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Babysitters Club
Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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Audible is bringing to life a part of my childhood. I feel like these will be worth the re-read just for the memories. #books #annmmartin #books #babysittersclub

rather_be_reading 😮😮😮 1mo
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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Um, excuse me?????

fenchxrch I read ALL the books books when I was in middle school. Not sure how I feel about this! 1mo
SkeletonKey Whoooooaaa. 1mo
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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Babysitting has its perks, I get to spend time with a sweet kitty and 2 little boys ... who are currently screaming

Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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It's been five days since I picked up a book that doesn't include pictures of dinosaurs or princesses (see previous post). Mom and dad should be home soon and baby is snoozing. Being Gramma is definitely the best gig in the world!! I love these kiddos and am going to miss them like crazy when I go home tomorrow💗💗💗 luckily they don't live too terribly far away! #dogsoflitsy #glammagramma #ilovemygrandkids

Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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Didn‘t do the signing with her but omg guys, Ann M. Martin! Middle school me is freaking out. #BookCon

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"Just like friendship, listening is everything." Yay for new Litsy friends!! @bookandcat #bookcon2019 #audible #babysittersclub

tracey38 Love it! 3mo
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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Current situation.....

Mccall0113 O. M. G. 4mo
TheReadingMermaid 😂😂😂 4mo
riversong153 How much money is that?? 😱 4mo
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Crazeedi 😂❤ 4mo
Clwojick 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
JoScho Get it girl! 4mo
bookish_wookish Hold on its about to a math problem...there was 56 at 1.79 each and its buy 4 get 1 free soooooo @riversong153 4mo
Bookwormjillk Jealous! Love the BSC! 4mo
riversong153 @bookish_wookish sounds like toilet paper math lol. 1 two ply mega roll = 3 rolls or something like that 😂😂😂 I never figure it out!! 4mo
bookish_wookish Yesss 🤣🤣 @riversong153 plus i had 20% aaaand i bought some other things besides books soooo lol 4mo
twohectobooks I just started listening to a podcast called The Babysitters Club Club where two guys read and talk about all of the BSC books and based on this photo you may enjoy it as well hehe. 4mo
Bookish_B Yessss!! ❤️🙌🏼 4mo
bookish_wookish Oooo i may have to check it out! @twohectobooks 4mo
xxjenadanxx Omg score! I want to recollect them as all mine were lost in a move during high school. 😭 4mo
rather_be_reading 😍 one of my indies has alot too. ive been waiting to go back and get them 3mo
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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Id say todays trip the thriftstore was a success!! 🙃

Stacypatrice How fun!! 5mo
Busha1984 That brings back all the memories! 5mo
bookish_wookish Yesss! Thats kind of what got me started in trying to find them again! @Busha1984 5mo
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JoScho Score!!!! 5mo
Busha1984 @bookish_wookish what do you think of them now, reading them as an adult versus when you were a teen? Still loce them? I've been debating about trying to track them down 5mo
bookish_wookish I havent starting rereading them yet. I wanted to read them in order but i think it may take too long to find them so i think i may just start them now! @Busha1984 5mo
bookish_wookish Buy 4 get 1 free! 🙌🏼 @joscho 5mo
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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It is even more amazing in real life!!! 🤓💖🤓

Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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So at Barnes and Noble this same exact set is $42!!!! Amazon has it for $27.84!!! Im soooo tempted to get it! I need this in my life! 😩📚

Avanders I SAW this, this weekend. 😨😨😨 it was harrrrrd pawing it up 9mo
Kshakal I just ordered it from scholastic book order at school!! 6mo
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bookish_wookish Ooo i wonder if my sons book fair will have it! Was it any cheaper? @Kshakal 6mo
Kshakal @bookish_wookish it was only $15 6mo
Kshakal @bookish_wookish I know! I was shocked when you said Barnes and noble had it for 40 some! 6mo
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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OMG my local Barnes & Noble just posted this on their Instagram! Theres a Babysitters Club Book Collection and it looks like it comes in fancy packaging!! I need this! I looked on the BN website but cant find it! 😫 Im going to have to go there tomorrow!

Bookworm.Nerd Ooh 😍 I might have to check that out soon I read that as a middle schooler and teen ☺️ 10mo
Mariposa_Bookworm It‘s part of the holiday box sets at B& N. It may only be available in the store. I work at a B&N and we have ours right up front by the register. 10mo
bookish_wookish More reason for me to go into the store! @Mariposa_Bookworm 10mo
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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1. Loved me some Babysitter‘s Club. Will admit now I probably read them way past when I should, but I just wasn‘t willing to part with them. Mary Anne + Logan forever.
2. Brownies
3. Mountain Biking
4. San Diego (If money were no object!)

Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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Just started listening to this podcast on the way home and it‘s pretty hysterical. Anyone else ever give this a listen?

MelissaSue81 I listened to one or two episodes. I thought the guys were kinda annoying. 10mo
Purrfectpages @MelissaSue81 maybe they get annoying the more you listen. So far I‘ve found them to be pretty funny. 10mo
Zelma I enjoyed this up to a point and stopped listening when they moved past the books I‘d read. I only read the first 30ish books that Martin wrote (none of the ghostwritten ones) so I had fun reliving those through these guys‘ eyes. As far as the podcast, it takes a few episodes before they find their rhythm. 10mo
Zelma Once you get to their bee theory, it does become quite amusing. I am all about the bees. 10mo
Purrfectpages @Zelma I didn‘t even know some of them were ghost written! I do enjoy their banter though. They cracking themselves up about Claudia wearing a bra and boys just being invented manages to make me chuckle every time. (edited) 10mo
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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This entire series is golden. Found a bunch of them at the flea market.

Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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194 BSC books ever written. I want to say I read them all but that was years ago. Who remembers these? I just loved them! 🍷🦖📚

#nostalgia #childhood #babysittersclub #firstcharactercrush

AsYouWish I loved them!!! I know I didn't read them all, I think I read more of the Mary-Ann books because she was my favorite. Now that they are turning some of them into graphic novels, I have started to reread them in that format. 13mo
WhatThePuck I read some of them, but I stuck mostly to Goosebumps and Fear Street. 13mo
callielafleur I read all of them up to a certain point, then I moved in to other things. If you enjoy these, I highly recommend The Babysitters Club Club podcast, it's very funny. 13mo
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KristinaRay This was my first book series as a kid. I would buy them with my allowance. I loved them and used to have the entire collection until the got ruined by the rain at my mom‘s house. 13mo
KristinaRay @AsYouWish I didn‘t know they were being made into graphic novels. I‘m definitely gonna have to check those out. 13mo
AsYouWish @KristinaRay I have read the first four books and they are awesome! Last I saw they have made 1-6 into the graphic novels. 13mo
watermelontaco13 I read bunch of the early books but I really liked how each member had their own personal book and I loved the California Diaries that followed Dawn and her friend. 13mo
PaperbackPirate I loved these books but I had no idea there are 194! 13mo
Stacy_31 I loved these book as a child, but also had no idea there were 194! I think the last I read was somewhere in the 30‘s or 40‘s. 13mo
inthegreensandblues This was my first favorite series! One Christmas my parents gave me two box sets - maybe the first dozen or so in the series? - and I spent the whole winter break devouring them! I don't know how far I stuck with the BSC, maybe to the 40s? I also loved the Super Specials! 13mo
zzz These were awesome! 13mo
tracey38 I don't know how many I read in the 80s and early 90s but it was a lot! 13mo
tdrosebud I loved this series. I would read and reread so many of them. I know a few were eventually held together with tape... 13mo
Sargar114 I LOVED them!!! I would have loved to be able to say I read them all...but I didn‘t...but how I dreamt of being in a babysitters club. I definitely reread the first few multiple times. I wonder how they would read now.... 13mo
hissingpotatoes I still have mine! Don't have all 194, but most. Agree with @watermelontaco13 that I loved the California Diaries and the issues those books dealt with. 13mo
Jenny Just started the graphic novels! What s trip! Have you heard they might make a tv show? 13mo
tonyahoswalt I loved them! I'm hoping to do an reread as an adult sometime. 13mo
EH2018 Loved them!! I even made a babysitters kit...i have even read the graphic novels they have now 13mo
Purrfectpages I think I read them all too! 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @AsYouWish GRAPHIC NOVELS YOU SAY?! 😁😁 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @AsYouWish Mary Anne was my fave too!! 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @callielafleur I had no idea that was even a thing! I'll check it out for sure. Ty! 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @watermelontaco13 that spin off was great! 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @inthegreensandblues my parents did something similar and it was the best Christmas ever! The super special were amazing. 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @tracey38 niiiiiice! I loved that they were numbered haha the ocd in me appreciated that 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @tdrosebud can totally relate! 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @Jenny @EH2018 @tonyahoswalt this graphic novel business is blowing my mind! Must read! 🤣 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @Sargar114 yes me too! They were amazing! I almost wish I still had them. Did you hear this graphic novel and podcast business? That's crazy! I'm gonna check em out. 13mo
AsYouWish @Whimsical.Curiosity Oh yes and they are as amazing as they sound! 13mo
tracey38 @Whimsical.Curiosity I do remember reading them in order, going to the library to see if they had the next few in. Just can't remember if I got through them all. 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @AsYouWish 🤗🥂🍾🌈 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @tracey38 I loved that! Having the number written down and trying to find them in order. It was so much fun. 13mo
Sargar114 @Whimsical.Curiosity I heard about a podcast...color me intrigued 13mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @Sargar114 be fun to play in the car 13mo
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Babysitters Club | Ann M. Martin
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“There is an untapped treasure trove of iconic girlhood nostalgia just waiting to be exploited for the big screen. Yet Hollywood is sleeping on all of it, to instead give us yet another $200 million remember-when-Geek-culture-was-only-for-dudes nostalgia trip.”

Here‘s to girlhood nostalgia 🙌 #foreverforever


Clare-Dragonfly Those are some great ideas! 1y
DebinHawaii Yes to girlhood nostalgia!! 💕😆 1y
Crewgurl I thought this was really happening for a second and got so excited!!!! 1y
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1. @DeweysReadathon
2. As a young child
3. BSC, The Secret Garden, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Fear Street
4. Dog Whistle Politics
5. Fandom: Female superheroes Hobby: hiking
6. The 100
7. Gnomes
8. #tbrbingo #screamathon #popsugar #diversitybingo2017
9. OwlCrate
10. My Women's Lit prof, and my birth mother (unknowingly at the time, but as an adult I learned she was read constantly)


CocoReads Ooh, I'd forgotten about The Witch of Blackbird Pond! I loved that book! 2y
MarriedtoMrT The Witch of Blackbird Pond is one of mine, too! 2y
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One of my favorite #childhoodreads was The Babysitter's Club. Dawn was my favorite! #publishedinthe80s #riotgrams #junebookbugs

HannaPolkadots Just looking at this picture and I'm 11 again 💛💛 2y
mcipher The clothes!! Remember Claudia's crazy outfits and how she'd always describe them in such detail? 😍😂 2y
MommyOfTwo Oh my, I forgot about these books! 2y
Jess_Read_This @mcipher Yes!! I'd try to hide candy my room like Claudia and end up just eating it all in the span of a day... 🙈 2y
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Ah, twitter

mjdowens 😂😂 2y
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I have to thank @awishman for telling me there was a BSC podcast. I'm ten episodes in and it's hysterical!

I read those books thirty years ago and retained so much. Cam Geary! Bad eighties outfits! Mary Anne's shoe flying off at the dance!

And yet, I can barely remember what I read last month.

awishman Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! 2y
ReadingSusan I keep hearing such good things about this podcast but the tragedy of this is that I never read the books 😭 My mom wouldn't let me. Still so bitter lol 2y
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Taking a trip down memory lane with my favourite babysitters 😍💕📚

#annmmartin #babysittersclub #childhood #favourite #reading #middlegrade

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Oh the #nostalgia! I #read so many of these as a #tween. I picked up #books 1-103 for $10! There are a few missing in between thou. But I will find them!! #TheSearchIsOn #BabysittersClub #bookfind #booklove #AnnMMartin #LitsyFeature

annahenke Have you listened to the babysitter's club CLUB podcast? It's hilarious! Two guys doing literary analysis (real or imagined) on every book in the series. SO FUNNY! 3y
tasha @annahenke I have not!! I'll have to check that out. Thanks! 3y
Alma Memories ... 😍 3y
snap_me_chika OMG! I remember I was crazy about them once upon a time! 3y
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