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Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis: Roman | Douglas Adams, Benjamin Schwarz
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#FriYayIntro 👋🏼 Sorry, I‘m late but I had such mentally-asking week, I was hors de combat yesterday.

1️⃣ The last I really remember was “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”🌌

2️⃣ I was born to be a strong person and loved the story. (Okay …)

3️⃣ If any apart from Snooker, summer.

4️⃣ More acknowledgement than compliments – to those who made my week better without knowing how 🤯 it was. @ljuliel @thebookbutterfly1 @BaBaBaBillyAndTheBooks

ljuliel Thank you for the acknowledgement 🙂. It‘s been great talking to you, also. 3d
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Food: A Love Story | Jim Gaffigan
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1. Jim Gaffigan is amazing.
2. I was born in this world and now I‘m not just a person. Love!!!
3. Summer sports (except figure skating!)
4. I would give a compliment to every kitten for reading instead of watching tv all the time!


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1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There is a lot of humor mixed in with the drama.
2. I was born in the last time you were out of town for the weekend and we can go from there 😂
3. Summer sports I guess
4. @LibrarianJen I am so proud of you and everything you are doing to better yourself ♥️

#Friyayintro @4thhouseontheleft @howjessreads

LibrarianJen *yawn, comes out of hibernation* Thanks Brooke! 💖 4d
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From Here to Eternity | Caitlin Doughty
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1. Somehow Doughty finds moments of levity in heavy topics.
2. I was born in this world and I am not sure what you would like to read. 🌎 📚
3. I like watching winter sports more than doing them. Too damn cold. So does that mean I prefer summer? 🤷🏼‍♀️
4. @MicheleinPhilly you are so generous. @Andrew65 I admire how many group reads you organize. And every other Litten—I can‘t imagine reading with anyone but you!


Andrew65 Thank you 😍, I love reading books along with other people. 4d
MicheleinPhilly ❤️❤️❤️ 4d
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Christmas Cliche | Tara Sivec
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1. Tara Sivec is always hilarious
2. I was born in the morning so I‘ll probably get to see you soon.
3. Winter
4. You are all amazing Littens! 🥰
@4thhouseontheleft @howjessreads #friyayintro

Untitled | Unknown
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Here's today's #friyayintro by @4thhouseontheleft and @howjessreads!

1. Idk, I don't read funny books
2. “I was born in the morning next year Orz“ LOL
3. Oh man, I don't play or watch either but maybe summer since there's more variety??
4. Ohh!! @Kenyazero your analysis stuff is awesome @needsmorebooks I love how fast you read OMG @clwojick your involvement in the community is 10000% @texreader your baking is 😍


Clwojick Woohoo! And I agree, @Texreader does share some drool worthy baking pics but also cat pics ❤️💕 (edited) 4d
NeedsMoreBooks @Crimson613 awwwwww! Thank you 💖 The perks of being unemployed 😅 You are awesome 😎 4d
Crimson613 @NeedsMoreBooks ahhh that's so true! I kind of miss being unemployed just for that, I read so much at the end of last year and now I'm like, pls give me extra time in my day to read 😆😆😆 4d
NeedsMoreBooks @Crimson613 😂😂 have a wonderful weekend! 3d
Kenyazero Aw, thanks! 3d
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The Sentence is Death | Anthony Horowitz
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Thank you, @Eggs , for the tag! 😁❤️

1. An unusual choice for a LOL book, but I appreciate dark and sarcastic humor, and this book has it! I love Horowitz‘s books, so I highly recommend them.
2. I was born to be the first best one in ever
3. Winter sports! Though, my favorite sport is baseball...
4. So many wonderful Littens - you‘re all incredibly generous and supportive! I ❤️ Litsy!


Crazeedi Oh yes I totally enjoyed this book too, and I did laugh reading parts of it! 4d
Librarybelle @Crazeedi Glad you enjoyed it too! 4d
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Jackaby | William Ritter
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1. A lot of funny stuff in this series.
2. ‘I was born to be a good friend and I loved the food.‘ Guess that‘s accurate. I am a good friend and I do love food.
3. I usually only watch horse racing, some Red Sox games, and the Super Bowl (for the commercials). Not that big on sports.
4. I appreciate all of the Litsy community. Everyone has been welcoming and kind and it‘s made being on Litsy a wonderful experience.


Queenie | Candice Carty-Williams
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1. It‘s a tough book in places, but there are some LOL moments in Queenie;

2. “I was born in the first time and this app was the first thing that I‘ve read and I enjoyed the book.”😂

3. I don‘t watch sport and prefer running in winter.

4. Littens are all wonderful, this site is such a refreshing change from FB and Twitter!

@4thhouseontheleft @howjessreads