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Would You Rather . . . ?
Would You Rather . . . ?: 465 Provocative Questions to Get Teenagers Talking | Doug Fields
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Ask away . . . and get your students talking with these provocative questions. Would You Rather . . .? gives you 465 stimulating either-or questions that will get your students talking, laughing, debating, and thinking. Questions like Would You Rather . . . watch a soap opera or make fun of one? . . . be gossiped about or lied to? . . .get shot from a cannon or walk a high wire? . . . make a child cry or kick a puppy? . . . attend the Last Supper or discover Jesus' empty tomb? You can use these questions anywhere, anytime -- when you want to break the ice, spark a discussion, build community, get kids to wrestle with spiritual issues, or just have fun. And the convenient size makes it easy to stick in your pocket or in the glove compartment of your car. This is one resource you'll want for every member of your ministry team!
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wanderinglynn Author 1mo
teebe Author 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Famous author! 1mo
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TheQuietQuill Author 1mo
AsYouWish Author 1mo
FantasyChick Reviewer 1mo
Addison_Reads Reviewer 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Author 1mo
IndoorDame Author 1mo
AprilMae Author 1mo
peaknit Reviewer 1mo
ads0123 Reviewer 1mo
jessinikkip Reviewer 1mo
Linsy Author! 1mo
Clwojick Author 1mo
LouBeth Reviewer 1mo
AmyK1 Author 1mo
Crimson613 tough!! i'll go with author 1mo
Texreader Author 1mo
Chab256 Author 1mo
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Karisa Hogwarts, Last Holiday, Ewok Village for me 😉 1mo
tdrosebud Hogwarts, Last Holiday, Ewok Village 1mo
EliNeedsMoreShelves Hogwarts, Elf, Ewoks 1mo
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lele1432 Hogwarts, Last Holiday, Ewok 1mo
wanderinglynn Enterprise. Czech Rep. Falcon. 1mo
AmyK1 Hogwarts. Elf. Falcon. 1mo
FantasyChick Hogwarts. Elf. Ewok 1mo
Kimmypete1 Hogwarts, Last Holiday, Ewok village 1mo
AsYouWish Hogwarts, Last Holiday, Falcon 1mo
RamsFan1963 Enterprise, Falcon, Ewok 1mo
Cosyreader Hogwarts. Last Holiday. Ewok 1mo
britt_reads Hogwarts, Last Holiday, Ewok 1mo
Jadams1776 Hogwarts, Elf, Falcon 1mo
Linsy Hogwarts, Last Holiday, Ewok 1mo
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Hogwarts, elf, Ewok 1mo
teebe Hogwarts, elf, ewok 1mo
TheQuietQuill Hogwarts 1mo
ads0123 Hogwarts. Elf. Falcon. 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Hogwarts, Elf, Ewok village. 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Hogwarts, Last Holiday, Ewok 1mo
Addison_Reads Hogwarts. Elf. Ewok 1mo
Clwojick Hogwarts, Elf, Ewok 1mo
Crimson613 hogwarts, last holiday, milenium falcon?? idk those last two xD but im always up for something new :D 1mo
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Karisa Shop (till you drop)! 1mo
tdrosebud Wrap 1mo
cwarnier shop- as long as I don't have to pay for it 1mo
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Chab256 Shop 1mo
wanderinglynn Shop 1mo
Kdgordon88 Shop 1mo
IndoorDame Shop 1mo
AmyK1 Shop 1mo
FantasyChick Shop 1mo
Kimmypete1 Shop 1mo
AsYouWish Shop 1mo
Cosyreader Shop 1mo
TheDaysGoBy Shop 1mo
britt_reads Shop 1mo
Jadams1776 Shop 1mo
Linsy Shop (if it‘s online) (edited) 1mo
maich Wrap 1mo
teebe Shop 1mo
ads0123 Shop 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Wrap, because I could listen to audiobooks while I did it. ;) 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Shop 1mo
Addison_Reads Wrap 1mo
Clwojick Shop! 1mo
Crimson613 shop!! 1mo
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Jadams1776 Social media 1mo
AsYouWish Social media 1mo
Djspens Hmm tough one but I‘d have to say give up tv 1mo
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EliNeedsMoreShelves Social media 1mo
ads0123 Social media 1mo
AmyK1 Social media 1mo
Addison_Reads That would mean giving up Litsy too. 😕 but I'd pick social media 1mo
FantasyChick Social media 1mo
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Social media 1mo
cwarnier social media 1mo
wanderinglynn Social media 1mo
Kimmypete1 Social media 1mo
IndoorDame Social media 1mo
maich Social media 1mo
Cosyreader Social media 1mo
Kdgordon88 Social media 1mo
Ireadkidlit Bye social media. I love comparing literature to film too much to lose that. 1mo
britt_reads Social media 1mo
teebe Social media 1mo
Linsy Social media! (Sorry Litsy) 1mo
AnneCecilie Social media 1mo
TheQuietQuill Social media 1mo
MidnightBookGirl Social media! 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Social media 1mo
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Addison_Reads Homey 1mo
FantasyChick Homey 1mo
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Ireadkidlit Homey 1mo
ShyBookOwl Homey 1mo
ShyBookOwl Wow, u can really tell we're book ppl lol 1mo
Jadams1776 Homey 1mo
AmyK1 Homey 1mo
ads0123 Homey 1mo
AsYouWish Homey 1mo
TheQuietQuill Homey 1mo
cwarnier Homey 1mo
wanderinglynn Homey 1mo
maich Homey 1mo
Cosyreader Homey 1mo
Kdgordon88 Homey 1mo
teebe Homey 1mo
Linsy Homey 1mo
AnneCecilie Homey 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Homey 1mo
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Addison_Reads Phone 1mo
FantasyChick Keys 1mo
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Jadams1776 Phone 1mo
AmyK1 Phone 1mo
ads0123 Phone 1mo
AsYouWish Phone 1mo
TheQuietQuill iPhone 1mo
cwarnier keys 1mo
wanderinglynn Phone 1mo
maich Phone 1mo
Cosyreader Keys 1mo
Kdgordon88 Phone 1mo
teebe Phone 1mo
Linsy Keys 1mo
AnneCecilie Keys 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Phone 1mo
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AnneCecilie Partridge in a pear tree 1mo
Addison_Reads Partridge. One bird is easier to take care of. 😉 Plus he comes with his own tree. 1mo
Shakespearience 3 French hens. I would then give them to my mom cause she has talked about getting chickens 1mo
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ads0123 Partridge in a pear tree 1mo
Kimmypete1 Partridge in a pear tree. 1mo
Chrissyreadit I would love the Pear tree! Bonus with a partridge! 1mo
TheQuietQuill Partridge in a 🍐 tree 1mo
cwarnier Pear Tree 1mo
AmyK1 Partridge in a pear tree 1mo
AsYouWish Turtle Doves 1mo
FantasyChick Partridge. It comes with fruit 😊 1mo
wanderinglynn 3 French hens 1mo
Jadams1776 Turtle Doves 1mo
Cosyreader Partridge 1mo
Linsy 2 turtle doves 🕊 1mo
Kdgordon88 Partridge 1mo
teebe 2 turtle doves 1mo
ChasingOm I love this question, but I‘m not crazy about birds, so I‘ll keep the single partridge and hope it stays in its pear tree. 😂 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Two turtle doves 1mo
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#WinterGames #MerryReaders #WGWouldYouRather

I would pick favorite book turned into a tv show.

IndoorDame Movie 1mo
AmyK1 Movie 1mo
Addison_Reads TV Show 1mo
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wanderinglynn Movie 1mo
samanthagutt Movie 1mo
cwarnier Movie 1mo
TheQuietQuill Movie 1mo
Kdgordon88 Book to movie 1mo
AlobelThee Movie 1mo
Shakespearience TV SHOW 1mo
Kimmypete1 Tv show (edited) 1mo
TheAromaofBooks I think movie. 1mo
Linsy Ooh, a movie, if I got to help them make it a reality. Ella Enchanted still makes me sad! 1mo
teebe Tv show 1mo
AnneCecilie Movie 1mo
Cosyreader Tv 1mo
FantasyChick movie 1mo
JenlovesJT47 TV show 1mo
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#WinterGames #MerryReaders #WGWouldYouRather

I would meet my book significant other.

TheQuietQuill My best friend (already found my SO) ;) 1mo
AmyK1 Best friend 1mo
Addison_Reads Best friend 1mo
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wanderinglynn Book best friend(s) (I‘ve met several here!) 1mo
samanthagutt Best friend 1mo
EliNeedsMoreShelves Best friend 1mo
Kdgordon88 Best friend 1mo
Kimmypete1 Best friend 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Best friend. 1mo
Linsy Best friend! (I‘ve been spoken for 😉) (edited) 1mo
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Best friend 1mo
teebe Best friend 1mo
Cosyreader SO 1mo
FantasyChick best friend 1mo
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#WinterGames #MerryReaders #WGWouldYouRather

I would pick the flavored candy canes.

TheQuietQuill Flavored 1mo
Addison_Reads Flavored 1mo
Slajaunie Regular 1mo
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AmyK1 Regular 1mo
wanderinglynn Regular 1mo
samanthagutt Regular 1mo
EliNeedsMoreShelves Flavored 1mo
Linsy Regular 1mo
Kdgordon88 Flavored 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Regular. 1mo
teebe Flavoured 1mo
FantasyChick regular 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Regular 1mo
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Which Christmas movie setting would you rather live in?

#WinterGames #TMSkellington @Crimson613 @StayCurious @Clwojick #WGWouldYouRather

Karisa I think Charlie Brown Christmas for me although North Pole might be nice to visit. I feel like I just say bwaa bwa bwa all day anyways to my students. 🤣 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Charlie Brown! 1mo
wanderinglynn Charlie Brown! 1mo
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Linsy Rudolph 🛷 1mo
Clwojick 😍😍😍😍 Charlie Brown, hands down! 1mo
TheQuietQuill Rudolph 1mo
Kimmypete1 Rudolph, no question. 1mo
Addison_Reads Charlie Brown. 1mo
samanthagutt Charlie Brown 1mo
Cinsarly Rudolf 1mo
AmyK1 Charlie Brown 1mo
cwarnier Charlie brown 1mo
AsYouWish Charlie Brown 1mo
AlobelThee Charlie Brown 1mo
AnneCecilie Charlie Brown 1mo
Kdgordon88 Rudolph 1mo
teebe Rudolph 1mo
Crimson613 i haven't watched either so i'll flip a coin on charlie brown xD 1mo
FantasyChick Charlie Brown 1mo
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#WinterGames #WGWouldYouRather
#teamelectricsex @LibrarianRyan @Clwojick @StayCurious
1pt participation 25pts for questions
My answers 15pts
Vintage, DIY, traditional, incandescent, blow molds
41pts total

wanderinglynn Vintage. DIY. Whimsical. LED. I don‘t know what blow molds are, but I hate inflatables. 1mo
LibrarianRyan your points are accounted for. Please leave this off your tally for the end of the weekend. 1mo
LibrarianRyan answers - vintage, diy, whimsical, led inflatables. 1mo
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samanthagutt Vintage, store bought, whimsical, LED, blow molds (don‘t really care for either, but I really dislike inflatables) 1mo
Addison_Reads Vintage, Store bought, Traditional,LED, Blow Molds. 1mo
Linsy Vintage. DIY. Whimsical. Incandescent. Blow Molds. 1mo
AmyK1 Vintage. Store bought. Traditional. LED. Blow molds. 1mo
britt_reads Vintage, DIY, whimsical, LED, blow molds 1mo
Clwojick Vintage, diy, whimsical, incandescent, blow molds 1mo
Kimmypete1 Vintage, store bought, traditional, incandescent, blow molds 1mo
AsYouWish Vintage, diy, whimsical, incandescent, blow molds 1mo
Kdgordon88 Vintage, store bought, whimsical, incandescent, blow molds 1mo
AnneCecilie Vintage, diy, traditional, incandescent, blow molds 1mo
Marina_h Vintage, store bought, whimsical, incandescent, blow molds 1mo
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Vintage, store bought, whimsical, LED, inflatables 1mo
cwarnier technology, diy, traditional, led, inflatables 1mo
tdrosebud Vintage, store bought, whimsical, LED, blow molds 1mo
teebe Technology, DIY, whimsical, LED, inflatables 1mo
FantasyChick Technology, store bought, whimsical, LED, inflatable 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Vintage, store bought, traditional, LED, inflatable 1mo
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Addison_Reads Different places would be fun. 1mo
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Same place! I‘m nostalgic ☺️ 1mo
kitkatdallibooks Same place every year! 1mo
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wanderinglynn Different 1mo
Linsy Same, I love tradition! 1mo
AmyK1 Same 1mo
SaturnDoo Same 1mo
britt_reads Same 1mo
mabell Same 1mo
samanthagutt Same 1mo
ChasingOm Same 1mo
AsYouWish Different 1mo
FantasyChick Same 1mo
Kdgordon88 Same 1mo
teebe Same 1mo
lele1432 Same 1mo
JenlovesJT47 Same 1mo
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BarkingMadRun 🎄🎄🎄 1mo
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#WinterGames Team #ReadNosedReindeer Another This or That! And an easy 10 points if you repost with your answers. And it‘s about FOOD! What could be better?

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Kimberlone Lasagna, waffles, bagel, croissants, blueberry, pizza, fries, white rice, crackers, tomato based... carbs are basically my favorite thing to eat lol 🍞🥖🥐 (edited) 1mo
TheDaysGoBy Mac & cheese; waffles; ham sandwich; croissants; blueberry; pizza; fries; white rice; bread; tomato based 1mo
BarkingMadRun 🎄🎄🎄 1mo
Sharpeipup Lasagnas, waffles, ham sandwich, croissants, blueberry, pizza, baked potato, white rice, bread, neither 1mo
BarkingMadRun 🎄🎄🎄 1mo
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1. Either
2. Maybe character
3. Always cry
4. Read 1000 pages of my country
5. Always read the back

Kalalalatja 🙌🙌🙌 13mo
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1) Cafe, only because there's coffee & food, & of course it smells amazing.
2) Fictional character because I need a more adventerous life, but I'd love to be an author irl
3) Cry, maybe it would help with all my pent up emotions 😄
4) A 1000+ book about U.S. history...as long as i can choose the book
5) Always read the blurb, I already always do.
@Kalalalatja #BookishWouldYouRather

Kalalalatja 🙌🙌🙌 13mo
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#NewYearWouldYouRather @swishandflick

Great (tough!) questions, as ever
I start a new job in a couple of weeks so I really hope I'll be able to maintain the status quo of my reading habits. We'll just have to see how it goes 🙃

Dragon Good luck on your new job! 👍🐉 2y
DeborahSmall Good luck in your new job😘 2y
vivastory Good luck with your new job! 2y
See All 7 Comments
swishandflick Huge congrats on the new job, best of luck!! And thanks for joining in 🥂 2y
RachelO Exciting! Good luck! 2y
LeahBergen That‘s exciting! And my answers are all the same. 😄 2y
LiteraryinLititz That‘s awesome about the new job! 2y
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1) status quo
2) not participate
3) backlist
4) scratch
5) 10 of my choice

swishandflick Thanks for joining in! 🥂 2y
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I tried so hard not to cheat, but I would read the shit out of a book about a werewolf serial killer! #bookishwouldyourather @Kalalalatja

Kalalalatja You are not alone - werewolf serial killer is a popular choice 😄 2y
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1. Dracula - he probably has good manners.
2. Dear Lord! A tear for sure!
3. Visually
4. I dog-ear often - please don‘t hate 😞
5. Serial killer - love ‘em!

Kalalalatja No hate from me 👍 2y
bookloo All your answers are so me. ❤️ 2y
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