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The Wednesdays | Julie Bourbeau
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1. Night of the Demons, with the awesomely immortal Linnea Quigley. Classic Scream Queen!!
2. I don't have to be at work until 1pm, which is great for night owls like me.
3. Night auditor for Super 8. Dead most of my shift so I got tons of reading done, and got paid for it lol.
4. Will do!! ❤❤❤❤

#wonderouswednesday @Eggs

Eggs #3 yay good one!!! 4d
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Wednesday's Child | Peter Robinson
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🎬. It‘s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. 😍Getting there in the morning - I love what I do!! 😁My current job. 💗 Happy Halloween love to all you amazing Littens. #wonderouswednesday

Eggs HH 🎃 Love to you too💕💕 4d
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Wednesday's Child | Amanda Hewett
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💛 The Addams Family
🧡 Working from home
💛 My volunteer job at the Community Tea Rooms
🧡 @Hestapleton @IndoorDame @StayCurious @jenniferw88

Eggs Thanks for playing 🧡🤗👏🏻 5d
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Wednesday's Child | Shane Dunphy
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1. Hocus Pocus
2. The kids I get to work with are awesome!
3. Tie between Notetaker for a college class and Receptionist for my college dorm
4. Happy Wednesday Littens!!! Hope it is awesome!!!

#WonderousWednesday @Eggs #Scarathlon #TeamStoker @TheReadingMermaid

Eggs Thanks for playing 🧡🍁👏🏻🤗 5d
TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 5d
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1. Hocus Pocus!
2. I'm don't currently have a job, but I have a phone interview today for something I'm pretty excited about!
3. When I worked as a medical assistant in cardiology about 10 years ago. We had so much fun!
4. @Kayla.Adriena @veritysalter

#wonderouswednesday @Eggs

Jerdencon Good luck today! 5d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Good luck 🍀💗 5d
ShyBookOwl Good luck!! 5d
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Crazeedi Good luck with interview! And I loved my job as med assistant too, I worked in medical offices my whole career, and I loved my patients 5d
Chrissyreadit Good luck!!!!! 5d
Amiable Sending good vibes for your phone interview today! 5d
TheLibrarian Good luck with your interview!! 5d
Eggs Bonne chance on the interview!! Thanks for playing ❤️ 5d
UwannaPublishme Good luck on your interview! ❤️ 5d
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1) no. I might wear a shirt that says “I‘m a cat” but that‘s about it. I wish I had somewhere to go to dress up for it lol.
2) no
3) I like skulls and pumpkins but I have this really cool candy bowl that I love.
4) @hermyknee and anyone else!

Thanks for the tag @GypsyKat

GypsyKat Now I want to see a picture of this candy bowl! 🎃 2w
Eggs Me too! 2w
That-Bookish-Hiker I‘ll post a pic of it and tag you on it! 😊 @GypsyKat @Eggs it is not that cool but it‘s so cute and I love it. (edited) 2w
GypsyKat @That-Bookish-Hiker Please do! 😊🎃 2w
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Halloween Party | Agatha Christie
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1. No, I don‘t generally dress up for Halloween.
2. One year, in a workplace where women couldn‘t wear pants except on Halloween, I wore biker boots, black jeans, an Aerosmith t-shirt, and leather jacket and said I was a biker librarian.
3. Fall leaf colors
4. Anyone who wants to do this.

TrishB There‘s workplaces where women can‘t wear trousers!! 😐 2w
KathyWheeler @TrishB Shockingly, there was — at least in 1997. The rule was changed once and then changed back. I left not long after they changed it back to dresses or skirts only. I hear that now they lifted that ridiculous rule. 2w
TrishB Dear me. 🤷‍♀️ 2w
KathyWheeler @TrishB The weird thing to me about it is they allowed some pretty unprofessional looking dresses and skirts, but you couldn‘t wear pants because that was unprofessional. 🙄 It was ludicrous. 2w
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This Is Halloween | James A. Moore
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#wonderouswednesday thanks for the tag @Eggs 😘
1. If I have a party or event to go to, then yes.
2. One year I went as a banned book. (I‘m all about the homemade costume.)
3. I love the witchy things—spell books, potions, familiars, cauldrons, etc.
4. Tagging my awesome #LMPBC #groupP - @phatsallylee @Laughterhp @BookwormAHN 😘

Laughterhp Thanks for the tag! 2w
Eggs Love the banned book idea 💡 2w
wanderinglynn @Eggs I like fun, easy, & cheap DIY costumes. I wore my GWTW tee from Out of Print, then made a 🚫 and taped it on the shirt and some ➖ that I put over certain words on pages I had printed out & taped on my pants. I also took some face paint and did a 🚫 on each cheek with BANNED written across my forehead. 2w
Eggs You are awesome Lynn 2w
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Wednesday's Child | Amanda Hewett
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1. Always! 2. I have a LOT of tutus, so I tend to wear one of those as the centre of my costume. 3. Pumpkins! #wonderouswednesday @Eggs

Eggs Yay! Thanks for playing 🎃 2w
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Wednesday's Child | Peter Robinson
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1. Yes, I do!!
2. I was a broken doll a couple years ago and I am sooo proud of my make up job!!! My other favorite was my Harley Quinn costume I did.
3. Spooky/Scary things

#WonderousWednesday #Halloween #Fall #Costume #Scarathlon #TeamStoker @TheReadingMermaid

Eggs I love the costume ideas!!! Thanks for playing 🎃😉🧡🌕 2w
TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 2w
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