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You Sexy Thing | Cat Rambo
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Look what was in my verandah this afternoon! This is my prize for #SeriesRead2021 from @TheSpineView Thank you thank you thank you Lisa! I have been dying to read both the tagged book and Light From Uncommon Stars, I needed another bullet journal and the pens, both of which will be getting used regularly, the sticky notes are adorable & the bookmarks have already had my daughter sniffing around. Then the huge booksleeve! I love everything❤️❤️❤️❤️

TheSpineView So glad it made it to you safe and sound. The post office in the US said you guys were locked down so tight it might be 2 to 3 months getting to you. Thanks for playing and happy reading! 2y
Lizpixie @TheSpineView Thank you my friend! This totally made my day, it‘s been raining for over two weeks and this was a little bit of sunshine just for me. I‘m surprised it got here so quickly too, and the price of postage😱 So I really REALLY appreciate it❤️❤️ 2y
TheSpineView @Lizpixie I don't even want to think about the postage. However, it was worth every penny if it made your day. You don't get to do that very often. 2y
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Of Princes and Promises | Sandhya Menon
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This was one of those books where the first 75% was really enjoyable and then it was straight off the rails without passing Go or collecting $200. There was so much good stuff going on here, with both of these characters learning about loving themselves for who they are instead of feeling like they constantly need to put on a persona to impress. I had some niggles with the earlier parts of the books, but why even bother mentioning them when ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) the entire book decided to self-destruct with the introduction of THE VILLAIN!? Why did this character exist!? What was the point of her!? What did this add to the story!? Not only did it not add anything - it completely took away from the entire rest of the book. I was honestly just so baffled. We didn't need this character or her drama or anything - it was just plain weird. So a very disappointing ending to a book that was actually ⬇ 2y
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) ticking along just fine until then. Ah well.

#SeriesRead2021 @TheSpineView (forgot to tag you in the last post lol)
#Swoonathon @kimmypete1 @MidnightBookGirl
#KicktheSlump - 2227/3000pgs @Diareader @GHAB14ROSES
#20in4 - 790/2000pgs @Andrew65
Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 2y
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Ancestral Night | Elizabeth Bear
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Bk4 of January 2022 & #JumpStart2022 is done. Finally! Haven‘t had time to read with the cleaning but I got there in the end.Fantastic space opera,the start of a new series it‘s full of beautiful imagery & space facts. There‘s a section that talks about the SuperMassiveBlackHole at the centre of the Milky Way that was brilliant. The characters & the story were both well written & interesting. Highly recommend. #BookspinBingo #Pop22 #ReadHarder22👇

julesG I know you've been cleaning your shelves - something I need to do too - but I was kind of shocked to see that I have read more books than you so far (just finished No 14). You'll certainly catch up and overtake soon, but I'm 😁😁😁 3y
TheSpineView @Lizpixie You are the winner of the giveaway I did for #SeriesRead2021 Please email me at lisa@thespineview.com and let me know your mailing address to send your prize to. 3y
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TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3y
Lizpixie @julesG Way to go!🙌 I‘m sure I‘ll catch up as soon as The Great Library Clean is done😶‍🌫️Hopefully🤞 3y
Lizpixie @TheSpineView Wow! Thank you so much🎉 I‘ll email you now. 3y
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Untitled | Unknown
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We have a winner in the #SeriesRead2021 challenge. Congratulations to @Lizpixie. Please email me at lisa@thespineview.com with your address so I can send your prize to you. Let me know if your stacked list on Litsy is up-to-date or if there is a book(s) you are dying to have.
Thanks to everyone who participated and good luck with the #SeriesRead2022 challenge!

The Chalk Pit | Elly Griffiths
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Day 4 results for the #20in4 readathon hosted by @Andrew65

Yesterday I read for 7.25 hours to bring my total hours to 31.5. I finished Malibu Rising and started The Chalk Pit. Another book for the #SeriesRead2021 challenge!

Andrew65 Well done, 👏👏👏 Great choices of books. 3y
TheSpineView @Andrew65 👍📖📚 3y
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The Orphan's Tale | Pam Jenoff
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This wasn‘t the greatest reading month for me, between surgery stuff and work stuff. Nonetheless, I fulfilled one of my #readinggoals by getting completely caught up with Inspector Gamache for #seriesread2021 by reading the two latest books. I liked but didn‘t love them, so by default that left the one #LMPBC book that I got in the mail as my favorite. Yes, another WWII historical novel, but it was a different take. #12booksof2021 #September

Andrew65 That‘s great. A difficult month for me as I was wiped out by COvID. (edited) 3y
Suet624 @Andrew65 How are you feeling now, Andrew? 3y
Andrew65 @Suet624 Taken four months but now back to normal or just about, but left me with a flare up of IBS / GERD. 3y
Suet624 @Andrew65 I'm glad you're feeling mostly better. May you be able to wrangle the rest of the situation into some semblance of normalcy. 3y
TheSpineView 👍📖📚 3y
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Thank You | Amelia Riedler
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TheBookHippie 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 I have the same sentiments ! I love your thoughts and participation 🤍🤍🤍. 3y
LibrarianRyan 🌟❤️😁 3y
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Catsandbooks Love being part of #FoodandLit with you Tammy! ❤️ 3y
BarbaraBB Thank you for adding so much inspiration to #ReadingAsia2021! 3y
Soubhiville I feel like these could be shots of my challenge reading journal pages! 😁 The Litsy community is truly remarkable in supporting each other. I‘m so glad you‘re here. 3y
Librarybelle Thank you for joining #ReadingAsia2021 and for all of the amazing reading! 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Aww. So sweet! 💙💚💜 3y
Charityann Aww, thanks!😊 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Litsy Is the best reading inspiration! This is amazing! 3y
ElizaMarie Congrats on a great reading year! 3y
TheSpineView Thanks! 3y
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Weather Almanac 2022 | Storm Dunlop
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Wishing all my fellow Littens a happy and healthy 2022!!!

Thanks to everyone who hosted and posted and contributed to making the last year a little less isolating. I'm so looking forward to seeing what the new year brings.

Ringing in the year with one of my favourite activities: updating spreadsheets, getting ready for some new and ongoing challenges, including #Bookspin etc..., #Foodandlit22 and #NYWD22.

My 2021 wrap-up is in the comments.

Read-y_Picker Books read: 59
#SeriesRead2021: 32 books, 18 new series started
#Pennyperpage total: $194.87 (though I did spend a BIT)...
#AAM21: 11 titles by 4 featured authors

Shoutouts to @TheAromaofBooks @TheSpineView @DariaZeoli @monalyisha @wideeyedreader @soubhiville @Texreader @butterfinger @booksandcats and of course my fave holiday hosts @clwojick and @staycurious
(edited) 3y
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! Thank you for spinning along with me this year!! 3y
Nute Happy New Year, Alissa!💜🥳💜I keep forgetting that I want to employ the Penny Per Page tactic for purchasing new books. Look how wonderful you did…$194.87 for the year. Wow! That‘s great!🤗 3y
Read-y_Picker @Nute Happy new year! It ended up being pretty simple to keep track of. Just added a column to my over all tracker. And I swear it deterred me from spending. I think I only bought during swap season. Give it a try and good luck! 3y
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Last book review for 2021! This short novella is a fantasy/Norse mythology story. Loved the plot and setting. Definitely something different which I need to end up the year. 4⭐ #WinterGames2021 @StayCurious #TeamGameSleighers #WinterCosy @PuddleJumper #LittenListen @aperfectmjk #WrapItUpReadathon @keys_on_fire #AVeryMerryReadathon @TheSpineView #BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks #SeriesRead2021 #BookishBingo #LittenListenBingo #AVeryMerryBingo

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 3y
Jadams89 📚🎅🏻🎉🎄 3y
PageShifter Wow, sounds interesting! 3y
TheSpineView @PageShifter It was different and after all the Hallmark type books I needed a change. 3y
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This is the typical historical romance story. In this case, it just happens to be set at Christmas. Liked the characters and there was just enough drama to move the story along. 3.5 to 4ish ⭐ #WinterGames2021 @StayCurious #TeamGameSleighers #WinterCosy @PuddleJumper #LittenListen @aperfectmjk #WrapItUpReadathon @keys_on_fire #AVeryMerryReadathon @TheSpineView #BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks #SeriesRead2021 #BookishBingo #LittenListenBingo

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