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The Hoarder in You
The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life | Robin Zasio
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From the hit A&E show Hoarders, psychologist Dr. Robin Zasio shows readers how to take control of their stuff and de-clutter their lives. Recently, the once little-known condition of hoarding has become a household phrase--in part due to the popularity of the Emmy Award-winning television show Hoarders, which has captivated audiences with its stark and heartbreaking look at the people who suffer from this paralyzing condition. Contributing expert to Hoarders, Dr. Robin Zasio believes that our fascination with hoarding stems from the fact that most of us fall somewhere on the hoarding continuum. In The Hoarder in You, Dr. Zasio shares behind-the-scenes stories from the show, including some of the most serious cases of hoarding that she's encountered--and explains how readers can learn from these extreme examples. She also shares psychological and practical advice for de-cluttering and organizing, including how to tame the emotional pull of acquiring additional things, make order out of chaos by getting a handle on cluter, and create an organizational system that reduces stress and anxiety.
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Me today 🙈 📚📚📚 #litsyhumor

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We did Secret Santa at work this year. I‘m wearing the gift from my Santa. Methinks she/he knows me pretty well. 😀

BookBabe 😂 what a great shirt! You tagged the perfect book to go with it too lol 😆 (edited) 1y
Gissy Beautiful 👚 😍 1y
MaureenMc 🤩 1y
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BiblioLitten Cool T-shirt! 😃 1y
Ruthiella Perfect! I love it. 🤩 1y
LeahBergen 😆😆 1y
Amiable @BookBabe @Gissy @MaureenMc @bibliolitten @ruthiella @LeahBergen It's so awesome when the people in our lives “get“ us, isn't it? 😃 1y
CarolynM That's fabulous, I love it! 😍 1y
batsy Oh, I love it! ❤️ 1y
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A repost from @SW-T !

EvieBee ♥️♥️ 1y
UwannaPublishme 😁😁😁 1y
Gissy 📚📚📚🙌 1y
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Today my husband convinced me that we needed a Costco membership. I told him for every $200 he spends, I get a new book. I‘m up one already!

AmyG Costco is one of my most favorite places. And yes, you DO need a book for every $200 spent which may be every time you go. 🤣 2y
Soubhiville I like the way you think 📚! 2y
Christine Ooh, genius - I need to renegotiate my household Costco membership terms! 2y
Nute That‘s the way to handle family business!🙌🏽 2y
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Hoarder: “Books are not dangerous. Books don‘t bite. Books are not snakes.”

A week of binge watching Hoarders and this is the first time I actually want to defend how one of the show‘s subjects is living!! 📚

The amount of books being thrown out in this episode seriously stresses me out!!

umbrellagirl I really wanted to zoom in to see which titles are being binned. 🤷‍♀️ 2y
Tera66 I can't watch it. It gives me nightmares. And throwing out books....not ok. 2y
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I‘ve seen the show on TV and always found it fascinating, this book dives deeper into how people can overcome their tendencies to over-purchase or accumulate too many things. Very fascinating!

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SilversReviews Cute!! 2y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Adorable & relatable. 2y
squirrelbrain Ha! So cute! Thanks for tagging me @Birdsong28 😘 2y
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I decided I could read more if I tried audiobooks and this one was terrific! I learned a lot that I have already successfully applied. Hey, by the way, glad to discover I am not a hoarder but a book “collector” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

MyNamesParadise Omg I have this book and I‘m a hoarder, kind of. I‘m def not as bad as the ppl you see on the show! 4y
DrSabrinaMoldenReads Have you read it? Its very helpful @MyNamesParadise 4y
MyNamesParadise @Joyfulmimi no I haven‘t. I‘m so overwhelmed with work and stuff I have to do. 😞😞 I know I should! 4y
DrSabrinaMoldenReads She says do a little each day by scheduling it @MyNamesParadise 4y
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I have been listening to the book above on Audible the past few days. According to her assessments, I am not a hoarder. However, I have found it helpful, as she recommends, to consider my relationship with my “things”. What does it mean that seeing the books on my bookshelves and thinking about the future potential of reading all of them resulted in a huge sense of peace and calm for me?
(Yes, these R fiction books in alphabetical order)

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When I finally get my library stash under 20 items they gotta go and make these. Enablers. 📚😅📚 #LitsyLovesLibraries

WhatThePuck My library allows 99 items out at a time. I had 10 books plus 10 kids books, the librarian laughed when I asked what my limit was. 🤷😂 5y
MicheleinPhilly 😂😂😂 5y
Clwojick I‘ve had well over 100 at a time 😂♥️ 5y
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Q84 @Clwojick me too! It's so easy to get carried away! Like I'll read 100 books in 2 weeks! Hahaha 5y
Q84 @MatchlessMarie it just makes it so that much harder when they are advertising so you will take more! 5y
Reviewsbylola Hahahaha 5y
kathedron My library (in the UK) allows 21 physical items, plus twelve on Overdrive. I'm happy with that; if it were any more I would never get round to reading my own books. 5y
jillannjohn OMG 99 items!! My library just raised the limit to 15 books!! I would need another room in my house! 🤣 5y
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I have to make a confession. I am guilty!! #bookaddict #thestruggleisreal #firstrealproblems

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego It's not hoarding if it's books. 5y
shellleigh33 😊 @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego so true. Each one is put up in a nice, neat, and cozy spot around the house or on a book shelf 5y
MStew Hahaha same 5y
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...So my wife @Jen_is_always_reading and i went to Home Depot for hoses and came back with these...🤣📚📚📚

MStew Omg this is a epic haul here 5y
Zelma Ooh, you found some great titles there! 😍 5y
rather_be_reading awesome!! 5y
rather_be_reading Welcome to Litsy!! 📚🎉📚 5y
Cinfhen I‘d say it was a successful trip 😀 5y
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1. I probably buy 2-4 books a month.
2. I would rather go a year with no new books because I have years worth of unread reading material & rice and beans for year would be unbearable!
3. I went to Hilton Head. 🌊
4. I brought back plastic cups from Salty Dog to use at the pool this summer. 🍹
5. High Five to @SMcKeon (I typed in my maiden name to see if anyone had same.)

@jesshowbooks #friyayinfo

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Saw this on Instagram today. 😂

MrBook 😂👏🏻 5y
ReadingSusan 🤣🤣 5y
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Saw this online today and just had to put it out there. Sooooooooooo me! It's not hoarding if there's a word for it, right? 😂

Sace Oh I hadn't thought of that. You're right. It's not hoarding when there is a word for it. (and I definitely have it.) 5y
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I knew there was a word for it! I swear I will get to them all. Eventually.

Source: Mental Floss

Iamlisa22 That's it! I finally have a diagnosis lol 6y
mrozzz Well at least now I know! 😉 6y
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When you've run out of bookshelf space and decide to get your end table towers in order 😅

OrangeMooseReads I like that lamp 👍🏽 6y
KellyK As long as its books, is it really hoarding?!? ❤️📚😘 6y
ptkpepe98 @KellyK...not if you put the word library in there somewhere.😉 6y
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Mimi28 I'm even worse. I just had to move a ton of books because they are too close to the window and it's about to rain. I just put them there yesterday so they would be closer to my bed. 6y
LauraBrook I just keep shifting piles and moving things around, creating sub-genres and no place to shelve them. But I like it, so 🤷🏻‍♀️ 6y
RealBooks4ever So what? Who cares, right? We're not here to impress anybody, are we?! We love books! 💜💜💜📚📚📚 6y
BethFishReads I'm moving piles around so our July 4 guests won't kill themselves if they come indoors 6y
Tera66 I was stashing them in the trunk of my car, bought another book shelf.....bought another 18 books.😂 6y
Suet624 @Tera66 your comment made me laugh out loud. 😂😂 6y
Tera66 @Suet624 glad my book obsession amuses someone else too.🤓 6y
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It wasn't what I expected going in. I still enjoyed the read. It was more about the WHY of bordering instead of help with hoarding. I am on a minimalism journey so this helped me with what not to do.

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Meh. This book covers the topic of compulsive hoarding, but is really written to "clutterers". So the author should have focused on one topic. I found a total of 4 pages helpful for my clutter issues. There is a 5 level "Clutter Continuum". My family falls between 3️⃣Controlled Chaos and 4️⃣Clutter Crisis. My goal is 2️⃣Neat but Dynamic. BTW 1️⃣Clear and Clean is unrealistic for our family. 5️⃣Borderline Hoarding is thankfully not an issue. ✅H

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Part 2 of what was waiting for me when I returned home. Details to come

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And I don't know where I saved this article at (of course), so here's the rest of the screenshot that I took 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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This book had a lot of good information in it, and I think I'll be able to look at my relationship with my stuff in a different way now. That said, it was kinda dry in sections. Maybe, as I often find in self-help books, it simply went on a little too long. I'm glad I read it, but I don't think I could recommend it.

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I am still working my way through this audiobook. I put it down for a while, and now I've picked it back up. I've been listening while I clean. #audiocleaning

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Does this look like hoarding? Am I pencil hoarder? Maybe I should take a photo of my writing utensil drawer. ;) I am loving this book! I highly recommend it if you have a tendency to live a cluttered life. This book is great!

RowReads1 I hope they talk about the difference between collecting and hoarding. 6y
slategreyskies @RowReads1 I am still only a few chapters in, but I'm certain she will. This author is amazingly compassionate and knowledgeable. I've already gotten so much out of this already. My pic and post were meant to be funny, not serious. :) 6y
kspenmoll Looks like mine but I have multiple pencil, pen holders!!!😉 6y
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This is Audible's deal of the day. I'm enjoying it so far and hoping that it will help me tackle the clutter in my home. The pic is the shoes I'm wearing today. They make me feel pretty. :)

BarbaraJean Love the shoes! 6y
Megabooks ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 6y
Lmstraubie I almost got that one too, but instead I went for this one. 6y
BekahPat The shoes...so cute! 6y
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I'm watching an episode of Hoarders and the poor man has a book problem.

I'm having palpitations.


LauraBrook OMG, SAVE THEM ALL!!!! 😨 6y
NerdyRev You are palpitating, while I thought hashtag #lifegoals 😜 6y
BookNAround That's not hoarding. Those are educational and therefore necessary. 6y
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Robothugs 😱😱 Why weren't bookworms notified?! We would liberate the books! 6y
Suet624 He needs to know he's not alone!!!! 6y
night_shift This is going to be me. I can feel it. 6y
Libby1 @LauraBrook - I know! Hence, palpitations. 6y
Libby1 @NerdyRev , @BookNAround , @Robothugs , @Suet624 , and @UnidragonFrag - I purposely watch Hoarders at least once a month as both an encouragement and a warning. 😬 6y
OrangeMooseReads Is it bad that all I can think is "what titles are in there and what condition are they in?" 6y
Robothugs I firmly believe you cannot hoard books. Anyone that tells you so is a dirty liar!! 6y
Smangela @Robothugs 😂😂😂 6y
Libby1 @Robothugs and @Smangela so funny! I tell my husband at least it's not shoes or handbags. 😂 6y
8little_paws Oohhh 😬😬😬 is right 6y
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My #guiltypleasure is book hoarding. I often feel bad about going to the library when I have so many unread books at home so I am trying to find a balance. #marchintoreading

Tamra I don't feel guilty about hoarding books, you shouldn't either! 🤓 6y
intothehallofbooks I'm with @Tamra! 😁 6y
Redwritinghood I do the same. Plus, I often keep the library books I have for as long as possible, renewing them multiple times. (edited) 6y
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Laalaleighh Same 6y
Sace I think we might be book hoarding soul mates. 6y
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April is coming!

RanaElizabeth Good luck! I've done that a couple times, returned all library items at once, and it's so freeing. 6y
Bookladylinda Good luck!!!! 6y
ginabeirne @RanaElizabeth, I hope it is freeing. I spend a lot of time finding books, reserving books, picking up books, worrying about due dates and what I should read first. Definitely more time than I actually spend reading. 6y
Reviewsbylola That's a good idea! I rarely use the library for that very reason. I don't buy ebooks though so I use overdrive and hoopla more. 6y
rachellayown 👍 6y
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Getting ready for #LitsyAtoZ. I decided to combine the 2017 reading challenge with my New Years resolution to actually read the books I already own. Going through all of my storage I was embarrassed to find a lot of duplicate copies. The good part is that weeding them out cleared out space for more books.

BookishMarginalia 👍🏼💪🏼 6y
Sapphire I have the women in my stack too 6y
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I'm lucky enough to have a local library with a well stocked book sale room that's open during library hours. But apparently they're having a MEGA sale next weekend! I have a disgusting number of unread books sitting on my shelves at home (my friends are only half joking when they say I'm a book hoarder) and I should be responsible and not buy more right now. That said, the chances of me missing out on this sale are slim to none 😆

BarbaraTheBibliophage I'm right there with you. Every time I pull books together for these photo challenges, I want to catch up on my currently owned TBR! 7y
Zelma Our annual library sale is going on right now and I seem to have missed the first two days. I'm too tired to drive over there so I think I might get away this year without adding to the collection. 😬 7y
megt @BarbaraTheBibliophage if only there were more hours in the day! Or less time that had to be spent on non-reading activities! 7y
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megt @Zelma it's not good that you're too tired to make it there, but I guess that sort of a happy coincidence for your current collection! I think whether or not I end up going next weekend will also be dictated on how motivated I may or may not be to get out of bed that day. 😊 7y
Megaled I think I know where this is.... We will discuss later 🤓📖 7y
Zelma @megt normally I'd be there with no question but it's about a 35-40 minute drive and I've been staying up overnight lately. The sale isn't as close since I moved to the country. So good news for the home collection! 😂 7y
megt @Zelma oh yeah that's quite a drive to get there! I can get to my library in about 5-10 minutes depending on traffic and lights. So if I don't go, it just means being lazy won out! 😂 7y
megt @Megaled let's be real - the chances of me missing out are minimal. 😄 Mostly I'm just curious about the super bargains they're saying they'll have. The regular sale room is already so cheap! 7y
Megaled @megt I know! Regular prices were only a buck- I wonder what the "mega" sale will be!! Not that I need more books... But you know I have a problem.?? 7y
megt @Megaled you and me both! 😎 7y
megt @Megaled Update: if the post I just saw on FB is to believed, it's going to be $5 a bag. So, presumably, whatever you can fit in a tote will cost just $5 even if it's all hardcovers! 7y
Megaled @megt Girl. GURL. I was going to try to control myself- but 5 bucks A BAG!!!!!! Ok I think I might need to go to this. 7y
megt @Megaled you know I'll be there. Even though another bag of books (or 2) is the very last thing I need. 7y
Megaled @megt but as a book harder it's a sirens call. :) 7y
silverlocusts Have you ever heard of Friends of the San Francisco Public Library Big Book Sale? Google pics, it has to be seen to be believed. It is book heaven. I'm missing it (it is going on this weekend) because I'm working. 😞 6y
megt @silverlocusts I've seen pictures! My library is not nearly as big so I'm not expecting something so overwhelming. But I may have to put making it to the San Francisco sale on my bookish bucket list! 6y
silverlocusts @megt they have one in April and one in September, and the Bay Area is gorgeous in both months, and there are some great book stores around here. 😁 6y
megt @silverlocusts good to know! I'll definitely keep that in mind when I'm finally able to plan a trip there. 😊 6y
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