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I was supposed to get together with my friend for a round of putt putt this afternoon. BUT ... she‘s sick, and also it‘s raining. So instead I‘m running some much-needed errands for the first time since getting back from vacation. Anyway, the rain is good for the #greengreengrassofhome to stay that way as long as possible. #litsyneighborhood #wanderingjune #seewhatididthere

BarbaraBB Haha, great use of the prompt! 6mo
Cinfhen I like seeing people‘s neighborhoods ❤️ 6mo
MrBook Love it!!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6mo
marleed And mic drop. Special extra point for meeting 2 challenges in one post! 6mo
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Cujo | Stephen King
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Finally getting around to this one, even if I need to be catching up on tons of life! @DGRachel I'm going to try to do this with you guys but I may end up behind! Lol... I'm really distracted by the middle grade stacks I'm staring at too... LOL
#LosersClub #KingFromTheBeginning #FirstTimeForThisPuppy #SeeWhatIDidThere

Lock In | John Scalzi
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Books bought after seeing them listed here on Litsy. Thanks I guess. #resistancewasfutile #seewhatididthere

Parable of the Sower | Octavia E. Butler
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1. I first read POTS in the early 90s I think, along with Kindred. I can‘t remember which I read first.
2. I‘ll be reading this on Kindle “soon” but I need some “help” to get it. At least I‘m first in line, and this way I should have it the whole rest of the month.
3. Back in the day I took a couple education classes and learned about the author and was intrigued. ⬇️
#earthseedbuddyread #HeyJune #seewhatididthere

Susanita I started rereading in 2016 for a Read Harder task, but then 2016 happened. 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I can see how this would have been too much while we were reeling from the election. Might be too dark still, but I think we have to face the facts. 1y
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Madame Bovery | Gustave Fleubert
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A case for books. #seewhatididthere #punintended. Those hardcovers age well.

LeahBergen So pretty. 😍 2y
DeborahSmall Gorgeous ❤️ 2y
RealLifeReading 😍😍 2y
Kalalalatja 😍😍 lovely! 2y
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Please excuse me while I completely nerd out over this fantastic 15th anniversary collector's edition Firefly blu-ray set that we just got today! 😆🙌

RealLifeReading Ohhhh that is awesome!!! 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Ok! That makes me want to rebuy the series! 2y
Laughterhp That looks amazing! 2y
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MommyOfTwo 😮love it!!!!!!! 2y
TheKidUpstairs Drooling!!!! 2y
tif That is amazing! Want! 2y
WarpedSweetness That is awesome! I want it too!! 2y
hermyknee OMG 2y
IamIamIam Well thank you for helping me with my husband's Christmas list when all you were aiming for was to misbehave.... 😂 #seewhatIdidthere #sorrynotsorry 2y
Angitron WHOA!!! I hadn't heard anything about this! 😮😮😮 2y
mandapants Amazing! Now all I want to do is binge watch it all over again. 2y
cobwebmoth Ooh, shiny! 2y
Nonaroo I might need this in my life! 2y
sammisho Amazing! 2y
Eyelit Omg that‘s amazing!!! 2y
WarpedSweetness @GypsyKat I would be too! I found it and I want to buy it so bad!! Why am I not a millionaire?! 2y
GypsyKat @WarpedSweetness I got lucky and found it on sale for $20 when I bought it. 2y
WarpedSweetness @GypsyKat Lucky you! I'm even more jealous! The lowest I found was $25, before shipping and sales tax. 2y
GypsyKat @WarpedSweetness we have Amazon Prime, so it's free shipping. And I think Amazon was doing a special sale for the day it came out. If I had realized that the sale was only that day I would have posted about it to let people know. 2y
WarpedSweetness @GypsyKat *gasp* Wait, I have Amazon Prime! I can't believe I forgot that! Welp, now I'm going to see if I can at least get free shipping. #ThisIsWhyImBroke 2y
GypsyKat @WarpedSweetness Haha! I can never forget that I have Amazon Prime, I'm completely spoiled by the free two day shipping! 2y
WarpedSweetness @GypsyKat I don't normally forget. That's usually the first thing I check for. 2y
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The perfect opportunity to use this pun is the silver lining of hurricane season.

#SeeWhatIDidThere #ItsAPunderfulLife

BookBabe Stay safe! You're in our thoughts. ❤️ 2y
KCorter Thank you, @BookBabe! 2y
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Buns | Alice Clayton
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Sad to see another great Alice Clayton series end. A lot of familiar faces with this book and some wonderful innuendos and in more ways than one, a happy ending 😜💋#seewhatIdidthere

A Wrinkle in Time | Madeleine L'Engle
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It's comfort reads for me right now. I wanted to do some more rereads. This one isn't disappointing :)

Literaryunicorn I haven't read this in SUCH a long time. Maybe it's time! #seewhatididthere 3y
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Farmer Boy | Laura Ingalls Wilder
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Cinfhen ❤️🇺🇸📚 3y
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