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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent ch. 25-26: boy Carmichael is a chameleon and has done a good job of fooling everyone, especially Vicky‘s parents. Poor Tom. Yes, he‘s made mistakes but he is clearly more concerned about Vicky‘s well-being. How will he see her before the duel? Will she hear about it and show up to try and stop them?

BarkingMadRead So much stress! He needs to see her before the duel! This is craziness! 20h
mcctrish I‘m getting first season Bridgerton vibes with the duel! That was a harsh spot to stop reading 😬😬 20h
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julieclair This has my stomach tied up in knots. 20h
LiseWorks Perhaps Tom would prefer Vicky not being there. 19h
CogsOfEncouragement When Vicky told Sheldon she would not see Tom, I had hoped he was still standing there when Thea was telling Vicky she should see him and she would change her mind and go see him. No luck. Then I had hoped Vicky would come when she heard Tom yelling for her. He was being so rude, but I thought their childhood friendship might forgive it. I forgot about her bodyguards! lol Not so fast young man! 16h
DebinHawaii This book is causing me lots of angst! It‘s hard to stop reading at the daily chapter break but I am exercising self control! 🫣 16h
CrowCAH Gah I know! Tom called for her! Why didn‘t she heed the call?! This was a tough chapter to listen to. 13h
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Ch.23&24: These guys! They‘re not thinking with their brains, that‘s for sure. And while I agree that Carmichael needs to be put in his place, I don‘t know that a duel with poorly aimed pistols is the way to go. Poor Vicky. Her choices aren‘t great right now.

LiseWorks While I was reading this, I was thinking about all the rules for a duel lol. Oh dear! Pride is getting in the way for Tom here 2d
CogsOfEncouragement Yes, poor Vicky. How are there no better choices than all these nincompoops? 2d
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mcctrish I just finished these 2 chapters and I want to throw this book at a brick wall!! Charles is a noose around Tom‘s neck, Carmichael needs more than a shove and both need to tell Vicky the truth, the patriarchy SUCKS 1d
BarkingMadRead Love the meme you chose 🤣 the duel does not seem like a good idea! 1d
CrowCAH I love how honest Tom was about what he could offer. Too bad his past has closed off his feelings. Duels are never a good way to resolve a conflict. Especially not when Tom apologized to Carmichael. That should have been the end of it. 21h
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent check.19-22: two proposals that weren‘t very romantic and each man is not above bashing the competition. Poor Vicky! How does she know if she‘s being manipulated or not - who is speaking the truth? Who should she trust? How can she avoid making the same mistakes her sister made with Dain? Of course we know Tom‘s motives are pure - but how could Vicky possibly know? Especially with her family cheering for Carmichael.⬇️

StayCurious She has a tough decision ahead of her. And the stakes have never been higher. 2d
mcctrish I hope she listens to Althea because Carmichael has some moves very similar to Dain 👎🏻👎🏻 2d
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LiseWorks Oh it should be Tom all the way! 2d
CrowCAH @LiseWorks I agree! Why hadn‘t it ever occurred to Vikky that Tom could be a marriageable candidate?! 2d
CrowCAH Carmichael is very similar to Dain. I believe they‘re in cahoots together. Bad begets bad! 2d
Librarybelle My thoughts exactly, @CrowCAH ! 2d
BarkingMadRead Boys are dumb 🙄 I do not like Carmichael, I wish Tom hadn‘t bungled it so badly 2d
CogsOfEncouragement I‘m rooting for Tom, but Vicky‘s parents don‘t agree this is a suitable fix to their problems. So, basically he needs to finish P&P to know he must write a letter with a proper proposal and also win over her parents by doing something concrete to save Thea. 2d
CrowCAH @CogsOfEncouragement perfect! Love the correlation of the two stories! 2d
julieclair @BarkingMadRead Yes! Tom made such a mess of that proposal. Ugh. 2d
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Feb20: Ch.17-18: Wow Charles is such a jerk! A spoiled brat who needs to have a reality check. Now, granted, I know his childhood was hard because of their father, but spending even more on food, and treating Tom and Susie like he did - not cool. I‘m so angry on Tom‘s behalf. We‘ll see how things go but I‘d be kicking Charles to the curb.

Librarybelle Ugh…Charles! 5d
BarkingMadRead So frustrated! To be putting Tom deeper in the whole is so wrong! Poor Susie, stuck in the middle! 4d
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mcctrish Who is the food for? Is he in cahoots with Dain? Nobody says anything to anyone 🤦🏻‍♀️ 4d
DebinHawaii Charles is an asshat! 🍑🎩 4d
LiseWorks I think he is jealous cause didn't Tom get the title and inheritance even when he was kicked out? 4d
Cheshirecat913 Charles is so infuriating. Why Charles? Why not help each other. Don't go cozing up to Dain! I hope that isn't Dain's house he was going to. 4d
CogsOfEncouragement It seems the brothers need to have a gab sesh. There is a lot they need to share with each other. 4d
julieclair It‘s hard to imagine how Charles can be so selfish. 4d
CrowCAH Charles is very childish. He never grew up. I think he went to a woman‘s house. Why else get up early and look presentable than for a lady lover? And he could be lavishing her with ham gifts. 4d
julieclair @CrowCAH And we all know how very seductive ham gifts are! 😂🤣😂🤪 3d
CrowCAH @julieclair don‘t you know it! 😂 Isn‘t there that saying that the way to a (wo)man‘s heart is through the stomach?! LOL 3d
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Feb.19. Ch.15&16: I‘m glad Vicky and Tom are speaking and trying to solve the mystery of who is after Vicky and why. And now we get a bit about why Althea has been acting cold to Vicky - she thought she had abandoned her! I guess Dain knew how close they were and wanted to keep them apart. So, what‘s Carmichael up to? I think there is something to do with the two estates and the land, like Tom mentioned.

Librarybelle Carmichael is being very suspicious 5d
BarkingMadRead Carmichael has definitely been acting a bot off, and now it all makes sense. I‘m definitely #Teamtom on this theory! 5d
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mcctrish Whatever Carmicheal helped Vicky‘s dad with land wise is going to = mucho dollaros so he and Dain want Oakridge ( or whatever it is called) through Althea or Vicky and they want to buy as much land of Tom‘s as they can. Not sure they care about buildings at all, might just level it all and leave the girls with nothing and control it all 5d
CogsOfEncouragement Always glad to see at least some clear communication between fictional characters. 5d
julieclair I think Tom has it all figured out. Now he just has to prove it. Hopefully Vicky will help him. 5d
CrowCAH Something is afoot. But what? I‘m with the group about the land holding the key to the mystery. 5d
DebinHawaii Yep, gotta be the land & either the water rights or there is something else there that‘s valuable. 5d
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Feb 18: Ch.13-14: can I just say, Vicki is awesome and so capable! I‘d want her on my side in a fight - and what a terrifying experience. But were they after Althea or Vicky? My guess is it has something to do with Vicky‘s attack from before. Now, one other thing: what are Carmichael and Dain up to? They are obviously in cahoots with Carmichael the brains of the operation. Tom needs to tell Vicky what he heard ASAP.

BarkingMadRead I am stressed 🤣 7d
LiseWorks Oh I so agree! Tom needs to let the sisters know something is up. 7d
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mcctrish Holy Smokes!!! Daddy can‘t die yet! Vicky is fierce AF! @BarkingMadRead Tom needs to get over to their house posthaste and they all need a murder board to map out their intel ( best way to cement the budding romance between Tom and Vicky is bonding over the ‘murder board‘ where they solve all the mysterious events but hopefully no murders occur) 6d
julieclair It would seem to me that Dain has a good reason for wanting Daddy to die. 6d
CogsOfEncouragement I didn‘t expect Carmichael and Dain to be in cahoots, and I doubly didn‘t expect their carriage to be attacked. What next!?! Vicky is a survivor. I like her more than I did in the first few chapters. 6d
CrowCAH Carmichael and Dain are up to something. Seems like Carmichael has set his cap on Vikky. Poor father beat senseless. Good thing Vikky was there to take control of the situation. Hard to tell which sister was really supposed to be kidnapped. Althea for Dain. Or Vikky for Carmichael. I keep expecting Tom to come to the rescue again! 6d
mcctrish @julieclair Dain and Carmichael both me thinks 6d
julieclair @mcctrish Yeah, you‘re right. They both do. I agree with what youthinks. 😉 5d
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I was reading along with the #JaneAdjacent crew and really enjoying this when I felt the pace start to lag and I got itchy too see what happens. Also I spent yesterday sick in bed not able to concentrate on any of my more taxing reads, sooo… Suffice it to say the pace definitely picks up and this quickly turned into way more of a classic melodrama than I was expecting! A super fun, light read!

IndoorDame Thanks for picking this one @StayCurious I‘ll definitely be checking in to see what the group thinks ❤️ 7d
Bookwormjillk Hope you‘re feeling better! 7d
BarkingMadRead Feel better soon!! 7d
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LiseWorks 🫂 hugs sent 7d
StayCurious Hope you are feeling better! 7d
IndoorDame @StayCurious thanks 🤗💕 7d
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Feb.17: Ch.11-12: It suck‘s being broke but imagine being an Earl and being broke. How embarrassing! Dain is such an opportunistic bastard. I hope Charles doesn‘t do something stupid. Agh! The suspense!

mcctrish I feel so bad for him and his horse 💔Charles continues to be a douche. Dain is the anti-Christ 😈 this is going to get so complicated before it gets happy #whatischarleslookingfor? 1w
DebinHawaii I was all worried that Carmichael would buy his horse I didn‘t even think about Dain.😳Charles is definitely going to do something stupid. 😡 1w
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BarkingMadRead I agree with everyone. Charles is up to no good, although maybe he thinks it‘s what‘s best? I‘d like to think so. Dain? 👿 1w
julieclair There is no question that Charles will do something stupid. 😬 1w
CrowCAH Nooo, Dain bought the horses!!! Just awful! Then he wants the estate?! How dare he! Brother Charles is up to no good, checking the ledgers. What does he hope to find, the lost money?! 6d
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Feb.16: Ch.9-10: Doesn‘t Tom realize that the way out of his financial troubles is to marry an heiress? That‘s what poor gentleman did quite often. I think he‘d be more likely to find a rich girl in search of a title than he is to find backers for this hotel scheme. And Charles is sooo irritating. I‘d wallop him for spending that money. If Tom has to sell his horse I‘m going to be sad.⬇️

StayCurious Also, Carmichael is horrible - Vicky better watch out. But she isn‘t having much luck with her other suitors - yikes! Especially the spitter😅 1w
Librarybelle Those day outings were horrible! 1w
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mcctrish I am so over Charles, he sucks!!!! Vicky‘s list of suitors is so discouraging 🐛👀🐛 Tom is like a breath of fresh air after the eyebrows, spitting and #deathtrapcurricle #howlongwillittakefortomandvicky #teamticky 1w
LiseWorks Tom seemed should work, but finding backers will be very hard. Charles, OMG What a dick. I was ewe over the spitting guy. 1w
julieclair Those “dates” were so awful… but very funny! Charles is the worst. No, Carmichael is the worst. Tom + Vicky can‘t happen fast enough! 1w
CogsOfEncouragement I hope that somehow Vicky‘s family buys Horatio. I was a little surprised Tom told Vicky about Carmichael. Not because Tom shouldn‘t- I just anticipated the author having Vicky blind to his violence for longer. lol Glad we don‘t have to endure that. 1w
willaful Sorry, I'm dropping out. I'm really stressed and the book just isn't holding my interest. Enjoy the rest of the read! 1w
CrowCAH Yes, as a horse lover my heart ached at him having to sell his horse. I really hope it doesn‘t come to that! I enjoyed the “dating” scenes and how she tried to politely show them out at the end of each. 1w
DebinHawaii Sheldon the butler escorting the bad dates out makes me laugh! 🤣🤣🤣 I am hoping Carmichael doesn‘t end up buying Horatio! 🫣 1w
julieclair @DebinHawaii Oh my…. What a horrendous thought… 1w
Cheshirecat913 I was enjoying the butler Sheldon, the one good part of the dates. 😆 Charles is rather a useless man, except relating some gossip. 🙄 Carmichael is scary 😨. 1w
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#Pemberlittens #JaneAdjacent Feb 15: Ch7-8: Why would Mr.Carmichael take Vicky on an outing (read date) and then cut it off so abruptly? Poor planning or is he upset she‘s not more open with him? And is he annoyed she‘s seeing Silby? Btw - a gentleman should not talk smack about his rivals and he did so about Tom and Silby both. Also, who is Susie? Did I miss her mentioned before? And how poor is Tom‘s family - they can‘t properly heat the house🙁

mcctrish Who is Susie is right? What was Tom‘s dad doing in the house that Tom hates it ? Is Susie an illegitimate sister? Charles is a useless twat. Mr Carmichael is playing a long con imo!!! I gasped out loud at the man at the end of chapter the eighth #themaninblackisstalkingVicky this is awesome (edited) 1w
LiseWorks Victoria is on a real hunt for a husband as she is dating everybody. When I was reading this, I was reminded of the dating where you sit and talk to a suiter for about 5 minutes, and then a bell rings, and you move to the next. Lol I felt the same about Suezie it's like she appeared from nowhere 1w
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willaful I think Susie must be an illegitimate sister, or somehow else involved in whatever nefarious use Tom's father was making of the house.

@mctrish A long con sounds about right.

I'm finding the story a bit scattered. It just keep hopping around.
BarkingMadRead I think Susie was conceived in that house, and #themaninblack at the end was Vicky‘s attacker. Carmichael gives me the ick, something is off with him. And did he lie about his mom? Aren‘t Tom and Charles going to watch him fight? 1w
CrowCAH Carmichael is no better than Dain. He‘s trouble with a capital T. It had to have been tough to ascertain a person‘s true personality when chaperoned and in public. 1w
StayCurious @BarkingMadRead oh you‘re so right! I forgot about the fight 1w
CogsOfEncouragement I‘m guessing Vicky‘s parents would have a much different opinion of Carmichael if they knew of his boxing match over an inconsequential matter. Carmichael trying to come off as an adoring son when he is off to a bout is repulsive. Vicky‘s parents sending her out to catch a husband while keeping all these family secrets seems an utterly impossible task on top of the fact she prefers to not marry in the first place. 1w
CogsOfEncouragement And someone get poor Susie a robe and slippers. 1w
Cheshirecat913 @CogsOfEncouragement 😆 Yes, please! I was cold for her. Carmichael is definitely sus (as much daughter always says). Always questioning..first Tom, now Vicky. 1w
CogsOfEncouragement @Cheshirecat913 So true, he asks pointed (rude) questions and provides vague info and outright lies on his end. And him throwing shade at other men is such a Wickham move. 1w
julieclair Ohhh… Carmichael‘s fight… it hadn‘t dawned on me that it was to take place at the same time he was supposed to be shopping with his mother. So he lied to Vicky. Way too slick for my taste. (edited) 1w
TheAromaofBooks The “she's a member of the family now“ line makes me think Susie must be illegitimate. I'm enjoying this story, but also just want to be told what the heck is going on with Tom and his family instead of all these aggravating hints lol 1w
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