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Coleen_Nieto @NotLiketheRoad one of my very favorite books! 2mo
Buechersuechtling What a wonderful mug‼️😍 2mo
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Stay With Me | Ayobami Adebayo
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This is the author's debut novel. It was such and easy read and hard to put down. You get invested in the strong characters right away. It's about the sacrifices and how far a couple will go to build a family based on the taboo "Western" beliefs that are still alive in Nigeria. It's heartbreaking because there is so much loss within the novel, but it leaves you with hope at the end. And I got to learn about another culture which was ?.

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alexandra.anttt @mrozzz @Suelizbeth @mrp27 @whatshesreadingnow @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @BookwormAHN @Libby1 @Rudis @Morr_Books @Suetara Thank you for the warm welcome ladies! Can't wait to start checking out your feeds for more suggestions!! 2y
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alexandra.anttt @Tadams4 thank you :) 2y
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Professional | Kresley Cole
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Awe!! My partner was out late at a business meeting and brought me home presents! #mugs #love #bookishmugs

Bklover And they are great presents! 2y
Sophoclessweetheart Gorgeous mugs. Xx 2y
GatheringBooks perfect! 2y
Jabberwocky @GatheringBooks @Wanderingwithwords @Bklover Thank you all! I think it‘s time to update my at work mug but I don‘t know which one to pick! 2y
Sophoclessweetheart The glasses one for work, it‘s taller so less coffee/tea runs will be needed. 👌🏻😏 2y
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Under Rose-Tainted Skies | Louise Gornall
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Empire of Storms | Sarah J Maas
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