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20 Questions-- Answered
20 Questions-- Answered | Kirk Schreifer, John Sivell
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20 Questions...Answered is a three book series of reproducible low level ESL/EFL/Literacy reading and discussion texts. Each unit examines an element of life currently of interest. From popular interest in Dinosaurs, in the Internet, in Plastic Surgery, in Cameras in the Courtroom, and in Endangered Species, 20 Questions...Answered covers them all, and many more! Put quite plainly, 20 Questions...Answered is full of informative stories, with exercises, on topics of Interest to the modern student.
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20 Questions-- Answered | Kirk Schreifer, John Sivell
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Posted a new blog post yesterday! It's been a while since I have 😊 I've missed blogging about books. I would love for y'all to check it out!

AmyG I got an email that your swap package arrived. Just wanted you to know I will pick it up tomorrow (hopefully) and post a picture. Thank you! 2mo
Pigpen_Reads @AmyG Awesome! I hope you enjoy it!! 2mo
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20 Questions-- Answered | Kirk Schreifer, John Sivell
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tracey38 #18 me, too!!! 4y
IheartYA I'm into genealogy too. 😊 4y
mabell Fellow dog mom! 👋 4y
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20 Questions-- Answered | Kirk Schreifer, John Sivell
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LibrarianRyan ⭐️🤓👍 4y
Kaye Nice to meet you ♥️ 4y
Littlestbookshelf @kaye nice to meet you! I love seeing your posts! 4y
Kaye Thank you 💖 4y
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20 Questions-- Answered | Kirk Schreifer, John Sivell

1. I rent - no pets allowed 😐
2. I crochet, working on a hat
3. My town has an old style movie theater
4. One my fave movies is Fried Green Tomatoes
5. Once marathoned a ton of Will Smith movies
6. Currently watching and reading Outlander
7. Adored Bones and am working through the books
8. Just graduated college
9. Live in Canada
10. Applied to work at my local museum
11. Had to start this over, tried using pic collage lost my progress

thebacklistbook 12. Should be sleeping now 13. Am reading labyrinth, and Mercy 14. Lactose intolerant 15. Rewatching Gilmore Girls 16. I love Ink Master 17. Skin Wars got robbed 18. I love design shows 19. I am allergic to pot smoke and hemp hearts 20. I'm considering getting into fiber art. 4y
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20 Questions-- Answered | Kirk Schreifer, John Sivell
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#20ThingsAboutMe Well I am jumping into this challenge and posting 20 things about me. I tag those below because they are very interesting!

britt_brooke Thanks for sharing your list! Of course, you are super interesting as well. 💚 I also hate shucking corn, but I love eating it. I‘m working on my list ... 4y
CouronneDhiver Dachshunds are soooo cute! 4y
Megabooks My mom went to Transy. My dad went to Vanderbilt. 😁😁 Great schools!! 4y
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Texreader I am also a litigator and hate shucking corn! Here‘s to commonalities! 4y
Booksnchill @CouronneDhiver they all think so🐾🤣💖 4y
Booksnchill @Megabooks wow! Legacies!❤️ 4y
Booksnchill @Texreader ha! It‘s a thing right?!😬🌽 4y
thebluestocking People who are late make me crazy!!! 😬 I‘m also a litigator. 😂 4y
Booksnchill @thebluestocking ha- must be a trait ingrained by the court system (I am hopelessly early everywhere!)👍 4y
Kaye Nice to meet you ♥️ 4y
Booksnchill @kaye Love Litsy and all the great littens💖📚 4y
HeatherBookNerd I‘m totally intrigued about how artists create. Who knew greens were hard? And you paint so many landscapes! 4y
Booksnchill @HeatherBookNerd getting green that looks natural is maddening! Nothing about how you see green is easy! 4y
gradcat You are so cool, and you seem to have gotten over some difficult times. You‘ve come out the other end very well! 👏🏻 Bravo!! ❤️ 4y
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