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The Hound of Death | Agatha Christie
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I'm continuing on with the #agathachristieclub where I left off. This is a collection of stories about the strange & supernatural. The standout from this is "The Witness for the Prosecution" which deviates from the general spooky theme. My first time reading the story—an excellent example of a tightly-constructed mystery short with a twist. The rest of the stories here often have potential & eerie atmosphere but fall short with silly endings. ⬇️

batsy I mostly enjoyed "The Red Signal", "Wireless", & "The Lamp". The last story, "SOS" started out so well with an off-kilter Shirley Jackson vibe that devolved into B-grade Wilkie Collins ☹️ I think, though I'm not sure, that these are some of Christie's early stories. The Mysterious Mr. Quin still sets the bar for a story collection by Christie that I enjoyed from start to finish. 4mo
LeahBergen I‘ve been meaning to watch the most recent TV movie of Witness For the Prosecution. Have you seen it? 4mo
batsy @LeahBergen No, not yet. Now that I've read the story I'm really keen to see how it was adapted! Lots of good reviews, too. 4mo
ferskner This is one not available in the US - the cover is really fun! 2mo
batsy @ferskner I'm realising there's several different (perhaps overlapping) UK & US collections of stories! The Facsimile edition cover for this one is really cool 👍🏽 2mo
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This was my last #agathachristieclub read before I'll take a break for the #agathachristieclubR2 revamp, and it was a good one! This is one of the few that I remembered the solution, but that didn't spoil my enjoyment. @Bambolina_81

rwmg @rabbitprincess A more acceptable cover?
rabbitprincess @rwmg Oh yes, much better! 4mo
andrew61 Thanks to you and halle for bringing back the podcast, I missed your great book discussions over the last 2 years. 4mo
ferskner @andrew61 oh my gosh, that's so nice of you to say! We're really happy to be back. 4mo
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This is my 5th Agatha Christie book in the last couple of years. This one was more complicated than I thought it would be, & I enjoyed the mystery. Poirot‘s rivalry with Giraud cracked me up. Thinking of joining in the #agathachristieclub.
This is book 5 during #summersendreadathon. Not sure how many more physical books I will get to because I have to actually be productive the rest of this week. I‘ll be able to do audiobooks though.

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Repost for @ferskner :
2 yrs ago, @Bambolina_81 had the fantastic idea for the #agathachristieclub, where Littens could read Dame Agatha's books in publication order, 1/month. It's been a while since the club was active, but we're starting it up again! & starting over. Join us in Sept w/ The Mysterious Affair at Styles, w/ a discussion at the end of the month. Find the complete list at https://www.agathachristie.com/stories #agathachristieclubR2

TheBookStacker I am so in! 5mo
audraelizabeth Im in. Ive never read her. 5mo
MommyWantsToReadHerBook Great that it's starting up again! 5mo
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BookishTrish Will do! 5mo
Dragonfairykats I've never read her, sounds like a good way to do so! 5mo
Dragonfairykats @ferskner forgot this was a repost! 😳 5mo
Millesent I will give it a try! I have not read Agatha Christie either. But finished a book called Mayham at the Orient express, which is really cute, and it was based on this book, and listened to a podcast the other day from 2015 that reviewed murder on the Orient express. I am meant to do something with Agatha! 5mo
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@ferskner is starting a second round of the #AgathaChristieClub (hence the R2! - the first Agatha Christie read-through began a couple of years ago). If you've already been working on Christie's works and don't want to restart, we would still love to hear your thoughts at the monthly discussions!! Check out @ferskner 's original post for more details, and join us in reading and/or discussing The Mysterious Affair at Styles in September!! :-)

ferskner Thanks for the repost! 5mo
TheAromaofBooks @ferskner - no problem!! Thanks for being willing to spearhead the discussion group!! 5mo
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Two years ago, @Bambolina_81 had the fantastic idea for the #agathachristieclub, where Littens could read Dame Agatha's books in publication order, one a month. It's been a while since the club was active, but we're starting it up again! And starting over. Join us in September with The Mysterious Affair at Styles, with a discussion at the end of the month. Find the complete list at https://www.agathachristie.com/stories #agathachristieclubR2

DGRachel I think I got through the first 10 or so, and I probably won‘t reread most of them, but I absolutely want to join in when you get to where I left off!! 5mo
ferskner @DGRachel I'm not starting over either, but I'm going to participate in the discussions and maybe reread some favorites. I'll be using the All About Agatha podcast to remind me of plot points. I'm looking forward to the break to catch up on some other series! 5mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Same, I‘m not starting all over either. I‘ll join where I left off. Let‘s use a different hashtag. 5mo
SassyBookworm Sounds interesting I just placed book 1 on hold on my Libby app! 5mo
RainyDayReading I‘d love to join in on this! I‘ve only read a handful of her books and they definitely haven‘t been in order ^^‘ but I‘ve been meaning to make my way through them all. 5mo
zezeki This sounds interesting, I might join! 5mo
Librarybelle So happy this is starting again! 5mo
IndoorDame Fun! I‘d love to read more of her books! 5mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay! Thank you for setting this up! I'm excited to revisit these. 5mo
Laughterhp Oh sounds good! I‘m in and would love an excuse to read all my Agatha Christie books! 5mo
Lisaw13 Me too! 5mo
tdrosebud I love Agatha Christie and have read most of them, but it has been awhile. I'd love to join in and do a reread. 5mo
batsy Thank you for spearheading the #agathachristieclub revival! 💜 5mo
BarkingMadRun Awesome! I‘m in! 5mo
rubyslippersreads I‘d love to get back to Agatha! 😊 5mo
Karen3 I‘m in!!! 5mo
hes7 Ooh, fun! I‘m in. 5mo
Lizpixie Count me in!🙋🏻‍♀️ 5mo
LapReader I‘ll join in when I own the book you guys are reading. 5mo
janeycanuck Oh, I‘d love to join in! 5mo
quietjenn I'm have to revisit since Christie! 5mo
TheBookStacker I am in! 5mo
Scochrane26 I just checked out the 2nd Poirot book tonight because I was in an Agatha mood. Will join in when I can, I‘ve only read a few of hers. 5mo
Marmie7 I've read quite a few but will join in with the ones I haven't. Love reading Christie! 5mo
NeedsMoreBooks I‘m in. Would movie to read her books again. How do I participate? 5mo
StayCurious I'm definitely interested - dare I admit that I've never read one of her books 😬. This will be a great chance to catch up with most of the rest of the world. 5mo
Lady_Tigana_20 I‘m interested. I completed the Miss Marple challenge a few months ago and definitely want to read more Christie. 5mo
k.reads I‘m in! FYI this month‘s book is available free in the @SerialReader app! 5mo
kspenmoll Would live to join in; Read this book in past but may refresh myself with a reread. 5mo
Linsy I‘m so in!!! I‘ve always meant to read more Christie ♥️♥️♥️ 5mo
ferskner @NeedsMoreBooks You'll just read the book each month and then comment on the discussion posts, if you'd like. I'll tag everything with #agathachristieclubR2 so you'll know how to find them. 5mo
swatreads Count me in! 4mo
Readswithcoffee I want to give this a try. 4mo
Nute Is it too late to join this book club? 1mo
ferskner @Nute never! We're happy to have you! 1mo
Nute Thank you. I‘m happy to be included! I‘ll check out the list.🤗 1mo
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Three Act Tragedy (Poirot) | Agatha Christie
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Another favorite Christie for me. The solution is chilling and diabolical, and I think quite a bit darker than most of her other books. #agathachristieclub @Bambolina_81 #booked19 #foodorbeverageoncover @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft #readharder #cozymystery @bookriot

raeintheworld I‘ve got this one on hold with Libby. I‘m working through Poirot mysteries in order. 5mo
ferskner @raeintheworld me too! I read a Christie a month, in publication order. We used to have the #agathachristieclub on Litsy but I think I'm the only one still going. :) 5mo
Librarybelle I‘m so far behind in the #agathachristieclub ! Maybe a year or more?? I should probably binge read to catch up...I miss reading her monthly! 5mo
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TheAromaofBooks Maybe we need to restart the #agathachristieclub - I would be way into that! I read all her books in published order a few years ago and would love to work through them again. 5mo
ferskner @Librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks YES! I'm pretty far into it so I wouldn't want to start over, but I'd love company. @batsy you in? 5mo
batsy @ferskner Yes! Like you I probably wouldn't start over but I'm trying to keep going from where I left over from reading her books chronologically. I'm not sure how it would work if we're all at different books but it's fun to just keep the club going for us to find each other through the tag and read the comments and reviews :) 5mo
Librarybelle @batsy @TheAromaofBooks What if we had two pieces to this? I‘m so behind that I don‘t mind starting again, and anyone who wants to join in on that piece may do so - read a book a month, with discussion at the end. For those in the middle of this, maybe just continuing where we should be under the original club. I don‘t think it would be too confusing...Littens would have the option to start from the beginning or pick up in the middle of the list. 5mo
TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle @batsy - maybe keep the original #agathachristieclub but also add a secondary tag to differentiate, like #secondround or something like that? 5mo
Librarybelle I think that would work, @TheAromaofBooks ! 5mo
ferskner @TheAromaofBooks @librarybelle @batsy Honestly, I wouldn't mind taking a break for y'all to get caught up. I'm also behind on where I should be, and but I remember the books well enough that I could join in on discussions at the end of the month, and I'd reread some of my favorites. I am SUPER behind on a bunch of podcasts and series, so this would give me a chance to balance that out again. 5mo
ferskner @TheAromaofBooks @librarybelle @batsy I'm also a big fan of the All About Agatha podcast, where they recap and analyze all the books, so that could help me refresh my memory as well. :)
batsy @TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle I'm not sure where we last stopped as a group or where we should be right now; the last one I read following publication order was Lord Edgware Dies. @ferskner That podcast sounds great by the way, thank you for recommending! I'm going to check it out. 5mo
ferskner @batsy it's really fun! They're sometimes pretty catty and I don't always agree with their favorite books (they LOVED The Man in the Brown Suit), but they do discuss the underlying racism and sexism and take into account how well the stories have aged as part of their ranking system. And I always love a ranking system! 5mo
Librarybelle @batsy @TheAromaofBooks @ferskner The next one on the list for me is Peril of End House...no clue how far that is down the list from everyone else. I‘m fine with however we want to do this! 5mo
TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle @batsy - I've never participated in this type of long-term reading group before, so I'm not sure how it usually works. Do we have an official list somewhere? 5mo
Librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks @batsy We were using the publication list from Agatha Christie‘s website. It has a breakdown chronologically of her works and designated UK titles versus US titles, since a few are different. 5mo
batsy @TheAromaofBooks Hope the link works https://www.agathachristie.com/stories If you scroll down to the bottom it says "download the full list of works" or something and it's a nice handy pdf file :) OK so I'm still a bit clueless about how to proceed from here if we're all at different books ? @Librarybelle 5mo
ferskner @batsy @librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks what do y'all think? I'm fine with taking a reading break to let the group catch up (but still participating in discussions), but if that's crazy then I'll do whatever. I tend to overthink these things. :) 5mo
ferskner @batsy @librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks or maybe we do two a month until we get caught up to @batsy?
Librarybelle This has been a great discussion! I think I also tend to overthink things. I believe I‘m a couple books away from Lord Edgware, so I‘m close to @batsy . My thought had been maybe some of the newer Littens would like to join in - I‘ve seen a lot of Agatha Christie being read, so kind of why I said maybe to have a start over to reintroduce the idea. But, I‘m totally up for anything! We need Dame Christie to help solve this puzzle! 😂 @TheAromaofBooks (edited) 5mo
batsy @Librarybelle @ferskner Poirot would be appalled at my not so active little grey cells 😂 I think this sounds great; I've no problem with waiting. For newer Littens who are Christie fans, if they'd like to do a readalong in publication order like we are, perhaps like @TheAromaofBooks suggested they can add the #secondround or something tag to their posts? 5mo
TheAromaofBooks @librarybelle @ferskner @batsy - the link definitely worked, and that is a super useful list no matter what we decide to do haha It looks like there are 16 books before Lord Edgeware, so that is almost a year and a half for those ahead to wait. Are there people out there still doing the original list? If no one else has been participating in discussions, I think we can do whatever we want. Anarchy!! 5mo
Librarybelle Haha, anarchy! I don‘t think anyone else has been participating. Maybe we should just keep reading and posting at our own pace?? @TheAromaofBooks @batsy (edited) 5mo
batsy @Librarybelle @TheAromaofBooks I'm down with anarchy! 😆 I think we can do just that? 5mo
ferskner @batsy @TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle haha this discussion! We're such nerds. I agree with @Librarybelle that I'd like the idea of opening it up to new Littens and also having a monthly discussion so there's a little bit more of a book club feel than the original club had. Can we do that, and maybe call it #agathachristieclubR2 or something like that? I'm happy to spearhead the discussions. Then those ahead can keep reading at our own pace? 5mo
TheAromaofBooks @batsy @Librarybelle - I think it would be great if @ferskner would like to be a gentle guide as to what we are reading next, and to organize the discussion? We have a week until September, so maybe this is a good time to invite people to start? 5mo
ferskner @TheAromaofBooks @batsy @Librarybelle I think that since perfect! I'll post something later tonight. 5mo
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