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Fun Bookmarks | Elizabeth Galloway, Tim Platt
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Here‘s my #litsycrafters check in - after Thanksgiving I started on the Holiday Armadillo but about mid-December the holiday rush kicked in, so I didn‘t finish it until January. Couldn‘t get a good pic without glare! And since then, I‘ve been on a bookmark kick. They‘re all for me except the Parks and Recreation one…my daughter requested that one!

dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 18h
Roary47 So pretty! 17h
Catsandbooks Love them! Especially the friends and parks and Rec ones! 💖 11h
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The Dry | Jane Harper
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#LitsyCrafters @Catsandbooks Better to show you, right?

A coworker asked if I knew how to sew. I showed him this.

emz711 Beautiful! 2d
Larkken Wow amazing! 2d
Catsandbooks You've made such great progress! 💖 11h
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Repost for @Catsandbooks

Hello #LitsyCrafters ☺️ How is your 2024 going so far?

This year I'm crocheting a book blanket! Each color is a different genre and the number of rows is the star rating I gave it. Above is what I have so far!
One of my goals this year is to complete more projects that I've already started.

If you'd like to be added or removed from the #LitsyCrafters tag list let me know.

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Ada's Room: A Novel | Sharon Dodua Otoo
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I‘ve tagged the most recent audiobook that has accompanied my knitting project. One glove is done, the other still has 3 fingers yet to be knitted. #LitsyCrafters

Texreader Beautiful!! 2d
LeahBergen I love them! 2d
julesG Fantastic. Did you dye some of the yarn yourself? 2d
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Dilara Wow! It looks so professional, and I love the colors 😍 2d
Lindy @Texreader @LeahBergen Thank you ☺️ 2d
Lindy @julesG No, I made a scarf first out of the variegated BFL and some black qiviut. I decided to make gloves to use up the leftover variegated yarn and purchased a small ball of black sheep‘s wool for this project because qiviut doesn‘t have memory. There will still be some left of the original skein of variegated wool. I might make a hat too! 2d
Lindy @Dilara Thank you. The multiple colours are all from one skein of variegated yarn with black for contrast. 2d
OriginalCyn620 Pretty! 1d
Catsandbooks Beautiful work! 💖 11h
Lindy @Catsandbooks Thank you Leila ☺️ 5h
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Hello #LitsyCrafters ☺️ How is your 2024 going so far?

This year I'm crocheting a book blanket! Each color is a different genre and the number of rows is the star rating I gave it. Above is what I have so far!
One of my goals this year is to complete more projects that I've already started.

If you'd like to be added or removed from the #LitsyCrafters tag list let me know.

Lauredhel Omg I love this idea! 2d
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TheBookHippie Oh my word this is so cool. 2d
TheBookHippie I‘ve been doing good on my collages. I‘m looking to expand that. 2d
Larkken Lovely! What a great idea. 2d
Larkken I‘ve been teaching myself how to use procreate and knitting and tinking… knitting and tinking 😎 2d
Texreader OMG, I love this Leila!! 2d
Lindy Very cool idea for a blanket! I‘m knitting myself a pair of gloves. I will make separate post about them. 2d
Texreader @Gilly18 : Leila, or @catsandbooks as well know her, runs #LitsyCrafters and crafts cover the gamut. She‘s much more talented than me… I stick to paper crafts but here she is knitting!! 2d
kelli7990 I started a cross stitch picture on my cross stitch app but I haven‘t finished it yet. 2d
AnnCrystal Wow! That's fantastic 🧶👏🤩👍📚💝. 2d
julesG I like that you're basing the rows of your blanket on your star rating. I've finished a shawl and am currently working on a top-down raglan-ish sweater (the very first jumper I'm making for myself). 2d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I LOVE this idea! 😍 Unfortunately I haven‘t had much time to work on any of my crafts yet. Free time has been in short supply and when I do get it, I read. 😅 2d
bthegood great idea and beautiful - 🙂 2d
Amiable That is fabulous! 2d
Chrissyreadit great idea!!! I have a few projects i‘m going to attempt this month… one is easy- printing stationery and cards- the next step is embellishing, and my third project is to try and make a crossbody using cloth napkins i fell in love with. I have not had the bandwidth to be crafty for several years so i‘m crossing my fingers. 2d
Chrissyreadit i‘m excited to see how your blanket turns out! 2d
mcctrish What a fabulous idea for a blanket ❤️❤️❤️ 2d
peanutnine Love your blanket!! The only craft I've worked on this year so far is my reading journal. I do have a blanket that I've been crocheting for years, that I'm determined to finish this year! I'll keep you posted 2d
vlwelser The blanket is so pretty. I love the colors you picked. I'm still plugging along on my epic cross stitch project. We're full time back in office so commuting cuts into my craft time but whatever. 2d
CrowCAH What a neat genre review blanket idea! I crocheted a prayer shawl. And am in the process of crocheting a baby blanket for whenever the need arises I‘ll have one ready. 2d
TheSpineView Cool idea 😎 2d
kwmg40 Great idea! I've been working on several knitting projects but trying to get back into sewing. After not sewing for 10 years or so, I'm trying to first reclaim some sewing space in my house! 2d
KateReadsYA I'd like to be added to the list 🤗 2d
MaureenMc I love this 😍 2d
Meshell1313 I love this idea! Will have to try it sometime. I‘m still in scarf mode. I find a pattern I like and then make it in every single color. Anyone else do this? 😂 2d
CatLass007 @julesG What is tinking? I know that in crochet, unraveling work already done is referred to as frogging. Is that what tinking means or does it mean something else? 2d
CatLass007 @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I started listening to audiobooks while I crochet in 2011. Before that I didn‘t think I would like audiobooks. Audiocrocheting is the only thing I multitask. I can‘t audio-crosstitch. What craft do you do? 2d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm @CatLass007 I knit, do junk journal, and I dabble in sculpting and sewing. I‘ve tried audiobooks several times and I just can‘t seem to get my brain to focus. I always find myself daydreaming and I snap back to the audio and have no idea where I left off. 🤦‍♀️😅 2d
CatLass007 I think you have a great idea for your book review blanket. It‘s going to be a great finished project in December. I have posted projects that I planned to work on twice now, and haven‘t even started working on either of them. So my first goal is to pick up my crochet hook and start on fingerless gloves that I promised for December. Let me rephrase, I told three people that I would be making something for them but I didn‘t say what. 2d
julesG @CatLass007 Frogging is unravelling for knitters, too. But if you "knit backwards" because you don't want to unravel your work it's called tink (knit backwards). Unravelling is harder when knitting, you have live stitches on your needles all the time and unravelling means you risk stitches slipping for several rows. 2d
CatLass007 I also have five afghans that are almost finished plus two that I started a couple of years ago and have not gotten much done. So, fingerless gloves then afghans. That‘s my crafting goal for the year. 2d
julesG Where did my comment for @Larkken go? Anyway, I said that 'tinking' is the worst and I had to tink p3tog several times. 2d
CatLass007 @julesG I tried learning to knit several years ago. I was constantly crocheting at the time so I never had much time to knit. I know the basics of knitting and I know that frogging is more difficult in knitting. Do you use straight needles or circular needles? A friend of mine who can do everything that can be done with yarn or thread got her first circular needles several years ago and now that‘s all she uses. 2d
julesG @CatLass007 I've always used circular needles. I know how to knit with the straight ones (a friend taught me Irish cottage knitting method - not sure whether that's how it's called) but find circular needles more comfortable. 2d
bookandbedandtea Your blanket is so cool! I've been cross stitching lately but not painting recently. I've been clearing out my craft closet so I can actually find things I look for which has (temporarily) created a far bigger mess than I had. 🤷‍♀️ 2d
BookwormAHN Fantastic idea for a blanket. I have a wobble kit I want to try this month. 2d
Larkken @julesG I wonder wheee that comment went! Ugh, tinking anything higher than a 2tog is rough! And tinking in lace is beyond me. Might as well frog entirely and start fresh. 2d
Larkken @CatLass007 @julesG “tink” is just knit spelled backwards and the action is similarly mirrored. I usually find it somewhat therapeutic (but frogging is more so 😜). Have you heard of flexiflip needles? They‘re dpns with a flexible section in the middle and are my new obsession since circulars mess with my gauge. 2d
CatLass007 @bookandbedandtea Isn‘t that the way it‘s supposed to work? Create an even bigger mess to get organized? That‘s the way I always do it. 2d
bookandbedandtea @CatLass007 That is absolutely the way it works! I always remind my husband "worse before better." ? 2d
CatLass007 @bookandbedandtea I don‘t have to answer to anyone else but my cats. They never complain about the mess and I think they actually enjoy it. I‘m the one that gets frustrated by the mess because I want everything done immediately. I want to twitch my nose or blink my eyes and it‘s magically done. 2d
OriginalCyn620 What a cool idea! I kinda want to learn to knit or crochet…maybe one day I‘ll try it, but with something super simple. 1d
SusanLee That‘s such a neat idea! I have been crocheting gingerbread man 😅 No crafting goals this year as I have many WIP so need to finish those first 😢 (edited) 1d
julieclair Love the blanket idea! I‘ve been cross stitching. My goal this year is to finish my many works in progress. I‘d also like to try paper crafting (edited) 1d
Kenyazero This is such a cool temperature blanket idea! 🤩 I hope it‘s been fun to work on so far! I haven‘t been working on my own crafts but am assembling a book nook kit right now. 21h
Catsandbooks @TheBookHippie That's wonderful! 🩷 11h
Catsandbooks @Larkken I would love to try procreate! 11h
Catsandbooks @Texreader Thank you Karen! ☺️🩷and welcome to Litsy @Gilly18 🎉 11h
Catsandbooks @kelli7990 cross stitch is so fun! 🩷 11h
Catsandbooks @julesG That's amazing! I'm sure it will be beautiful! 🩷 11h
Catsandbooks @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm totally understandable 😊 11h
Catsandbooks @Chrissyreadit sounds like you have great plans! 😊 11h
Catsandbooks @peanutnine you got this! I actually have another blanket I started back in 2015 that I still haven't finished 😅but I just keep starting other things 😂 10h
Catsandbooks @vlwelser dang commuting! It looks wonderful though! I remember when you just started it! 😊 10h
Catsandbooks @CrowCAH that's wonderful! 🩷 10h
Catsandbooks @kwmg40 you got this! 💖 10h
Catsandbooks @KateReadsYA added you! ☺️ 10h
Catsandbooks @Meshell1313 love a good scarf! 💖 10h
Catsandbooks @CatLass007 you got this!🙌🏼 sometimes the hardest part is starting 🩷 10h
Catsandbooks @bookandbedandtea that's great! 🩷The craft organization can be so stressful! Good luck! 10h
Catsandbooks @BookwormAHN sounds fun!! 🩷 10h
Catsandbooks @OriginalCyn620 easiest project to start with is a scarf, it's just a long rectangle 😂 10h
Catsandbooks @SusanLee gingerbread man sounds fun! 🩷 And I hear ya on the WIPs... It's Neverending lol 10h
Catsandbooks @julieclair love cross stitch! And such a good goal! 🩷 10h
Catsandbooks @Kenyazero that sounds so cute! 💖 10h
Catsandbooks Thanks for all the love on this project y'all! 🥰 10h
CatLass007 I was just thinking… What do you do about DNFs? I learned how to bail because of Litsy. It‘s very liberating. 10h
Catsandbooks @CatLass007 I just don't stitch those. Only books I finish and give a rating will I stitch. 9h
CatLass007 That makes sense. I tend to give most books a high rating because it would be really foolish of me to waste time on a one or two star book. 9h
Catsandbooks @CatLass007 yeah most of mine are 3 and above for the same reason. Only if I really want to know how it ends or it's a buddy read, can I be persuaded to stick it out lol 9h
CatLass007 I understand. If it‘s a buddy read, I sometimes stick it out. I did bail on The Brothers Karamazov pretty early on. And I started late for The Golden Notebook. Since no one who read it seemed to like it, I chose to return it to Audible and use my credit for something else. 8h
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Untitled | Unknown
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One more shot of the hardest to see area of the Book Nook! #BookNook #DIY #Crafts #LitsyCrafters

BennettBookworm Gorgeous!! 4d
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 4d
Reggie Wow 4d
Blueberry 😯, love it!! 2d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Other than being a generally fun craft, this little DIY decoration has some fun to discover while putting it together that is 100% just to entertain you as you build. There are tiny newspapers about the Titanic rolled up as scrolls, and several books (now glued into stacks and not visible) have book titles on them. Clearly just for fun and not for the look of the final product. #DIY #BookNook #Shelf #LitsyCrafters #Craft

Ruthiella Such attention to detail! 4d
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 4d
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Untitled | Unknown
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This book book is coming right along! I‘m just about finished, and it has been a lot of fun to assemble. #BookNook #Craft #LitsyCrafters

BennettBookworm This is amazing! 4d
Bookzombie This is really cool! 4d
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A day late, but I wanted to show what I made my husband for Valentine's day! ❤️ We've really been into Ted Lasso lately so I made it a theme. Here's my card, a paper box, and the shortbread biscuits from the show that I all made! #LitsyCrafters

Leftcoastzen Nice! 3w
Ruthiella Sweet! What a lucky guy. 😃 3w
Texreader Love this! And such a great show!! 3w
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Cupcake12 Love this x 3w
Chelsea.Poole LOVE Ted Lasso! I‘ve not made the shortbread but I want to! Which recipe do you use? (edited) 3w
Deblovestoread Fantastic! 3w
Catsandbooks @Chelsea.Poole I used this recipe, which calls for granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar. The powdered will create a crisper drier biscuit compared to the granulated which will make a softer biscuit. Just depends what kind you want. https://www.jessicagavin.com/ted-lasso-biscuits/ 2w
Chelsea.Poole @catsandbooks thanks so much! I also like a softer cookie so these will be perfect. I can‘t wait to try! 2w
Catsandbooks @Chelsea.Poole you're welcome! Let me know how they go! ☺️ 2w
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