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I‘m going to be starting my first #FairytaleReadingChallenge read this week! 🍎

IamIamIam My daughter loved Grump!!! I read Jack by the same author & really enjoyed it! 2d
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Snow & Rose | Emily Winfield Martin
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#fairytalereadingchallenge @Charityann

This is a wonderfully written middle grade retelling. It's very atmospheric and full of heart.

The physical book has beautiful illustrations as well.

megnews I loved this! 5d
SamanthaMarie It really was so good!!! 5d
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My first #FairytaleReadingChallenge book for 2022! This month is Snow White. I‘m using this year‘s challenge to read through more of the Twisted Tales sitting on my shelf. This one was fun! It doesn‘t deviate from the original story too much, and this Evil Queen is no Regina from OUAT. Overall a quick, fun Disney retelling with a more empowered Snow. @Charityann

DinoMom The twisted tales are so fun. I haven‘t read this one yet but have enjoyed all the other ones I read to date 1w
KatieDid927 @DinoMom I didn‘t love the Sleeping Beauty one I read last year, but I really did enjoy this and the Beauty and the Beast retelling. I‘m excited to read more of them! 1w
KatieDid927 @DinoMom I‘m also VERY excited that there‘s a Princess and the Frog retelling coming out later this year. 1w
Charityann Yay! I enjoyed this one.😊 1w
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This is a mess, and not good and thankfully it was a KU read so I didn‘t “pay” for it. A Snow White retelling with Paranormal elements, which in theory sounds great, but there is just too much going on. This needs a lot of edits, but hey, the cover is pretty…1.5⭐️
#fairytalereadingchallenge - Snow White retelling
#19822022 - 2019
#bookspinbingo - free space
#roaringwolf - New to me author

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2021 was my best reading year by far. I more than doubled my goal of reading 60 books and I didn't even include a few children's books or short stories in the final tally.

Thank you hosts! @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen @Butterfinger @Texreader @Catsandbooks @Soubhiville @TheBookHippie @Charityann @Velvetfur @Annie1215 #booked2021 #foodandlit #authoramonth #sundaybuddyread #FairyTaleReadingChallenge #thatsclassic

Texreader Way to go!! 2w
Butterfinger Great stats!!! 2w
Velvetfur Wow that's amazing!! Thank you for tagging me, I actually gave up on my own reading challenge as I ran out of time for it, haha! I just thought I'd carry it over to this year instead....thank you for participating though! And congrats on such a good reading year 👏🏻 🎉 📚 2w
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TheBookHippie Wow!!! Yay. As you know I love your discussion points!! Makes the read so much more! 2w
Catsandbooks So impressive!! 🙌🏼 2w
Charityann That‘s awesome!😊 2w
Cinfhen AMAZING ♥️🙌🏻🎉 what an incredible achievement 2w
BarbaraTheBibliophage Fantastic!! 2w
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Cold Spell | Jackson Pearce
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I had a great time during the #FairytaleReadingChallenge, and read a lot of books I wouldn't normally have picked. Thanks for hosting @Charityann!

Charityann Glad you enjoyed it!😄 2w
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Enchanted | Alethea Kontis
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‘My name is Sunday Woodcutter, and I am doomed to a happy life.‘

This retelling of #TheFrogPrince was a nice mashup of different fairytales. Good read for fairytale lovers.

#WinterGames2021 #WinterCosy #HolidayHorrors
#AVeryMerryReadathon #WrapItUpReadathon #ChristmasMyWay #FairytaleReadingChallenge #TBRRead +15 #WGWordSearch (27) +270

+286 points #MistletoeManiacs

TheSpineView Fantastic! 2w
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Thank You | Amelia Riedler
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TheBookHippie 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 I have the same sentiments ! I love your thoughts and participation 🤍🤍🤍. 2w
LibrarianRyan 🌟❤️😁 2w
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Catsandbooks Love being part of #FoodandLit with you Tammy! ❤️ 2w
BarbaraBB Thank you for adding so much inspiration to #ReadingAsia2021! 2w
Soubhiville I feel like these could be shots of my challenge reading journal pages! 😁 The Litsy community is truly remarkable in supporting each other. I‘m so glad you‘re here. 2w
Librarybelle Thank you for joining #ReadingAsia2021 and for all of the amazing reading! 2w
BarbaraTheBibliophage Aww. So sweet! 💙💚💜 2w
Charityann Aww, thanks!😊 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Litsy Is the best reading inspiration! This is amazing! 2w
ElizaMarie Congrats on a great reading year! 2w
TheSpineView Thanks! 2w
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When I was looking for a Snow White book for the #FairytaleReadingChallenge hosted by @Charityann I came across this book by Neil Gaiman. It is short and beautifully illustrated, so I had to buy it. We should own beautiful books, right?

Untitled | Unknown
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#FairytaleReadingChallenge is another successful 2021 reading challenge! And again I will be joining in the fun for 2022 :)

Favourites were: A Curse so Dark and Lonely, Kitsune, Girl in the Red Hood, and Stolen Kingdom.

Addison_Reads Great job! I didn't get every month for this one so I'm hoping to do better in 2022. 3w
Charityann Love the graphic!😄 3w
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