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Double Love (Sweet Valley High #1)
Double Love (Sweet Valley High #1) | Francine Pascal
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Who will Todd choosethe glamorous Jessica or the gentle Elizabeth? Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twinsbeautiful, blonde, perfectbut they couldn't be more different from each other. Elizabeth is friendly, good-natured, and kind, and the complete opposite of her clever, conniving sister. Jessica believes the world revolves around her...and the problem is that most of the time it does. Jessica always gets what she wantsat school, amongst her friends, and especially with boys. This time, she's got her eye on Todd Wilkins, the good-looking star of Sweet Valley High's basketball teamand the one boy Elizabeth really likes. Now the twins are in a game of double love, with Todd as first prize. Will Elizabeth fight for the Todd? What will Jessica stoop to in order to get what she wants? Can the bonds of sisterhood stand up to the pangs of a broken heart? Welcome to Sweet Valley High... the beloved series by Francine Pascal.
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I used to love these books .... I‘ve posted the French version as I went on holiday to France as a teenager and it wasn‘t such a #sweetsuccess.

I stayed with a pen friend who was a few years older than me and much more worldly wise. I didn‘t know her parents were going to be away and she kicked me out of the house everyday when she went to work... ☹️

She had a stack of SVH in French so I sat in the park all day and read them!


Oryx What a horrible experience - I wasn't a very worldly teenager, I wouldn't have coped well with that! Still, SVH can make things better. 6mo
Susannah Oh no! I‘m retroactively indignant for you: I can‘t believe she didn‘t tell you before you went that you‘d have to go out during the day when no one was home. 🤦‍♀️ I‘m glad you had books for the park. 6mo
Eggs How awful Helen 😔 6mo
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My book pod — The SSR Podcast — is back for season TWO and I‘m sorry to say that we‘re kicking things off by discovering a whole lot of disturbing things about the first book in the beloved Sweet Valley High series, Double Love. I was lucky enough to welcome Becca and Grace from the wonderful Bad on Paper podcast to help me break down every last problematic detail. This is a really fun one. Link to listen in bio! 🎧

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Look what I found at the thrift store today! Mine from childhood are long gone. I read way too many of these at way too young an age. 😂

LaurenReads Me too!! I had very high expectations for what high school would be like 😂 1y
Palimpsest I gave all of mine to a younger cousin once I thought I was past them, but now twenty some years later I wish I had them all. 1y
JaclynW I had SO many of these! They are also long gone. 🙁 I wonder how they hold up after all these years... 1y
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I saw today‘s #CaliforniaGurls tag and the Sweet Valley High series was the first thing that came to mind. Tagged is the first book, which happens to be the only book in the series I remember reading as a teen, although I‘m sure I read others.


Sace Ooooo! Good one! 2y
TheKidUpstairs Yes! Classic California Girls 😁 2y
batsy Perfect! 2y
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Sorry for completely missing this last week!

1. The Sweet Valley series. I‘m still working my way through the entire series now (it‘s on kindle unlimited!). 👯‍♀️
2. All of the Twilight movies, especially the last two 😬
3. Burger King onion rings 😳🍔🍟
4. @TricksyTails @cobwebmoth @Pamwurtzler @robinb @TK421 @GrilledCheeseSamurai @Gissy @Kaye @Avanders @mklong @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks and anyone else who wants to join!


Kaye Thanks for the tag. I always watch for the daily questions. 😁 (edited) 2y
bullbunny When you say last two? As in part 1 and 2 or ...? 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for the tag!!! 😘 2y
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JenlovesJT47 @bullbunny I love Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2, I watch them all the time! 😳😬 2y
bullbunny @JenlovesJT47 I have all the movies special edition. No worries girl!! 2y
Bostonmomx2 Carl‘s Jr.‘s onion rings are sooooooo much better. My favorite ff onion rings ever 😍😍 2y
DGRachel SVH is on KU??? Oh no. I think I‘m going to have to resubscribe. 😱 2y
JenlovesJT47 @DGRachel yes!!!! Do it! And the ones that aren‘t available on kindle unlimited (the super editions) are available for free on openlibrary.org 2y
Nerdy_Bookworm I love the Sweet Valley High series!!! 2y
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#WeekendChat @CSeydel

1. In terms of numbers, probably Sweet Valley High, page numbers, probably Game of Thrones.
2 The Anita Blake books and the House of Night series.
3. I used to always shelve, but now I'm more of a pass it on type.
4. Yes! My book club is the best! I also run a book club for the bookstore and am starting a YA for Adults one soon. @petersonks15 @Eggbeater @SarahElizabeth1 @Katiebookworm ❤📚❤📚

ReviewsbytheMrs Oh Sweet Valley High! 💜 2y
JenlovesJT47 Oh I didn't even think about my Sweet Valley collection! I have an entire bookshelf full of Sweet Valley books (trying to collect them all!). 💚💜 2y
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I was a little hesitant to share that I read this because, well, what 38-year-old admits she's reading the Sweet Valley High series? But it's for a podcast - a fairly new one called "Double Love" - wherein the hosts are re-reading these books. So I thought I'd play along for nostalgia's sake!

#2018Reads (2)

Smrloomis If it makes you feel better, Roxane Gay writes about her love of Sweet Valley 😁 2y
Jenny79 It definitely does! Thank you! 2y
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I've gotta give it a so so because I loved it so much as a kid. But this does not hold up! Omg the rape culture and victim blaming! Holy barf batgirl!

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Don't bug me mom, I'm reading. #raiseareader

Alfoster Awwww...so sweet!😍 2y
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Double Love | Francine Pascal
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"A book you loved as a child" popsugar reading challenge 2017... this will not hold up I can tell already lol

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SVH 1 introduces the Wakefield twins: Elizabeth is sweet, smart, and down to earth while Jessica is a petty, manipulative bitch who only cares about herself. Various crises get tied up with neat little bows by the end, with the exception of one underlying thread left unresolved as a tie-in to the next book. Hate to say it because I used to love these, but this is closer to a Pan than a So-So. ⭐️⭐️ (rounded up for nostalgia factor) #HorrifiedReads

TK-421 Don't even get me started on the stereotypical characters: spoiled rich kids, the class clown, the hunky jock, the bad-boy dropout, the possessive boyfriend, the nice girl with a secret past, the good girl from the bad family... There were also lots of issues I see as an adult that never occurred to me as a teen. My initial thoughts were WAY more than 451 characters! Still, I plan to continue reminiscing and subject myself to more of these! 2y
JewelsEnd Hahaha.... My sister used to read these and I would mock her for choosing tabloid literature. But in hindsight, at least she was reading. Probably good to encourage that! 2y
Sace Great review! This really has been an interesting step back in time for me. The writing is so awful and the characters are incredibly bland and stereotyped (and by no means diverse.) Why did I read crap? And I know that there was better reading out there at the time! 2y
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Skybariline I read so many of the books I this series back in the day! Don't think I could go back to them now. 2y
Zelma If you're into podcasts, check out The Literary Disco episode on this book. It's hilarious! 2y
TK-421 @Zelma I'll have to check it out! 2y
TK-421 @Skybariline It's weird; I remember devouring these in my early teens, but rereading them as an adult, I'm finding fault with just about everything in these books! It's certainly been eye-opening! 2y
TK-421 @RestlessFickleBookSlut I know! Obviously there were better books out there, but at the time, these teen romance novels were relatively cheap and readily available. I'm going to try Seniors next because I remember they had a more diverse cast of characters and I think the plots were somewhat more mature than SVH. 2y
TK-421 @JewelsEnd I agree that it's better to be reading than not, and that it should be encouraged. As cringeworthy as these books may be to me now, I do have fond memories of reading them. And I suppose they did contribute to my love of books, which is a good thing! 2y
Sace I think you nailed it with "readily available and cheap" ? At least that's the case for me when I was young. 2y
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I got a little silly and took a trip down memory lane for today's #MonsterMadness2017 😁🤣😅

LeeRHarry Love this post 😊 2y
LibrarianRyan 👍🏻🤓 2y
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Day 13 of #90sinJuly - for #californialove I had to go with my favorite twins, Jess and Liz. I've been reading through the entire Sweet Valley High series for the first time this year and am having so much fun! The twins are your quintessential 80s/90s California babes (because they were in high school for 20 years technically). What's not to love? #SVH #twins #nostalgia

EchoLogical Why didn't I think of this?! Loved those books! 3y
JenlovesJT47 @EchoLogical I absolutely credit this series with my love for reading! I own most of the series and they also now have them on kindle unlimited and openlibrary.org for free. So fun! 3y
Cinfhen Great choice💕 3y
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Spring cleaning: childhood books edition

DeleteAcct I remember those! 3y
irre Sweet Valley High were my favorites!!! I got my daughter to read some 😀 3y
mcipher Oh fun!!! I adored that series (Sweet Valley High I mean) (edited) 3y
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Hooked_on_books No way! Major flashbacks. 😄 3y
Lizpixie I devoured this series in primary school! I think I cleaned out my schools tiny library in a month. The fact that one of the twins had my name was wonderful! 3y
Sassy_Steph Man I loved those books growing up even read the ones when they went university too 3y
EricaReads I loved those! First Sweet Valley Twins, then Sweet Valley High, and then the college ones too! 3y
LeeRHarry Loved these as a teenager! 😊 3y
LauraBrook Omg, so takes me back! What a treasure trove you have - lucky!!! 3y
bookandcat !!!!😄 3y
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It's that time of year! Time to spend a few hours with my old friends, the Wakefield twins, and reread some of my favorite Christmas books while taking a stroll down memory lane. I just finished reading my ultimate favorite SVH book, The Evil Twin. It just wouldn't be Christmas without crazy Margo! What are some of your favorite Christmas books that you like to reread? 🎄🎄🎄#Christmas #sweetvalley #SVH #twins

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#favoritebooksiblings - Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield...I loved these books and wanted a sister so bad after reading them! #augustofpages #bookphotochallenge

BookBabe Yes! 🙌🏻 4y
intothehallofbooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Ages ago, I read these books like they were the only ones on earth. Loved them so! 4y
ScrappyMags Yes!! I hated Jessica so much though. 4y
Bookgirl Middle school reading!! Loved these 4y
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It's time to share your #favsiblings for #day12 of the #augustphotochallenge! So who will it be? Maybe, the Weasly siblings from Harry Potter, Katniss and Prim from The Hunger Games or some favourite siblings from your childhood like Jessica and Elizabeth from Sweet Valley?

Jensol77 Christina, Pepper & Vivian Schulyer 4y
ScrappyMags Omg SVH was my THANG!!!!! Lol! 4y
intothehallofbooks I love the prompt today!!! And I love reading everyone's choices, so fun! 4y
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Double Love | Francine Pascal
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I was a bit too old when The Babysitter's Club was first published so as far as serials went - Sweet Valley High was my middle school jam. I just read that the twins are now 40.

BookishMarginalia I read this series too 4y
LitHousewife I read that series, too. I can't remember how far I got. They were older than me as I read, and I'm 44. They must be in their later 40s. Yikes!!! 4y
Lacythebookworm I loved both Sweet Valley High and The Babysitter's Club ❤️❤️ 4y
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Chrys I loved Sweet Valley High❣. I didn't know if anyone else still remembered them 4y
Librarylady Sweet Valley High, The Babysitter's Club, and Sunfire Romances were the mainstay of my reading diet as a tween. 4y
LauraBeth You're correct @LitHousewife - maybe it's the 40th anniversary of the series 😬 4y
LauraBeth @BookishMarginalia, @lithousewife, @Lacythebookworm, @Chrys, @Librarylady - I thought these books were the bomb dot com. My mom used to get so mad at me reading them ? "Those are SO trashy!" 4y
LitHousewife @LauraBeth I could see Jessica lying through her teeth about her age. 😉 4y
Sue I didn't read these, but younger sister did. How did I get so old?? 4y
LauraBeth @LitHousewife Jessica is the type of woman who now in her 40s says, "ugh - I can't believe I was ever a size 6 in high school and thought that looked good - I used to be so fat!" In other words - she's deplorable ? 4y
PrincessLibrarian I inherited ALL of these from my mother. So much fun! 4y
TheBooknester Oh my! This was my first series during middle school, loved how they always just had to put on a little mascara and lip gloss and they were gorgeous! 4y
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