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My favorite weekend past time...a good book and exploring goodreads! I‘m still looking for ways to get more active and find friends on Litsy! Any suggestions are welcome! I am also looking for more goodreads friends! Happy Reading!

Beatlefan129 I suggest posting often, especially things like #FriyayIntro are a great way to introduce yourself and meet new people on Litsy 5d
LauraBeth Oohh - I love helping people gain Litsy followers! Are you following the account LitsyHappenings? There you‘ll find all sorts of things that you can participate in - photo challenges, buddy reads, etc. Take a look at my last few posts and note the people who liked them. These people are some of the most active on Litsy. Give them a follow. As @Beatlefan129 mentioned, try and post often and engage others with comments. Hope this helps! 4d
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PageTurner789 Thank you for the tips! I try to post but i feel like it takes me forever to read lately and how many pictures of one book can I post lol... 4d
Sace A lot. You can post a lot of pictures of one book. Ask me how I know 🤣 4d
LauraBeth Try and do a photo challenge (the ones for November should be listed in LitsyHappenings). That way you‘re prompted to discuss books, but not necessarily what you‘re reading. And you don‘t have to do it every day. 4d
PageTurner789 @Sace lol how do you know?
LauraBeth @Sace 😹😹 Same. I‘m a slow reader also. 4d
Sace @PageTurner789 becasue that's exactly how I Litsy (Litsy is a proper noun and a verb.) 4d
PageTurner789 @LauraBeth I tried searching for LitsyHappenings and nothing came up...
LauraBeth Also - @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks runs a pretty large pen pal group for Litsy. Not sure if that‘d be of interest to you but it could be a great way to meet some others on Litsy. She has info on how to join on her most recent post. 4d
PageTurner789 @LauraBeth This sounds so cool and is exactly what I am looking for...someone to share my love of all things books with! Thank you for the recommendation!
jb72 @PageTurner789 I just joined the penpal group and I‘m pretty excited about it. I am jb Byrkit on GR. 4d
DrexEdit @PageTurner789 I feel the same way that it takes me so long to read I'd be posting about the same book forever. But you can also post book-related things - - news, movie or TV tie-ins, sales, pretty covers, trips to the bookstore, etc. Or quotes! Some people I follow post a bunch of quotes from the books the are reading. I like following those! 😊 4d
Scochrane26 Are you doing the Christmas/winter games? For me, doing a couple of swaps & the scarathlon has gotten me involved. Before that, I would join in with the daily get-to-know-you posts like wondrous Wednesday & friyay. 4d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @LauraBeth thank you Laura!! 4d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I also cohost a daily photo challenge with @OriginalCyn620 #GratefulReads) is this month‘s and I cohost #BotmBuudRead and #LitsyLove with @TheBookHippie 💌📬📚 4d
PageTurner789 @Scochrane26 honestly I‘m so new to Litsy that I have no idea what‘s going on lol 4d
Scochrane26 @PageTurner789 it took me a few months, too. I‘ll try to tag you on things to make sure you see them. 4d
PageTurner789 @Scochrane26 thanks! That‘s very nice of you! 4d
OriginalCyn620 Welcome to Litsy! I‘m at goodreads.com/originalcyn620 if you‘d like to add me! 😀 4d
throwmeabook Welcome to Litsy! I just sent you a friend request on Goodreads. 4d
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A little late, but here goes!
1. My childhood favorite, Monopoly!
2. England—but anywhere in Europe, really.
3. I‘m pretty much on point having read 65 of 75. I‘m 2 books behind but have 3 books going, so should be caught up in the next few days. Hoping to pass up my goal!
4. I put off reading Georgette Heyer and now can‘t imagine life without her! 😂
5. Which is more important to you, the plot or the quality of the writing?

Kaila-ann The quality of writing I think. Even if the book has a great plot, it can be ruined by bad writing. 5d
Sharpeipup Quality of writing. @Kaila-ann is right...a good plot can be ruined by bad writing. 5d
JessClark78 The quality of writing. 4d
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Technically it‘s Saturday and I‘m late! This is apparently how I roll. 🙃
1. Aggravation. I have fond memories of playing this with my grandma.
2. England.
3. I didn‘t make any book goals because the beginning of the year was really hard for me. I‘m just glad I can read now.
4. Drawing a blank here.
5. No question but I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 💖
#friYAYintro @howjessreads

Friday's Girl | Charlotte Bingham
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1. Scattergories
2. Scotland
3. Only 15 to go
4. Margaret Atwood
5. What was the highlight of your day?
@howjessreads #friyayintro

ljuliel 😁. The highlight of my day is it‘s 8 AM , and I‘m in an Upright Position 😁 5d
Lynnsoprano The highlight of my day will be if the air conditioning gets fixed 🤞 5d
Nessavamusic That this week is over 🤪 5d
Eggs That the work week is done-agree with @Nessavamusic 🤗 (edited) 5d
Susanita @eggs @Nessavamusic I‘m with you! 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Haven‘t done one of these in a while.
1. Sorry!
2. Graceland, Paris, Hemingway house.
3. I am doing the best I can 😂.
4. This is a tough one. Probably Richard Russo.
5. Favorite video games recent or classic?

CoffeeNBooks Super Mario Bros.! 5d
heylaurenmack @CoffeeNBooks Mine is Crash Bandicoot! 5d
annamatopoetry Katamari Damacy! 5d
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heylaurenmack @annamatopoetry Woa! I dig it! 5d
Balibee146 Sonic or Tekken 5d
Sharpeipup Burger time 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
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1) the ONLY one I like is Trivial Pursuit
2) I don't have one but idk Paris?
3) didn't have one; ok on my TBR list although I just deviated
4) A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines by Janna Levin. Jeanette Winterson' The Powerbook
5) what's you'd favorite kind of book title? Long/short? Referencial, descriptive, quote from classics/ mythology etc.
#friyayintro @howjessreads

Balibee146 I like a cryptic title that pulls you in 5d
Sace I can't say that I have a favorite title type, but I have to say that Harlequin romance series have some of the worst titles. (Yes, I read Harlequin 😊) 5d
Sharpeipup Clever, puny 5d
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annamatopoetry @Balibee146 my favourite of that type is We Have Always Lived in the Castle 5d
annamatopoetry @Sace extra, yet boring, I know exactly the type! 5d
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Friyay!: Blank Line Journal | Hunter Leilani Elliott
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1. Monopoly
2. New Zealand
3. I‘m one away from my goal of 165 books!
4. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
5. What book/author made you love your favorite genre?
Mine are Eloisa James and J.D. Robb

#friyayintro @howjessreads

DaveGreen7777 5. Oooh, this is an excellent question! I think R.A. Salvatore was the first author who really made me appreciate the fantasy genre, although later on Brandon Sanderson really cemented my love for the genre! 😊 5d
ljuliel Gosh....let‘s see ..... probably Fatal Vision by Joe McGinniss 5d
AthenaWins My favorite genre is science fiction, but I watched it before I read it. So I already loved it. I will say that Mary Beard helped me to fall in love with reading history. Before then I thought it would just be dry and boring, but I realized it can be written like a narrative without losing facts. 5d
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Jerdencon Probably the other Boleyn girl which made me like historical fiction 5d
TheSpineView Tolkien made me love Fantasy. 5d
Laughterhp Oo that‘s tough! I‘ll say Sarah MacLean made me love romance novels! (That‘s the easiest one I could come up with!) 5d
JessClark78 My love for the horror genre began with Stephen King‘s It. 5d
annamatopoetry Kathrine Kerr made me love Fantasy. 5d
Susanita Sue Grafton 5d
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Unrealistic Expectations | Barbra Goodyear Minar
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1. Clue
2. London
3. See the tagged book title lol I have almost reached 50% of my goal. May need to adjust that at the beginning of December so I don't spend New Year's Eve hating myself like last year 😅
4. Benjamin Alire Saenz
5. Anyone have bookish year end traditions?
#friyayintro @howjessreads

ljuliel None that I can think of. 5d
TheSpineView No traditions. Maybe I should start one. 5d
Areader2 @TheSpineView I agree sounds like a good idea! I loved Clue growing up “colonel mustard used a candle stick in the library “ 😂😂 5d
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Laughterhp Bookish year end traditions...I don‘t, but I‘d be interested in hearing if anyone has any! 5d
annamatopoetry Not year end exactly, but a book present on Xmas eve morning, on the breakfast table, is a must. Mom used to give me one to keep me quiet and out of the way 😊 5d
marleed I keep thinking of my Top6Reads stacks from July and how it will compare in December! 5d
Nessavamusic I do enjoy a good reading binge at the end of each year thanks to winter break 5d
Susanita I like to close out my reading year with a quick book on Christmas morning and spend the remaining days doing stuff with friends and family. 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
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1. Monopoly 💵💰
2. Europe
3. Past my Good Read goal of 25 , I have read 27 and counting📚
4.🤔none I can think of that I was putting off , but really enjoying Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton
5. Anyone buying books for Christmas gifts?
I am going to buy one of my daughters Gutsy Woman by Hillary Clinton and Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein for my other daughter

TheSpineView My grand kids al ways get books for Christmas. 5d
annamatopoetry Absolutely. My toddler niece is getting her first Pigeon book and my mother-in-law is getting Because Internet. 5d
Sharpeipup Usually just 1 5d
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Friyay!: Blank Line Journal | Hunter Leilani Elliott
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1. Trivia Pursuit - readers have the advantage over non-readers ☺️
2. Sooo many before I get too old but mostly Poland to find where my family came from.
3. I didn‘t set any reading goals I‘m a pantser.
4. Kent Haruf
5. Why would anyone like deckle edges? I find them impractical when TRYING TO TURN PAGES!!!🤬😂

@howjessreads #Friyayintro

Amiable I‘m with you on the deckle edges 5d
LauraJ My family is from Poland too. Would love to visit. 5d
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