true, still love Astrid Lindgren). 2w
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Europe | Mike Graf
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Progress on my #ReadingEurope2020 during January.

8 countries visited, which I‘m pleased with.

squirrelbrain 😁👍 3w
Librarybelle Hooray! 3w
Nute Golly, Andrew! Way to do that thing! 3w
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Andrew65 @squirrelbrain @Librarybelle Thanks, Going well 😊👍 (edited) 3w
Andrew65 @Nute Thanks, like to make a good start to a challenge. 😊 3w
myellenbee Is #readingeurope reading a book that takes place each country or reading an author from each country no matter where the story takes place? 2w
Andrew65 @myellenbee Reading a book that takes in each country. 2w
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Been reading this all month, but finished it during #widehorizonsreadathon @Emilymdxn - book 2

This book totally deserved the Nobel Prize. I experienced a wide range of emotion - mainly anger, especially while reading the conclusion. When all of the world were celebrating victory, the end of war, and the return of the men and women who fought for their countries, one Communist nation was still victimizing its people.


Butterfinger When Soviet POWs were coming home, they were arrested and imprisoned by their own government. I can't stand it. How can a government use fear to govern and still expect loyalty? Stalin's own son was a POW. He killed himself while in camp. Some women, in the 80s were still afraid to say anything offensive about the government. Thank God for Democracy. We're not perfect, but we're still trying "to form a more perfect Union." Now, I'm done. 3w
Butterfinger @Daisey @squirrelbrain @youneverarrived thank you ladies for reading this with me. #Booked2020 - banned book #jennyis30 - politics @jenniferw88 #ReadingEurope - Belarus 3w
youneverarrived Oh wow. No wonder these women were scared to tell of their experience. This book is so important! I‘m glad I got to read it with you yous. 3w
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It‘s time for this tome. #readingeurope #belgium #litsyatoz #letterK

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Circe | Madeline Miller

Another good audiobook. I really enjoyed listening to Circe and I love this version of the world of the Greek gods. #ReadingEurope #Greece @BarbaraBB @Librarybelle

Librarybelle Good choice! 3w
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Case Histories: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
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Finished this last Sunday and I‘m late with reviewing this. For me this is not a book about crime but a book about the consequences for the next of kins that experience crime. Jackson Brodie get involved in 3 cold cases where the newest is 10yrs old.

I will definitely want to read more about Jackson Brodie and will continue reading this series.

#ReadingEurope UK

@BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @Librarybelle

Librarybelle I‘m enjoying my reread of this! 1mo
Cinfhen Happy you enjoyed this one☝🏾 Hope you‘ll join us for #MAYbeNow 1mo
AnneCecilie @Cinfhen I probably will. I‘ve read 3 of the books before so won‘t do any rereads, but I‘ve plenty to say about them too. Looking forward to see the book to read for that. 1mo
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Cinfhen I‘ve read 3 of them too! But right now it seems that this one has the most votes 1mo
AnneCecilie @Cinfhen I hope it wins, it‘s one I haven‘t read and it sounded interesting. 1mo
CarolynM I completely agree with you. I think in many ways the Brodie character is an ongoing study of the ripple effects of the murder of a family member. 1mo
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5 amazing stars!

Kelsie Rae wrote another great story!

Skye was so emotional read. I was laughing out load and crying. It was amazing story, my favourite from Signature Sweethearts series.❤
Read full review on Goodreds!

- #LitsyAtoZ Letter S #AbecedarianTBR @BookishMarginalia
- #Booked2020 #CoverCrush @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibliophage
- #ReadWithMrBook #2020schedule @MrBook January: 1 word title

Cinfhen Beautiful photo 💕 1mo
maich @Cinfhen Thank you 1mo
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