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The food #DownInMexico is delicious. Here are some favorite Mexico-set foodie books from my stacks: two fiction, a memoir & two cookbooks with stories.

All the Pretty Horses | Cormac McCarthy
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#WanderingJune #DownInMexico

This book takes place at the Texas/Mexico border, with the protagonist feeling the lure of Mexico calling to him to step foot there.

I tried reading this, but couldn‘t get into it. Probably the wrong time for me to read it.

Joanne1 I‘ve tried Cormac McCarthy too and just couldn‘t finish. I‘ve concluded he‘s not for me and moved on. (edited) 40m
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(Day 25 - #DownInMexico)

*Why do song titles make me think of other songs, instead of books? Who knows? Anyway, I‘m very sure that when I was but a young gal, I sang this song in the shower all the time:
🎶 Oh, Mexico
It sounds so simple I just gotta go
The sun‘s so hot I forgot to go home
Guess I‘ll have to go now...🎶

That‘s “Mexico” by James Taylor from 1975. Wow—I‘m that old. 😂

BarbaraBB I don‘t know that song. Though I was there in 1975 too 👵🏻 2h
Kappadeemom I love that song!! 2h
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Couldn‘t go #downinmexico without thinking about Frida ❤️

squirrelbrain 😁👍 2h
Cathythoughts Nice one 👍🏻✨ 2h
BarbaraBB This prompt wouldn‘t be complete without her 💜 2h
marleed My favorite 5k is a Frida run in SAn Antonio on her birthday. Lots of unibrows and high top braids in that run! 20m
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#downinmexico there's a magical little village where Lazaro Luna makes the most wonderful cochitos (pig cookies) delightful short story collection 5⭐

#wanderingjune @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

BarbaraBB Great post 💕💕 2h
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Sea Monsters | Chloe Aridjis
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readordierachel This sounds great! 7h
BarbaraBB This sounds great and I think @TrishB may think so too! 6h
TrishB Sounds interesting! The cover on amazon is lovely 💕 6h
Cinfhen This one sounds banana pants 6h
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There were lots of reasons my two friends and I took a vacation #DownInMexico; one is that this silly Ives play sparked my interest in Trotsky's house in Coyoacan (pictured here). That trip saw us take impromptu boat rides, dance on rooftops in Mexico City, drink tons of wine (probably #StrawberryWine, too!), and otherwise create tons of memories that always bring us to #laughter whenever we reminisce. #30JuneBooks #SongsOfSummer #WanderingJune

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#WanderingJune #DownInMexico Julia is sent to Mexico to stay with her grandparents for awhile.
@Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

BarbaraBB Clever! 💜 9h
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Cinfhen ❤️🍫❤️🍫❤️🍫 14h
Bindrosbookshelf I‘ve had this on my shelves for ages! 11h
BarbaraBB It‘d the one with the recipes in it, no? I liked it a lot. 8h
arlenefinnigan @BarbaraBB that's the one. Not a lot of vegetarian recipes! 😉 8h
BarbaraBB Lol no, tortillas! 8h
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The Pearl | John Steinbeck
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This book was a required reading in school and honestly I don‘t remember much now (so long ago!) except it involves a diver and a pearl!
It takes place in La Paz, Mexico, about the life of a poor diver. Reading East of Eden now makes me want to reread this book.
#WanderingJune #downinmexico

BarbaraBB I read this one too long ago and don‘t remember a thing about it! 14h
Cinfhen Oh wow!!! I think I read this in junior HS!! I totally forgot about it. 14h
KellyHunsakerReads It is totally worth a reread. 14h
Tamra It is one of my top 10 reads! It was a transformative read as an early teen and I‘ve reread it several times since. It‘s wonderful! 8h
IndoorDame I read that in middle school too. I was too young to appreciate it then, but I'd be interested to read it now. (edited) 7h
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